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22nd Jan, 2015

Brianna Roberts
Report, SBS TV,

Dear Ms. Brianna,
I hope you are in best health; I would draw your kind attention on the Article and Story in SBS TV
dated 18 DEC 2015 - 4:24 PM UPDATED 29 DEC 2015 - 11:23 AM the bases of Ms. Rebecca Boggiano false
story ,you made against the International Human Rights Commission and me in “SBS TV.
I demand to provide me time to clear the allegation which you put your article on the false
accusations of Ms. Rebecca Boggiano and others and remarks in response to questions.
These allegations are baseless and in-correct, in first hand; I would like to make it clarify the following
points as under:
1. That, the IHRC is not under the UN nor a part of the United Nations, we never claim anything like
this and we never issue or promise to issue any Diplomatic passport of the United Nations or any state
to any of our esteemed member, official or Goodwill Ambassador.
2. That, We appoint the Goodwill Ambassadors on the bases of their Public Relations into their
countries to enhance the image of the organization as prescribed in our rules.
3. That, the International Human Rights Commission is Intergovernmental Organization and have its
own charter signed by the 3 sovereign states and also many states are under process to signed, Our
Charter support the UN principles but we never claim to be part of the United Nations or it’s any
organ, yes we do work with the UN Agencies as partner case by case in different areas to help and
promote the case of humanity.
4. That, If anybody from our organization poses or claims on behalf of the organization that IHRC is
part of UN or any UN Organ, they have no right to use the name of UN with our organization and in
this regards, we don't own their statement at all, they misleading the people and media about the
status of IHRC.
5. That, We never involve the organization to support crime against any country nor do we support
any criminal activity of any person by any means.

P.O. Box 1997, Islamabad, Pakistan, Tele: 92-51-2110715/6, Email:

6. That, the story you presented defame me and organization image in the eyes people as well as in
other countries. I hope with this message if you have any concerns you will contact us to take our
point of view according to the journalistic ethics.
We appreciate your journalistic efforts that you wanted to unveils the truth but truth must be with
full of evidences not on the fabricated stories as telecasted in the SBS TV.
I hope you will reply and contact me directly on my number to take my view to the public and
apologies on the baseless allegation which you published. In case of failure our lawyer will pursue this
matter into the court of law against you and the management of SBC TV.
I reserve the rights to send legal notice and initiate the law suit against you and the management of
Daily Star Lebanon on the charges of defaming me and the organization, if our point of view is not
going to on air.


Dr. Muhammad Shahid Amin Khan

Copy forwarded for information and necessary action to:
1. Michael Ebeid , Managing Director SBS

P.O. Box 1997, Islamabad, Pakistan, Tele: 92-51-2110715/6, Email: