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The Marcum Family/Ministry News

January 2016

Dear Friends & Family,

New Years greetings to all of you! We pray your holiday season was as joy-filled as ours, and
we are so thankful to all of you who sent special cards & letters. We look with anticipation to the
year ahead, believing the Lord has some very special things in store. As we will share a little
later, the Lord is impressing on us that there will be some major healing and unifying in His
Body this year, as the answer is unfolding to Jesus prayer to the Father in John 17:21 that they
may all be one, just as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be in us, so that
the world may believe that you have sent me. These are great days to be alive and be fully
engaged in what the Lord is doing. We pray He will reveal more of His heart to you, and how you
fit perfectly into His wonderful plan to glorify Jesus in this hour! -Love, The Marcums

Meeting One of Gods Special Servants

We were so blessed to have the opportunity recently to meet a mighty servant of the Lord
named Tuk Su Koo. Rev. Koo is on the leadership council of Food for the Hungry
International Federation ( and Vision of Community Fellowship (, and is
based part-time in Kansas City as well as in East Malaysia, his home country. He travels
extensively in the nations, and carries a mighty kingdom message about personal, family, and
community transformation.
We met Brother Koo through our good friends, Steve & Ann Anzelc, who help lead a small
group prayer meeting for unreached people groups on Tuesday nights. Brother Koo attended
one of our small group prayer meetings just before the holidays and shared his heart for the nations, then helped lead
us in a wonderful time of intercession. The following week he shared in our Thursday night home fellowship, and
brought us a powerful, foundational word about living a kingdom lifestyle. At the end, we all gathered around and
prayed for him, as he was to depart quite soon for a multi-nation trip.
Something Rev. Koo shared that is so encouraging is that he is in contact with international leaders of a missions
organization who will be coming from various countries to meet together soon in his home area of East Malaysia, in
order to see and learn from what the Lord has been doing there. These missionologists have been finding that many
of their ways of trying to plant churches, etc., have not been working, while the simple indigenous growth of churches
in East Malaysia is expanding rapidly. Lets pray the Lord will pour out His love, wisdom and power upon this
meeting/conference, so that these leaders may take it back to the nations they represent!
One of the great joys & privileges of life on a Missions Base like the one here at IHOPKC, is getting to meet people
like Brother Tuk Su Koo. Listening to him, praying with him, and now feeling a connection to all he is doing in the
nations just builds our faith and excitement for what the Lord is doing globally in this hour!

A Training Opportunity
Although it is some months away, we want to share a training opportunity that
the Lord is putting before us. On May 19-22, we have been invited to attend
training with the Life International ministry in Grand Rapids, MI. A part of
what they do is train and form missions teams who go into various nations and
cultures to do pro-life oriented ministries. The training we have been invited
to is a pre-requisite for joining one of their mission trips, and we see it as
further preparation for more missions work in the future.
Life Internationals ministry purpose is: to multiply Christ-centered, life-giving ministries wherever abortion exists
or the sanctity of human life is diminished. Our purpose in this work is to see people receive new life in Christ and
human lives fully restored to their God-given value. The Lord has been blessing their impact, and they have now
trained over 3,000 individuals who are influencing 68 countries on 6 continents.

A Training Opportunity cont

This opportunity to go to Grand Rapids does not come as a surprise. A year ago, I (Jim) was visiting with my Department
Head at the Forerunner Bookstore warehouse, and we began talking about pro-life concerns, and what is on the Lords heart.
He had heard me tell the story about the dream the Lord had given me, then meeting President Obama in 2011 after the
Joplin tornado, and appealing to him toremember the unborn in our nation. As we talked, my supervisor, Matt, said,
You know, the Lord brought me here to IHOPKC from Grand Rapids, MI and there is an amazing pro-life ministry
headquartered there that has a real God-story about how they ended up in the building they occupy. It was formerly the
largest abortion clinic in West Michigan!
I ended up going online and watching the video, and it was so moving. (You can watch it at, it is called The 72
Ransom Story). After watching the video, as I prayed, I just felt the Lord nudge me to go and visit this ministry in Grand
Rapids. I tucked this nudge away, and then this past summer, one of the founders & leaders of Life International actually
visited IHOPKC and spoke to our life-team! It was during the same week Melissa and I were traveling to the Carolinas, so
we missed meeting him. But while here, he shared about the training programs they do each Spring and Fall, and invited our
team to come. One of our other team members is going and Melissa & I are considering making application to go as well.
Please pray for us, the space is limited at each training session so we need to decide very soon! Thank you!

Loving the Body of Christ at OneThing 2015

It is hard to convey the awesomeness of what it is like when over 15,000 people from around the world, from all walks of
life, from many streams of the Body of Christ, come together in one place for 4 days to do ONE THING - worship Jesus.
This is the seventh OneThing conference we have been to since 2008, and each one just amazingly seems to get better.
You can still watch the archives of this years conference on our website at,
and we especially encourage you to watch the night that Francis Chan spoke (Dec. 30).
There was something so special the Lord did that night as Francis spoke with such
humility and clarity a word to the Body of Christ for this hour. He felt a commission from
the Lord to bring this word, and knelt in prayer on the stage at the beginning and asked us
all to pray for him. Several minutes of silence ensued, as the whole place bowed to pray
for this man of God to bring a clear word.
So many of the main sessions were powerful times of worship & teaching this year. On
New Years Eve, both Reinhard Bonnke & Daniel Kolenda spoke. In the 7 OneThing
conferences weve been to, there has not been a clearer call to come to faith and accept
salvation in Christ than there was that night by Daniel Kolenda. Hundreds came streaming
forward. You would think most who come to a conference like this are already saved, but it is surprising how many the
Lord brings who are seekers. What a beautiful way to end one year and begin a new one, being a part of so many
returning from their wanderings, or beginning for the first time their lives of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
The Lord is bringing healing and unity to the Body of Christ at this hour, and this was
exemplified at OneThing this year both on the main stage, and at the Global
Leadership Summit that was taking place concurrent with the conference. On the first
night of the conference, our speaker was Dr. Ronnie Floyd, president of the Southern
Baptist Convention! He gave a mighty call to America, saying it is time for another
Great Awakening. Matt Maher and Audrey Assad, two Catholic songwriters &
worship leaders who love Jesus, led worship the night Francis Chan, an evangelical
pastor and teacher, spoke. It was epic! (smile). What a beautiful body Christ has.
At the Global Leadership Summit, a highlight was that about 20 church leaders representing some 90% of the protestant
churches of Russia came together to join us this year. Shortly after beginning the Summit, they interrupted to say in all
their years of leadership in Russia, they had never all been together in one room! The Lord is doing amazing things!

FINAL WORD: We are again, so thankful you take the time to read our newsletters and stay in touch. Truly, we
sense this coming year is pivotal in so many ways in personal lives, families, churches, and yes, in the nations. Can
you agree with us in hope for great unity and restoration in all of these places? Please stay in touch this year, and let
us know what the Lord is doing in your lives. Until next time, we love you and were praying for you!

Because He is worthy of it all,

Jim & Melissa

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