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Grammar review

a) Eitheror .
Neither nor .
The verb agrees with the subject closer to it.
b) Neither of .
Neither of + plural N/P+ singular verb
c) Singular subject + as well as / together with / besides / along with + additional
phrase + singular verb.
1. Neither the umpire nor the players
rugby finals tonight.
2. Either the elephants or their trainer
3. Neither of the
project / projects
4. Neither the crew nor the passengers
abroad the plane.
5. Our neighbor, as well as her children,

are coming / is coming

is / are

to blame for the

has been approved by our housing estate

was / were

aware of the terrorists

is standing / are standing outside our

a) A lot of + uncountable noun + singular verb
A lot of crude oil has already seeped in the sea.
b) A lot of plural noun + plural verb
A lot of people believe that customs must change with time.
c) Any of + plural N/P + singular verb
Any of them is eligible for the post of secretary.
d) Any / every + singular noun + singular verb
Every / Any item I bought was marked down in price.
e) Indefinite pronouns* + singular verb
Somebody has taken my calculator.
* Indefinite pronouns:

to the





f) None of + uncountable noun + singular verb

None of the furniture here matches my curtains.
g) None of + plural noun + singular / plural verb
None of the women approves of the new fashions displayed.
1. A lot of singing and music
was heard / were heard
at our sisters
wedding reception.
2. A lot of people
thinks / think
that there should be an immediate
election of the government to mitigate this crisis.
3. Any of these fabrics
is / are
suitable for my evening gown.
4. Every candidate
has / have to read the instruction before signing the
5. Somebody enjoy / enjoys
playing trick on me.
6. Everyone
say / says
that the weather today is going to be fine.
7. None of the students
is / are
able to do it for you.
8. None of the information meet / meets
my purpose.
9. A lot of news
have been / has been
heard about a possible global
want / wants
to talk about the problem.
11.None / No one
know where Toms car keys are.
12.Everyone / None of the ladies have a key to the locker room.
13.Anything / Everything
has been sold out. There is no food left.
14.All / Every children taking part in the dances have to be in the stadium by 8

a) All or All of + uncountable noun + singular verb
Some or Some of + uncountable noun + singular verb
All of the equipment in this studio was bought recently.
Some ice cream is still left in the dustbin.
b) All or All of + plural noun + plural verb.
Some or Some of + plural noun + plural verb.
All the speakers at the rally were asked to wear name tags.
Some of them have explained their problems to the director.
c) Each / One + singular noun
Each of / One of + plural noun

All of them take Singular verb

One person was given a sum of money.

Each person was given a sum of money.
Each of the new doctors is assigned to a specific unit of the hospital.
One of us is sure to win the contest.

Some of the wet paint

has stuck / have stuck
to my trousers.
One of my earrings
is /are
Some of the orange juice has / have
spilt onto the tablecloth.
One candidate
has been / have been
selected to represent the
5. All the figures on the rate of accidents is/ are
6. Each of the dancers
has / have been given a bouquet of flowers.
7. Some tomato soup is/ are
still simmering on the stove.
8. One of my office colleagues
give/ gives me a lift to work every day.
9. All the furniture in the kindergarten classes has/ have
been brightly painted.
10.Some yeast has / have been
added to the pancake batter to give it a smooth
a) Abstract noun + singular verb
Stress often leads to different kinds of illnesses.
b) A lot of / a great deal of / plenty of / much / little + Abstract of noun + singular
Much progress was made in the recent talks between the two countries.
c) There + singular verb to be+ singular subject
There + plural verb to be+ plural subject
There is a new book shop around the corner.
There was peace everywhere.
There are several people waiting for the store to open.

A great deal of self confidence

have / has won him a promotion in his
The childs knowledge of the computer
surprise / surprises
of us.
is / are
a lot of snow and ice on the mountaintop.
Information on the submarine disaster
hasnt been / havent been
released to the press.
The young boys intelligence
has / have enabled him to win an award.

6. A roar of applause was / were heard

as the president and his wife
entered the hall.
7. The courage of the battalion
has been praised / have been praised by
the general.
8. There was / were a great deal of happiness among the townsfolk when the
enemy retreated.