Excerpt from the book: TO EARLY ALTO and TO LATE WAY In the history of case of sin and driving

out from the garden Eden lived Adam and Eva for all times forwards, which makes us humans: Curiosity, weakness and a request one after the other one, which places even our loyalty God in relation to in the shade. What made this fruit, this apple, so irresistible that it seemed worth it, a life of the perfect, naked, to give unsterblichen luck blessedness up for one which is certain of shame and must in which we our bread in the sweat of ours in view of eat? In certain respects the normal process of the human development represents the unabridged version of history of the case of sin. The childhood is a consequence of disappointments, which an illusion robs us after the other one, until de childlike Arglosigkeit the faith in the raue reality yields. Gradually we leave the Nikolaus, the sand male, the faith in the perfection of our parents and in our own immortality behind us. To the place the feeling that our life is a fight, steps such childlike conceptions to the tröstlichen certainty full pain and loss and with bad exit owing to Adam and Eva. There it is actually amazing the fact that we lose not completely the courage but ever continues to try to draw our short ground connection time as as luck. Under all the means, with which we try, there being one, with which we come this goal more near, i.e. by we as a man and woman „hangen together “and a meat are, as it means in the genesis. In the diary of Adam and Eva puts - Mark of Twain EH after driving out the words in the mouth: „If I look back, am the garden me only a dream. It was beautifully, extremely beautifully, charmful beautifully. Now it is lost, and I will not again see it. The garden is there, but I found and am content it. “ Nobody can to be stood as I all days before the rubble of broken love, without getting a somewhat zynischen view for the mechanics of the partner choice. Were this humans, ask I then, a completely different one, than you came in the end that you wanted to spend your life with it and that he should become the father of your children? Didn't the breath of a doubt about its loyalty, its stability, its love for you exist? The discussion inevitably following on this question reveals again and again the superficialness and stupidity of our recent years. Perhaps it is because of the fact that we grow up without larger models. Truly many do not turn out in swarms, if from stating the affection and solidarity between its parents the speech is. To the question, whether love can have existence, it falls rather zynische words, and those are based on observations at the older generation. If two fall in love into one another, by all for completely natural one holds and requires no explanation. Which draws us to each other, is mysterious and unexplainably, nevertheless everyone knows. There there is the physical attraction, common interests, a wavelength, which connects simply and which both seize lets the resolution to spend its life with one another. All around all nod in addition and walk in such a way one to just as aufwändigen as expensive ceremony, with which the beginning of this common life is celebrated. In the reverse case however, if it is with the love, exists expressed a strong explanation need past: What happened? Who is debt? Why you on the row didn't bring? The answer: We loved ourselves, are not sufficient stop any longer not. If I listen to also, which older humans say after fifty, sixty and more marriage years on the question about „the secret of a successful marriage “, a high tolerance seems to stand in relation to boredom and weariness on the hit list right at the top. Sleeping drugs as „we are never in the controversy sleep gone or the right measure in all things betray a philosophy, which is cut as on life desire rather on surviving. A renewing and therefore not ending love is there apparent intended. If us history wants to say of Adam and Eva and to the göttlichen grace joked somewhat, then probably this: that the combination of two humans us the largest remuneration for all burdens of the people unity offering for

obligation to cumbersome work for „the thistles and thorns “, for the lifelong knowledge around our number of deaths. Thus the hidden fruit had actually that its benefit the anger of God could be worth: “The garden is there, but I found and am content it “