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Selections Selections from Galatians and more March 23, 2008

HOW THE GOSPEL CHANGES EVERYTHING Reflections on Paul’s Letter to the Galatians
To help you appropriate the Sunday morning messages
How would you outline Peter’s sermon Reflection Day One
as recorded here? What is the flow of his
argument? “The O God of My Exodus, great was the joy of For centuries, the Christian church has
resurrection Israel’s sons when Egypt died upon the shore; followed a “church calendar” that rehearsed
occupies far greater the joy when the Redeemer’s foe lay the life and ministry of Jesus in an annual
[nearly half] crushed in the dust. This prayer is cycle. As you undoubtedly know, this Sunday In Galatians
What part does the death of Jesus have in the of Peter’s adapted from is Easter, the celebration of the death and 3:1 “Paul put
message? What part does the resurrection sermon. . . . the Jesus strides forth as the victor, conqueror of a collection resurrection of Jesus. So, we want to leverage special stress
have? resurrection death, hell, and all opposing might; He bursts of Puritan that and turn our attention this week to focus on the finality
was God’s the bands of death, tramples the power of on that momentous point in human history. of the cross.
prayers found
accreditation darkness down, and live for ever. He proclaimed
in a little
of the person book entitled Let’s reflect on the part that the death of Jesus Christ
He, my gracious surety, given for the payment Christ Jesus has in the letter to the Galatians. as having been
What implications does Peter draw out of and work of “The Valley
of my debt, comes forth from the prison house Looking over the following passages, note crucified. This
the death and resurrection of Jesus? In other Christ. . . . the
of the grave free and triumphant over sin, Satan, of Vision.” what you can about how Paul sees Jesus’ [language]
words, for Peter what does the death and resurrection and death. May it stir
resurrection of Jesus mean? is a validation death having an impact in the lives of the relates to
your heart to
of Jesus’ life Galatian believers: Jesus’ cry from
Show me, O Lord, this proof that His offering in fresh and deep the cross, ‘It
and ministry. my place is accepted, that the claims of justice worship of
Because he is 1:3-5: is finished.’
are satisfied, that the devil’s rule is overthrown. the God who The work of
From a study of the messages in Acts and Messiah, he Give me the assurance that in Christ I died, raised Jesus redemption
Paul’s letters in the New Testament, it is clear cannot remain in Him I rose, in His life I live, in His victory I from the dead
2:19-21: was completely
that what a teacher or preacher might share in dead!” triumph, in His ascension I shall be glorified. and the Savior accomplished
any given situation is tailored to the hearers Ajith who rose to through that
he is addressing. Thus, some of how and what Fernando† Adorable Redeemer, you who were lifted up bring you life! perfect atoning
Peter preaches on Pentecost is shaped by who upon a cross have ascended to highest heaven. 3:1-5:
he is addressing. Nevertheless, we can tell You, who as Man of sorrows was crowned with Timothy
what is important or critical to Peter’s message thorns, are now the Lord of life wreathed with
3:11-14: George†
by what he does accent. How does what Peter glory.
brings “front and center” in his sharing of the
Gospel correspond to how you think of what Once, no shame was deeper than Yours, no
is most critical about the Gospel? agony more bitter, no death more cruel. 6:12-15:

Now, no exaltation is higher, no life more

glorious, no advocate more effective.
How can you allow Peter’s message shape
What more could be done that what You have
the way you think about Jesus, His death and done!
resurrection, and the impact what He did
could have on your life today? Your death is my life, Your resurrection is my
peace, Your ascension is my hope, and Your
prayers are my comfort.

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Selections from Galatians and more March 23, 2008
Reflections on Paul’s Letter to the Galatians
HOW THE GOSPEL CHANGES EVERYTHING To help you appropriate the Sunday morning messages
Although we recognize that we don’t have How do you see the resurrection play into Had these disciples not heard Jesus talk
anything like a full exposition of what was what happened to Paul? about His impending death (and promised
accomplished on the cross for us, resurrection1)? If they had heard, what was
drawing on what Paul does say about the the problem with their understanding of how
Jesus’ death on the cross here in Galatians, things had “played out”?
what could you say about what His death As Paul recounts to the King his conversion,
accomplished? What happened in His dying? how does the resurrection fit into Paul’s
understanding of what happened? “The two
How critical is the resurrection to Paul’s disciples
“testimony”? How does Jesus address their concerns? What
[with whom
is He seeking to do?
Jesus spoke
on the road “The death
Given what you are seeing about the of Jesus is
In speaking of to Emmaus]
implications of Jesus’ death as reflected in Clearly, Paul is speaking about his experience; consistently
his experience . . . ‘hoped’
Galatians, what impact does this event have on that is, he is not offering a formal “defense of linked together
on the road to that Jesus
you? In other words, with Paul’s view of the the Gospel.” Nevertheless, in the process he What is the connection between the substance with the
Damascus as would bring
cross as explained in Galatians in mind, what is telling the good news about Jesus. What do of the “Bible study” Jesus leads them through resurrection
he writes of it deliverance.
difference does the cross make in your life? you see, reflected in what Paul shares, that and the reality of the resurrection (that they of Jesus. To
in Galatians The past tense
helps you grasp what Paul thought was at the have yet to realize)? How do you think they the New
1:15-16, “Paul of ‘hoped’
heart of the good news he had to share? “connected” Jesus’ death and His (promised) Testament
does not speak is, under
resurrection? writers
of some great the present
abstract truth circumstances, the one is
Day Two inconceivable
that was a reminder of
If you were to share about your experience of their inability without the
Paul does not give as much attention to the conveyed to
life with Jesus, which of Paul’s ideas might to believe the other.”
resurrection, in his letter to the Galatians, as him. No. What Had you been part of that Bible study, what
parallel with how you told your own story? report of the Gerald
he does to the death of Christ. That may be was revealed would you have hoped to take away? Is there
What would be different? Why? empty tomb. . Hawthorne†
because of the function that Christ’s death to Paul was a anything that you can take away from the
serves in addressing the issues facing the person.” . . what should
account of the Bible study they had, even
Galatians. However, Paul does make an Leon Morris† have been the
though you weren’t there?
oblique reference to Jesus being raised from day of hope
the dead. How do you hear “resurrection realized was
Day Three [as of yet]
language” in what Paul writes in Galatians
1:13-17? for them the
Paul’s experience with Jesus is rooted in Day Four
day of hope
what really happened to Jesus. That is, Paul extinguished.”
experienced Jesus as alive because He was! Let’s Peter had the privilege of preaching the first
spend a little time reflecting on that incredible “Gospel message” after the resurrection. You
event. Read Luke 24:13-35. can read the substance of his message2 in Acts
In this passage, Paul is referring to his Why were these disciples who were “on the
conversion experience when he was on the road” so troubled?
road to Damascus to persecute followers of 1
Why do they refer to “it is the third day since these things happened”? What
Jesus. Read his own report of his conversion in does this suggest about what they were thinking? Why?
Although Luke does record for us what Peter said, he may not have recorded
Acts 26:6-23. all that Peter said (notice 2:40), so we have the substance of what Peter
preached even if we don’t have a record of everything Peter said that day.