Chapter 2 I ran towards cattle of sheep and I wanted to get 2 of them before the others see I am out of the

house. I was close and then with a strong force I didn`t see coming someone pushed me to the ground. ³Aargh... What do you think your-´ I looked up to see a face that was so gorgeous... Before my eyes a boy with big brown eyes and a muscular and tanned body stood there. I stood up a bit too fast and he flinched and moved back a step. ³Hallo... What are you doing here?´ I looked at him and used a bit compulsion to try to get him to trust me. He looked away and started saying something. ³Can you not use compulsion on me...? I am Mason... You?´ I snapped out of the compulsion I was using and walked towards and tree, I sprang and sat on the branch. ³I am Rosalie... Why do you know I used compulsion?´ ³I can feel it and you are on our land... You should know not to hunt here.´ ³Are you a vampire?´ ³No... Never! I am a werewolf, and I will never be like you leeches!´ ³Hey! I am not a leech!... You stink!´ ³Not as bad as you do!´ I felt my stomach turn and new that Dimitri was looking for me. ³I need to go... Bye Maze!´ I ran and I could hear him scream... ³Bye my Elli!´ I got 1 buck and a male sheep. I ran back home and bumped into Dimitri. ³Hey... I...I am sorry for how I acted... I hope you will forgive me?´ Dimitri had his scent overpower him and I was falling in love with him again. ³Roza...´ He embraced me with a hug. I felt my heart beat again... I turned my self human. ³Dimitri what did I do?!´ ³Relax Roza; you turned me too...hmm...´ ³What?´ ³I wonder how long it will last.´ He let go of me and I felt my skull being ripped open. I let a scream out and Dimitri quickly asked me what wrong was. ³Roza what¶s wrong... My love...´ I fell unconscious after that. I woke up... I didn`t sleep in months so it felt weird to wake up for once after all that I went through.

I was vampire again and I saw Dimitri at the side of the bed... Vampire too. ³Morning Rose.´ He didn`t say Roza so I knew something was wrong. ³What`s wrong... And don`t say nothing?´ ³The family wants you to go to school... I think it¶s too dangerous.´ ³Dimitri I will be fine... Will I be last year of school like you?´ ³No... Second last year... But nothing if I can help it!´ I pulled Dimitri towards me and kissed him. He pulled away after 2 minutes. ³If you don`t let me go to school you won`t get that ever again!´ I was going to school and he was not going to stop me. ³Ok... You can go...´ He leaned in and we kissed for the second time. I could not believe my eyes I was actually kissing Dimitri. Our lips moved passionately and in sync.

My first day at school. I went with Dimitri and Christelle towards the office. ³Christelle do you have any classes with me?´ she was looking at my timetable. ³Yes« sport!´ She gave me a sarcastic giggle. Suddenly her mind went blank and me and Mason was standing where we met the first time but, we were kissing. ³Keep your thoughts to your self!´ Dimitri grabbed my hand and took me to my first class. The school had 4 big buildings all of them out of bricks and stones. Now that I know I live in Proteahill America, I want to explore the town. I see that it always rains here and it is also clouded a lot. Well, the family said direct sunlight can take away a vampires powers and if lucky just twinkle like stars all over vampires silk skin. I snapped out of my day dreaming once again and saw we made a stop. Dimitri gave me a quick kiss and said farewell. I was scared I would loose control and kill everyone in the room. I also knew that if everything goes to plan I will have a social life. I took a big breath and stepped in the classroom. At first I could smell all the blood streaming down all the humans necks and pulses, then« A really bad smell overwhelmed me, it was wet dog. I looked at the far right corner and there is where Mason sat. We made eye contact and I could read that he was happy to see me. I looked away and walked to my music teacher« Mr. Groan. He directed to a seat in front of Mason and next to a girl in all black. ³Hallo I am Rosalie´ I looked at the girl.

