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Sarah Trujillo
Texas A&M International University


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The refusal by public schools sex-education programs to acknowledge gender

differences is betraying both boys and girls. Daily society typically frowns on the idea of
premarital sex, especially amongst adolescents. Because of societys preset notions
on the subject of premarital and teenage sex, the youth is exposed and uninformed
of the many complications that come along with sex. Sex Ed implemented in
schools may very well decrease the number of teenage pregnancies and sexually
transmitted diseases. If teenagers knew exactly what each of these diseases
entailed (in gruesome detail), assuredly most teens would think twice before
settling into bed with high school or college acquaintances. Sex education simplifies
the scary and foreboding parts of sex, and students can only benefit from sex
Disease Control
Some adolescents have a basic knowledge of the common STDs, but there
are so many other diseases that can actually have an affect on teenagers lives.
There are the most common STDs which are known as Trich, Chlamydia, HPV,
Herpes, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, HIV, Hep-B, and Hep-C. Young people are aware of
these STDs, but simply having awareness isnt enough. The mentioned STDs only
touch the mere surface. There are many other harmful diseases that can affect and
even end routine life. Specific STDs can lead to the unfirtility of females'.
Ethics of Pregnancy

Above all, girls need life-planning advice. Too often, sex education defines pregnancy as
a pathology, for which the cure is abortion. while sex ed advises youngsters to refrain
from or be safe while engaging in sex, it would also educate teens on the
consequences of pregnancy and/or how to deal with it.
Most adults think that by delaying the exposure to sexual education, that this will
somehow eliminate the sexual curiosity in their teens minds. The unknown only
leaves unanswered questions creating determination and curiosity.
Some may argue that sexual education only initiates the want for sex, but naturally
young adults hormones run increasingly stronger than adults, making them
inevitably curious and daring. Contraceptive use taught in the correct manner is
only beneficial to the health of the youth.
aside from the physicality, sex education may also instill morals. Educating
teenagers right from wrong also has an effect decision making regarding sex.
Condemning the act only scares away teenagers from asking important questions.
Through learning right and wrong students may also eliminate the double standard
that separates both sexes. Since public schools refrain from religious practices
While an abstract idea of the use condoms may play in teenagers minds, there is
still uncertainty in the correct application of a condom. The marginal information on
sex in our schools only increases the risks of infection and unwanted pregnancies,
ultimately leading to death and abortions.

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Another oppositional point includes the substitution of sex ed for an abstinence
class. In a study of 35 sex education programs around the world, the World Health
Organization found there is no evidence that comprehensive programs encourage
sexual activity. ( Abstinence
classes only prove to be an ignorant route of addressing a problem that
undoubtedly needs more reasoning and discussion. By shoving the idea of teenage
sex into the taboo trashcan along with condoms and birth control only worsens the