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Evolution is not the result of a person's birth.

Since this theory is taught tod

ay in our colleges and the media often reports are in favor of it, some of the M
uslims have been inspired by this idea. And the idea of ??the religious world ha
s created a bit of anxiety. The creation of man and other animals are found on t
he two theories. He said that a man is born as a human being. Quran and Hadith c
learly shows that Allah Almighty created Adam, he made them his wife, the couple
went all mankind throughout the world. When God made Adam so thin it sounded wi
th the spirit and the spirit was breathed into something else. It is the same sp
irit that I understand a lot more than in all other animals, force planning and
control, and code attributes are found. Although this segment quoted the most di
vine religions, some Western scholars have supported this idea.
Materialists who belongs to the group evolved as a result of net pay. According
to this theory, billions of years before life emerged from the beach. Then it ca
me into being in the different species of flora and vegetation growth, while the
animals were born. These non-human and semi-human animals and humans with diffe
rent stages of the growing times humanity has reached. This gradual and evolutio
nary journey has not specified any point jasktajhan non-existence of the human c
ondition by eliminating the human race to be recognized. This approach to the st
udy of history shows that the first Aristotle) ??322-384q work (he had presented
. Thylys in ancient times, anaksy Mendraiya, anaksy Mans, aympy Vocal and essenc
e of the philosophers were convinced of the evolution. Muslim thinkers, Ibn Khal
dun, Masudi Hafiz Ibn mskuyh and yet the universe somewhat resembling his theory
of evolution is supported.
What is Monkey?
Before the nineteenth century, this idea was an anonymous sanzryh. In 1859 Sir C
harles Darwin) 1818-1882 (a book, The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Sele
ction (the "appearance of species through natural selection") Text formally pres
ented this theory. This theory followers While still in dispute. Darwin monkeys
and humans as a species because these two aspects of sensation and perception, t
here is a considerable resemblance. But according to Darwin's theory of man's si
mian cousin. But some extremists The man called Monkey for children. Some of the
m came forward and said that all the white man, the chimpanzee) Chimpanzee (are
born. The black man is the father of guerrilla and long red hands monkey man tgn
an are children. These historians humans different allun Prophet Noah's sons, Ha
m, Shem, and Japheth's sons was called. But they both chimpanzees, gorillas and
children tgnan call.
Some thinkers believe that the Monkey Man Monkey Man can not have children. Qhqr
y examples of this reaction are present in the universe. Even prima facie, the t
heory is somewhat supported, such as some rascals God of Israel and the evildoer
Conway qrdh kasyn
Become despised apes 65: 2
The third theory about the universe bsmulyt disaster Gary (Catastrophism) whose
founder kupyr (Cupier 1796-1832) is. France, which specializes in English and in
terpretation was alaaza?. According to this theory, all types tabyy to create se
parately. Usmauy disasters, being in this land were destroyed. Some animals were
born. Later it was destroyed. The new animals are born in different periods and
are being consumed.
(Islam and the theory of evolution, at 85 PM Ahmed basmyl. Organization of Islam
ic teachings Karachi, Lahore Publications printed Badr)
According to Darwin's theory of the origin of life on the beach to wade in the w
ater. Kai appeared on the surface of the water, then put it in the bottom of the

movement. This was the beginning of life, then it would have been different typ
es of plants. Hyuanch then became the germ of life. It made the beast. This wing
ed beast of development and arms turned into an animal. He fqry animals) with sp
inal cord (the man resembles the shape of an animal. A powerful intellect, which
made him the first man, was not capable of understanding the code. Finally unde
rstanding of the Zaka The man has become. The tbdlat, variation and evolution du
ration of the trip is estimated to be told something like this.
How long evolutionary man came into existence?
Today, two billion years ago, sea moss ford water appeared. It was the beginning
of life. Unicellular animals born 60 million years ago. 3 million years after t
he sponge and co-born animal organisms. 45 million years ago, plants without lea
ves appear and the hood of the animals born in the spine. 40 million years ago,
fish was the knkhjurun growth. Animals born 30 million years ago, large marshes.
This giant beast was 4 feet long and weighing 35 tons. 13 million years ago or
today to 17 million years ago, weary buznh (Ape) stood walked (ie monkeys, about
whom it is said that this man is the father) that after 30 years, or the 70 mil
lion Years ago, a kind of weary Lunch "tphkn thrups" first human race was born.
After 50 million years to 20 million years ago or today, the sensible human race
was born. Stone picked up the weapon. 2 million years in the evolution of mind
and the human race began to live in caves. (Golden information printed Ferozeson
s 7 to 9 pm)
Darwin wrote his first book in 1859 and the original alanuaa philanthropic (Orig
in of man) and the human sequence (Decent of man) to support his theory further.
And his theory is based on the following four principles.
Llbqa? dispute (Struggle for Existence)
It refers to the struggle for survival of life in which they are living remains
the most complete and powerful and the weak are eliminated, such as living wild
bull in a forest are together graze. Which of these is a powerful grass takes in
vade and thus becomes more powerful the more vulnerable they become vulnerable t
o food scarcity and conflict finally ends of the conflict is llbqa?.
The principle natural selection (Natural Selection)
????? ???? ?? ???? ??? ??? ???? ??? ??? ?? ????? ?? ????
? ????? ??? ?????? ???? ??? ?? ?????? ??? ????? ???? ???
????? ??? ???? ??? ??? ????? ??? ???? ??? ???? ???? ???
essence of God (the other is the powerful and strong and

??? ????? ???? ?????? ?

??? ???? ?? ?? ????? ??
???? ????) This is the
weak and poor keeps fin

Adapting to the environment (Adaption)

Consider the example of the tiger is a carnivorous wild animals. The power of na
ture to hunt and to eat the Fangs are awarded. Now it so long to get to the meat
of the two forms. Either they will die of hunger or food plants will start. Oth
erwise it will automatically lose its teeth and claws will be gradual and will t
ake a new organ came into existence in accordance with the current position. His
intestines are too long and would like vegetarian animals.
Succession Law (Law of Heritance)
This means that the number 2 the look and atmosphere of the differences which ch
anges does the generation after generation move forward there are until the disp
ute Episode rather typical becomes, and thus it is considered that the two separ
ate ????? ??? ???? ???? ?? ? ????? ??? ?? ??? ?? ??? ???? ????? ?? ?? ??? ?????
?? ??? ?? ?? ?? ????? ???? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???? ???? ?? ??? ?? ?? ?????? ???

??? ????? ?? ???.

Darwin's views on certain ideological and political circles have much choice, he
encouraged and consequently thoughts (evolution) are very popular. The main rea
son for this popularity is not so high that the level of knowledge at the time t
hat Darwin's imaginary scenario can be seen in front of the hidden lie. The evol
ution of Darwin presented his assumptions when Genetics (Genetics), Microbiology
(Microbiology) and biochemistry (Biochemistry) did not exist as subjects. The s
ubjects, in Darwin's time, they easily come to know that Darwin's theory is unsc
ientific and senseless claims are. All information to determine a species alread
y genes (Genes) are present. Through natural selection, gene by changing from on
e species to another species created is absolutely impossible.
When Darwin's aforementioned book (which we now summarize "the original species"
would say) was at the height of his fame, Austria at the same time a botanical
expert, Gregor Mendel in 1865 and inheritance (Inheritance) discovered the laws.
By the end of the nineteenth century, these studies could not get any fame. But
in the decade of 1900, a new branch of biology "Genetics" (Genetics) Mendel's d
iscovery was introduced and has become much more important. After some time, the
structure of genes and chromosomes (Chromosomes) were also discovered. In the 1
950s the DNA (DNA) is a molecule is discovered, which are hidden in the genetic
information. The theory here for so short a severe crisis began assessing the in
formation stored in the DNA in any way "random events" and the other said it was
not clear. Apart from all these scientific efforts, search the poly, animals co
uld not detect any such intermediate form, which Darwin's theory of evolution wa
s light must exist.
Based on these discoveries, Darwin's theory of evolution should be thrown in the
trash, but it was not. Because certain circles modify it, restoring it, and it
insists that the scientific platform above (and pressure) continued. These effor
ts may be considered only when the time evolution of the ideological trends gene
rated (Ideological Intensions) feel, not on the scientific aspects of the review
. And to establish trust constant evolution, despite our best efforts Rings soon
reached an impasse. Now he has a new model called the "modern Darwinism" (Neo-D
arwinism) was placed.
Modern Darwinism (Neo-Darwinism)
According to the theory of evolution of species, variation (Mutations) and their
genes (Genes) minor changes in air. Moreover, (the growing of these new species
) Avoid the same species under natural selection system suited (Fittest) said. B
ut when it was proved that the proposed systems of modern Darwinism not correct,
and that the formation of new species, minor genetic changes are not enough, th
en supporters of evolution once again stood out in search of new models.
He once brought a new claim called "punctuated equilibrium" (Punctuated Equilibr
ium) is called, and it is no reasonable scientific basis. According to this mode
l organism of an "intermediate form" without authority, suddenly, the other spec
ies have evolved. In other words, a species that the "evolutionary ancestors" ca
me into being without. If we say that species "creation" is (ie there is no God)
, then we will be saying the same thing that has been punctuated equilibrium. Bu
t evolutionists do not accept this aspect of punctuated equilibrium (which is in
dicated by the Creator). Instead of covering the fact sought to obscure scenario
s. For example, the world's first bird suddenly, in an interpretation, reptiles,
birds and reptile (Reptile) was created from the eggs. This theory also tells u
s that the land-dwelling carnivorous beast a (incomprehensible), causing great s
uffering to the genetic variation, giant wheel will be turned into fish.
These claims, Biophysics and biochemistry default rules and the way the conflict
is just as scientific as possible the magical tales of frogs turning into princ

