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In your words...
This community report has been created to enhance communication between Winona Health and the Winona regional community and to thank our many supporters. This report is also available on our website,

Our Vision

To be a recognized leader in the revolutionary transformation of community healthcare.

Our Mission

Devoted to improving the health and well-being of our family, friends and neighbors.

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Our Cornerstones

These cornerstones are the key success factors that support our mission and define our strategic planning initiatives: • Customer Focus: To exceed customer expectations • People: An environment where people can realize their full potential • Care and Service: Excellence and leadership in clinical care and service • Stewardship of Resources: To balance mission and healthcare costs

Our Values

• Integrity: We do no harm. • Service: We serve with compassion, dignity and respect. • Loyalty: We build relationships that exceed expectations. • Excellence: We improve performance through learning and innovation.

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The best and worst of times
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” goes the infamous quote by Charles Dickens in A Tale of Two Cities. I find that this timeless quote captures our current circumstances aptly. This past year has certainly been one of excitement, intrigue, anxiety and unease as we experienced the economic freefall and its impact on our community and individuals. Add to that the topic of healthcare reform and its many perspectives as seen through the eyes and actions of patients, employers, insurance companies, providers, caregivers and more. There is no question a huge disruption is underway and we are all in its path. In all cases how we act and respond to these times is the test of our character and sense of community. The worst of times scenario might create a situation of blame, hurt, fear and protectionism, while the best of times scenario might encourage collaboration, elimination of barriers, and open, honest communication and understanding, and ultimately, positive actions toward change and transformation. We recognize that an individual’s personal health and well-being is one of their most valued assets. It takes care, attention, support and occasionally an intervention to diagnose, treat, heal, or cure to regain one’s healthy status. We all have experiences personally and with family members, friends and colleagues that demonstrate the power of health and well-being. This common thread is shared throughout this Community Report In Your Words and, we hope, illustrates how important you are to us. We evaluate and learn from the past but we can only move forward. And that is what we at Winona Health have been doing. We remain grounded by our mission which is focused on our community. Over time, we have consistently been working and transforming our organization to be prepared for whatever comes our way through our lean efforts, provider recruitment success, and integration of Winona healthcare providers into one organization. Our integrated community health system has positioned us very well for the healthcare rollercoaster ride we are on. I remain positive and optimistic about our future and the possibilities open to us to continue to deliver healthcare services to our patients, residents and community. On behalf of the physicians, staff, volunteers and board of Winona Health, I extend our sincere appreciation for your patronage and support. Warm Regards,

Rachelle Schultz

Senior Leadership Tea m
Mike Allen
Chief Financial Officer

E. Allen Beguin, MD

Senior Leader Primary Care Services

Matthew Broghammer, DO Nancy Brown

Senior Leader Surgical and Specialty Services

Executive Director of Development

Sara Gabrick, RN, MSN William Gould

Senior Leader Surgical and Specialty Services

Chief People Resources Officer

Robin Hoeg, RN

Senior Leader Inpatient Services

Rebecca Lamberty, RN

Senior Leader Emergency Dept/Urgent Care

Kathleen Lanik, RHIT, CPHQ
Chief Quality & Safety Officer

Brad Lenertz

Senior Leader Primary Care Services

Mary Miller-Hyland, RN Bryan Reed, DO

Senior Leader Senior Services

Senior Leader Senior Services

Charles Shepard, MD President/CEO Brett Whyte, MD

Senior Leader Inpatient Services

Senior Leader Emergency Dept/Urgent Care

Winona Health 2009 Community Report |



Meeting the Challenges
It’s been a challenging year for many Winona-area individuals and families, a challenging year, too, for organizations and businesses – and a challenging year for health care systems, including Winona Health. The economic downturn, coupled with the uncertainty of healthcare’s future on both the state and national levels, have made for a very difficult year. While we could lament the situation, I am very proud of everyone associated with Winona Health for the proactive posture our system has adopted. Not content to just sit back and let whatever comes along occur, we have been actively working on those things we can control to carve out a brighter future. The merger of Family Medicine of Winona with Winona Health on October 1 continues a strategy our administration authored and the Board of Trustees embraced. Believing that we will be stronger if we are united, the Family Medicine merger is another key step in a continuing process. And, like many families and other organizations, Winona Health family members continue to work hard to find ways to stretch resources and increase efficiencies. The focus has been on streamlining processes while continuing to provide the best in patient and resident care. Many improvements have been made, and staff members continue to challenge themselves over what needs to be done and how best to accomplish it. But while “what” and “how” are continually examined, the “why” is never in question. Winona Health’s mission is clear. Our larger and unified organization is here to improve the health and well-being of our community members, one person and one family at a time. A testament to our reason for being is shared In Your Words throughout this community report. So, although it’s been a challenging year, and we know with certainty that there are additional and complex challenges ahead, we approach an uncertain future with a clear understanding of why we are here: we are here for you. As I examine our organization and its efforts to cope with challenging financial times, I am buoyed by the fact that Winona Health is made up of individuals whose collective commitment to our greater community, both professionally and personally, is stronger than ever. That is a message I never tire of sharing.

Gary Evans
Board Chair

Winona Health

Board of Directors

Winona Health’s Board of Directors has primary responsibility for developing and following the organization’s mission and vision. Their dedicated, compassionate leadership defines and supports Winona Health’s role in providing outstanding healthcare services to our community.


Gary W. Evans
Board Chair

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Board of Directors

Paul Ballweg Director

Scott Biesanz Director

Steve Blue Director

Scott Birdsall, MD Director

Matthew Broghammer, DO Director

Vicki Decker Director

Gary Evans Chairman of the Board

Richard C. Ferris, MD Director

Herb Highum Director

Mark Jacobs Director

Hugh Miller Director

Ken Mogren Director

Daniel Parker, MD Director

Rachelle Schultz President/CEO, Director

Kim Schwab Director

Mark Wagner Director

Winona Health 2009 Community Report |



Joe Greshik
With the passing of Joe Greshik in November, Winona Health lost a valued and long-standing member of its board and a treasured friend. Joe served on the Winona Health board for nearly 12 years. His involvement at Winona Health, as well as many other community organizations in Cochrane-Fountain City, has touched the lives of many and made a positive difference. Joe will be remembered for his insight, guidance, kindness and unwavering commitment to doing what is best for our community. He will be deeply missed by his friends and colleagues at Winona Health.

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Highlights | 2009

Winona Health 2009 Community Report |


A unified system—

Family Medicine of Winona joined Winona Health.

Rushford Clinic Open House—
House, dedication and ribbon cutting.

