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No autopsies of bodies were conducted by any Allied investigators to prove gas

sings of camp inmates.
2.No photographic evidence was taken by Allied aerial reconnaissance of the camp
s between 1942-1945 showing mass exterminations or removal of human remains, eve
n though such activity would have been easily spotted.
3.No German communications, which were being monitored by the British government
throughout the war due to the early cracking of German codes, alluded to any ma
ss extermination or extraordinary loss of life in the camps.
4.No captured diaries or journals of high-ranking German officials alluded to an
y program of extermination, nor is there any documentation whatsoever alluding t
o a program of extermination. As holocaust believers claim that the National Soc
ialists killed eleven million people- roughly five million Europeans and six mil
lion Jews- the idea that every single document alluding to this massive operatio
n was destroyed is ludicrous.
5.Neither mass graves of eleven million bodies nor the remains of the equivalent
number of bodies in layers of ash and crushed bone, have ever been located in o
r around the internment camps.
6.The human soap, skin lampshades, and shrunken heads were admitted as lies in m
ainstream American newspapers in the 1980s.
7.The steam chambers and electrified floors, the first alleged methods of mass e
xtermination, were quickly proven to be lies before the gas chamber story took h
old. If the gas chambers had been real there would have been no need to lie abou
t steam chambers and electrified floors initially.
8.The Katyn Massacre, the shootings of over 20,000 Poles for which Germans were
hanged, was admitted by the Russian government in 1990 to have been actually com
mitted by the Bolshevik NKVD.
9.The Babi Yar massacre was a lie conjured up by Soviet jewish propaganda minist
er Ilya Ehrenburg. The story, which involved the Germans killing 30,000 jews out
side of sniper-infested Kiev in 1941 (with no eyewitnesses) and then returning t
o the site three years later to dig up all the remains and destroy them using "b
one crunching machines" (while being pursued by the Red Army, no less) was laugh
able to begin with. However, there is evidence which supports the mass execution
s of Ukrainians at the site in the early 1930s by the NKVD. It's probable that,
like Katyn, the Babi yar massacre was an example of the Soviets projecting their
own atrocities onto their enemies.
10.Official Soviet policy was to prioritize the evacuation of Jews via trains ah
ead of the German advance. Eastern Soviet territories such as Kazakhstan, Uzbeki
stan, and Tajikistan recorded huge numbers of Jews flooding into their lands dur
ing WWII.
11.All the "information" on gas chambers came from the Soviet Union, as the West
ern Allies did not capture any camps that are currently said to have had any, th
ough initially they did falsely claim that they had liberated "death camps" with
gas chambers in them such as Dachau.
12.All German camps had supplies of Zyklon B, not just the camps which were said
to have had gas chambers. Large quantities of Zyklon B are neither mysterious n
or sinister, as it takes a relatively high amount of the spray to kill lice.
13.A ground-penetrating radar study conducted by an Australian team in 1999 prov
ed that the ground around Treblinka had been undisturbed down to 30 meters, mean