es may be. Despite all these drawbacks and defects, and produce the results of m
odern Darwinism being distressed by the crisis that some evolutionists madumyat
(Paleontologists) the theory (punctuated equilibrium), which embraced the essenc
e of modern Darwinism is even more strange and incomprehensible.
The sole purpose of this new model that just the presence of vacancies in the fo
ssil record (ie the absence of forms of life middle) to provide a description, w
hich was unable to explain the neo-Darwinist. But the absence of evidence in the
record to say "broken egg of reptiles and birds found in" hardly be considered
a reasonable argument. The reason is obvious. Darwin's theory of evolution says
that the decline in other species for a variety of compelling and useful genetic
variation is required. In contrast to a genetic change, whether it be of any sc
ale, genetic information improves or increases the wind was not found. Mutations
(changes) are brought to disrupt the genetic information. That is why the "tota
l variation" (Gross Mutations) the concept of punctuated equilibrium is presente
d, reductions and impairments in the genetic information can become.
It is clear that "punctuated equilibrium" theory has received merely fantasies.
Despite this evident truth, the advocates of evolution did not hesitate to honor
this theory. They knew about the absence of fossils, Darwin's theory of evoluti
on can not be proven that they were forced to mark them to. Darwin said that he
himself was the gradual evolution of species (they were a little bit and change)
, which was necessitated due to the half-bird / half-reptile or half-fish / half
-tetrapod organisms such as punch fossils have been discovered. But now, after a
ll the research and find these "transitional forms" could not come to an example
. Although the fossils millions, have been recovered from the ground.
For Evolutionists seized upon the model of punctuated equilibrium in the form of
fossils to hide its defeat. Experts feel that the evolution of the eye, the, lu
ngs, brain and other complex organs openly gradual evolutionary models are wrong
. He points out, especially those forced to take refuge in the punctuated equili
brium model are running.
Darwin's theory of evolution. This ? summary, it was still only a theory and the
theory still could not go beyond. This theory could not provide any solid basis
on which the theory of science (Scientific Law) become critical thinkers since
this theory has. For example,
1. How did life originate from?
The first objection is that I was in the origin of life? If the effect is presen
t), the result, they have no cause of which item (but addictive) cause, because
(they are not part of the foundation of this theory is not scientific or officia
l bird. His former boss in his book "Man thought "writes on page 55:
"Darwin said it was an evolution of our day (Simpson) and the origin of life ? a
ulyn link of cause and effect related to the origin of life has been reported th
at,? The honest answer is that it We have no knowledge of it. This mystery is be
yond the reach of scientific discoveries and perhaps even beyond human comprehen
sion amplitude ?... and the secrets of the human mind that I would not ever have
. We would like you The prime cause of their ways), Allah (may srjhka unto, but
it can never bring in the realm of perception "
2. Any creature evolution not supported
The second objection is that the evolution of man, even a small incident could n
ot observe. The evolution of the bird became a rooster or donkey, or the evoluti
on of the horse became a Chimpanzee ape or monkey or apes are seen being human.
?? ?? ?? ????? ?? ????? ?? ??? ? ??? ??? ?????? ??? ??? ???? ?? ??? ??????? ????
??? ?????? ?? ????? ??? ??? ??? ?? ?? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?? ???? ??????? ??

? ????? ??? ?????? ??? ?? ???? ?? ???? ?? ??? ?? ?? ??? which is based on assump
tion and conjecture can not be official bird. His emphasis on the life story of
the silk moth flies. ??? ??? ??? ???? ???? ?? ???? ????? ?? ??????? ????? ??? ??
?? ???? ??? ?? ??? ??? ??? ??? ????? ??? ???? ???? ?????? ???? ???? ??? ??? ???
??? ?? ?????? ?? ????? ?????? ?? ???? ??? ??? ?? ?? ????? ?? ????? ????? ????? (
Special Creation ) each creates a different kind of life to be as convincing.
Evolutionists believe evolution to be seen in the present process because it hap
pens slowly millions of years. (This argument totally false, because we see) in
1965. Iceland, near the earthquake and lava exploding process a new island shirt
s (Surtsey) appeared and the year within the thousands of types Insects , insect
s and plants have begun to create. The far (of a Darwinist) that I could not und
erstand how and where they come from there!
Darwinists ancient and developed in their view both creatures growing complexiti
es in the chain are committed to resolve. But his theory of evolution in arbitra
ry and simply invented their own minds. (Under his theory, he never kmahqh "It c
an not prove that) amazing (their) means is, for example, is at the highest butt
erfly in beautiful colors. Electrical equipment of bats ?? ???? ???? ???? ?? ???
?????? ????? ?? ??? ?? ???? ???? ??. ??? ???? ?? ????? ????? ??? ????? ?? ?????
??? ?? ?????? ??? ????? ?? ?? ???? ????? ????? ??. ??? ???? ??????? ?? ????? ??
????? ?? ??? ?????? ?? ??? ????? ???? has developed over all creation. His weap
on is a poison which is the boiling point of 100 degrees centigrade every interm
ediate organisms in the environment has the potential to kill.
A leopard bones and tissue systems that owns the whole race could Feather, Eagle
is the world's best Aerodynamic system, Dolphins have been especially created f
or the body and skin, so comfortable to swim in the water. In animals this flawl
ess plan that reflects the variety of living things is God's creation. But it is
a consideration that is not enough just to be the owner of the body, the animal
is also important to know that the perfect body to be brought into use. At the
same time the birds are useful when they start off, flying and landing all the w
ork will be instrumental in successfully conducted.
When we observe the world, we are exposed to an interesting fact. A living organ
ism is always suited to their environment, and the beginning of this attitude is
the moment of his birth. Bighorn child birth standing up and running within jus
t half an hour is coming. Turtle children their mother is buried in the sand, kn
ow that these levels will come to break the egg shell. They are also aware that
they were breaking the egg shell is immediately reach the sea. It gives the impr
ession that all living things in the world have come to full training.
In one instance, we see the spider out of its network wire your body prepares it
self. As amazing spider web of uniform thickness is five times stronger than ste
el wire, even high-speed large bees trapped in the kruasktyn not free themselves
. Black udu (Black Widow) spider's web are clusters in the adhesive. For hunting
in the trap is impossible to extricate themselves. Cobweb, exceptionally strong
, is flexible and adhesive. More than just being a trap importantly spider's web
is a part of your own body. Spider snare prey caused by the slight vibrations c
an feel and takes control without any delay. Spider web of your body is ready to
previous quarter. Members of a particular type were produced motivates this web
spider legs. The net level of open clusters are needed, and the net is wide ope
n. Indeed, thanks to the God-given instincts notes that the spider is able to cr
eate a constructive phenomenon.
???? ?? ???? ??? ????? ??? ????? ??? ??? ?? ???? ?? ??? ???? ????? ??? ????? ??
???? ???? ??? ?? ?????? ?? ?? ??? ???? ???? ?? ???? ???? ??? ???? ?? ????? ??? ?
?? ?? ????????? ?? ???? ???? ???? ?? ??? ????? ???? ??? . Termites blind worms t
hat take up several-storey building, this and other such creatures of God reveal
ed through these skills can uncover the essence. Each of these same commandments

