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Napoleon had scored a series of decisive war especially between 1799 and 1807

that had huge impact on Europe. These victories led to the fall of numerous great
powers in Europe specifically in Austria, Prussia and Russia. The man that had
brought these victories is none other than Napoleon himself but other than being
a successful general there are other factors that make Napoleon is so powerful.
Napoleon was indeed a great military leader.When besieging Toulon, he
formulated a successful military assault to evacuate the British resulting a
promotion to Brigadier-General Furthermore, one cannot ignore his ability of
motivating his soldiers. At Battle of Austerlitz, Napoleon toured the line and cries
Viva L Emperur. He gave impression of knowing each of the soldiers and his
ability of making the soldiers feel that they have bonds between their leader and
them. Wellington estimated the moral effect of Napoleons presence on the
battlefield to be equivalent to 40,000 men. As proved, because he was a
successful general, he climbs to supremacy.
Nevertheless , Napoleons rose to power not simply just because he was a good
general , but because of the effects of French Revolution itself. Due to the
progressive events of the revolution , he exploited the opportunities provided by
the revolution that accelerates his rose to power. In addition, the Revolution
abolished social discriminative class system and offered equality for
opportunities for talented men brought the principle of career opened for
talented men like him. The revolution cleared off all the senior military Generals
of Noble class resulting a chance for a young Artillery officer Napoleon to come
to power. As shown, the French Revolution gives him the opportunity to rise to
authority as well.
However, he would not have been able to rise to power if it not to his association
with important figures. During the Days of Terror ,Napoleon befriended with
Robespierres younger brother which made him survived throughout that time. In
1975 , when Napoleon was serving in Paris against the counter-revolutionary
protest , he saved the National Convention. This action earned him sudden
fame, wealth and patronage of the new Directory especially the leader-Barras.
After his marriage with Barras ex-mistress, he took command of the French Army
of Italy and embarked on a successful invasion of Italy. This gave him chance to
exploit the revolutionary leaders weaknesses and rise to dominate the power.
Marriage also made him respected man and mature person hence, increased
popularity. Consequently, his famous associates and marriage brought him to
Furthermore, Napoleons rise to power can also be attributed to his education.
Napoleon's noble, moderately affluent background and family connections
afforded him greater opportunities to study than were available to a typical
Corsican of the time. He was educated at the military Academy inn Brienne yet
by that time, most people were still illiterate. This helped in him in that he reads
the writings of political philosophers in history and widen his reasoning capacity
and leadership skills. It was from school that he developed his oratory power and
ability to convince people. Clearly, his education consumed a factor to his rise in
So, Napoleons rose to power due to a combination of factors and not just simply
because he was a successful general. Although, Napoleons own talents as a
military leader does help him to rise in popularity but it is not a sufficient factor

to show where the success comes from. It is clear that the events of French
Revolution, his significant associates, his marriage and his education builds up
the rise of Napoleon.