Anne Greene works in a . She is a librarian. She takes care of the books and lends them to whoever comes to borrow them. She likes her job very much because it gives her the opportunity to meet all kinds of people interested in all kinds of books. She doesn’t like it too much because of the dust and because she never has a moment’s rest.

Her desk is always tidy and clean. At the moment she is putting some books on the shelves. This is one of the things she likes to do best. She is about to leave work and head back home. She is going out with Mark tonight. He is going to propose and Anne knows it. She is very anxious.
Questions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

What is Anne’s job? What does she do? What does she like about her job? What doesn’t she like about her job? Is her desk always a mess? What is she doing at the moment? What is she about to do? What is she doing tonight? What does Anne know?


How does she feel?

This is Mark. He is a businessman. He works in the relations department for an important
oil company

, Maddox Oil. He makes contracts with only foreign business people. His job is very demanding and he almost never has a day off. His girlfriend, Anne is very understanding and they never argue about anything. He loves her very much and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He is faxing important information to a partner in the Middle East right now, but he is also thinking about his meeting with Anne tonight. He doesn’t want to admit it, but he is very nervous.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

What is Mark doing for a living? What’s his job? Who does he work for? What does he do there? Why does he never have a day off? Do Anne and Mark ever argue about anything? What does Mark want to do for the rest of his life? What is he doing now? What is he thinking about? What doesn+t he want to admit?

This is Mrs. Greene, Anne’s mother. She is a housewife and this

is her lovely house: . She doesn’t have a job. She stays home, cooks and takes care of the house and of her children. She is a hard working woman. She loves flowers, but she doesn’t have to much time to take care of the back garden and she is very frustrated about that. She hopes for better days when all her children are going to have their homes. She is gathering flowers from her personal garden now and

chats with her neighbour, Mrs. Johnson. She is a housewife too. She is married to Mike, a very well known journalist. They have no children. She is offering Mrs. Greene a fresh cup of coffee sugar free, just the way Mrs. Greene likes it. They are good friends even though Mrs. Johnson is a lot younger then Anne’s mother.
Question: 1.

What does Mrs. Greene do for a living? 2. Does Anne know her? 3. Does Mrs. Greene have a job? 4. What does she do all day long? 5. Is she a lazy woman? 6. What does she love? 7. Why does she feel frustrated?


9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

What does she hope What is she doing now? Who is Mrs. Johnson? What does she do? Who is she married to? Do they have any


What is Mrs. Johnson doing right now?

How does Mrs. Greene like her coffee?

Is Mrs. Johnson older than her neighbour?

Hi! My name is Mike Johnson and I’m a journalist. city

I live in a big . I like my job because it gives me the opportunity to travel and see things most people don’t. I don’t like it because I’m always on the road and I wish I could stay home and spend more time with my wife. We are planing to have a baby next year. Now I’m trying to write a report about a very important event in the politic life of our city. It’s very hard and I’m trying to decide either to give it up and go home, or stay for another hour and write. But I’m sure my wife is going to call me up soon, so I’m going home.

What is Mike Johnson’s profession? 2. Where does he live? 3. Why does he like his job? 4. Why doesn’t he like his job? 5. What does he wish? 6. What are Mike and his wife planing for next year? 7. What is he doing right now? 8. What is the report about? Is it easy to write? 9. What is he trying to decide? 10. What is he sure off?

These are Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Mike’s parents. He is a retired golf player and she is a retired physician. They are happy now because they have time for each other. They are having a picnic all by themselves at the present time.
Questions: 1.

Who are these people in the picture? 2. What does Mr. Graham do for a living? 3. What about Mrs. Graham, what does she do? 4. Why are they happy? 5. What are they doing now?

This is their cousin, Lauren Huxley. She is an opera singer and a very good one. She hates man so she is not married. She sings at the National Opera and her favourite part is Carmen. She’s rehearsing her lines now.

Questions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

What does Lauren Huxley do? Why isn’t she married? Where does she sing? What is her favourite part? What is she doing right now?

Edward Earning is a very good lawyer. He is a good friend of Mark’s and they always spend their little free time together, playing tennis or going skiing. He has no family and lives by himself in a two-rooms flat

his beeper. At the moment he is working on an important case for Mark’s company. He is trying to help his friend as much as possible.
Questions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

in this block . He likes animals very much, but he doesn’t have time for a pet. He dreams about a holiday without

What’s Edward’s Job? Where does he live? Why does he live by himself? What does he like? Why doesn’t he have a pet? What does he dream about? What is he working on at the moment?

Edward is taking his car to a good mechanic tomorrow. His name is Stevens, Mr. Stevens. He is an old man, but he repairs cars very quickly and he does a good job, too. He is fixing his daughter’s car today and at this moment he’s washing it.

Questions: 1. What is Edward doing tomorrow? 2. What is Mr. Steven’s profession? 3. How does he repair the cars? 4. What is Mr. Steven doing today?

Clare, Mr Stevens’ daughter, is a student. She likes kids very much, so she studies children’s literature at the university. She also has a part-time job at a bookshop near the old building where she lives. She works as a bookseller in the children’s department. She’s having two weeks off because of her exams. She is studying for a major exam right now. This evening she’s going to a hairdresser to cut her hair short, as summer is approaching. Questions: 1. What’s Clare’s full-time job? 2. What does she study? 3. Why does she study children’s literature? 5. 4. What’s her part-time job? 6. Where does she work? 7. Where is the bookshop?

8. Why does she have two weeks off? 9. What do you suppose she is doing right now? 10. What is she going to do tonight? This is Alice. She is a hairdresser. She works downtown, but she doesn’t like it because she lives uptown and it is too far away for her. She is married, but has no children, not yet. Her parents live next door. That drives her crazy. Every morning when she comes into the shop she says to her friends: “My mother is always knocking on my door! She is driving me mad!” questions: 1. What’s Alice’s job? 2. Where does she work? 3. Where does she live? 4. Why doesn’t she like where she works? 5. Does she have a family of her own? 6. Where do her parents live? 7. Does she like where her parents live? 8. What does she say every morning to her friends when she enters the shop?

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