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Hand Note 8
Marketing Research MCQS

1 : Descriptive research designs can generate answers to all of the following types of questions except:
a. who?
b. what?
c. why?
d. where?
e. when?
Feedback : Descriptive designs can analyze and categorize any type of overt behavior the or reason, for that
behavior is covert.

2: _____________________ research emphasizes the use of formalized standard questions and

predetermined response options in questionnaires or surveys administered to large numbers of respondents.
a. Quantitative
b. exploratory
c. Qualitative
d. Focus group
e. Experimental
Feedback: Key term definition research.

3 : The main goal of qualitative research is to:

a. make accurate predictions about relationships between market factors and behaviors.
b. gain meaningful insights into relationships between market factors and behaviors.
c. gain preliminary insights into decision problems and opportunities.
d. verify existing relationships.
e. validate existing relationships.
Feedback : Key term definition research.
4 : Qualitative research tends to:
a. focus on primary data.
b. employ a non structured question format.
c. utilize small sample sizes.
d. rely on very subjective content, interpretive, or semiotic analysis procedures.
e. all of the above.
Feedback : The qualitative approach allows the researcher to develop initial ideas about a wide variety of
subjects quickly and inexpensively.
5 : All of the following are advantages associated with the use of qualitative research except:
a. economical and timely data collection.
b. ease of generation of results.
c. richness of data.
d. accuracy of recording marketplace behaviors.
e. preliminary insights into building models and scale measurements.
Feedback : Subjective methodologies and small sample sizes make generalization difficult, or impossible.

6 : All of the following are disadvantages of qualitative research except:

a. lack of generalizability
b. inability to distinguish small differences.
c. lack of reliability and validity.
d. high costs and lengthy time frames.

Hand Note 8
Marketing Research MCQS

e. difficulty in recruiting qualified researchers.

Feedback : Qualitative research is comparative quick and inexpensive.
7 : The X-Cel Corporation has assembled a group of people thought to be knowledgeable about a current
research concern. The opinions and/or insights provided is an example of:
a. focus group interviews.
b. experience surveys.
c. in-depth interviews.
d. protocol interviews.
e. projective interviews.
Feedback : Key term definition surveys.
8 : In a(n) ________________________ interview, the subject is assigned a specified decision-making
situation and asked to verbally express the processes and activities that they would employ to reach a decision.
a. focus group
b. projective
c. protocol
d. in-depth
e. experience
Feedback : Key term definition
9 : In its latest research effort, the X-Cel Corporation requires subjects to ?place themselves in place of another
person? and explain the reasons for their purchase behavior. The firm is employing a form of:
a. protocol technique.
b. in-depth technique.
c. experience technique.
d. word association technique.
e. projective technique.
Feedback : The projective technique encourages the subject to analyze the behavior of another in the belief
that they will unwittingly reveal their own attitudes, preferences, biases, beliefs, or feelings.
10 : In a(n) _________________________ interview, the subject is asked to act out someone else's behavior
in a specified setting.
a. role-playing
b. projective
c. experience
d. protocol
e. in-depth
Feedback : Key term definition interview.
11 : The X-Cel Corporation occasionally utilizes highly trained interviewers to ask subjects a series of semistructured, probing questions designed to elicit both attitudinal and behavioral questions. The firm is using:
a. focus groups.
b. projective techniques.
c. in-depth interviews.
d. protocol interviews.
e. role-playing interviews.
Feedback : Theoretically, a qualified interviewer can, in a face-to-face setting, elicit valuable, detailed
12 : All of the following are advantages of in-depth interviews except:

Hand Note 8
Marketing Research MCQS

a. flexibility of subject matter.

b. the ability to probe attitudes, feelings, and opinions as well as behaviors.
c. the ability to collect highly detailed data.
d. generalizability of results.
e. the ability to build the trust required to reach into the subject's inner thoughts.
Feedback : Small sample sizes and qualitative methodologies do not allow findings to be projected to the
general population.
13 : ___________________ research is a formalized process of bringing a small group of people together for
an interactive, spontaneous discussion on one particular topic or concept.
a. Projective
b. Focus Group
c. In-depth
d. Protocol
e. Role-playing
Feedback : Key term definition Group Research.
14 : The X-Cel Corporation, concerned about declining sales of its ?flagship? product, desires to investigate
improvements, additions, and/or new uses that may rejuvenate its performance. The firm is most likely to utilize
_______________________ research for this purpose.
a. projective
b. role-playing
c. focus group
d. protocol
e. in-depth
Feedback : Focus groups allow the researcher to focus the ingenuity and experience of consumers upon a
single research problem.
15 : In order to create data structures from the rather disorganized results of focus group studies, researchers
typically employ:
a. matrix analysis.
b. protocol analysis.
c. in-depth analysis.
d. focus analysis.
e. content analysis.
Feedback : Content analysis systematically combines individual responses into larger theme categories or