Staff, community members, family and friends celebrated Rushford Clinic’s move to Jessie Street in downtown Rushford with an Open

Our 2009 Highlights

“…to improve the health and well-being of our fa mily, friends and neighbors.”
2009 was a year of change and challenges for the nation…healthcare…and our community. The new president set out to reform healthcare, in a year when this once-believed recession-proof industry proved otherwise. Healthcare systems throughout America felt the impact of customer insecurity as well as reductions in or loss of health insurance benefits for community members. Locally, we experienced similar impacts across the Winona community. However, Winona Health’s mission remains steadfast: to improve the health and well-being of its family, friends and neighbors. We share below some of our top 2009 highlights organized around our four cornerstones:

Customer Focus

Winona Health staff strives to find new ways to improve the health and well-being of our community. Our goal is to anticipate and exceed patient and resident needs and expectations. • Winona Health launched an improved organization-wide patient/resident satisfaction survey process. Staff systematically review patient feedback and develop action plans to address concerns shared by patients and residents. Implementing these action plans has resulted in improvements to patient/resident satisfaction scores across Winona Health’s continuum of services by 15%, and our commitment to further improving customer satisfaction remains a top priority. • Winona Health reorganized its healthcare services into five Service Lines that align with how patients and residents need and use healthcare services at Winona Health: Emergency/Urgent Care Services; Primary Care Clinic Services; Surgery/Specialty Care Services; Inpatient Services; and Senior Services.

Committed to our patients—
Tanya Wicka, RT, R, conducts a CT scans provide images of specific areas one layer at a time so radiologists can create threedimensional pictures of areas being examined. Computerized Tomography Scan.

• While volumes were down in some areas, Winona Health’s hospital market share continued to grow in 2009. The greatest growth occurred in hospital primary acuity cases, with initial 2009 data showing a 3% market share increase in these cases. • Winona Health and Family Medicine of Winona merged, further integrating and strengthening our local healthcare system and our ability to address the community’s healthcare needs from birth through end-of-life. In addition, it has proactively positioned Winona Health for expected future health reform impacts. • The new Rushford Clinic opened its doors, two years after the flood destroyed its former location. The reception/waiting area was dedicated to long-time Rushford physician John Peterson, MD, now retired.

8 | Winona Health 2009 Community Report


The people who make up Winona Health carry out our organization’s mission to improve the health and well-being of our family, friends and neighbors. To attract this talented and compassionate staff, Winona Health is committed to being the employer of choice for top regional talent. • Twelve healthcare providers were recruited and/or began caring for the community in 2009: • Abdul Adjei, MD, Hospitalist • Matthew Hayes, MD, Radiology • Jonathan Knight, DO, Family Practice • Mary Kramer, NP, Family Practice • Lynette Lamp, MD, Family Practice • Marla McConkey, PA-C, Urgent Care • Nicholas Modjeski, MD, Family Practice • Danielle Rollmann, PA-C, Urgent Care • Ali Shehata, DO, Emergency Medicine • Leroy Trombetta, MD, General Surgeon (starting full time summer 2010) • Amarjit Virdi, MD, Pain Management • Hans Zinnecker, MD, General Surgeon • To improve employee and customer satisfaction, and as part of its Lean improvement initiative, Winona Health implemented a program to engage each staff member in continuous system improvement, enhancing each individual’s ability to have an impact on work processes and results. Since April 2009, 238 staff members, approximately 20% of the staff, have been directly involved in lean projects. • Continued improvements were made to Winona Health’s health benefit plan and focused on improving staff health and well-being. Sixty-five percent of staff participated in the personal health assessment, which saved them $225,000 in premiums. • Winona Health staff continued to earn additional educational degrees and certifications, including the following staff: • Marybeth Polus, RN, and Nikki Kimmerle, RN, were re-certified in Hospice and Palliative Care. • Nancy Dornfeld, RN, received her End-of-Life Certified Nursing certificate. • Melissa Gerry and Kathy Accola received their Professional of Human Resources (PHR) certification. • Lynn Sprain, MS, RECP, received her Respiratory Care Practitioner (RCP) license. • Alicia Lalim, RECP, received Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification. • Autumn Herber, CAVS, Volunteer Services manager, received her Certified Administrator of Volunteer Services (CAVS) accreditation. • Holly Fratzke, CNP, was certified to perform colposcopies. • Cathy Johnson, RN, BSN, COHN-R, received certification as an Occupational Health Conservationist (COHC). • Intensive Care Unit nurses Mary Volkert, RN; Laura Cummings, RN; Michelle Olson, RN; and Lisa Burkhalter, RN, received their Critical Care Certification (CCRN). • Seven staff members were recognized by their colleagues for Living Service Excellence. The 2009 LSE Award recipients are pictured below.

F inding solutions—
in the Winona Health Pain

Amarjit Virdi, MD, left, treated Larry Bartleson of Rushford Management Center. Dr. Virdi joined Winona Health in 2009.

A godsend—
General surgeon Hans Zinnecker, MD, joined the Winona Health surgery staff in January. “Dr. Zinnecker is a godsend,” said Karen G. of Winona, pictured with Dr. Zinnecker.

Living Service Excellence—

Employees selected by their colleagues for outstanding service: (pictured left) back row, L-R: Steve Seltz, Rehab Services; Ruth Carroll, Inpatient Pharmacy; Michal Roskos, Health Infomation Management; Andy Rumpca, Building and Grounds. Front Row, L-R: Amy Tiedemann, Inpatient Pharmacy; Tim Merrell, Building and Grounds; Gina McRae, Memory Care.
Winona Health 2009 Community Report |


Care & Service Through system integration and incorporating lean principles and technology, Winona Health’s goal is to achieve optimum clinical outcomes and operational efficiencies. • Winona Health’s continuous system improvement process, using Lean principles and techniques, was launched with a focus on eliminating waste while maximizing value to our customers. Our initial focus included the Emergency Department, Urgent Care and Inpatient Services. More than 20 key improvement events have been completed and have reduced waste and expense, as well as improved patient flow through the care system.

One stop and on your wayDawn Selleck, RN, takes a blood sample from Bob Gronewold, who says the Anti-Coagulation Clinic’s new point-of-care service has made his appointments faster and easier.

• Winona Health was named a top performer in caring for hospital patients with heart failure and pneumonia by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Several Winona Health service areas met Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota’s Recognizing Excellence targets, resulting in an award payment to the organization of $59,400. These areas include Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Women’s Health. • Winona Health participated in the Minnesota Hospital Association’s Safe Account program, complying with 100% of the Safe Site Surgery best practices. • Surgical/Specialty Services opened a Pain Management Center staffed by Amarjit Virdi, MD and Ruth Moes, MD to meet the community’s need for pain management services. • Emergency Department (ED) and hospital staff reduced the time and steps for an ED-tohospital admission, trimming the process by 35%. Urgent Care developed three protocols for the most frequently seen illnesses, reducing visit times by 30% for these patients. • Primary Care Clinics implemented a diabetic pre-visit process to allow lab and other needed tests to be ordered by protocol before the patient meets with the provider. The provider and patient are then able to review these findings together during the patient’s visit. This process reduced wait times and increased patient time with the provider. • Winona Health’s Anticoagulation Clinic was relocated to Winona Clinic’s second floor and implemented “point-of-care” testing for patients. This change reduced wait times for test results and eliminated the need for post-visit medication phone calls.