of God brings.
"No one on earth whose forehead is not in his possession". (Surah Hud. 56)
Here, the question that arises is how they spent the evolutionary process? The e
volution of these creatures came into being and how? In terms of chemical warfar
e buznh (Ape) missed the termite despise the ancient creatures. (These living cr
eatures saying, how can the human creature closest to...?)
3- links between evolutionary chain
The third objection is that the theory of evolution are missing links between se
ries. Without such pairs and pairs of animals exist intermediary. Fqry and fqry
animal intermediary is also missing. The missing link between fish and the anima
ls that are known as land and water animals and reptiles, mammals, reptiles and
birds of the middle links are absent. The problem with this theory is that Chile
has been under discussion for over a century. Some theorists ? quoted reply tha
t it might be fulfilled intermediary paid work when they disappear automatically
as the weight or the validity of what I guess you can give blood.
The ground layers and is studying the fossil record shows that living together h
ad appeared. The oldest layer of the earth, from which fossils of living creatur
es have been discovered, the "Cambrian" (Cambrian), which is 53 to 52 million ye
ars old. Cambrian Period (Cambrian Period) layered fossils of organisms found in
the absence of any ancestor, several species appear suddenly give testimony. Th
is sprawling complex was found to create creatures and beautiful scene so quickl
y, and in such a miraculous way that emerging from the scientific term "Cambrian
Explosion" (Cambrian Explosion) has been renamed.
Most of the creatures in this layer discovered very advanced and complex organs
such as eyes, glphry and others were present in the circulatory system. There is
no sign in the fossil record can tell that these were the ancestors of these or
ganisms. Earth Sciences journal editor Richard munstarsky, living species sudden
ly appearing writes about it:
"Half a billion years ago as a complex structure of animals, such as we see toda
y, were suddenly appear. It's the beginning of the Cambrian Period on the ground
(about 55 million years ago), is like an evolutionary explosion The Earth's oce
ans were filled with the first complex creatures. beasts wide faylm (Phyla), whi
ch we observe today, were also present in the early Cambrian Period and were dis
tinct from each other so that all are today ".
The thousands of different animal species, how was ridden? ?? ?? ???? ?? ???? ??
?? ?? ??? ?? ??????? ??????? ?????? ??? ?? ??? 2 ???? ??? ?? ???? ??? ??????? ??
? ??? ???? ??? ?? ?? ???? ?? ????? ??? ?? ?? ??? ?? ????? ?????? ???? ???? ??? ?
? ?? "??? ??????? ????? ?? ??? ". This afternoon (Period) "evolutionary gap" (Ev
olutionary Gap) is called. What actually happened in the meantime? It also found
no evidence so far and it also significantly concept is vague and unclear.
Chung Xinjiang in northwestern China in 1984, the central Yunnan plateau on nume
rous complex invertebrates (Invertebrates) yielded the fossils. The traylubayts
(Trilobites) were also, which are now extinct, but the complexity of their struc
ture in any way in terms of not less than modern invertebrate.
Sweden's evolutionary madumyat (Evolutionary Paleontologist) Stephen bngstn Some
have described this condition:
"No event in the history of life, the creation myths of the matches, so this sud
den diversification of marine life Animation (diversification) when the multi-ce
ll organisms, environment (ecology) and enters the main actors in the evolution
a. Darwin disagreed with this incident still haunt us (and embarrassing) has hap

pened ".
These complex forms suddenly come into being without fathers and indeed the same
problem for the evolutionist (and embarrassment), causing as much as a hundred
years ago was to Darwin.
This fact can be seen in the fossil record as evidence that living things develo
ped in a primitive form were not suddenly evolving situation on the ground appea
rs to be a complete. Transitional forms is not confined to the absence of the Ca
mbrian Period only. Invertebrate (spinal animals) of the alleged evidence of the
gradual evolution till today could not discover any such intermediate form. Whe
ther it be fish, water thlyy (amphibians), I'm reptile, birds or mammals have. E
very living species in the fossil record suddenly depending on its current, comp
lex and has proved to be in perfect condition. In other words, living species, c
ome into existence through evolution. . . They have been created.
4. The fact of existence aslh
Evolutionists claim that all the creatures "natural selection" or "co aslh" (Sur
vival of the Fittest) are subject to the law. In this regard, the dinosaurs (Din
osaur) to the example of the generation (ie Earth thousands of years ago the nob
ility) was absent. But (this is something that the other side of the earth), com
pared to 15 million species of living beings is not more than 100 extinct creatu
res. The most important thing is that a lot of things (in the environment) are d
ifficult living conditions for millions of years. In this regard we would like t
o give three examples:
Blind fish
A kind of fish lose their ability to sight and lives at the bottom of the sea. I
n this environment, with the radar system and the electrical capacity to the fis
h and the other (few) types are also found. If evolutionists were correct, then
the other two types of blind fish (fish) have been displaced by marauding there,
but (we are well aware) that three types of fish millions of years together pea
cefully are living.
Blind snakes
This in fact is a kind of gecko feet, which is not life, it is especially diffic
ult for creatures, but millions of years (on earth) is present. He (it neither d
ays) becomes extinct and not through the evolutionary process (the real) would b
e a lizard. Where the basic principles of evolution were a myth?
Australian Khar back
In Australia, there is a special type needle back to their children clinging to
their bellies like kangaroo carrying the bag. He (under thousands of years of ev
olutionary process) in your body, why does not the fact that thanks to the (pain
ful) membrane and the other to get rid of it (usually) like barbed generations t
o live in peace ? This is due to the fact that Allah Almighty (it) is so desired
. He is satisfied with his life behind barbed and will be subjected. Of evolutio
n (a) support can never understand this mystery, he is caught in a whirlpool of
blind logic.
Human baby's brain
At the birth of a baby's brain is a quarter of an adult brain. But the child's s
kull to place large brain stem, in terms of the volume is greater than ever. And
the ratio is greater than one in prayymyts. When the power (not he) environment
so that the skull was not so outstanding organ built by the same proportion? Bo
dy parts and residual ratio be reduced if the volume of the brain, why do so. Fi
nally it was the need? How many mothers because of the volume of the skull milli
ons of years, their lives have been approaching the game. Under the theory of na
tural selection really need a million years ago, millions of years before man ma

de object? Natural selection can be so big and beautiful mistake? Brasadh answer
is simple: God made the human brain is very high quality and the way he has wan
ted uysahy. And the wisdom behind each creation. Ma is further away from the wis
dom of our low IQ. The default sort (ie co aslh) have no such phenomenon, exposu
re to countless creatures Allah has created all the species.
5. Darwin's theory of evolution
The sixth object that Darwin theory of evolution inform the hits are not justifi
ed under the
A. Darwin says something about inheritance law long tail biting dogs are weary w
ith the result that the dog was born. It is questionable that the Arab and Hebre
w people has long been circumcised, but the child was not yet circumcised.
B. Adapting to the environment is that the object was a blot on the human breast
, which today is a remnant of the era did not have any. The lower animals to hum
ans) males (if it exists stains come in person was also living in the same geogr
aphical environment is not the difference between animals?
6. fossils (Palaeontology) discovery
Fossils (Palaeontology) ? discover the theory of evolution is invalidated. Refer
s to fossil human skulls and bones or animal carcase which they are found buried
in the ground.
7 stages of the formation of protein
The theory of evolution claims that life began in a cell which was agreed at the
Earth's early atmosphere. Let us now examine how the cell structure is, how the
mystery hidden in this, and that it "coincidental existence" to declare itself
is great absurdity. It is worth considering the fact that today, we have entered
the twenty-first century, is a source of mystery for us in many ways stem.
Its operating systems, such as communications systems, motor systems and cell ma
nagement are not less complex than any city of the stem. The power generating st
ations are also (to get the energy, the cell is in use), the central importance
of enzymes and hormones are manufacturing factories, stores information (data ba
nk) also where the cells are made in any product (item) details (information) is
collected, where there are modern laboratories and refineries raw material is c
onverted into usable and useful, complex communication systems and pipes ??????
??? ???? ?? ??? ??? ??? ???? ??? ????? ????? ???? ??? ??? ??? ?? ??????? ?? ???
???? ???? ???? ??? ?? ?? ???? ??? ???? ??? ??? ???? ???? ???? ????? ?? ???? ???
????? ??. This complex system of cell is very small glimpse.
If the environment is very far from Earth. Cell composition and working methods
are so complex that today's sophisticated devices equipped labs also "artificial
ly" could not be prepared. Status brick in the structure of the cell using the a
mino acid component of the cell until today (Organelle) could not be prepared (e
g Mitochondria or raybusum etc.), if the stem is too far. Under evolutionary cha
nce at a first cell come into existence is equally fantastic as the one-horned f
lying horse (UNICEF Korn).
Protein coincidences challenge
Not just limited to cells, but under natural conditions combined to form molecul
es of the protein is also impossible to make.
Protein (Protein) they are vigorous molecules of amino acids, which are made to
certain numbers in the order specified. These molecules provide the basis for th

