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Dead Man’s Hand Quick Reference


1. Initiative
• Draw top card of deck face up and assign
it to a model. Highest card has initiative.
Draws are resolved by drawing additional
cards from deck, highest wins initiative.
• Draw face down card and assign for each
remaining model in gang.
• Reveal all initiative cards. Player with
lowest initiative card can swap it with
another card of theirs in play.
2. Activations
• Activate each model in initiative order
(Ace high, 2 low, joker highest).
• Each model gets 3 actions.
• Play cards from hand. Any card can be
trumped (cancelled) by opponent by
discarding same value card.
3. End of Turn
• Remove all movement markers.
• Draw a card into your hand if you used a
card during this turn.
• Reshuffle the discard pile and add it to
your draw pile.

Duck Back
• If a model has not been activated, it may
declare it is ducking back against a model
that is shooting at it.
• Move model 10cm and discard the models
activation card.
• Even if model moves out of sight, shooter
can fire a single shot. Movement and
cover modifiers apply but measure range
to starting point.
Quick Shot
• Discard activation card in response to
enemy activation to fire a single shot.
• Only a single quick shot can be taken per
enemy activation.
• If target is shooting, quick shot fires first
if target is at long range. If at close or
point blank range, the shooting is
simultaneously resolved.
• If target is moving, quick shot can be
resolved at any point in the move.
• To hit modifiers are applied normally.




Cannot get closer than 2cm to an enemy
model unless engaging in hand-to-hand.
Cannot use 3 move actions to enter into
hand-to-hand fighting.
Can jump gaps up to 6cm.
Can climb up 8cm but must clear to next
level completely or stay at bottom.
Obstacles can be crossed for free.

Roll 1D10 and compare to models nerve.
Natural 1 always fails.
If failed, take an Under Fire Marker.

Under fire

-1 per Under Fire Marker

Friendly models
+1 (maximum of +1)
within 15cm


If more than ½ your models are out of action at the start of a turn than must test. Test using
remaining model with highest nerve. Each additional model (beyond ½) out of action is -1.
If number of Under Fire Markers on your models is double or more, than the remaining number of
models the test is automatically failed.




Move up to 10cm, mount/dismount a
horse, enter hand-to-hand fighting.


+1 to hit per aim.


Take a single shot.


Reload, unjam or switch guns.


Remove an Under Fire Marker.


Affects 1st following shot. Shotguns may
not aim. Rifles/carbines may aim twice.

Out of Ammo • Natural 1 means shooter is out of ammo and remaining shooting actions are lost for that activation. Losing model suffers under fire marker for each point of difference in rolls.SHOOTING • • • • • • • Roll a D20. . • +1 for initiating the combat this turn. HAND-TO-HAND FIGHTING • • • • • Up to 2 move actions to engage. If base passes through another models base then target is obscured. +2 at Point Blank. Shotgun – Single Barrel 2 0-10 11-20 N/A +4 to hit at Point Blank. • If shot while on a roof or riding a horse. resolve one unmodified D20 roll on shooting results. If combat resolved. Closest Target • Must shoot at closest target unless a nerve test is passed to pick a different target. • +1 for each under fire marker enemy model has. May break off from HtH for two movement actions. roll 1D10. Line of Sight • Determined by base size. may not aim or Quick Shoot. Cover • Substantial cover must obscure 50% of the model to count as substantial cover. • If falling. highest initiative card starts combat and gets +1. out of ammo if 2 shots taken in one turn. check shooting results table. If falling from higher than 20cm. Both sides roll 1D10. Can’t shoot into combat. modify result based on the shooter and target modifiers. Subsequent HtH rounds. 6-10 the model falls backwards. May aim twice. may not aim. Shooting from Higher Ground • If shooter is firing from 6cm or higher than target. On a 1-5 the model falls forward. Falling • If shot while jumping at gap. draws fight next turn. survivor may take two actions based on initiative card. • +1 for coming from higher ground. target does not benefit from linear cover. SHOOTING MODIFIERS Shooter is: Mod Notes Taking 2 move actions -1 Point Blank with pistol +2 Close range 0 Long range -1 Aimed shot +1 Second shot -1 Third shot -2 Firing from mount -1 Under fire -1 Target is: Applies if two moves declared for activation Effects following shot only -1 per under fire marker Mod Notes Moving -1 In substantial cover -1 A Boss -1 Mounted +1 Obscured -1 -1 per move action taken No effect if firing model is a boss Shooting Results • Natural 1 = Out of ammo • 2-10 = miss • 11-14 = under fire marker • 15-18 = under fire marker and nerve test • 19+ = Out of action WEAPONS TABLE Weapon Max Shots Pistol Range (cm) Notes Point Blank Close Long 3 0-10 11-20 21-30 Rifle 1 N/A 0-50 51+ Repeater 2 N/A 0-40 41+ Carbine 1 N/A 0-40 41+ May aim twice. no more than one model can be engaged in a single hand-to-hand fight. resolve two rolls on the shooting results. Shotgun – Both Barrels 1 0-10 11-20 N/A +6 to hit at Point Blank and out of ammo. model falls.