Scrubs Ca mp 2009Winona Health Surgery Department staff shares information with students about healthcare careers.

Stewardship -

To continue meeting the needs of our community, our goal is to remain an independent, locally controlled, community healthcare system. • In the face of volume and revenue challenges, Winona Health staff identified costreduction actions that resulted in savings of $600,000. Overall cost-saving reductions resulted in a year-over-year decrease of $3,200,000 in expenses. Specific measures were taken to improve cash flow including a reduction of days in accounts receivable from 57 to 49 days. The reduction in accounts receivable and other measures resulted in positive operating cash flow of $2.1 million. Winona Senior Services improved its operating margin by 3.2 percent. • More than 14,000 individuals were served by Winona Health’s community benefit activities in 2009, including 1,000 student interns from area universities and technical colleges and more than 9,000 individuals served through community health improvement services such as Community Health Talks, support groups, classes, website resources and free community health screenings. Winona Health also expanded its Healthy Kids Club, adding a summer day camp that served 25 low-income children teaching them about healthy lifestyle choices.

Ca mp Healthy Kids ClubWinona Health staff and camp counselors help campers with a fishprinting activity overseen by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

• Contributions to the Winona Health Foundation’s Ben & Adith Miller Patient Care Fund exceeded $633,000 in 2009, including the $175,000 raised in the Golf Classic. The fund helped 262 families pay more than $667,000 in medical bills this past year. • Individuals, families and businesses contributed more than $1,023,654 to the Winona Health Foundation in 2009, with 100% of the Board of Directors and the Senior Leadership Team donating to the Foundation. • The Winona Health Foundation awarded 107 Guardian Angel pins to staff who were recognized for exceptional service by patients, residents or their family members who made a gift to the Foundation in their honor.

10 | Winona Health 2009 Community Report

In Your Words...

Winona Health 2009 Community Report |


Enjoying life-

Keith Krousey meets another goal on his path to recovery after a stroke: fishing with his friends.

“As nice as it is to hear words of encouragement, the
caring touch of a hand was much more comforting to the body and soul.”
- Keith Krousey

12 | Winona Health 2009 Community Report

A difficult, but rewarding journey
As shared by Keith Krousey
On May 18, 2008, I awoke at 6:30 a.m., went for a three-mile walk, played 18 holes of golf then, later, started taking my deck apart for repairs. I quit working at 7:30 p.m., had supper, watched TV and went to bed fatigued. The next morning, I awoke to my alarm clock at 6:30 and attempted to shut it off with my left hand. It would not respond. I shut it off with my right hand and tried to get up, but it felt like my left leg also was asleep. I rolled onto my back and tried to sit up. I slid off the bed to the floor, rolled to my stomach and tried to push myself up. Realizing that I may have suffered a stroke, I asked my wife to help me up. She called 911, and I was taken to Winona Health’s Emergency Department and then admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. My first concern was how this would affect my family. I was very anxious and frightened until the nurses and doctors spoke to me about strokes and convinced me that there was a possibility I could recover some of my strength and motor skills with therapy and hard work. I remember how caring everyone was and learning that as nice as it is to hear words of encouragement, the caring touch of a hand was much more comforting to the body and soul. Those caring for me went out of their way to make us feel special, and their good humor and personal compassion was very uplifting. Before going home, I spent about four weeks at Lake Winona Manor learning to regain some measure of mobility. The next phase was two weeks of in-home therapy and setting up what was needed for me to be safe at home. Then it was on to Winona Health’s outpatient Physical and Occupational Therapy. Failure does not deter me; failure just works in my favor as a teaching tool. Nothing that is feasible is impossible if you believe in it and work towards it. I set goals for myself and stick to each one until I have a feeling of accomplishment: a golf outing, our annual guys’ fishing trip, grouse hunting, deer hunting… While I can’t do things the way I used to, my friends have helped me through each milestone. I owe them “big time” and will be forever thankful for having them in my life. I’m grateful to the many visitors and well wishers, including a group of former co-workers, who took the time to stop and see me. Most of all, I’m grateful for all that my wife has done to make life comfortable for me once again. I will be forever thankful to all the people who worked so hard to help get me to this point in my recuperation. It would be very hard to fathom just how I would have been able to manage if not for the work and compassion of the many people at Winona Health—from the Emergency Department and hospital, to Lake Winona Manor and outpatient Rehabilitation Services. The stroke, while very trying, does have a bright side. Look at all the new things I have learned, not to mention the many new friends that would have remained unknown had it not happened.

Winona Health 2009 Community Report |


Norman had a love for travel. He’s pictured here in 2003 during a trip to Norway that he took with his granddaughter.

“...all the staff were so kind, and I had a sense that my loss was their loss, too.”
- Cathy Jo Faruque

14 | Winona Health 2009 Community Report


As shared in a letter by Cathy Jo Faruque

I am still facing a difficult time with the loss of my grandfather. It seems to hit hardest at night time when I am trying to sleep and then that is when memories come flooding back. Isn’t it always the case? I wanted to share with you and with the staff at Lake Winona Manor how impressed I was with your services and loving care that was given to my grandfather and to all the residents. As I spent three nights in the memory care unit - that last weekend of Grandpa Norman’s life — I was able to observe the staff as they cared for the memory unit residents. I found that every single staff member was caring, attentive and patient. These are people who truly love their jobs and love working with the memory unit residents. I heard many comments from staff about little things they had learned about Grandpa Norman and how much they enjoyed him the short time he stayed at Lake Winona Manor. It was truly touching. The day he died, all the staff were so kind, and I had a sense that my loss was their loss, too. I want to thank each and every one of you. I was touched and I am still touched by the great empathy and care that is shown to the residents of Lake Winona Manor. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Winona Health 2009 Community Report |


Her pride and joy -

Gertrude Wardwell was able to return to her family home where she raised her family and loved to garden. She died just shy of her 94th birthday.

“At the end, we all knew mom’s wishes and it was up to us to honor them.”
- Helen Doehling

16 | Winona Health 2009 Community Report

A painful time… filled with blessings
As shared by the family of Gertrude Wardwell
Words cannot express the heartfelt gratitude we all have for the staff on the medical floor! Your care for Mom and all of us was so attentive and thoughtful. It was a painful and stressful time for us, yet filled with so many blessings. The professional care was wonderful, and we especially appreciate those who guided us through hospice and discharge arrangements so we could return mom, and all of us, to our family home. We also acknowledge the little comforts of the nutrition cart and use of the family waiting room. Everyone was always so considerate of us and our needs for the whole week our large family spent with you. I know that mom’s passing also was difficult for Dr. Nolan. He had cared for her for nearly 30 years. At the end, we all knew her wishes, and it was up to all of us to honor them. The Hospice staff also helped us honor her wishes. Their care greatly eased mom’s transition and was extremely helpful and supportive for all us. Mom passed after three days at home— but her final days were peaceful and content with all of us in the home we shared growing up. We wish to express our deep appreciation and sincere thanks for your kind expression of sympathy and care.