e existence of the cell. The small proteins discovered so far fifty (50) contain
s amino acids. But some combination of protein amino acids are hundreds and thou
sands. Of protein in the cell's performance is the key to the protein base, are
amino acids. But as a non-essential amino acids in the protein chain increase, d
ecrease or be changed so that it is possible to be reduced to meet the protein d
ysfunctional. Evolution, the amino acids of the "accidental / coincidental forma
tion" is unable to explain, its foundation is based on the formation of protein.
Probability (Probability) through a simple calculation we can prove that the pro
tein active structure an agreement can not be in any way.
Power systems are found in 20 kinds of amino acids. And these various ratios. Tn
asbun reshuffle of different proteins are made. Now, if we assume that the avera
ge size any protein molecule composed of 288 amino acids, amino acids 10300 diff
erent ways so the 288 units (amino acids) can make the protein chain. (10300 mea
ns 1 followed by 300 zeroes) all the possible sequences (chains) shall be only o
ne chain protein, which contains the required properties will be made. In math i
t will be said that such proteins likely to be above 10300 only one (1). The cha
ins of amino acids will either life or damage to the car. Useful proteins with d
esired properties "by chance" to find that it is much less likely that it can be
considered almost impossible. Moreover, the protein with 288 amino acids is sig
nificantly lesser. Otherwise many large proteins are a collection of thousands o
f amino acids. When we apply to the calculation of the possibility that the "imp
ossible" as the word appears too small.
You can understand that if a protein forming by chance is impossible if millions
complex than proteins simultaneously, and come into being as well organized man
ner and to the completion of the cell, even millions of times more impossible. I
t should not be forgotten that the cell is not merely a collection of proteins.
New klyyk acids in the cell proteins, carbohydrates, and various kinds of rugnya
t other chemical compounds are also found. . . And all its structure and respons
ibilities, both in terms of the discipline, they are completely compatible and p
Even after we have seen millions of cell proteins that constitute one of the oth
er terms of the theory of evolution can not explain, much less to discuss the ev
olution of the cell.
Evolution of Turkey's famous and most authoritative expert, Dr. Ali dymr asleep,
his book "murusyt and Evolution" (Kalitim ve Evrim) in the cytochrome c (Cytoch
rome-C) Referring to form a contingent of key enzymes writes:
"Cytochrome C series (by chance) are just as likely to have zero. The life of a
specific (molecular) connection is required, it can be said that the whole unive
rse to be (on aggregate) I will only happen once. Otherwise, any subsequent altb
yaaty will be created by force, which is beyond our understanding. latter is not
appropriate to accept the terms of the scientific goals. Therefore, we believe
the first assumption will have".
After these lines, Dr. dymr sleeping acknowledge the possibility that, just beca
use it is accepted that it "is more appropriate in terms of the goals of science
" is unrealistic:
"Cytochrome C blower, the specific amino acid sequence (accidentally) come into
existence at the lop-sided lbhahrat equally likely that a monkey as much as poss
ible using a typewriter to write the history ... it also accepting the monkey, t
ypewriter keys (Keys) is suppressed without anything rash ".
The correct sequence of amino acids in the protein chain is not enough for life.
All of the amino acids of the "left hand" (Left Handed) should be. There are tw

o types of amino acids chemically, of which the "left hand" and the "right hand"
(Right Handed) called amino acids. Their three-dimensional (3 Dimensional) the
structure, these amino acids is so much difference between us and our mirror mir
ror. The same thing "pixel symmetry" (Mirror Symmetry) is called. So we straight
(right) shake hands, then our mirror mirror opposite (left) hand to shake. Amin
o acid difference can be explained by some people such a right (left) hand and s
ome people write back (left) hand. That's the difference in right and left-hande
d amino acids that. These two types of amino acids, naturally occur in equal num
bers and the ability to connect to each other are. Nevertheless, the study has r
evealed surprisingly found that all proteins in living creatures, only left-hand
ed amino acids are made from. And that the protein molecular chain of amino acid
s in the right hand, then no one would paralyze him.
Now look at another aspect of this problem. Suppose that life was really happeni
ng in the agreement, such as the evolutionists claim. In such a case "by chance"
to be, right and left-handed amino acids should be in the same number. This que
stion only left-handed amino acids proteins that eventually lead to the why, and
right-handed amino acids in the creation of life that is why I did not pay any
tax, still remains a headache for evolutionary experts. Encyclopaedia Britannica
in science, which is a strong supporter of evolution, the authors found it poin
ts out that all living creatures on earth and complex polymers such as proteins
(Polymers) brick in the structure of the status of the only left-handed amino ac
ids are. They also add here that there is no example of a situation such as a co
in tossed a million times, and every time it came up again and again only one si
de. The Encyclopedia of molecules, they also acknowledge that it is impossible t
o understand the right or left hand, and it's amazing that something as directly
concerned, is the origin of life on Earth.
The exact number of amino acids in a protein, the sequence and the desired three
-dimensional structure in order to be not enough. (Useful) it is also necessary
to make proteins that multiple arms (arms) of the amino acid molecules, the spec
ific nature of the arms connect to the other molecules. Stop being such a "pepti
de I" (Peptide Bonds) are called. Amino acids can be different with each other,
but only those protein made up of amino acids that make up close to each peptide
Research has proved that the amino acids were matched to one another freely, eve
n if they are not bound peptide of which 50 percent will shut off and the remain
ing 50 percent will form the different types of proteins do not exist. That mean
s to work properly, each amino acid making up the protein with other amino acids
(which will hand yqynabayyn) peptide will have to be closed.
Under these conditions, we assess that the correct 500 amino acid protein "accid
entally" What are the chances of becoming:
The correct order (sequence) likely
= 1/20500 1/10650
Likely to be left-handed
1/10150 = 1/2500
Likely connected via peptide Close
1/10150 = 1/2499
Total possibility
1/10950, ie

Only 1 in 10950 chance!

You can see how this is less likely. In mathematics in 1050, even if a case like
ly be 1 if the practical possibility of occurance of "zero" (0) is recognized.
500 units of the coincidental formation of the protein is likely to be impossibl
e so large proteins, will be impossible to reach the limits? I think perhaps it
even more impossible. Hemoglobin protein, which is part of our blood, consists o
f 574 amino acids. The example above is significantly greater than the protein.
Consider now that the trillions of red blood cells in our body each cell there a
re approximately 28 million hemoglobin proteins. The perceived age is to create
a chance of a molecule, let alone speak of red blood cells. The summary of this
discussion is that the theory of evolution only at the stage of formation of a p
rotein non-likelihood of stumbling, falling on their faces. . . And fails.
8- The Miraculous Molecule: DNA
Now it has been revealed that the theory
diverse molecules is unable to provide a
netics (genetics) approaches and nuclear
DNA and RNA for the theory of evolution

foundation of a cell to become several

reasonable explanation. Furthermore, ge
acids (Nucleic Acids), the discovery of
has created more new challenges.

In 1953, DNA (DNA) James Watson and Francis Crick's research adds a new chapter
in the field of biology. Many scientists have focused their attention on genetic
s. Today, brsha after years of research, scientists DNA structure mapping have t
o a considerable extent. (For more details on the Global Science, July 2000 issu
e titled "Genome special" please visit.)
Here, the structure of DNA and provide a summary of basic information about the
The DNA molecule is called the hulking great and almost every cell in the human
body's trillions of cells nucleus (Nucleus) is in. The structure of the human bo
dy, ranging from large and small detailed information about features are hidden.
The secret to preserve the special "secret system" (Encoding System) is used. A
ll the genetic information in DNA, there are four special molecules in the form
of setting. These molecules precisely G, T, A and C, from the English alphabet i
s displayed, which are the initial letters of their names. Different features or
other characteristics in humans around the same "genetic roots" (Genetic Bases)
in order that the result of minor reshuffle. If the genetic bases of human lang
uage is written in the book if the book less than three billion (3,250,000,000)
shall alphabet.
A particular organ or protein to form a special part of the genetic information
in DNA is a "gene" (Gene) is called. For example, information about the composit
ion of the eye, contains several genes are present in one respect, the structure
and function of the heart, etc., for all the details and sequence of genes is s
pecified. Cell, these genes for protein production uses the information received
. The genetic basis of three amino acids together to form an "order" form. (For
details: "This is the book of life." July 2000 issue (genome Special), p. 38 and
The need to pay special attention to certain details. Of the genetic bases of ge
ne (which is also called New klyutayyd alternative name) only one mistake in the
gene may impair or disabled. If we assume that about two hundred genes in the h
uman body if it becomes clear that millions more of nyuklyutayydz "accidentally"
together, get connected with the right sequence, how to make useful genes throu
gh gene It is impossible. Evolutionary biology scientists, Frank Salisbury, comm
ents on this point, saying:

