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Aynsley Lister

Aynsley Lister (born 14 November 1976 in Leicester) is (Manic Street Preachers, Catatonia). Everything I Need
a British blues-rock guitarist/singer and songwriter.
was his debut US release in 2006, in preparation for a US
tour, and received critical acclaim. Listers fourth studio
album, and his rst to only contain original material, was
2007s Upside Down which Lister produced himself.


In June 2008 Lister changed to ARM Management and

signed to Manhaton Records in August 2008, releasing
Equilibrium in March 2009. Equilibrium was produced by
Steve Darrel Smith and features Robbie McIntosh, Paul
Beavis and Simon Johnson.[2] Following Equilibrium,
he and his band relocated to the Tower Arts Centre and
with the tape rolling, nailed a cracking rendition of their
high-octane live set to produce the storming 'Tower Sessions record, which was released on Manhaton Records
in 2010 and consequently voted 'Best Live Album' in the
2011 Blues Matters Writers Poll.[3]

Lister started playing guitar at 8 and played his rst concert in a bar band at the age of 13. He had learned guitar
by playing along to his fathers old 45s of Freddie King,
John Mayall and Eric Clapton. By the time he was 18,
having already been in several bands, he formed his own,
which recorded two albums Messin' With The Kid (1996)
and Pay Attention! (1997). Three numbers written by
Lister, on the second album, attracted the attention of
Ruf Records' owner Thomas Ruf. In 1998 they signed
a record deal and Lister recorded his rst major album,
Aynsley Lister, produced by Jim Gaines. The tracks were
primarily Lister compositions, and the album featured a
guest appearance by Walter Trout. The album led to him
touring Europe and working with some of the top current
blues players.

In August 2014, Lister won two awards for Best Songwriter and Best Song (for Home)" in the British Blues
Awards and came runner up for three more; Best
Guitarist, Best Male Vocalist and Best Album (for
For the tenth album of his career to date, Home (2013),
Aynsley has own the nest of being under contract with
anyone but himself. Home is the debut release for his
own label Straight Talkin' Records, set up in partnership
with his wife and manager, Stephanie Lister in the same

While Listers music is blues based, his own material incorporates contemporary inuences with harder rhythms
and guitar work, reminiscent of early Eric Clapton. Lister
was the only British artist to be featured in Classic Rock's
2007 Top 10 Contemporary Blues Artists"; alongside
The White Stripes, The Black Keys, John Mayer, Jon
Spencer, Jonny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Joe Bonamassa, Derek Trucks and the North Mississippi Allstars.
After his rst album Lister began opening for artists such
as Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, John Mayall and contemporaries such as Bryan Adams and Fun Lovin Criminals.
Having become better known, he now headlines major
festivals in Europe. He has twice played the Heitere
Open Air in Switzerland to 12,000 people and in 2006
he played the main stage at The Bayfront Blues Festival,
MN. Later that year he was invited to sit in with Delbert
McClinton at The Pinedale Blues Festival in Wyoming,
where Delbert kept Lister on stage for the whole second
half of his show. In May 2009, Lister played to over
16,000 people whilst opening for the legendary Lynyrd
Skynyrd on the UK dates of their God and Guns tour,
performed a headline slot at Glastonbury in 2010 and during the same year, shared the stage with ZZ Top at the
Sknevik Bluesfestival in Norway.[1]

2 Collaborative projects

The Blues Caravan is an annual Ruf Records project

which brings together three of the labels artists. In 2006
the artists were Lister, Ian Parker and Erja Lyytinen from
Finland who created the album Pilgrimage. The concept
was for each artist to write a group of songs which they
would complete and record in New Orleans, Clarksdale
and Memphis, so that their songwriting would reect and
be shaped by the blues heritage of those musical towns.
Unfortunately Hurricane Katrina prevented them visiting
New Orleans and the album was created at Delta Recording Studios, Clarksdale and Ardent Studios in Memphis,
where Jim Gaines was the producer. The trio spent much
Lister has also recorded with Jesse Davey from the En- of 2006 touring Europe and America, including the Gladglish blues band The Hoax on Everything I Need (2000) stone Summertime Bluesfest, where they played a two
and All Or Nothing (2002) both produced by Greg Haver and a half-hour show.


Lister has released two DVDs. To complement the

Live! album the show recorded by WDR Television for
Rockpalast at the Crossroads Festival held in the Harmonie, Bonn on 23 March 2005 was released and contains three acoustics songs and a full band set.
Along with the Blues Caravan Pilgrimage album there is a
DVD of the performance at the Underground in Cologne,
Germany again recorded by WDR Television for Rockpalast on 7 December 2005, and released as Blues Caravan The Next Generation .[6] This DVD features performances from each section of the show; each of the three
members of the Blues Caravan individually and also their
joint acoustic and electric sets of songs written for the Pilgrimage album. The DVD also features backstage footage
and interviews.

Other media

Lister has written a series of instructional articles for

Guitarist magazine, and been invited by both Guitarist
and Guitar Techniques magazines to present a series of
instructional DVDs. He also regularly contributes to
the specialist demonstration backing tracks on Bluesjamtracks, some of which can be seen on YouTube. In January 2013, Lister began his own Guitar Weekends in
London. The rst event sold out in less than a day and
are now held annually, attracting guitarists from across
Line up:
Aynsley Lister (Guitar & vocals)
Boneto Dryden (Drums)
Steve Amadeo (Bass)
Andr Bassing (Keyboards)
Previous line ups:
Wayne Proctor (Drums)
Dan Healey (Keyboards)
Midus Guerreiro (Bass & vocals)
Simon Small (Drums)
Rich Spooner (Drums)
Jo Nichols (Bass)
Alex Thomas (Drums)
Sarah Jones (Drums)
James Townend (Bass)


Paul Winterhart (Drums)

Colin Peters (Bass)

5 Discography
6 References
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Classic Rock Top 10 Contemporary Artists

Blues Jam Tracks

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