The Fa mily of Gertrude Wardwell
Helen & Don Doehling Dave & Bonnie Wardwell MaryAnn & Frankie Abts Richard & Linda Wardwell .

Winona Health 2009 Community Report |


Compassion and respect-

Alvin S. visits with orthopaedic surgeon Tim Gabrielsen, MD, at Winona Health Sports & Orthopaedic Specialists. Alvin said he felt like he had a new lease on life after hip replacement surgery.

“May God Bless you and your tea m and Winona Health.”
- Alvin S.

A new lease on life
As shared by Alvin S.
I recently had a complete hip replacement and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for an operation wonderfully accomplished. The final results were fantastic. For over a year and a half, I had suffered intolerable pains in my legs, and pain medication was virtually ineffective. I could not walk without pain. Every step, every movement was painful 24/7. Life was not worth living because of the constant agony. Even after the operation, I still experienced pain, but you said, “Be patient, be patient…” You were so correct. The pain left! Now life has once more become worthwhile. In effect, you and your team have given me a “new lease on life” for which I will be eternally grateful. Rehabilitation in Lake Winona Manor was very successful, and I thank the staff there for being so nice and most helpful to me. Thanks to Winona Health for having you as a surgeon [Tim Gabrielsen, MD, orthopedic surgeon]. I not only consider you a wonderful surgeon, but also a great friend because you respected my personal preference in the operation, which I appreciate.

18 | Winona Health 2009 Community Report

From the community, For the community-

Winona Health 2009 Community Report |



In my own words...
Winona Health is so special because of what I call the “Marcus Welby M.D.” factor. This was a television series from the ‘70s. Marcus Welby, MD, and his trusted nurse, Consuela, did not treat patients – they treated people with kindness and consideration. The thing I love about Winona Health is we have the Marcus Welby and Consuela factor everywhere you look. My entire family has been touched by the Marcus Welby factor. My mother-in-law doesn’t mind a visit to the Emergency Department if she can see Dr. Brett Whyte. My parents think the world of Dr. Dan Parker and Traci Morken, nurse practitioner. Dr. Carlos Morales once treated my scared little girl not as a patient, but as a scared little girl. Liz McGrory, RN, looked after my mother after surgery like she was her own mom. In every case I was deeply concerned for my loved ones. And when you are deeply concerned for your loved ones, you want everyone to treat them with kindness and consideration. And that is what they received in every care situation at Winona Health. This is very personal for me and it’s why I love Winona Health. But the economic disruption caused by the recession threatens one of the things I value most about our local health system: the Marcus Welby factor. Unemployment hasn’t been this bad since 1982. It has brought more people through our doors who have no job, no healthcare insurance and no way to pay for their medical care. We do not turn anyone away, regardless of their ability to pay. But I always remember that these people aren’t just faceless names. They are our neighbors and our friends. And they need our help. Winona Health can’t afford to treat them without the Ben & Adith Miller Patient Care Fund. But the Fund has been hurt by the recession, too. It can’t keep up with the increased need without your help. Your generosity created the Fund in 1982. And your friends and your neighbors need your generosity now, more than ever. I appeal to you to make a donation to the Ben & Adith Miller Patient Care Fund today. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money; a small amount would be terrific. Please help me keep the Marcus Welby factor alive and well at Winona Health.

Foundation Board Chair

Steve Blue

“ I always remember
that these people aren’t just faceless na mes. They are our neighbors and our friends. And they need our help.”


Steve Blue
Foundation Board Chair

20 | Winona Health 2009 Community Report


Board of Directors

Andy Blomsness Director

Steven Blue Chairman of the Board

Judith Bodway Director

Robert Gilbertson Director

Jerry Kellum Director

Jim Killian Director

Ken Mogren Director

Tedd Morgan Director

John Mulrooney, MD Director

David Rowekamp, MD Director

Rachelle Schultz President/CEO, Director

Ellen Smith Director

Barbara Winbush Director

Mike Allen Treasurer

Nancy Brown Secretary

Winona Health 2009 Community Report |


From the Community, For the Community

Thank you for your contributions
Gratitude comes in many forms. The following list is just one way we can say thank you for the generosity and support given to the Winona Health Foundation. Please note that the names reflect gifts received by the Winona Health Foundation between October 1, 2008 and September 30, 2009. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. We apologize for any omission or error and encourage you to contact Nancy Brown, Executive Director of Development, at 507.457.4342 or, if you note any inaccuracies.

Al Abrams, Jr. Norris & Rhoda Abts Kathy Accola Eloise Adank Katherine A. Adank Richard A. Adank Cheryl Aeling Clare Aeling Dorothy Ahearn Joanne Ahrens Lori R. Ahrens Dennis F. Albrecht Janice Albrecht Marcia M. Albrecht Gaylord Aldinger Jenny Alfaro Chris Allen David Allen Mike & Kim Allen Lynn Allen Alliance Card, INC. Bob & Beth Allred Don & Diane Amann Gloria M. Ames Eileen E. Amundson Irma Amundson Becky Anderson Donna Anderson Doris A. Anderson John E. Anderson Roger & Marie Anderson Bev Andre Jack Andresen Anonymous (5) Maxine & Larry Armitage Ruth R. Arnett David & Muriel Arnold Allan & Jeanine Aspen Linda Atkinson Audrey Aufderhar Susan & Gary Babcock Elizabeth K. Bach Roger Baer Marion Bagniewski Ann E. Baker Paul & Pauline Ballweg Bob Bambenek Mary & Greg Bambenek

Joe Bambenek Phoebe C. Bambenek Stanley Bambenek Ann Banicki William Barber Diane L. Barge Steven Barge Betty Ann Barnewitz Mike, Kathy, Joe & Krista Barnholtz Mickey & Dan Barr Verne & Darlene Bartelson Betty J. Barth Bruce & Sandy Bauer Arline B. Baumann Philip Becher Sally A. Beck Susan M. Becker Bill & Laurie Becker Betsy Beech John Beech Doug Beeman Dick & Sharon Behnke Chris & Rich Beirne Richard H. Belisle Beverly & Charles Bellman George A. Benedict Linda L. Benedict Brad & Kathy Benke Henry Benke Susan K. Benke Gladys F. Bennick Ted & Joni Benson Judy Benson McLean & Rebecca Benson Randy & Kim Benson Mrs. Roger Benson Charles & Barbara Bentley Betty Beranek Marie O. Berg Shelly & David Berhow Leonard L. Bernatz Mike & Denise Bernatz Ellen E. Berry Vic & Bonnie Bertel Janice & Galen Betsinger Ray & June Beyers Mary Jo Beyerstedt