"A medium protein can be about 300 amino acids. It has about 1000 nyuklyutayyd c
ontrol DNA (genetic basis) will be present. Because the DNA chain are four such
nyuklyutayydz, so that 1000 units The chain can be found in the 41000 possible c
onfigurations. A little calculation tells us that
10600 = 41000
Ie 10 multiplied by itself 600 times to multiply what we will get, what will amo
unt to 600, after which 1 will be zero ".
Now Ponder know if it will be 1 after 11 zeros us "a trillion", and 1 after 13 z
ero down "a trillion" as the numbers are derived, where counting scale answer is
. After that the 1 600 who consider it a zero in front of the Eden of our own st
rength we feel so inadequate? In this case, evolutionist, Professor Ali dymr unt
il they were forced to sleep:
"A protein and nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) of the chance to create a truly incompr
ehensible possibilities are reduced. Then, if a particular protein chain emergin
g prospects are less than that".
In addition to all these impossibilities, the chain-like DNA structure due to it
s dual cycle biological interactions can not take a direct part in. Therefore it
is impossible to understand the evolution of life.
It is also not without interest that the DNA, certain enzymes (Enzymes) and the
other to be able to develop their own copies of these orders, while the enzymes
themselves are the result of the "genetic code" (Genetic Codes) of in the form o
f DNA, are stored inside. This means that DNA and enzymes, both are dependent on
each other. Now, either or both of these came into existence with one of them b
efore the "creation" was made. Microbiology (Microbiology) Jacobson, the US expe
rt, commented on this situation are:
"Seed viability, and the available energy from the environment (required) compon
ents acquisition, breeding ranges, and pervasive change in orders larger whole a
nd complete instructions for the system at this time (when life began) to be pre
sent together should. These events occurred simultaneously be so impossible that
is beyond our understanding, and often dependent on divine intervention can be
considered ".
The above text, the structure of DNA was discovered only two years after it was
written. Later in science despite the enormous growth nodes still remains unsolv
ed for evolutionists. In short, the seed viability (control) to the DNA, certain
proteins in the process (enzymes) mandatory presence of, and in accordance with
the instructions contained in DNA is used as the needs of these proteins, evolu
tionary theories Hawaii are enough to destroy the castle.
Juncker (Junker) and Scherrer (Scherer) Two German scientists on the evolution o
f the chemical composition of molecules needed to process all the various and di
verse needs while describing the conditions that it is the very different circum
stances of these substances may exist, come together in a useful manner "zero" h
as a possibility:
"?? ?? ???? ???? ????? ????? ???? ?? ????? ?? ?? ????? ?? ??????? ?????? ?? ???
????? ???? ????? ?????? ???? ?? ????. ????? ?? ????? ?? ?? ????? ??????? ??????
??????? ????? ????? ?? ??? ????? ?????? ?? ????? ????? ??? ??? ????? ??? ???? ??
??? The hydrolysis (hydrolysis) and Zia hydrolysis (Photolysis) to avoid etc., w
ill be collected on a place for interaction ". The theory of evolution is unable
to explain the evolutionary stages that allegedly occur at the molecular level.

Whatever we have said until now, the conclusion that amino acids and their gains
(Products) ranging from living cells to make proteins, even the so-called "init
ial conditions" in no way (at a) could not. In addition, other factors such as t
he complex structure of proteins, their right or left hand, the structure, the o
dds of being close peptide, etc. All this is a result of the different component
s that determine the earth's early atmosphere The "agreement" was possible to be
, nor any experience acquired in the future will be done.
It can also be assumed that the protein somehow accidentally became even create
them will have no meaning. Growth in proteins (Reproduction) absolutely no abili
ty. If proteins such as DNA and RNA molecules are formed in accordance with the
hidden information. The growth of proteins, DNA and RNA is impossible without. D
NA codes that determine the amino acid sequence of each protein chain will be. B
ut all those who are still studying these molecules, he made it clear that the m
ass of DNA and RNA have the chance to become quite impossible.
9. Human Genome Pro jacket
On completion of the human gene map has been proven that there is no relation be
tween man and ape. As always believed in the theory of evolution (evolution) to
develop its own scientific purpose are trying to use.
As we all know, the recent Human Genome Project completed the mapping of human g
enes in human history is a very important scientific discovery. However Furtherm
ore (Evolutionists) in some texts the results of this project are being distorte
d. It is being claimed that the chimpanzee and a human gene is found in 98 per c
ent of the similarity and the similarity between human and chimpanzee evolution
theory is confirmed as being present. Indeed, this is an unfounded argument and
common development on the subject of the list due to lack of information are ben
Ninety-eight per cent similarity is a false propaganda
First, 98 per cent of similarity theory should be clear that the human and chimp
anzee DNA is Furthermore firm. This should be between a man and chimpanzee genet
ic make no claim of 98% similarity to the human genome is like the chimpanzee ge
nome and the mapping of the genome is compared rphr. The results of this compari
son are studied. Aysakuyy the study is not available, because the only human gen
e map has been. No such completed research for the chimpanzee has not.
The fact that the genes of man and ape similarities between the 98 per cent whic
h has become a key issue, which is a false propaganda was developed years ago. T
he human and chimpanzee proteins are found in the core of thirty to forty amino
acid sequences (Sequences), based on the similarity between the propaganda desig
ned and with exceptional exaggerate similarities noted. The analysis of "DNA hay
brydayzysn" (DNA hybridization) is a way. Although this method of protein analys
is is included, but it is limited in scale compared to proteins. However there a
re a million genes, these genes in humans are a million proteins. One hundred an
d forty of the proteins are similar in that, there is no scientific basis for th
e claim that humans and apes are 98 percent identical genes.
The proteins of the forty "comparing DNA" (DNA comparison) is also controversial
. In 1987, two biologists compare it sbly (Sibley) and alkyst (Ahlquist) was pre
pared and the "Molecular Evolution" (Molecular Evolution) was published in the j
ournal. Moreover (Sarich) named above, scientists and information scientists tes
ted and they both said that the method is controversial and the quality of the r
esults has been exaggerated. (Sarich et al, 1989, Cladisticts, 5: 3-32). Dr. Don
Batten, another biologist, also analyzed the issue in 1996 and 98 per cent do n
ot match the original, dated 2 is 96 per cent.

The human DNA bugs, mosquitoes and poultry is also matched

The above mentioned basic proteins are also present in various other living bein
gs. A protein found in humans not only in chimpanzees, are also found in many di
fferent genres. For example, the weekly "New Scientist" published a genetic anal
ysis that revealed nymatudy insects (Nematode Worms) and a 75% similarity betwee
n the DNA is found. (New Scientist, 15 May 1999, page 27), it certainly does not
mean that men and only 25 per cent of their difference is found in insects. Fur
thermore, the "genealogy" (Family Tree), the core data fayylm (Chordata Phylum23
6 in which the person is included) and Nima beam fayylm group living 530 million
years ago to today were different from one another.
Meanwhile, according to a scientific study, fruit flies (fruit fly-236, which is
regarded as living creatures drusufyla category) and 60 per cent of human genes
are similar.
Profiling the proteins were different from the ones that, despite their apparent
ly different from human proteins are very similar to human proteins. Cambridge U
niversity researchers who are on the ground compared to animal protein. Surprisi
ngly, all of these samples were found near poultry and ransan patterns. The next
closest "crocodile" was. (New Scientist, 16 / August 1984, page 19)
To prove the similarities between man and ape evolution, chimpanzees and gorilla
s and 48 chromosomes in the presence of human chromosome 46. Evolutionists almos
t the same number of chromosomes between the two sexes evolutionary relationship
s between them are described as the symbol. Furthermore, if this logic were true
, then human relative than the chimpanzee "tomato" should be, because the number
of chromosomes in a potato is exactly equal to the number of chromosomes in the
The idea of ??genetic similarity or uniformity, does not constitute evidence of
evolution. The reason is that the genetic similarities, and evolutionary procedu
re (Evolution Scheme) is not related to (as is being displayed) are exposed to i
nconsistent results.
Genetic similarities "evolutionary you" prove wrong when the total is considered
that the "bio-chemical similarities" in the subject of the evidence for evoluti
on is not a theory but a slip declaring this topic Is. Dr. Christian Schwabe (So
uth Carolina biochemistry researcher from the Medical Faculty of the University)
is an evolution in the molecular evolutionist scientist who has spent years try
ing to find evidence for that. The particular type of insulin and proteins rylyk
sn (Relaxin-type Proteins) have researched and tried to establish evolutionary r
elationships between living beings have. However, he had to confess that several
times during my research I could not find any evidence for evolution. Journal "
Science" magazine published an article said:
"Molecular evolution is about to be accepted as a method superior to palaeontolo
gy for the discovery of evolutionary relationships. As a molecular evolutionist
I should be elated. Instead it seems disconcerting that many exceptions exist to
the orderly progression of species as determined by molecular homologies; so ma
ny in fact that I think the exception, the quirks, may carry the more important
message "(Christian Schwabe 'On the Validity of Molecular Evolution', Trends in
Biochemical Sciences. V.11, July 1986)
Based on new discoveries in molecular biology, the renowned biochemist Prof. Mic
hael Denton is convinced that in this regard:
"Each class at molecular level is unique, isolated and unlinked by intermediates
. Thus, molecules like fossils, have failed to provide the elusive intermediates
so long sought by evolutionary biology ... At a molecular level, no organism is

