Missional Pastor

Description of Volunteer Position April 7, 2010 Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Purpose: Foster disciple making, provide leadership for local church programs, oversee business activities, and provide pastoral care to members (in church assigned to Missional Pastor). Responsible to: Georgia-Cumberland Conference Missional Pastor (MP) Supervisor, MP Director, Vice-President for Pastoral Ministries & Discipleship, and the Conference Executive Committee. Term of Appointment: A Missional Pastor is appointed for one year. Annual recertification will be contingent upon attending Missional Pastor training twice each year, annual review outlined in the Missional Pastor Guide, and the input of the assigned church. Authority: To provide or arrange for the full pastoral care of the assigned congregation as indicated in the responsibilities below. (Once assigned, MP is placed as an ordained elder in the church they serve and will be approved to perform Baptisms with permission from supervisor as well as officiating at communion services. However, things such as ordaining local leaders, and performing marriage ceremonies are not approved). Responsibilities: (Note: these responsibilities may be tailored to the individual Missional Pastor and church needs, by agreement of the Missional Pastor, the assigned church, and the Missional Pastor Director.) 1. Follow a regular personal Bible reading and study program to foster personal spiritual growth and effective sermon preparation. 2. Develop of servant leadership style that builds confidence and cooperation from local leaders and members. (NOTE: You can be appointed to a leadership position and still not be a leader people will follow. It is important that you earn the right to lead.) 3. Develop a plan that facilitates discipleship so that together with other leaders/members you conduct regular parishioner home and hospital visitation. 4. Facilitate “Making Disciples Through Shared Leadership” (GCC evangelism paradigm) so as a church you are carrying out a process of evangelism that includes: a. As a church work to connect with people in your geographic area that do not know God. Work together to understand their culture and develop connecting links in order to love and serve them. b. When individuals become interested help leaders/members regularly visit and give spiritual guidance to help learn more about the Adventist Message. For those who desire church membership, provide final approval for baptism. c. Foster stewardship and team ministry based on people’s spiritual gifts so each member can live an abundant life and participate in the mission of the church. 1

d. Continue to model, mentor, and coach both leaders and members so they become leaders as disciple making followers of Christ. 5. In cooperation with local leaders oversee all Sabbath services and spiritual convocations. Conducting Sabbath worship services at least twice monthly, including preaching. 6. Oversee/conduct the Church Board and Church Business meetings. 7. Communicate with church about all scheduled Conference programs and activities so that leaders and members can take advantage of conference programs provided. (NOTE: Primary communication from GCC is through e-mail and GCC website, every MP must maintain an active e-mail account and know how to access the internet). 8. Participate in all Missional Pastor activities outlined per the Missional Pastor Guide. Compensation: This is a volunteer ministry position. Missional Pastors serve without compensation and are not employed by the Conference OR the local congregation(s) to which they are assigned. However, Missional Pastors who lead a conference approved group, mission group, company, or church, may report actual travel expenses and actual ministry related expenses for the assigned church to GeorgiaCumberland Conference for reimbursement. There will be a maximum monthly amount established by the conference annually. The Missional Pastor shall receive no stipend, wage, salary, or other gratuity from a local congregation(s) for the ministry performed. This is a volunteer position in which the calling to ministry is without compensation. Time expectation: It is expected that a Missional Pastor will devote a minimum of four to six hours weekly to ministry in addition to time devoted to church meetings. Final Note: It is to be understood that becoming a certified Missional Pastor in GeorgiaCumberland Conference is a purely volunteer, uncompensated position. Those selected are chosen due to a call to ministry. There should be no expectation that accepting such a position will lead to a compensated position or service as a regular employee of the Georgia-Cumberland Conference or any of its member or affiliated institutions.


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