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GE Power & Water

Water & Process Technologies

Precious Resources, Pressing Challenges,

Clearer Solutions.

Precious Resources
If water consumption continues to increase at the same rate, the statistics are a wake-up call: by the year 2020,
water demand will exceed supply by 470 trillion gallons. The United Nations projects that two thirds of the worlds
populationabout 5.5 billion peoplewill live in areas facing moderate to severe water stress by 2025. In other
words, within 10 to 15 years we will not have enough available water to sustain our businesses and quality of life;
as an increasingly precious natural resource, water may be seen as the worlds next oil.
It is easy to understand the need for clean drinking water in our global communities, but nearly 20 percent
of global freshwater consumption occurs in industrial processes that include cooling, chemical processing,
wastewater treatment systems, power generation, and manufacturing operations. Some of these processes
require water more pure than drinking water. Even in developed nations like the U.S., water resources are under
a rising threat not only because of a growing population and increased industrial demands, but also because of
the heightened issues related to drought, waste and network losses.

The growing demand for energy also requires enormous amounts of water. GE is committed to identifying
and implementing solutions that address water availability and quality, increase productivity, reduce energy
consumption and operational costs, and meet growing environmental regulations. As concerns about water
scarcity and energy demand increase, the Water & Process Technologies business of GE Power & Water is
bringing together experienced researchers to create advanced technologies that help develop new innovations
for water purification and conservation that allow industry to operate as efficiently as possible.
For more than 100 years, GE has been in the business of providing solutions for global customers, helping them
address some of the worlds most demanding opportunities and challenges. Today, we are committed to protecting
our most precious natural resources, and helping our customers run more proficient and responsible businesses.

Pressing Challenges
Our customers all over the world face different challenges at different cycles in their
business operations. GE stays ahead of global trends that may impact our customers
now, and in the future, by continuing to develop technologies that offer real solutions.
Today, some of the most pressing water-related issues our customers face are
associated with availability, quality, productivity, the environment and energy.

Clearer Solutions
As plant equipment and utility systems begin to age, operators seek ways to increase
efficiency and productivity, and, ultimately, protect their assets and extend their life
cycles. Water deficits cause additional constraints to productivity. GE is exploring
ways to make industry more efficient through new water and process technologies
and discovering new ways to help plants save energy and run more reliably.
In addition, our researchers are focused on detecting, predicting and preventing
plant malfunctions for safer, more productive and cleaner plant operations.

With conventional sources of water such as surface and groundwater already under heavy
stress in many areas around the world, the demand for water continues to outstrip current
available supply. This mounting gap between demand and supply means significant
opportunities exist to redirect and reuse municipal and industrial wastewater in
order to create a more sustainable water source. Today, GEs proven technologies
in water reclamation, advanced wastewater treatment and reuse make it
possible for municipalities and businesses to implement sustainable reuse
programs that help them save money, generate new sources of revenue, and
help address environmental concerns. Many leading municipalities and water
agencies are leveraging GEs expertise to safely reclaim, treat and redirect the
treated effluent to a variety of applications, including agriculture and industry.

Increasing government regulations are requiring that industries such as chemical,
refining, mining, and oil & gas reduce or eliminate the amount of potentially
hazardous wastewater discharged at their sites. GEs technologically advanced
solutions treat impaired wastewater and manage water levels without discharging
impurities, helping customers turn industrial wastewater into a new, high-quality
water source that can be redirected into their industrial processes or safely
discharged into the environment.

With over 70 percent of the planet covered by water, many have viewed these
bodies as a limitless supply. However, few have considered the impact of
global warming, pollution and other activities that can impair that water which
communities and industry rely upon. Today, the quality of our worlds ground
water is becoming desperate. GE continues to develop advanced solutions
that treat extremely impaired waters thus providing a high-quality water
source that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Not only are water and energy resources critical to the well-being of the worlds growing
population, they are also intrinsically dependent on each other. In simple
terms, energy is required to produce water, and water is required to produce
energy. With water demand tripling in the next 20 years and energy demand
doubling over the same period, we must act now to stem the potential damage
that could be brought about by this unprecedented growth. GE is providing
comprehensive water/energy-related solutions, including on-site reuse technologies,
wastewater-to-energy systems, distributed power, information management and
remote monitoring, and diagnostics and control.

Focus and Clarity

GE is committed to providing customers with innovative and responsible solutions to the hurdles they face

We understand how to help our customers tackle environmental regulations because weve established stringent

now and in the future. GE has also doubled its level of investment in clean research and development from

environmental policies of our own that make us even more responsible in the way we conduct our operations.

US$700 million in 2005 to more than US$1.5 billion in 2010 to focus on helping our customers meet pressing

Ecomagination, GEs global environmental initiative launched in 2005, demonstrates our commitment to fostering

energy and water challenges. From Niskayuna, New York, to Shanghai, GEs research centers employ more

innovative solutions that help customers meet tough environmental challenges and that benefit our communities

than 3,000 research specialists who are focused everyday on delivering solutions that push the basic limits

at large. In addition, we have committed to reducing our own water consumption by an absolute 20 percent.

of acceptability to drive innovation and solve the worlds most pressing challenges. Every day, we invest in
developing new technologies to meet industry challenges, from reducing the total cost of producing water
to reducing waterborne diseases and to providing environmentally friendly chemicals. We also continue to
invest in our people so that they continue to provide the very best value to our customers.
GE partners with world-leading institutions and industry leaders to expand our research and testing capabilities
and to develop comprehensive, seamless solutions. GE is at the forefront of wastewater reclamation, treatment,
and reuse and we are focused on providing our customers with current solutions that help them save water and
energy, and reduce operating costs. GE offers a unique range of solutions and experience across industries such
as oil and gas, refining, power, municipal, mining, steel, commercial and institutional, and food and beverage.

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