' ancestral 'or' primitive 'or' advanced 'compared with its relatives ... There
is little doubt that if this molecular evidence had been available a century avo
... the idea of ??organic evolution might never been accepted. " (Michael Dento
n, Evolution; A Theory in Crisis, London; Burnett Books 1985 pp.290-291)
No matches evolution, are evidence of creation
The human body to bear some molecular similarities to other living beings is qui
te natural, since all these molecules are formed, using the same water and atmos
phere, and consume foods consisting of the same molecules. So these systems tran
sformation (metabolism) and genetic resemble each other. However, this does not
prove that all these species (humans and animals) had a common ancestor. This "c
ommon material" is not the result of evolution but of "common design" is, upon t
he same plan has been created.
It is possible to explain with an
ar materials (brick, stone, iron,
n that all buildings evolved from
stances have been developed. That

example: all buildings in the world with simil

cement, etc.) are built, but this does not mea
each other are. They separate, but similar sub
living beings (humans and animals) is valid fo

It is an unconscious life, not the result of non-coincidences, the evolutionist

claim. But the result of the creation of God, the Almighty who is the owner of i
nfinite knowledge and wisdom.
Genetic variation is always destructive 10According to evolutionists, evolution changes occurred through changes in the ge
netic characteristics. This claim is truly amounts to a distortion of reality. (
The fact that), but never constructive variation (always) is destructive. Miller
, who discovered variations (Muller) experiments have proved that the developmen
t of genetic variation (in fact) do not exist, the genetic variation is always d
estructive. In experiments conducted in the same way that it was clear that (gen
etic) characteristics do not change that but destroyed. The result showed that i
n the case of cancer or death. Or worsening features contribute to the creation
of the weak intermediate organisms (such as Miller's green-eyed flies) today des
pite the myriad experiences any intermediate organisms in a (positive) changes n
ot get the new organism did. On the other hand a parent cells in the bone marrow
each second, millions of new cells are produced different. If the variation (fi
ction) is any truth in so far as it has been proved that absolute marvel.
DARWINISTS jalsazyan of 11- (through photographs deceive):
The source of test the accuracy of the theory of evolution, the fossil record. W
hen the analysis is conservative and non-discriminatory to support the evolution
of this record is that it refuses to accept. Nevertheless, evolutionists, the f
ossils give a misleading tujyhat, and specifications desired by the overwhelming
majority of the people suffering from the misconception that this record suppor
ts evolution.
On the basis of a suspicious fossils are only invented a tujyhat Evolutionists b
e the solution. Most of the fossils discovered are not recognizable as appropria
te. This is usually in the form of pieces of bones are scattered and incomplete.
That distortion of the information available to them and is very easy to custom
ize the mold. It is not surprising that these evolutionists based on incomplete
fossil remains, photographs and models in the form of "restructuring" "(Reconstr
uctions) the name of that offer, he confirmed the evolution is just an imaginati
on . Now they are affected by visual information, these models were based on the
imagination, they are easily able to convince the strange creatures that evolut
ionists tell, were really in the past.

Evolutionary researchers have so far only one tooth, jaw or arm bone to see the
whole picture of the animal, such as a color cast. And then, this thrilling scen
e is presented to the public as they have links to prove human evolution. These
images in the minds of many people "(ape) old man" is a reflection of what is im
portant to establish.
The remaining bones were based on studies of a related organism can tell us abou
t the general characteristics only. But the most important information and detai
ls soft tissue (ie fat and meat, etc.) are in very quickly in the soil are disso
lved. Mock-defined soft tissue with "restructuring" the Darwinists who makes eve
rything possible is entered into his imagination. Ernest A. hutn Harvard Univers
ity writes about a similar situation:
"Attempt to restore the soft parts is much more dangerous. Lips, eyes, ears and
tip of the nose section of the bone under your do not leave any trace. So nyndrt
hl Peninsula (Neanderthaloid) with equal facility on the animal's skull The outl
ines of chimpanzee or a philosopher can create carvings. ancient types of man th
e alleged restructuring is a scientific value, they are very minor and possibly
only to mislead the public is... I do not rely on restructuring ".
To make false fossils were "studies"
In fact the fossil evidence of evolution after the lag, some evolutionists his "
personal fossils" also take steps to make. It also seeks the Encyclopedia "evolu
tion jalsazyun" are defined under the title, clearly testifies to the fact that
the theory of evolution is an ideological structure and philosophy of the defens
e, evolutionists want in every situation. Two such important and notorious jalsa
zyan are described below:
Awards Best Man (Piltdown Man)
In 1912, a well-known doctor and amateur anthropologist Dan vanishing (Amateur P
aleoanthropologist) Charles Dawson claimed that he return it free, from the UK s
ection of the jawbone and skull are met. Although the skull was human-shaped jaw
had significantly as monkeys. These samples "back free man" (Piltdown Man) was
called and it was said that the fossils are five years old. In addition, it was
also claimed that the fossils of human evolution are not the final proof. For fo
rty years the "return free man" written numerous articles, several pictures were
made, and the descriptions were decisive fossils as evidence for human evolutio
n has recognized.
But in 1949 when scientists once again analyze it and they came to the conclusio
n that the "fossil" a deliberate forgery, and a human skull ape type (Orangutan)
of the jawbone found was developed. Fluorine historical facts (Fluorine Dating)
by way of introduction, researchers discovered that the skull was only a few th
ousand years old. Ngutan jaw bone and teeth were artificially phnsayy. In additi
on, these fossils found with "primitive" tools also were fake was formed through
metal devices. Oakley, winery and Clark experts called the study was completed
in 1953 and the same year was presented to the public.
Only 500 years ago, according to the final results of the skull and lower jaw bo
ne was a man, hunted and was taken to ngutan! The "studies": Meanwhile the shape
of the teeth and jaw line was installed and the joints have been made into fine
manner that they appear similar to a human being. In the end all the pieces "ol
d" to show the dye Justification and potassium were tainted. (These stains disap
peared when dipped in acid.), A member of the research team, Le Gros Clark could
not hide his surprise. So were his words:
"Artificial cuts immediately before evidence emerges. In effect it was so clear
that it could be asked: how is it possible that someone may not feel them so lon

Nebraska man (Nebraska Man)
In 1922, the American Museum of Natural History's director, Henry Fair Field Osb
orne announced that the Western Nebraska Snack Brook near molar (molar tooth) of
the fossil discovered that plyusyny ASR (Pliocene Period) belongs. This tooth a
llegedly simultaneously human and ape seemed common features. It was about the e
xchange of scientific evidence. In some circles, said the tooth "pthy the thrups
erectus" "(Pithecanthropus Erectus) belongs, while the second group would say t
hat teeth, is much closer to the modern human race. In short, the basis of a fos
sil teeth The great debate on the "Nebraska Man" concept also gained popularity.
The Eden immediately a "scientific name" was also "How Harold hyspyrupthy cooki
e!" Osborne supported by several experts s. Only one tooth support "Nebraska Man
" was made head and body. Even the Nebraska man was painting the house.
In 1927, other parts of it were discovered. According to the nine dryafth parts
of the tooth, and neither man nor any of the guerillas. It was revealed that thi
s tooth belonged to an extinct race of wild pigs, which had been in the United S
tates, and the name "prusthy nups" (Prosthennops) said.
12 Appendix certainly not necessary
Darwinists have gone so far that the human gut in the appendix (Appendix) of the
remnants of evolution is purposeless. The appendix of the body is one of the mo
st active parts of the body to the lower luztyn (Tonsils) works. They leave sali
va and intestinal intestinal bacteria types and number of regular forms. But spa
m is not an organ of the human body and many organs simultaneously performs many
functions are diverse types.
13 species diversity
And the same kind of amoeba worm, the same type of fish, the same kinds of moths
and birds out of the same type or more types of each one would be few. (Yet) th
at only 3 million more types of insects. It is the evolution of what kind?
Furthermore, all species of animals are found in every type imaginable types. Al
most all possibilities in geometry and biology, there are a variety of creatures
. More than 10,000 samples of colors in the wings of butterflies are found. Each
species has its smallest and painted. As:
Lizards and crocodiles,
tiger cat and
the rat and swine
If evolution existed, each species developed in the same direction, Allah Almigh
ty (his) as the infinitely numerous kinds of organisms is a grand exhibition.
Non-acceptance of 14 scientific studies
The process of evolution from different points of view of scientific studies in
recent years (as) is impossibility.
There is no evolution in physics can be. Peaceful evolution was not as heavy ele
ments than hydrogen. If you have 2 or 4 of the hydrogen atoms combining helium (
Helium) as a result of this you will want to "bond" (Thermonuclear Bomb) will be
achieved (causing) the environment "mushroom" (Mushroom ) and will form clouds
of smoke.