Ted & Patti Biesanz Betty Bilder Betty Biltgen Josephine A. Biltgen Dr. Scott & Deb Birdsall Lowell & Darlene Bjoraker Jacquelyn A. Blahnik Arlene M. Blank Frank & Tessie Blecha Chuck & Karen Bleess Janet & Doug Block Gusta Blom Andy & Jan Blomsness Steve & Ann Blue Carol A. Boden Judy Bodway Les & Vi Boelter Marcia & Arnold Boese Hermina H. Boland Mary A. Boland Rose Boland Ken & Irene Boldt Laurel B. Bollin Barbara A. Bollinger Marti Bollman Lorraine F. Bonine Kathleen L. Boone Heidi Borgwardt Angie Bork Ramona M. Bork Mary & Dave Borkowski Roxanne & Doug Borkowski George Parke & Sabina Bosshard-Parke Kurt R. Bosteter Mary Ann Boyd John & Jody Sue Boyle Avys L. Boynton Sylvia L. Boyum Ted Braatz Carl & Deloris Brackett Debbie Brady Ellen & James Brand Fumi Brand Marlene D. Brand Myrtle H. Brand John & Pat Brandt Paula & Robert Brang

Susan & Richard Brang Tom Brang Glenn & Janice Bratberg Betty Breitenfeldt Estate John & Penny Breitlow Mary & Duane* Brenno Bernice J. Breza Jim & Sonja Breza Vanita V. Breza Rodney J. Brion Drs. Matt & Laurie Broghammer Erik & Jodi Brom Carolee & Roger Bronk Mark & Loretta Bronson Joseph & Julie Brosig Paul & Jan Brosnahan Marilyn A. Brower Bill Brown Danna L. Brown Nancy M. & James R. Brown Jeffrey & Paula Brown Robert Brown Rosetta & Richard Brown Allen Brugger & Lorna Fratzke Doloris B. Brugger Jeri & Troy Brugger & Family Judith A. Brugger Phyllis Brynestad Gerald Bruss Jerry & Carla Bruss Fred & Jean Brust June I. Bublitz Ruth Bublitz Shirley Bublitz Carl Buck Sharon Budnick Clifford E. Buege Evelyn Bunke Dr. Frank & Ruth Bures James E. Burke Richard Burmeister Bruce Burnham Bob Kierlin & Mary Burrichter John & Irma Burros Lee & Margaret Burros Lynda Burt

Gerald A. Butenhoff Carol Byrne Jodie & Louie Byrne Gerry & Peg Cada Vickie & Jon Cada John B. Caldwell Angus & Judy Callender Lynne A. Carlisle La Vonne T. Carroll Cars-N-Credit, Inc. Jon W. Carson Ray & Colleen Cenfield Children’s Miracle Network, Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation Harold & Mable Christensen Jon E. Christensen Dr. David & Kathleen Christenson Debbie Christenson Lavonne J. Christie Dorothy & Bill Chuchna Roger G. Church Ronald L. Cichanowski Kris & Rick Cichon Steve & Carol Cichosz Shirley Cirelli Frank* & Arlene* Cisewski Vincent Cisewski Carla Ciszak Gayla R. Clemons Laurence Clingman Charlie, Laurie, Bryan, Daniel, & Michael Clobes Jill Comara Jeremy Compton Karie Connaughty Sherry Connaughty Sheila L. Conway David Echelard & Suzanne Cooley Marypat Cooper Susan E. Cooper Mike & Connie Corcoran Julie A. Corcoran Daniel & Shirley Cordes Pat & Joan Costello Stephen H. Craney

22 | Winona Health 2009 Community Report

Sandy Creeley Brenda M. Cross Kay & Sean Cumiskey Catharien & Donald Cummings Mary Cummings-Hansen Marion P. Cunningham Mary A. Cutliff David C. Czapiewski Betty J. Czaplewski Lois E. Czaplewski Jake & Pam Dahl Joseph & Shayna Dais Dan & Shelly Daley Family Helen E. Davies Billee J. Davis Donna M. Davis Susan J. Day Helen De Nomie Maryellen E. Dean Max L. DeBolt Trust Vicki & Dennis Decker Julie & Darin Decker Norman & Janette Decker Leone H. Deedrick Velma M. Degallier Emilio & Monica Degrazia Annmarie & Tom DeMarais Carolyn C. deMatta Katie Dempsey Corinne C. Denzer Jacqueline P. Denzer Lester & Joan Denzer Melissa Denzer Dr. Brant & Mrs. Kristi Deppa Bob & Marj Deter Jean Dettman Lawrence & Shirley Dieterman Eleanore M. Dietrich Diane Dingfelder Rita S. Dingfelder Jane Dittrich Irene & Merlin Doblar Ralph & Thora Doblar Scott H. Doblar Diane & Harley Doebbert Lorraine A. Doehling William J. Doerer Margaret Dohn Joy A. Donnelly Rose A. Dorn James & Gloria Dotzler Norma & Paul Double Beverly A. Douglas Clarence & Luella Dow Olga Draskoci-Johnson Helen R. Drazkowski Janice M. Drazkowski Peggy & Ralph Drazkowski Helene B. Dreas Harlan & Kathleen Drube Robert & Paula Drumm

Mary Ann & David Duellman Jerry & Marilyn Duellman Mary Jo Duellman Mike & Jolene Duellman Gregory Duffy Harriette M. Duffy Jim Duffy Maxine E. Duffy Mary K. Dulek Lucy & Michael Dunn Phyllis M. Dunn Rosemary Duran John & Lois Durfey Judith L. Durfey Sharon K. Durham Pat & Sue Durnen

Don & Judy Eger Gary W. Egge John E. Ehlers Joyce O. Ehlers Paule H. Ehmcke June Eichhorst Jean M. Eide Lila & Lawrence Eide Michael & Shirley Eide Ed & Arlis Ellinghuysen Marvin & Gladys Ellinghuysen Skip & Carol Ellings Douglas J. Emanuel Bev Engel Tammi Engen

Gary & Ellen Evans Dorothy Evanson Br. Ed Everett Exchange Club of Winona Scott & Barb Fabian Lyndie L. Fabian Janet & Duane Fakler Cathy & Chris Fangman Marian L. Farner Betty L. Farrand Mary E. Farrell Phil & Barbara Feiten Marguerite Feldmeier Dr. Arnold & Mrs. Alanna Fenske Ralph Fenske

Providing peace of mind to individuals and fa milies
To all Telecare volunteers who made those 9 a.m. phone calls to Mom every day since November— It added such security and brightness to her days and gave her children peace of mind. She so looked forward to each call to get her day started right. Thanks for such a simple act that made our Mom’s last months a joy. Bless you all!

As shared by a thankful family
Telecare is a daily phone call service for people who are disabled, elderly or live alone and would feel reassured by a friendly phone call to check in. A Winona Health Auxiliary volunteer calls the Telecare clients each scheduled day between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. If a client cannot be reached, the volunteer will call their chosen contact person to check on them. Telecare is a free service. For more information or to sign up for the service, please contact the Winona Health Volunteer Services office at 507.474.3328.

