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School of Rural Management (XSRM)

The Xavier School of Rural Management (XSRM) of Xavier University Bhubaneswar (XUB) is
dedicated to developing committed professionals with the contextual understandings, specialized
management knowledge and skills necessary to address the unique challenges faced by the
institutions / organizations engaged in rural development in the Country.
Taking its inspiration from Saint Francis Xavier, a scholar and a Jesuit, whose name this University
is privileged to take as its own, the Xavier University strives to become a globally recognized center
of learning and of service to the people of the Odisha, India and the whole world, by its commitment
to excellence in all spheres of human life as lived out in individuals and in institutions.
Mission :
The Xavier School of Rural Management commits itself to develop ethically responsible and value
driven development professionals with extensive understanding of the rural context, communities,
markets and opportunities. This mission will also lend itself to the creation of a sound body of
knowledge and inspire thought leadership in the domain of Rural Management.
1. Integrity and Honesty : We believe in being truthful to oneself and others in all
its endeavors
2. Quality : We believe in meeting standards, which are required to make our services
unique and attractive
3. Respect for Individuals: We believe that each individual is unique, different and capable of
contributing to the institutional objectives.
4. Passion for performance: We believe in exploring new ventures and achieving goals beyond
5. Transparency: We believe in sharing relevant information to encourage participation and
empowerment from all its stakeholders.
6. Social and Ethical Sensitivity: We believe in serving and empowering those who are
denied of opportunities for development caused by social, economic and cultural
7. Commitment: The XUB family takes pride in identifying themselves with the institute,
its activities and partners.


Xavier University provides MBA RM the two-year full-time residential Masters Program
in Rural Management of XSRM is the second-oldest in the country.

EXECUTIVE MBA RM One-Year Full-Time Master s Degree Program in Rural Management

for Working Rural and Development Managers.

DOCTORAL PROGRAM OF RM The Doctoral Program / PhD in Rural Management

Program is designed to prepare students for professional leadership in the field of Rural

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Address: Plot No: 12(A), Nijigada, Kurki, Harirajpur-752050, Dist.-Puri, Odisha.