In terms of mathematical evolution is impossible. The evolution from amoeba to b
ecome worm 39x1020 Jenny code changes are required, the rate of change per secon
d, 100 billion a year as 500 times longer than the current age of the universe m
ay be full. ??? ????? (Ape) ?? ?????? ???? ?? ???????? ??? ?? ??? 3x10520 ??????
?? ?? ????? ??? ?? ???????? ????? ???? ????? ?? ????? ??? ?? ??? ?? ??? ?????? ?
? ??? ??????? ??????? ?? ???? ?? ???? ???????? ????? ?? ??? ???? ???? ??? ???? ?
??? ?? . For further comparison, it is enough to know that the universe 10124 gn
asy diameter greater than the diameter of an electron is not. All of them (the f
acts), it appears that evolution (the idea) is a mathematical impossibility.
As well as any possible biological evolution. In today's advanced scientific mea
ns to assist any person that is not a "sstrn" (Cistron). . . Which codes for a s
pecific protein) DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) is length. . . I could change. Unpr
ecedented in any successful mutation. The reason for this is that the genes (Gen
es). . . Are built with organic formula. . . Safety is a very special system. If
it were not so bizarre creatures of the night are filled. As well as the biolog
ical process of evolution became impossible. "As nlsn hyrybrt" (Nilson Heribert)
said that some species are such that they can change automatically and can not
be changed.
"Professor Max Weston hufr" (Prof. Max Westenhofer) study the (light) I have pro
ven that fish, birds, reptiles and mammals, all animals are always present toget
her. He also says that "Professor uyzmyn" (Prof. Weismann) with "Java Man" (Java
Man) is tantamount to ridiculing science. Similarly, "Professor Gush" (Prof. Gi
sh) the scientific community aware of the fact that the oldest human skeleton ca
lled "Nebraska Man" (Nebraska Man) says, completely artificial thing, and the wh
ole structure Based on a tooth.
Those who question this theory has shaken the skeleton. In the past half century
, the idea of ??stability is shaken to its roots. Now this theory take a few Wes
tern thinkers sayings viewing.
Comments on the evolution of Western thinkers
Evolution in every field after the defeat krdhyatyat (Micro Biology) credible ex
perts today "creation" (Creation) are recognized as a reality. (A few people) de
fended this approach started the greatest creator of all things, the "creation"
and that each item on its creation is part of God, the greater . The fact that m
any people already acknowledge. Open-minded scientists who analyzed its research
efforts to this point "intelligent design" (Intelligent Design) is the name.
An Italian scientist says Rosa experiences of the last sixty years have invalida
ted the theory of Darwin. (Islam and the theory of evolution)
D calories (De Viries) evolution is void he died instead Genre (Mutation) is con
vinced that today the evolution fujai (Emergence Evelution) is known and the the
ory of cause and effect links from extensions Is. (Ibid, p. 59)
Vilas (Wallace) is so convincing that the evolution of man is exempt. (Ibid, p.
Frhu says is a difference between humans and apes, and it is absurd to say that
man is the offspring of apes. ) Ibid, p. (61)
Myfrt Darwin says that religion is an impossible and it does not detract from th
e words of feedback. (Ibid, p. 61)
Agha says that Darwin's religion PCs scientifically absolutely wrong and is actu
ally nothing to do with the science of such things might be. (Ibid, p. 62)
Huxley (Huxley) says that given the evidence for evolution is not proven to them
that it intended any species of flora or fauna are the natural choice was made.

(Ibid, p. 63)
Darwinian theory is quite an endearing tindal say that this theory is based on t
he cases that are not acceptable. (Ibid, p. 63)
A modern scientist smoke Gush (Duane Gish) According to evolution (progressive t
ype of animal to human) is a philosophical notion, which has no scientific basis
. (Creation of the universe and science Dr. Qadri)
Jeremy Rifkin (Jeremy Rifkin) his papers revealed the fact that many of Biology
and Zoology recognized researchers uadngtn the CH (CH Waddington), Pier Paul Gra
ce (Pierre-Paul Grasse) and Stephen Jay Gould (Stephen Jay Gold) pro evolution l
ie semi-literate scientists have uncovered. (Creation of the universe and scienc
e Dr. Qadri)
Professor Goldsmith (Prof. Goldschmidt) and Professor mykbth (Prof. Macbeth) is
the categorically made it clear that there is no scientific proof of evolution.
In the background of this theory is the fact that the driven semi Scientists hav
e adopted the so-called science. Been published in the evolution of the pictures
are fake and fabricated. (Creation of the universe and science Dr. Qadri)
Reasons for the popularity of the theory of evolution
Now the question is if this evolution is equally non sayyntyfk how popular it ha
s become. If the answer is that those who promote it in the materialist, like at
heism and communism are all included pro. Atheism, materialism, La adryt separat
e religion and communism itself. Darwin was actually alanuaa godly before writin
g. After writing this book was to bring adryt location. He also wrote two books
became firm in his theory of the universe, God and the church became kamnkr here
sy verdict imposed on him.
India's imports and reject the theory of evolution
Islamic thinkers influenced by Western thought we took it immediately. Sir Syed
Ahmed Khan, who spent time in Europe and a contemporary of Darwin and were sever
ely affected by Swami Dayanand. According to this theory, found Chron accepted n
ature and the institutional role of AMU in Islam is active in propagating this i
dea. I think that the idea which many Western thinkers, material and scientific
terms have also been rejected by our Holy Prophet zny thinkers reject this knowl
edge (knowledge) had to be embracing. So it is that the scientific theories and
their experimental research after undergoing scientific law (Law) become, when t
he last fact can not be described. Subsequent thinkers such laws are rejected.
????? ???? ?? ?? ????? ?????? ?? ?? ????? ?? ???? ?????? ?? ??? ?? ?? ???? ?????
? ???? ??? ????? ??? ??? ??? ???? ?? ???? ???? ?? ??? ??? ???? ?? ????? ??? ?? ?
?? ?? ??? ??? ????? ?? ?? ????? ?? ??? ? ???? ?????? ?? but rather it is the res
ult of God Emphysema Emphysema soul and God as fujai evolution occurred. He is t
he inventor of the theory of evolution fujai Lloyd Morgan, who has proven that i
t is effective fujai evolution possible.
Now the question is that if the spirit of God as the creator of life and nfh fuj
ai evolution factor is to recognize the special creation of Adam, then why not j
ust accepted to be born on the theory addressed several objections be. ????? ??
?? ?? ??? ?????? ???? ?? ??? ? ??? ??? ?? ??? ??? ??? ?? ??? ?? ???? ????? ??? ?
?? ??? ?? ??? ??? ???? ??????? ??? ??? ??? ???? ??? ??? ??? ?? ?? ??? ??? ??? ??
????? ?? ??? ??? ??? ??? These are questions that have no answers to these gent
Quranic arguments in favor of the theory of evolution
We will now review the evidence Quranic These gentlemen do underscore his theory
of evolution.
The first argument is that the first verse of Surah Nisa

