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0487-2201332,9387101015 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Respected Sir, Punarjani[RE-BIRTH] Charitable Trust for De-addiction & Rehabilitation Reg. No. 217/04, Poomala.P.O, Thrissur680581, Kerala State, India is an organization which intent to help those persons, and their dependants, who happens to become addicts of alcohol and other drugs. The Trust members are either former alcoholic addicts or they are well-wishers of such addicts and those intervened and help them, out of humanism, to recover from their fallen state of addiction We are happy to inform you that our Trust purchased 0.4452 Hectares [One Acre Ten Cents] of land adjacent to Poomala Dam Reservoir Our Trust purchased the said plot for an amount of Rs.5 lakhs on 30 th March 2005 and in it, we are planting Herbal Medicinal plants to generate a ‘Star-Forest’ by growing respective plants of each ‘birth-stars’, which provide a peaceful meditative and totally unpolluted fresh air and atmosphere to the inhabitants of the Retreat & Rehabilitation Center. We started a Counseling Centre by the name “Punarjani” Counseling Centre and now more than15 PERSONS are undergoing recovery with out strong medication and imprisonment. We provide a Commune Life for them along with recovered Alcoholics, their family members and those who have real concern for their life and recovery. We have no adequate facilities for providing accommodations to the patients who approach us seeking our help and advices for the recovery of their life from this dangerous disease-Alcoholism .We are in need of a well, motor connection, coats, beds, furniture and building to accommodate any more patients at our “Punarjani” Retreat Center. . Now we wish to construct a new building for the Retreat Centre by the name “Punarjani” Retreat Centre, our dream project at that site. You can help us in many other ways also for the construction of the building and other infrastructure for this Secular Institution .Our earnest wish is to help the alcoholics and their family by providing facilities for the recovery and rehabilitation for persons, who are suffering badly by the fatal disease of Alcoholism, which, in due course will become a family disease, and their family members became the innocent Victims of Alcoholism by the adverse impact of the life of an addict. Now we are providing Counseling to the Alcoholics and their family members at “Punarjani Counseling Centre situated at Poomala It is without profit motive that we are intending to establish this venture, which will be used as a centre for recovery from alcohol, for making awareness about alcoholism as a disease and for the promotion of a life without alcohol. . We are now at the stage of beginning and it is now we are in urgent need of help and assistance from persons like you who can understand the value of continuous efforts and humanism.

IF IT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU,PLEASE TRY TO HELP US EITHER BY BEING AMEMBER OF THE TRUST OR BY SPONSORING ANY OF OUR EMERGENCY REGQUIREMENTS OR BY FINDING AND DIRECTING SOME PERSONS OR INSTITUTIONS WHO MAY HELP US AND INFORM US WHAT TO DO FOR THE SAME Please come and visit our beautiful village Poomala and experience a new view of life with your friends. We are greateful to you for the helps and expect your assistance, promotion and advices in future also. So, with prayers, we are submitting our request to you for your consideration and immediate action Thanking you, Yours faithfully, D.LLB, [Lecturer in Philosophy, S.K.V.C.Thrissur] DR.JOHNS.K.MANGALAM.Ph Managing Trustee

As per Order NoCIT-TCR/TECH/80G-7/2005dtd19-09-05U/s80g of the Income Tax Act 1961, Commissioner of Income Tax, Thrissur, contributions to the Trust will come under the purview of Income Tax Exemption, so that you may be enabled to avail some deduction in the payment of tax. Our Bank Account “Punarjani”, Account No 1505 Cathiolic Syrian Bank, West Fort Branch, Thrissur, KRERALA,INDIA Ph.0487-2201332,9387101015 Please Visit Our Site www. Punarjani.org and promote us by all possible means ________________________________________