Karen L. Dworschack Ralph L. Dybing Kent & Joyce Dzurick Diane M. Ebert Larry & Peggy Ebert Samuel Ebnet Yvonne Echelard Margaret B. Eckblad Bonnie & Henry Eckert Mary & Jim Eddy John & Fran Edstrom Nick & Lori Edstrom Brenda & Mark Edwards Dorothy Edwards

Alvina D. Engler Betty M. Englerth Vicki Englich Brad Turner & Ellyn English Dr. L.J. & Ramona English Lynn & Mark Englund Dale & Lynn Engrav Dennis & Patricia Engrav Brenda & Matt Entz Kent & Dawn Erdmann Rita L. Erdmann Judy Erickson Barbara A. Ernster Jeff & Bev Essig

James & Dona Ferguson Stan & Sue Ferguson Dr. Richard & Heidi Ferris Kerri Ferstl Elaine Fetting Family Nell L. Ficken, Jr. Earl D. Finden Margaret Finkelnburg Boyd Rev. & Mrs. David Fischer Robert L. & Frances D. Fischer Richard A. Fischer Linda & Steven Fix Sharon & Dick Flatten

Marion K. Fliehr Kathy Foley Shea & Sam Shea Lisa Ford Deborah K. Forstrom Dave & Maryann Forsythe Helen P. Fort Janice F. Fort Diane S. Fox Dean & Robyn Fox Gene & Lois Frank Fraternal Order of Eagles Ladies Auxiliary David & Carole Fratzke Bob & Elizabeth Fratzke Lorna & Ernie Fratzke Jan & Don Freeman George & Mary Lu Frey Ronald J. Frick Shirley M. Frickson Christina & Mark Friederichs Dolores S. Fritz Joanne E. Fritz Julie & Kevin Fritz Alethea H. Fugina Terry & Tina Full Michael & Mary Fuller Sara & Mike Gabrick Gertrude Gabrych Cathy & Jeffrey Gahnz Jean M. Galewski Julie & Rick Galewski Dian F. Gappa Julie Gardner Patricia & Richard Garlick Marilyn M. Gates Patricia M. Georgens Charlotte M. Gepner Lois J. Gernes Garry & Judy Gerson Jack & Maureen Gerson Henrietta Gerth* Kathleen M. Gerth Mavis M. Gielow Connie A. Giemza Stanley & Diane Gierhan Ted & Shirley Gierok Walter & Dorothy Gilbertson Bob & Erika Gilbertson Alice M. Gile Susan & Earl Gilman Nancy R. Gingras Fern M. Girtler Dan & Morgan Gish Bob & Joan Gleason Lisa Glenzinski Damian & Becky Glodowski Bill H. Glowczewski Tim & Kathy Glowczewski Theresa Godfrey Maurice D. Godsey Karl & Rachel Goetting Arlene E. Goetz Florence K. Goetzman

Winona Health 2009 Community Report |


A Grateful Patient
As shared in a letter by Tim M.
In my 30s, I decided to quit my job of thirteen years and enroll in school full time to become a nurse. I knew I wanted to help others and make an impact on other people’s lives. In the fall of 2008, I started experiencing severe back pain. I was without health insurance, but I knew I needed help. I went to Winona Health where medical staff discovered through an MRI exam that I had a herniated disk. I was treated by Paul Honer, MRI technologist and Ruth Moes, MD. Both Paul and Dr. Moes were wonderful. Paul was very personable and made me feel comfortable with the MRI process. Dr. Moes was very professional, yet also down to earth, so I felt like I could ask her a lot of questions about my pain and also about my healthcare career. The cortisone injections I received provided relief from my back pain which I was very grateful for. Being a student was my full-time job so I didn’t have health insurance. I knew ahead of time that I wouldn’t be able to afford my medical bills from my herniated disk and, when I shared that information, I was referred to Winona Health’s patient financial services representative Jean Dzwonkowski about my options. She told me about the Ben & Adith Miller Patient Care Fund and gave me the application.

“I hope to one day help others the way Winona Health helped me.”
- Tim M
When I learned that I was qualified and my bill was taken care of through the Ben & Adith Miller Patient Care Fund, I was more than grateful. It was such a relief to know that I could continue to focus on school rather than worry about how I was going to pay for my medical debt. I can’t thank Winona Health and those who give to the Ben & Adith Miller Patient Care Fund enough for the care and assistance they gave me. As I continue down my career path, I hope to one day help others the way Winona Health helped me.

Gayle B. Goetzman Linda & Paul Goodfellow Dennis & Carolyn Goplen Marilyn & Richard Gora Carole A. Gorden Mary Anne & Odean Goss Michael & Joette Gostomski Alyssa Gostomski-Carter William & Heather Gould Madelyn Grabowenski Tom & Peg Graham George & Betty Grangaard Kendra & Nick Granseth Lois A. Grant Lillian R. Gravos Janet M. Greenslit Joe* & Joan Greshik Paul & Ellie Griesel Rainy Griesel Tom & Rosemary Griffithe Corrine & Gerald Grochowski

Jim & Joni Gromek Ruth & Dale Gronewold Marie Grossell Donna Groth Alice K. Grover Peggy & Jeffrey Gudmundson Gene & Jane Gunderson Mary & Larry Gutknecht John & Marilyn Hackbarth Lois I. Hackbarth Patricia M. Haddad Clyde & Marlis Haedtke Elayne H. Haedtke Tod & Julie Haedtke Karen Haedtke Randy E. Haedtke Shirley F. Haesly Pat & Jerry Haessig Joann Hagedorn Leah A. Hall

Marilyn Hall Scott & Mary Hallman Clifford & Dianne Hallum Barb & Ray Halvorson Gloria S. Hammond Scott, Carmen & Mac Hannon Dolores T. Hansen Henry H. Hansen Marge Hansen Michael & Carol Hansen Mildred G. Hansen Doris Hanson Renee M. Hanson Jim & Shannon Hanzel S. Quinn Hanzel Rev. Thomas J. Hargesheimer Eleanor Harkness Georgina & Kenneth Harris John L. Harris Estate

Mary K. Harris Jeffrey & Cindy Harrison Cheryl Hartert John & Kathleen Harvey Gloria S. Hassinger Jo Hassinger Scott, Sheri, Brittney, & Tara Hatter Teresa L. Hauck Charles & Eileen Haugh Rita L. Haugh Helen L. Haun Nancy & LaVern Hauschildt Daniel P. Hauser Rick & Jill Hauser Mike & Sue Hauser Dr. & Mrs. Dale J. Hawk Bernice E. Hayes Roy & Marylou Hazelton Jim, Kris & Nick Healy Bernice Heaser

Ken & Pat Heaser Beverly M. Heftman Thomas M. Heftman Anita R. Hein David & Mary Heise Bill & Cindy Heitman Juliana M. Hemmelman Marlene M. Hemsey Charlotte & Lyle Henderson Gail & Craig Henderson Angeline A. Hengel Elizabeth M. Hengel Geraldine A. Hengel Scott P. Hengel Bob & Mitzie Hennessy Autumn & Brent Herber David & Denise Herber Marlene A. Herber Ann Hermann Michael R. Herzberg Mary & Ronald Hewett

24 | Winona Health 2009 Community Report

Carol Heyl & Don Stone Deb & Steve Hiatt Hiawatha Valley Marines Ruby & Herb Highum Marcia & Don K. Hilgendorf Krissa L. Hilger Carol & Jim Hill Susan C. Hill Walter & Dot Hinds Robert Hines Ruth Hinton Myrtle Hinz Jean Hixson Lucretia H. Hobbs Janice M. Hock Constance M. Hodge Leone Hoenk George Hoeppner Herman G. Hoesley Jean Hoesley Carolyn Hogan Steve & Linda Hogden Gloria & Dennis Hohman Linda M. Hoialmen Irene & Tom Holan Margaret T. Holland Keith & Marie Holmquist Gordon Holte Gladys Holty Tess & David Holzer Will & Sherry Holzer Diane V. Holzworth Walter & Maurine Holzworth Carol J. Honsey Don Hoppes Carol & Mel Horman Ervin “Butch” Hornberg Roger & Linda Horner Doris & Richard Horst Diane Hoseck Dennis & Judy Hovelson David Howlett Dan & Dorothy Hoyt Bill Huff Nancy Huff Virginia L. Huff Dr. Sidney O. Hughes* Nancy & Patrick Hull Karen & Herbert Hundorf Bertha Hunt Kay E. Huntbatch Donald & Barbara Hunter Jim & Marylou Hurley David D. Husman Rita Husman Holly Hythecker Immanuel United Methodist Women Heidi Indahl Family Delores M. Irmscher Connie R. Ives Jim & Mary Jean Ives Joseph Ives

Jim & Barb Jabrosky Joan Jackels Laurie & Paul Jackels Jo Anne G. Jackson Leann & Ordell Jacobson Marian P. Jacobson Diane & Craig Jameson Robin & Jeff Jandt Bob & Marlene Jandt Evelyn V. Janzow Al & Joyce Jarvinen Betty & Frank* Jaszewski Elizabeth J. Jaszewski Marc & Deborah Jaworski Joseph E.* & Monnie* Jereczek Lillian A. Jeske Cheryl & James Jick Mary Jilk Arthur P. Johnson Betty L. Johnson Douglas & Catherine Johnson Ken & Darlene Johnson Herbert & Lois Johnson Phylliss Mae Johnson Tianna & Ross Johnson Darla Jokela Gordon & Nylene Jones Annah Jonsgaard Lisa A. Jonsgaard Patricia A. Jonsgaard Alan & Peggy Joswick Mary S. Joyce Judy Joyce-Dischler Dennis A. Julson Jan & Donald Justin Paul Kalmes Marlene & John Kane Elizabeth Kanz Deborah & Jack Kanz Dick & Nadine Kanz Toni M. Karasch Richard J. Karnath Marcella L. Karsten Evelyn L. Kasten Donald & Anne Kaufman Pat & Cathy Kauphusman James & Linda Kauphusman Raymond L. Kauphusman Rich & Mary Keen Ardys Keilholtz Kevin & Tina Keilholtz Lon E. Keith Jerry & Patty Kellum Del & Bette Kelly Mike & Diane Kennedy Marie E. Kennedy Michael P. Kertzman Mary & David Kesler Keith Kieffer Virginia G. Kiekbusch Jim & Doris Killian

Peggy & Paul Killian Nicole & Brent Kimmerle Isabelle T. King Richard J. King Rebecca Kingsbury Mary A. Kintzle Lyle & Marylin Kiral Raymond & Nancy Kiral Dorothy A. Kirch James & Rosemary Kirchner Angelen & Wayne Kirk Linda L. Kirkeby Ada C. Kittle Delaine E. Kjos Jan & Rod Klagge Sharon Klein Gene & Donna Kleinschmidt Eric & Wendy Klinger Jim & Paulette Klinger Elizabeth A. Klinski Audrey J. Kluzik Lambert M. Kluzik Richard J. Kluzik Chris & Linda Knecht Dave & Cheryl Knight Family Pauline & Harland Knight Mike & Carol Knox Michael C. Knox Jerry & Betty Knuesel Jean L. Knutzen Sharon J. Koch Bertha A. Kohner Steve & Candi Kohner Edward & Jane Kohner, Jr. Jeffrey A. Kohner Mary R. Kohner Nancy A. Kohner Rose M. Kohner John & Robin Kolar Dolores Kolter Marcella Konkel Lorraine M. Konter Dave & Becky Korder Helen J. Koscianski John & Rita Kosidowski Julie & George Kosidowski Tom & Eileen Kosidowski George & Ruth Kostner Pat Kotlarz Don & Barb Kough Joseph G. & Ruthe J. Kowalsky Sharon & Clifford Koxlien Irene Krackow Cheryl & Paul Krage Ed Krall Charlie & Anne Kramer John D. Kramer Lois & Wayne Kramer Mike & Sandy Kramer Robert Kratz Ken & Lois Krause Alex & Judy Kreidermacher

Lorraine J. Krenz Joe & Katherine Kronebusch Frank & Karen Kropidlowski Laura Kruth Cornelia & Leo Kryzer Don & Kelly Kryzer Charlie A. Kubicek, Jr. Rosanne M. Kubicek Clinton & Barbara Kuhlmann Donald A. Kuhlmann Jeff & Linda Kuhn Steven B. Kukla Peter & Darlene Kuklinski Butch & Mary Kukowski Orphie Kukowski Dorothy Kulas Florence M. Kulas Joan & Leonard Kulas Katherine M. Kulas Lynne Kulas Mickey Kulas & Family Wayne & June Kulas Ginny Kulig Bob & Ardell Kunst Joe & Phyllis Kupietz Debbie Lafee Daryl W. Lafky Raymond E. Lafky Lorraine Lager Rodger & Susan Langbehn Sherry Lange Ceil M. Langowski Irene C. Langowski Marcella T. Langowski Kathleen & Jim Lanik Phyllis E. Lanz Kathleen LaPoint Mary & Marvin Larsen Adam R. Larson & Family Allen D. Larson Blair W. Larson & Family Donald E. Larson, Jr. Garrick Z. Larson & Family Martha E. Larson Roger Larson Doris Laska Richard & Carol Laska Jean M. Lauer Earl L. Laufenburger* Lois M. Laufenburger Kris Lawson Amy Leach Barbara F. Leaf Bill & Shelly Leaf Debra & Bob Leaf Jemay & Kevin Leahy Mike & Judy McNally Leahy Pat & Ruth Leahy Michele E. Lebert Catherine M. Lecheler Darol & Marion Lee Roger & Gracie Lee Sharon Lee

