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It was said a long time ago, The great aim of education is not knowledge but action. This
quotation was always a source of inspiration for me througout my educational and proffesional
career. I completed my Graduation in Chemical Engineering from University of the Punjab in
2006. University of the Punjab introduced me to a wide variety of engineering subjects. Various
courses like Mass Transfer, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Transport Phenomena provided
me with a strong footing in the theoretical concepts of Chemical Engineering.
The desire to delve deeper into this subject persuaded me to take the job of service engineer in
Western Technologies Private Limited. There I worked for five months before joining Engro
Asahi Polymer and Chemical Limited, Karachi. Engro is one of the leading multinational
chemical industries in Pakistan. The multicultural atmosphere of Engro helped me a lot to
enhance my communication as well as engineering skills. After completing my training there, I
joined Department of Chemical Engineering of Comsats Institute of information Technology as a
lecturer. The reason behind switching the job from industry to educational field was that after
gaining practical experience in industry I recognize that I also need to polish my research skills. I
am currently teaching Transport Phenomena in the university. Ph.D or at least a masters degree is
a pre-requisite to excel in the field of education.
Therefore, from there my quest of finding good university for Master program begins. It has
always been my ambition to study in Europe. As German universities have a good reputation and
famous for their student friendly atmosphere, I start searching for German universities on the
internet; there I found that the courses offered by the University of Dortmund in Chemical
Engineering are advance and can really help me to learn a lot about the art of chemical
engineering. Divisional Public School, Govt. Science College and then University of Punjab, I
started and completed my education in Lahore. I was not the best but always stood among some
good ones throughout my educational career, influenced by the increasing role of computer I
developed special interest in it and learned to work with many softwares.
I also successfully completed my Internship at Nowshera Sheet Glass industry during my third
year. I am an excellent player of Chess and cricket. So therefore, if you give me a chance to
prove my abilities in your university as a student I will not let you down. Also I am confident
that I will match the high standards set by you to get higher education at Foreign Universities
and will serve my country in a better way in the field of Chemical Engineering

Yours Sincerely,
Abrar Faisal.