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Rev. Mike is the Founder and Director of Yoga of India in Sandy Springs. He teaches true yoga (yoga that heals and strengthens: physically, mentally and emotionally). Mike is a lifetime practitioner of yoga. It is the practice of true yoga that has helped him not only surviving many accidents and setbacks but bouncing back and enjoying a healthy life of sharing & loving. It is that same power which motivates Rev. Mike to share this gift with others. Rev. Mike’s formal education includes a Masters degree in sciences (MSEE) from Colorado University, and bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Fort Lewis College, Colorado. Very early 1970’s, during his college years he was fortunate to meet his Guru Swami Srijan and, studied with him for over seven years. It was his Guru who gave Rev. Mike his Yogi name: Gurmukh, meaning the teacher of teachers. Mike is one of the few Experienced Registered Yoga Teachers (E-RYT 500) in the country. Mike is a reiki Master, training reiki practitioners Level I, II, & III. He also trains & certifies Tai Chi, QiGong, relaxation therapy, and Tantra Yoga teachers. Yoga of India is the only school in Georgia registered and approved to train advanced yoga teachers as well as the novice. To find out more about Rev. Mike and the Yoga of India visit:

Explore the deeper values and abundant rewards of love & intimacy on physical, mental and emotional levels. 9/21 Friday 9/22 Saturday 9/23 Sunday 7PM- 9:30PM 3PM- 8:30PM 3PM- 8:30PM

Couple: $695 Individual: $395 early bird 9/5: $650 early bird 9/5: $350

Dr. Susan Russell Dr. Susan holds a Ph.D. in the Philosophy of Energy Medicine and a Th.D. in the Theology of Holism. Her doctoral dissertation research was on Free Radical Release Through The use of electrostimulation of the Ring of Crystal. She has studied with Dr. C. Norman Shealy and Caroline Myss. She is a Licensed and Nationally Certified Diplomat in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and she holds licenses in Hypnotherapy and Psychiatric Social Work. Dr. Susan is also a master-teacher in QiGong, Bach Flowers therapy, Psychopharmacology, Herbology & Homeopathy, and subtle-quantum energy therapies. Dr. Susan is MultiLingual and speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian and the language of Vibration. Turning Point Healing Center offers workshops & presentations on the ancient wisdom of Chinese Five Element Theory, the power of thought, inner wisdom, understanding subtle energy, the language of psychoenergetics, & certifying Reiki levels I, II ,III. Dr. Susan is the owner and Director of Turning Point Healing Center, a multi-modality healing and education center. Here one can heal while learning how to prevent a recurrence of their dis-ease process. To find out more about Turning Point please visit:

This workshop is designed to strengthen you physically, mentally, and emotionally, as well as balance your relationship & boost your sexual intimacy

Here we provide a safe setting for personal transformation

This is created by Dr. Susan Russell and Mike Noury to guide individuals and couples to quickly developing loving & healthy relationships

4343 Shallowford Rd Marietta, GA 30062d (404) 771-1006

7-8:30pm Registration






 MSA energy assessment of vital life force  and capacity for intimacy  Breath assessment  Personal assessment
Physical Mental Emotional Relationship Sexual Emotional patterns questionnaire Therapeutic & healing relaxation

 Therapeutic & healing relaxation  Awakening the qi  Energy assessment demonstration of impact of         
emotions/situations on life force Quantum physics presentation Bruce Lipton Therapeutic & healing Laughter Physical health qigong Emotions organ /emotions Yin Yang principles Improve flexibility while becoming stronger physically Boosting reproductive and digestive functions as well as improving sleep quality Developing balance in your body, life, and thus your relationship Rewriting your Beliefs, Perceptions, Emotions, Roles Foods that enhance sexuality

8:30 pm-9:30pm

 Brief explanation of MSA energy assessment
Qi/ life force and interpretation of capacity for intimacy.


 Women breakout with Susan exploring the ideal 
relationship mental picture issues health, beauty, and sexual vitality Men breakout with Mike exploring the ideal relationship mental picture relationship issues health, strength, and sexual vitality

 Dr. Emoto
● Invest your time and money?

Cultivating and Playing with the energy of self and of partnership 5:00pm-6:00pm  Women breakout with Dr. Susan: Relationship issues understanding the female/ male psyche,, your partners love language, never ending conversation, the dance ,death, moving from conversation to joyful play, health, beauty, and sexual vitality  Men breakout with Mike: Relationship issues understanding the male / female psyche ,your partners language of love ,never ending conversation, the dance, death, moving from conversation to joyful play, health, strength, and sexual vitality 6:00-6:45pm break Refreshments 6:45-7:00pm Therapeutic & Healing Relaxation 7:00pm-8:30pm The Secret of the Law of Attraction and an Abundant Life  Healing sex TALK

         

Therapeutic & Healing Relaxation Moving towards wholeness Congruence Being emotionally honest Keeping love alive Evolving together Designing your new healthy and loving future Coupleship - a higher view Setting the mood

 Overview of benefits  Being a healthy individual  Healthy relationships  "I" statements:  Discharging negative qi  Homework

6:00-6:45pm break Refreshments 6:45-7:00pm Therapeutic & Healing Relaxation 7:00pm-8:30pm

 Experiential work  Homework

      

By improving flexibility and strength Boosting reproductive and digestive Quality of sleep vs. Quality of sex Healthier relationship and healing sex Developing balance in your body, mind, & life Relationship abundance Homework