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Chakras are the life force energy centers in the human body which balance, store and distribute
energy for good health and well being. Any imbalance causes stress, illness and disease.
Mastering every chakra and synchronizing their functioning eventually transforms all life
experiences into bliss.
Chakra Classification and where are they located
The chakras are classified into seven types and are located right in the midline of the human
body. The 7 chakras govern our mental and instinctual psychology. Depending upon the balance
and the energized store house, the chakras exhibit different activity levels. For the ideal
functioning of the chakras, the chakras have to be open and not be over active or under
A brief about Chakras and the associated chakra crystals

1. The root chakra represented by the color Red

This chakra is located on the last bone in the spine, signifies the foundation of the physical
body. A balanced root chakra influences the energy, immune system, instincts, optimism and
relationships. When over active it makes one greedy, selfish, aggressive and a sadist. An under
active root chakra causes anxiety and lack of confidence.
Healing crystals for balancing the root chakra are bloodstone, agate, garnet, ruby, red jasper
and hematite

2. Naval/Sacral chakra - represented by the color Orange

This chakra is located about two inches behind the naval and influences the creativity, sexuality,
inspiration and emotions of the individual. It physically influences the spleen, bladder, liver and
reproductive organs. When functioning properly, the individual is friendly, imaginative and

focused. Under activity of naval chakra causes impotency, frigidity, bladder infection, confused
and depressed. Over active chakra causes one to become too ambitious, self centered and cold.
Chakra gemstones for balancing are carnelian, coral, amber, citrine, gold topaz, peach
aventurine and moonstone

3. Solar plexus or the third chakra - represented by the color Yellow

Situated at the base of the rib cage is the foundation of the mental body and physically
influences the metabolism, muscles and the nervous system. A balanced chakra lets one relax
and enjoy the lifes accomplishments. Imbalance in the chakra causes anger and frustration.
Balance the solar plexus chakra with healing crystals, citrine, amber, tiger eye, gold, gold calcite
an citrine

4. Heart or the fourth chakra represented by the color Green

The heart chakra is situated in the center of the chest, considered as a higher chakra related to
the astral body connection. It influences empathy, compassion, forgiveness while on the
physical it affects the lungs, circulation and endocrines.
When this chakra is open and balanced it gives the individual peace of mind. An imbalance gives
birth to negativity, emotionally unstable, suspicious, unloved and obsessed.
Balance and unblock this chakra with emeralds, green and pink tourmaline, fluorite and
moldavite, green jade, kunzite, rose quartz, ruby

5. The fifth chakra or the Throat chakra represented by the color Blue
This chakra is situated at the base of the neck, influencing communication, self belief, artistic
expression and wisdom. Physically the throat chakra influences the thyroid, mouth, teeth and
the immune system. An open and balanced chakra allows free communication, especially when
the connection with the Higher guidance through meditation. Am imbalanced fifth chakra
causes communication problems, depression, chronic tiredness. Over activity of the chakra
makes the individual egoistic, stubborn and dominating. Under activity leads to nervousness
and becoming an introvert.
To balance this chakra, the chakra healing gemstones are blue sapphire, celestite, turquoise,
blue topaz, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, kyanite, azurite

6. The brow chakra, the third eye or the sixth chakra represented by color
This chakra is located between the eyebrows which gives it its name. This chakra is also called
the third eye chakra, when balanced it gives one the ability to look into the past and see the
future being linked to intuition, visualization and enlightenment. When this chakra is balanced,
it gives a feeling of positivity and the courage to control our life.
Over activity of the brow chakra causes visual problems, nightmares and lack of clarity. Under
activity causes confusion, spiritual fatigue, unassertiveness, panic attack, depression and
psychological problems.

Unblock the sixth chakra with crystals like lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, quartz crystal, sapphire or
Indicolite tourmaline

7. Crown chakra represented by the color Violet

This chakra is located in the middle of the forehead. When it functions in balance, one is
unprejudiced and aware of the world. It influences inspiration, idealism and connects with the
universe. When the crown chakra is underactive, one is very rigid in the thinking. When
overactive, the person is highly intellectualized and ignoring the bodily needs. The imbalance of
this chakra causes apathy and reduced self confidence.
Unblocking and balancing of the chakra can be done with gemstones like amethyst, quartz
crystal, diamond, selenite or alexandrite.

Each balance of each chakra is dependent on the functioning of the other chakras. The blocked
chakras cause physical as well as emotional and mental illness. To let the energy flow freely
through each chakra, it must work in sync and harmony. Modern western medicine does not
believe in the concept of chakras, but the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda interprets the
relation between illness and realignment and balancing of the chakras with meditation, herbal
treatments and the chakra healing stones.
The energy is believed to rise from the base of the spine, that is the root chakra and move up
towards the crown chakra. Any blockage in the path manifests in physical, emotional or mental
illness. Gemstone and healing crystals unblock and align the working of the chakra, thereby

ensuring that the energy travels freely between the chakras and the individual is healthy and