Ayha people descend atqua rbkm klqkm the self uahd? uklq mnha wife ubs mnhma Rij
al multi unsa? uatqua tsa?lun descend from the ear of his post rqyba( ualarham
O mankind! Fear your Lord who created you own religion. Then her spouse, then th
e two large men and women spread on land. (1: 4)
Its meaning is clear in the verse that refers to religion soul spouse refers to
Adam and Eve, his wife is. That is evident from the book and signs, but our frie
nd is the only person to take the first germ of life of the germ theory is that
they are cut into two pieces. Then cut each piece into two pieces were added. I
would like to expand it eventually to inanimate objects flora, fauna, flora and
fauna, the man has reached.
?? ???? ?? ???? ?? ??? ?? ?? ?? ??? ?????? ?? ?????? ??? ??? ???? ?? ???? ??? ??
???? ?? ?? ?? ???? ???? ??? ???? ?? ??? ??? ?????? ?? ?? ?? ??? ?? ?????? ??? ??
??? ???? ????? ??????? ??????? ???? ??? ????? ???? ???? Adam refers to the relig
ion of self, spouse refers to his wife and their children born through utnasl me
n and women on earth spread.
Moreover, the first two verses of Surah Alaq.
Basim Rabbika created illadhi cronyism. The creation philanthropic Alaq
O Mohammad peace be upon (the name of your Lord who read (the universe) and manforming played an Alaq (frozen blood) generated from (1,2: 96)
Alaq after matching the literal meaning male and female sperm have to take the f
orm of a blood clot. Alqt says alansy baluld got pregnant female) Munajjid (and
it takes the form oblong frozen blood like leeches Leech also Alaq say so. Our m
ercy dusramany it mean the leech and womb declared a state of evolution, but rat
her a journey of life and they mean when the leech creature came into existence
and that man has evolved from these creatures.
Whether it is the story of the mother's womb or the evolution of life is a story
of every believer to this chapter of the Quran verse is away.
Then klqna alntf? alq? fklqna alalq? mzg? fklqna almzg? azma fksuna Ahsan al-Azm
lhma then ansanh klqa ftbrk end alklqyn
We made the sperm Alaq sphr Alaq then the lump lump bones, then flesh on the bon
es, the man-made creature. Blessed is Allah, the Best Creator God (14:23)
?? ???? ?? ?? ?? ??? ??? ?? ???? ??? ???? ?? ??? ???? ???? ?? ??? ???? ?? ?? ???
? ?? ??? ?? ????? ???? ??? ??? ??? ?? ?? ??? ?????? ??? ?? ?? ???? ?? ??????? ??
? ?? ??? ?? ??? ???? ?? ?????? ???? ?? ??? The sperm is made and the first addre
ssed the question whether the Prophet's companions were Alaq they can understand
what these gentlemen who want to keep in mind today?
The third argument of these gentlemen Surah Nuh
Uqd conduct klqkm
I like the way you have created (14:71)
All the commentators are to conduct refers to the creative steps that occur in t
he womb, while the former stages of life's evolution from this verse mean. It al
so raises the question, who have been described in the second argument.
The fourth argument is this verse of Surah Nuh.
Allah, the earth plays anbtkm
This translates that his former boss
We have grown from the earth, a way to grow

And that would mean that the flora and fauna of the way came into being.
The man created from the dust of the earth, to have anything in opposition. The
meaning of aksrmfsryn anbt to the written word, then the meaning of this well is
to nurture. As Allah says.
Ftqblha rbha bqbul Hassan plays hsna uanbtha
He accepted Mary said she likes to be well nourished. (37: 3)
So this verse on the basis of bi-meaning argument for the theory of evolution ca
n not.
Pakistan's fifth argument is the following verse of Surah Heights.
Ulqd klqnkm then surnkm then qlna llmlyk? Asjad ladm
Ie, We created you, then made you form ordered the angels prostrate to Adam. (11
: 7)
?? ?? ?? ?? ???? ???? ????? ??? ?? ??? ?????? ??? ??? ?? ???? ?? ??? ?? ???? ??
?? ??? ???? ?????? ?? ???? ??? ?????? ????? ??? ?????? ?????? ?? ???? ?? ??? ???
??? ??? ??.
The answer is that since the beginning of chapter Heights traditions that have b
een addressed to all the people
Atbaua ayyohal alykm the rbkm
Revelation sent down by your Lord, obey (3: 7)
Then later, Adam, if your wife mentioned the story of the devil, and the use of
forms is sufficient opportunity. These verses speak of Adam, not Adam and his so
ns and their fathers and brothers, I think that the former lived in the Garden o
f Allah the Almighty said:
Anta uzujk women uqlna yadm skin.
Be thou and thy wife in Paradise (35: 2)
The fall of Adam and Adam ancestors already lived in Paradise Adam and his wife
just to stay in paradise is absolutely meaningless.
Quranic evidence to contradict the theory of evolution
Now we will present the evidence for such a theory to be declared invalid.
The first argument. Steps to create human
God did not create man Turab the dry soil. (67:40)
Planet earth or the dust generated. (17:71)
Tyn it created the clay or mud. (2: 6)
The gelatinous and cpkdar tyn it lazb created from clay. (11:37)
Hama Sunnah strive fetid mud and rotten it generated sludge. (26:15)
Slsal it from the heat produced from baked clay. (26:15)
Slsal it kalfkar the potter created ringing tones. (14:55)
It landed on the dirt stages of the conduct or the conduct of the Qur'an mention
ed that Adam was thin dress. And in the seven stages are just inanimate objects.
There were a mixture of water in the soil but later they were completely dry. T
he source of these stages the plants and animals mentioned that the man came int
o existence?
The second argument
The second argument is the following verse.
Hill's philanthropic Hein institutional envy the Prophet pbuh listed aldhr

Indeed, since the man has also come a time when he was a remarkable thing (1:76)
The source refers to the time which put the earth was born. And refers to the ti
me period from the beginning of the creation of Adam. Because human actions and
deeds he has presented as evidence at the time, not to pay. Of course, that time
has come in this house, a man she was not a thing worth mentioning. If the plan
ts, animals or the offspring of apes and all these things that are remarkable an
d even billions of years in these steps only if his name was in the wrong? I thi
nk this verse completely rejected Darwin's theory of evolution is enough to decl
The third argument
The third argument is the following verse.
Mnak yablys Ma said, his creation Bedi astkbrt um Knut Lima tsjd the alaalyn
Allah said:
The devil! Which I made with my own hands, it is forbidden to worship thee (75:
Mtazlyn and Pakistan does not consider these sufficient to recognize examples of
why they might or might not update or hands are not. Now the question is that t
he word is used here Bedi.
The fourth argument
The fourth argument to contradict the theory of evolution is the following verse
Like Jesus, they said, for that then Leh kmsl Adam Kun-Fayakoon klqh the Turab
The example of Jesus with Allah is as the likeness of Adam. He created him from
dust, then said to the man, he became a man (59: 3)
9 AH Prophet peace be upon the Christians of Najran came to Medina and Jesus Chr
ist the Son of God on the subject of the Prophet peace be decided by the debates
. Jesus Christians believe Jesus was born of a father and Muslims. ???????? ?? ?
??? ?? ??? ?? ?? ?? ?????? ?? ????? ???? ?? ?? ???? ? ???? ?????? ?? ??? ?? ???
??? ?? ??? ????? ???? ?? ?? ?? ????? ?? ???? ???? ??? ?? ???? ??? ?? ???? ?? ???
? ?? ??? ?? ?? ?? ??? ??? ??? ? Meanwhile, it was revealed. But if Adam does not
say Jesus Christ and how God can be God.
??? ?? ?? ???????? ??? ??? ???? ???? ?? ?? ??? ???? ?????? ?? ?? ??? ?????? ?? ?
???? ???? ?? ?? ?? ?? ???? ???? ???? ??? ????? ???? ? ???? ?????? ?? ?? ??? ????
?? ?? ????? ???? ???? ??? ????? ?????? ???? ???? ?? ?? ???? ? the parents are co
nvinced of the birth of Jesus and the birth of Prophet Adam's father. That is th
e response of the two communities, such as the birth of Jesus, the Son of God wa
s born, and it was like mslyt cases it may be possible.
Both are clay. It is wrong to explain that it was dust all humans Adam and Jesus
in a feature.
Both birth parents have been through. It is wrong to explain this to the person'
s birth is common practice. Adam and Jesus and also a feature.
It still remains the case that the father should not be recognized and that the
two sides could lead to the creation of the mslyt not include the other person.
Thus, this verse is the optical evolution completely rejected.
In the end,
Many people today believe they understand the blasucy, a bundle of lies, the tru
th in the name of science, they are accepted. That "God created you from nothing
" are unfamiliar with, so scientific that billions of years ago, "the broth" (Pr
imordial Soup) fell on the power of the first creatures came into being coerced
to accept the assumption of take.

The power balance in the system is so fragile and so that a "chance" to be open
to the will of rationality. God of earth, sky, and