I tried to read her mind but I found Darkness and Emptiness. I thought about what to ask her and went with the common. ³So« Are you Goth or Emo?´ She stared at me and started to laugh« I joined in and I could see Mr. Groan was getting irritated. I stopped laughing and looked at Mason that was confused. ³Neither« I just like black and I am a non- friend person. Oh and I`m Fiona.´ The girl looked at me and then at my black jeans. ³I was trying to make small talk sorry for asking.´ ³That`s ok« You date Dimitri Culwick right?´ ³Yes« why?´ She looked away and saw how the teacher was looking at us. That was the end of our conversation. I thought about why she would ask about Dimitri. I heard my name and looked around but everyone was quiet. I listened to the voice and heard Mason. When I looked at him he didn`t speak he told me something in his head like he knew I could read minds. µElli! She is Edwards¶s girl« You should know that!¶ I thought about it« How could Mason an enemy to vampires know that and I didn`t even meet her before. She was human« how Edward could« I smelled her and realized she was a werewolf. She had the same smell as Mason. I was relieved that the bell rang« I needed to talk to Dimitri. I left the room without anyone noticing and tried to find Dimitri by looking for his open train of thought. I saw him standing in the bathroom« I tried to quickly get out of his mind but« I saw red blood dripping from his eyes. He was crying« I heard vampires can cry but it is an agonizing pain and is embarrassing. I ran to the bathroom he was in and when I got to him I just hugged him. He stumbled but regained his position. ³Roza what« You shouldn`t mess with my head« I-³He looked at me and he saw the blood roll down my cheeks« µVampire tears¶ ³What`s wrong? Are you ok? Roza?´ I looked at him and he wiped the blood away. ³Dimitri when I saw you« I just hurt so much« I don`t like seeing you like that!´ I grabbed his neck and kissed him. He kissed back and like always pulled away. ³I think we should get out of the men¶s restrooms!´ I looked at the door and realized a 14 year old boy stood there; shocked and amazed. Dimitri took my hand and smiled at the boy when we walked out. I giggled when we were far away from the boy. Dimitri looked at me and gave me his serious expression.

I didn`t ask him why he cried but I remembered what I wanted to ask him. ³Edward has a Werewolf girlfriend.´ He looked at me and then I saw that he didn`t know. ³Where did you hear that!´ he stopped and stared at me but I let him see what happened in class. He ran his vampire run to Edward and I tried to follow. Before he could reach Edward I stopped in front of him. ³Dimitri relax« You are going to do something you will regret!´ he looked at me and I sent him some calm waves. ³Ok« but he can break our alliance if he bites this girl!´ ³Love« I want you to understand that this girl is a bit different and well« I made friends with her!´ ³Roza« Remember when I gave you those blocks that said µD+R=LOVE?´ I nodded and remembered I never found out what it was for. ³You and I have to build our relationship and that¶s what the blocks are for!´ I understood« It was like kindergarten« Our beginning of the relationship. ³You have to let me talk to Edward its part of you trusting me that I won`t hurt him«´ I saw the hurt in his face« He knew I chose him but he also knew one part of me was with Edward. I stepped out of his way and one blood tear came running down my face. I wiped it away before he could see it. He gave my head a kiss and walked away. The day of school was over I hid the whole day. Trying not to think about Dimitri, Edward or Mason. I found a spot where no one would even think of looking: The girl bathrooms. I had classes and I went but, when it was lunch or 5 minute break I would just sit and use my fire and ice against one another. I had water first and then had snow. I had to get back to reality though and I knew everyone was worried about me. I walked extra slower and I saw Dimitri coming full speed my way. I didn`t know what I would say. I saw him in person and he looked worried and stressed out. I was in class but I ignored everyone so he saw something bothering me. I was just leaving them to sort out the whole Edward and Fiona thing. Comment will be awesome or if you have any ideas I can use« I will post the next chapter soon« This story is a bit different then twilight but it has vampires that act like twilight characters.

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