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Quran for Young Adults

Day 10
Surah Al-Qiyamah 1-40 : Why Believe in an Afterlife?
A Few Quranic Arguments:
1. Surah Fatiha - there are injustices in this world, The Perfectly Just One has to enforce

Divine Justice in the next life

2. After accepting Allah is our , his authority necessitates that he will follow up with us

on our job (similar to a boss asking an employee about the work theyve done)
3. As our Creator, Allah (swt) has a right to ask us what we did with the gifts we were given

by Him (similar to how a parent can ask, Why are your clothes all over the floor?
4. The character of the Prophet (S): When we study peoples perceptions of him, and his

impact historically, there is no way this message is from anyone but Allah!
5. If Allah created you once before, why cant you believe hell recreate you on Judgment


Allah (swt) gave us aspects of deen that are in line with human nature; people
follow rules because there is an authority to enforce it

The idea that people should be good or behave properly without any sort
of accountability or time of being compensated is untrue; there are very, very
few people who do good things only because they want to

Some people have a problem with the fact that theyve been created and
internalize that there is an authority above them; these people dismiss the gift of
life because of a few problems

Surah Al-Qiyamah is one of many descriptions of the Day of Judgment. Whether or not
someone wants to accept that the Day is coming, or they like it or not, its still coming.
One of the reasons that Allah (swt) describes the Hellfire so graphically is because other
nations before us received the same message about Allah, but their books did not have this
ominous of a warning.

In taraweeh when ayaat of Hellfire or the Day of Judgement or meeting Allah (swt) or
being held accountable (etc.) are being recited, people will cry and weep
Many branches of Judaism have eliminated the idea of a Day of Judgment altogether;
the Christian community has largely turned the afterlife into a joke. In Islam, the
aakhira has not become a joke; the seriousness and graphic descriptions have served as
a blessing to preserve how serious it is
Allah does not want to send everyone to Hell!
Surah Layl:

Nobody burns in it except the most wicked

Surah Qiyamah

No! I swear by the Day of Resurrection

is used to deny the opinions of all other people about the Day of Judgment

The Prophet (S) then swears, I, Muhammad (S) swear because The Prophet (S) had
credibility in society because of his upstanding character. They trusted and believed in
him (S). His character alone is a reason for belief in the afterlife.

And No! I swear by the conscience that repeatedly makes you feel guilty!

There is something inside every person that tells them when they are doing something
wrong, something that feels guilt.

Even the negative emotions we have - fear, sadness, guilt - they have a purpose. This
feeling, the guilt inside of us, is a bad feeling that serves as an alarm to prepare us for
the Day of Judgment, to prevent us from doing things that are wrong. Its better to feel
guilt here, repent, and be happy on the Day of Judgment than to live guilt-free and pay
the price in the Afterlife.

One fear people have is being resurrected on Judgment Day to find that all the times
they asked for forgiveness, their repentance wasnt accepted. However, it is a matter of
FAITH to believe that if we apologized sincerely to Allah that our apology is DEFINITELY,
ABSOLUTELY forgiven (see Surah Qasas 16).

Does man think that We will not put his bones back together?"

Rather we are capable of reassembling even his fingertips."

But man just wants to explode forth into whats in front of him.

the word indicates that man is impulsive, that he simply explodes into whatever he
desires, he cant hold himself back, like an animal

He asks, when is the Day of Judgment?!

using to say when is a sarcastic, skeptical way of asking

"Then when the eyes flash (at the brilliance of light around them), and the moon goes dark,
and the sun and the moon come together"

he says on that day where is place of escape? No, there is no refuge! To your Lord that day is
the place of standing/permanence.

On that day man will be informed in great detail of what he put first and what he put last.
(Sahih International)

Return on investment - what you get for putting something in

In this life, as humans we are always prioritizing, we always have to put things first and
put other things later in terms of our time and effort.

Read the book: Four-Hour Work Week

But man is a witness against himself, even if he presents his excuses (Sahih International)

Behind all of the excuses that people present, they know inside that they made a
mistake, that they did something wrong.

On the Day of Judgment man will lose control over our bodies and our hands, feet, eyes,
hands - they will all speak out against us and tell Allah what we made them do.

Dont rush to memorize the Quran [the Prophet aS]. Indeed it is Our responsibility to put it
together (in your heart) and (maintain) its recitation. Then when We have recited it then
follow its recitation. Then it is Our responsibility to clarify it.

The Prophet (S) was very anxious to memorize and repeat the ayaat as quickly as
possible because they came once and he was illiterate so he couldnt preserve them, but
Allah (swt) tells him (S) not to worry, that He will make sure that the Prophet (S) would

No, rather you all (humans) love to rush (into things)

This is a reality of human nature humans love to rush and race! We love racing games,
we love finishing things and moving on, we love binge-watching TV shows.

And you leave the Afterlife."

On that day some faces will be brilliantly lit up! Looking towards Allah.

Some people you know, when theyre awed and happy they light up, you can just tell!

And on that day some faces will be twisted (in sadness and fear and agitation), thinking that
they are about to be hit by a back-breaking

No, when the soul has reached the collarbones

And it is said, anyone! Anyone to cure?!

: Someone who can pray on me/bless me. You pause before reading this word
because its the image of a dying person choking as the Ruh leaves his body desperately
asking if theres anyone who can help him

And it will think that its time for the separation

The Prophet (S) would say that a good persons soul will separate from the body the way
that water flows from a jug (very smooth), but a bad persons soul will be pulled out like
wool being pulled through a thorny bush (the wool will get torn to shreds and it will be
very painful).

And the leg is wound around the other leg.

When humans are in such great pain or torment legs lock and wind around one

Allah (swt) is describing the moment of death, so that when he person who is
sarcastically asking when Judgment Day is coming, so far away, that person realizes that
death is not far away at all, and that they have no idea when death will take them.

To your Master on that Day you will be herded like an animal

Good people are treated well by the angels, dressed and clothed through the skies and
taken through the skies, then returned to their grave, which is spread as far as the eyes
can see, and they feel a breeze from Jannah, and they can visit each others graves!

Bad people dont make it past the first heaven, they are given a glimpse of the Hellfire
and then returned to their grave, which will close in on them

He (the disbeliever) did not accept the truth or pray

Allah (swt) is telling us that the first action a disbeliever will regret not performing is not

Instead he thought it was a lie and turned away (from prayer)"

And then he went to his people, swaggering [in pride]. (Sahih International)

Woe on to you, and Woe on to you! Then Woe onto you, and Woe onto You!"

Woe 4 = Death, Grave, Resurrection, Hell

Did man think that he would be left alone?"

Were you not sperm that came from a dirty fluid?"

Then you were a piece of flesh clinging (in the womb), and He created and formed (you)"

And He made from the clot two mates, a male and a female!

Why is man so arrogant when his beginnings are so lame???

Is That (Creator) not able to give life to the dead?

Why do we believe in the afterlife? If we believe in a God who made us the first time,
can He not make us again?

After reciting/hearing this verse, the response we should say is definitely!