ing that no human remains of one million people were deposited there. This suppo
rts official German documentation which shows Treblinka to be a transit camp.
14.Records show that German guards were severely reprimanded for so much as stri
king camp inmates, let alone killing them. Karl Koch, the commandant of the Buch
enwald camp, was executed by the SS for killing several inmates and stealing per
sonal possessions.
15.Germany has no history of genocidal behavior, not even at its most aggressive
. jews on the other hand have a long and bloody history of genocidal behavior to
wards their perceived enemies, recent examples including Russian Orthodox Christ
ians, Ukrainian kulaks, Polish Catholics, Germans, and Palestinians. Furthermore
jews are notorious for projecting their pathologies, hatreds, and fears onto th
eir enemies.
16.German "admissions of guilt" were obtained through brutal torture by Allied a
gents which included genital mutilation, mock executions, beatings, and threats
directed at family members; Rudolf Hoess, commandant of Auschwitz, was tortured
so terribly he admitted to the location of a concentration camp that didn't even
17.If the Germans had wanted to kill Jewish inmates all they would had to have d
one was simply not feed them. This is how Eisenhower exterminated 1.5 million Ge
rman POWs in the Rhineland death camps after the war. No need for gas chambers,
brain-bashing machines, electrified floors, or any of the weird and wild
18.Rudolf Vrba, the Slovak Jew who popularized the gas chamber story, was forced
to admit under oath during the Ernst Zundel trial in 1985 that he had never wit
nessed an actual gassing, and that his stories were "artistic representations" (
that's jew for lies).
19.Numerous Holocaust memoirs, such as Herman Rosenblat's 'Angel at the Fence' a
nd Jerzy Kosinski's 'The Painted Bird,' have been proven to be fiction. Elie Wie
sel's 'Night,' supposedly based on his experiences at Auschwitz, fails to mentio
n any gas chambers and instead talks about huge pits in the earth where jews wer
e burned alive.
20.Deception is central to Jewish interaction with non-Jews, as well as Jewishne
ss in general. Extreme dishonesty in regard to their holocaust stories is entire
ly in keeping with their racial character.
21.The Holocaust is used as a political weapon to extort billions of dollars fro
m Germany and other nations, to inculcate sympathy for jewry in the face of its
global criminality, and to stifle European nationalism at a time when their home
lands are being invaded by millions of hostile racial aliens.
22.If the holocaust had actually happened, it would not require laws drafted by
powerful jewish organizations to defend its veracity. No other historical narrat
ive is protected by the threat of heavy fines and imprisonment. Truth doesn't fe
ar investigation.
23.All German documents and statements made by German officials show that the Fi
nal Solution meant the repatriation of jews to their own territory in the East,
not their extermination. holocaust believers claim the Germans spoke and wrote i
n coded language (for example "ausroten" = extermination as opposed to it actual
meaning "uprooting," i.e. physically removing and transporting people) but ther
e is no evidence to support this idea.
24.During World War One the British government ran stories in the newspapers abo
ut Germans gassing people to death and bayoneting babies. After the war the Brit

ish government issued an official apology for the lies. They didn't do so after
World War II due to the need to justify the foundation of Israel.
25.Jews have a history of exaggerating their suffering, such as during the Khmel
nytsky Uprising in Ukraine in the 17th Century. For centuries jew sclaimed that
half a million to a million of them died during the rebellion when today it's ge
nerally accepted that actual jewish casualties did not exceed ten thousand.
26.There is no reason to believe that the emaciated corpses found in the camps b
y the Allied forces were anything other than victims of starvation and typhus, w
hich afflicted all of Germany in the final weeks of the war due to Allied satura
tion bombing. Gassing people does not cause them to lose weight, and if Jews wer
e being immediately gassed upon arrival at the camps as propaganda states, where
are the otherwise healthy bodies that died from these gassings?
27.The mobile gas vans allegedly use to gas jews were actually a method of execu
tion devised in the Soviet Union by NKVD official Isay Berg.
28.German commanders refused to follow Hitler's Commissar Order of 1941 (mandato
ry executions of bolshevik commissars and Soviet intelligentsia), as they consid
ered cold-blooded killing dishonorable and a violation of international law. Yet
people are told to believe that these same commanders were overseeing the wides
pread extermination of millions of civilians on the Eastern Front.
29.Sporadic killings of the few Jews that remained to be caught by the Germans i
n the Soviet Union were typically carried out by vengeful Slavs who had scores t
o settle after two decades of jewish tyranny and violence directed at their coun
tries and families. It was German soldiers who routinely stepped in to stop the
30.The Einsatzgruppen, who lately have been the focus of TV shows, movies, and b
ooks on account of the death of the gas chamber narrative, were German troops wh
ose job it was to secure the rear lines, which were frequent targets of terroris
t activity by Soviet partisans. There is no reason to believe they were shooting
thousands or millions of people,as is routinely claimed.
31.There is no reason to feel sympathy for those jews who did end up dying durin
g WWII, as they were an invasive, alien people who had colonized and subverted E
uropean nations to the detriment of Europeans. When it was made clear that jews
were no longer welcome in Europe, they should have left. Whatever violence was a
ctually visited upon jews during that conflict was the result of their own behav