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Graduate Directory
User Guide

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Graduate Directory User Guide

1. Personal Information
Before moving on to your 'Graduate Directory' tab, make sure to check your Personal Information such as
your Name, Address, Phone #s, Email as they are important details and will be printed on your profile for
further contacting by Companies.
Navigation for updating your Personal Information is Menu > Self Service > Campus Personal Information
> Personal Data Summary. Refer to the below infographic:

Self Service

Campus Personal Information

Personal Information Summary

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On your Home Page, 'Graduate Directory' tab/option is available for updating your graduate directory
status and content.
Following sub-tabs/options are present under it to complete the process:

Extracurricular Activities
Honors and Awards
Work Experience
Personal Statement (to be filled by MBA students only)
Majors / Electives
Majors Work & Skills

Step by step guide to the process flow is as follows:

2.1 Click "Home" to come to the home page and click on "Photo" tab in the Graduate Directory:

2.2 Follow the steps as shown in image for picture uploading:

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the resolution of your picture/photo should be 450x600 pixels or more to
have the best result in the printed version of your profile.

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3.1 Click on "Extracurricular Activities" tab:

3.2 Select activity type :


Foreign: For any international exposure/performace/participation

Local: For any national or within country exposure/performace/participation
Internal: For any IBA related exposure/performace/participation

3.3 Enter Short Description;

3.4 Enter Activity Date;
3.5 Describe Activity in Comments;
3.6 Click Save;
3.7 Click (+) sign to add more extracurricular activities.

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4.1 Click on "Honors & Awards" tab:

4.2 Define Internal/External:


Foreign: For any international honors and awards

Local: For any national or within country honors and awards
Internal: For any IBA related honors and awards

4.3 Enter Date of Receiving an honor/award;

4.4 Select Institution (Default: IBA Karachi);
4.5 Enter Formal Description (Write a brief note about the honor/award);
4.6 Comment (Write a detail note about the honor/award);
4.7 Click (+) sign to add more Honor(s) and Award(s).

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5.1 Click on "Work Experience" tab:

5.2 Enter Employer Name by clicking on the magnifying glass:

5.2.1 Type your company name in text box right beside the magnifying glass if your
company name does not exist in the list

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5.3 Enter City, Province and other required data (optional);

5.4 Enter Start Date, End Date, Job Title, Job Description and Job Responsibilities in 'Comments' section
5.5 Click Save;
5.6 Click (+) sign to add more work experience(s).

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6. Personal Statement (For MBA students only)

6.1 Click 'Personal Statement' tab:

6.2 Write your PERSONAL STATEMENT, mentioning the following:

- Why have you chosen IBA?
- How MBA program helps you in your professional grooming?
- Share you professional achievements/honors/experience;
- State your Professional Objectives and Career Ambitions/Goals.
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7. Majors / Electives (for all)

7.1 In "Personal Statement" tab refer to 'Majors Work' Section
7.2 Select 'Type' from the drop box menu and select type as 'Elective Courses'
7.3 Write your 'Major(s)' first followed by your elective courses in relate to that/those major(s)

Select 'Elective Courses' in Type

Write your major(s) and elective

courses in the description part

8. Majors Work & Skills (for all)

8.1 In "Personal Statement" tab refer to 'Majors Work' Section
8.2 Select 'Type' from the drop box menu and select type as 'Term Papers, Term Projects and/or Term
8.3 Add 'Description' of your Term Papers, Term Projects and/or Term Reports

8.4 Select 'Skills' from the drop down menu

8.5 Add all the technical and personal skills you possess by inserting a comma (,) in between i.e.
Presentation, MS Office, Communication, Public Speaking etc.

Select 'Skills' in Type

Add all the technical and personal

skills in the description

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9. Reports
To view the printatble format of your profile, you need to:
9.1 Click the 'Reports' section;
9.2 In Query Report Viewer section, search report name with "STD_GD_RPT" and search;
9.3 Search result will show you your desired report. Click on 'View Report' and proceed;
9.4 Type:
9.4.1 'UGRD' if you are from BBA/BS programs OR;
9.4.2 'GRAD' if you are from MBA program and'
Click 'OK' to view your profile.

Click "Reports'

and search

Type 'UGRD' or
'GRAD' and click OK


Program Office: For any query/discrepancy pertaining to school or college grades/details.
Examination Department: For any query/discrepency with regard to GPA/CGPA.
CMS Solution: For technical issue/glitches, please contact CMS Solution team at OR at support extensions: 1135 / 1143 / 2106.
IBA Career Development Centre: For any other related query regarding Graduate Directory, contact
CDC at OR at extension: 1176 and 1179.
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