Brad & Michelle Lenertz James & Carmen Lennartson Ardis Liebenstein Gabriel & Mary Liegey Lifescan, Inc. Harold & Dorothy Lilla Jerry Linander Jack & Debbie Lipinski Brenda L. Litscher Joyce O. Locks Judy Lockwood Rick Lockwood Ron & Mary Loftness Melissa Loken Roy & Dixie Loken Kathy & Darrell Loos Avenelle Lorenz Jesse Lorenz Francis & Dorothy Losinski Mrs. Harry Losinski Donald Lovas Eugene Lovas Jerry & Mary Lowery Bob & Sandra Lubinski Roman Lubinski Laurie Lucas Mary & David Ludwigson David & Rita Lueck Marge & Herman Luedtke Audrey F. Luehmann Lucille I. Luehmann Marjorie Luehmann Dennis & Nancy Luhmann Marie E. Luhmann Evelyn L. Luinstra Elaine F. Luksa Lisa Lunde Frances Lux Angeline Lyga Lore L. Maas Hans & Carole Madland Randy Magno Jackie J. Mahlke John Mahlke Jacqueline J. Malay Mark & Vickie Malay Berdonna Malenke Dolores E. Malotke Joan J. Malotke Thomas C. Mans Martha Marcotte Cindy Marek Mildred L. Marg Thomas E. Markey Greg & Oona Markielewski Kathy Mart Doloris L. Martin Lynn & Jim Martin Dr. Mark & Melissa Martin Michael W. Martin Francis Maschka Harriet Masyga Shari Masyga

Winona Health 2009 Community Report |


Now is a good time-

If estate planning is on your back burner, you are not alone. The Mogrens took the next step and they are glad they did.

It feels good to have that taken care of…
As shared by Ken Mogren
Our story is like many. We had simple wills drafted long ago and filed them away. Time passed. Our kids grew up. Our financial situation improved and became more complicated. We came to appreciate some favorite charities, and we knew it would be good to do some serious estate planning. But we didn’t really know where to start and it was easier to just procrastinate. Then we saw an opportunity to get this off the back burner, thanks to Winona Health Foundation’s Charitable Estate Planning program, and we’re really glad we did. Working with the independent estate planning professionals through the Winona Health Foundation, we were guided through a helpful process that put all the important questions before us. It took some thought and discussion of things we’d never talked much about, but we ended up very clear about how we want our estate distributed. The estate planning experts presented options, explained tax ramifications and showed detailed financial illustrations of how things would work out. They also made themselves available to consult with our local attorney in drafting the final documents. We chose to include some non-profit organizations, including Winona Health, in our estate plan, but the Foundation made it very clear at the outset there was no obligation to be charitable. Nor was there ever any attempt to influence who would benefit from our estate. Our desire for confidentiality was respected, and our plan can be changed any time we choose. Our only cost was the fee from our attorney for preparing the documents. There was no charge for the hours of work and expert advice from the estate planners.

As shared by Sally Mogren
Not being a financial person myself, I appreciated the opportunity to learn about this process from someone who had the patience and understanding to really explain things. Talking with an estate planner made it easy for us to begin the planning process. He gave us a questionnaire to do on our own. It was a great communication tool, and I enjoyed seeing what my husband and I agreed on when it came to estate planning and charitable giving. We also have three children with unique personalities and, as we looked to the future, we enjoyed discussing our expectations and dreams for each of our children. I know that every day is a gift. It was a comfort to be able to have an active part in planning the future, and it feels good to know that our plan is in place.

26 | Winona Health 2009 Community Report

Joseph Matejka Mariann & Michael Matejka Mark & Lauire Mathot Margaret Matson Janette Matthees Sharon Matthees Tamara L. Matthees Joy & Holly Mattison David & Sandi Matzke Lois E. Matzke Merle W. Matzke Warren A. Matzke Debbie & Bryce Maus Dr. Thomas & Leone Mauszycki Ron & Maggie May Bob & Joann Mayer Bonita S. McBeth Dick & Beth McChesney Dean & Kathy McClenathan Daniel J. McGill Joan Ella McGill Harry P. McGrath Elizabeth S. McGrory Elaine R. McLeod Elaine McMartin Peter & Wendy McMartin Betty M. McNally Jerry & Bev McNally James & Sheila McNally Jim & Stacy McNally Norma McNally Dennis McRaven Medtronic Diabetes Ken & Nancy Mehaffey Elaine Meier Marjorie Meier Rita Meier Ruth H. Meier Frank & Bonnie Merchlewitz Luke & Brenda Merchlewitz Irene L. Merchlewitz J. Merchlewitz Lisa Merchlewitz Rebecca J. Merchlewitz Judy & David Mertes Lucille T. Messman Charles & Anita Mettille Roger & Ramona Metz Mark & Marsha Metzler Beverly Meyer Mary & Terry Meyer Robert H. Meyer Audrey Meyers Jeffrey & Paula Michalowski Mildred Micheel Drs. Mary & Christian Michener Curtis & Barbara Mihm Mary P. Mikrut Rich & La Vonne Mikrut Clarise M. Miller Jim R. & Marge Miller

Jerry & Susan Miller June & Glenn Miller Marian Miller Marleen & James Miller John Hyland & Mary Miller-Hyland Gary & Marlys Mills Minnesota 5th District Auxiliary FOE Mrs. David Miranda Olga Missell Jeanette S. Modjeski-Welch Richard & Eugenia Moe Jerry & Jane Moen Patrick & Lynn Moga Ken & Sally Mogren Loren & Connie Moldenhauer Heidi Moldenhauer Wendell & Arloween* Moore Robert Moravec Phyllis I. Morcomb Fred & Dianne Morgan Bruce & Traci Morken Marlys Morken Renee Mosher Dan L. Mounce Shirley Mounce Gladys I. Mrachek Barbara A. Mrozek Bob & Laurel Mueller Marvin T. Mueller Pam & Al Mueller Ronald & Wilma Mueller Anna Mulkey Michael & Elizabeth Mullen Jon Mullen Marty & Lisa Mullen Sylvester C. Mullen Dr. John & Marlene Mulrooney Howard R. Munson Mary K. Murphy Mary Jo Murray Phyllis E. Mussell Dolores A. Myers Teresa Nagle Lynn Nankivil & Kenneth McCullough Steve & Jane Napieralski Mike & Janice Nascak Sally Nasstrom Cheryl M. Nation Thelma Delores Neal Nona J. Nehring Arlene Neitzke Harry & Lois Neitzke Janice Neitzke Roger & Kay* Neitzke Marilyn N. Neitzke Beverly H. Neldner Mr. & Mrs. Ardell Nelsestuen Alice M. Nelson Arnold & Mechelle Nelson

Jim & Diane Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Ken Nelson Leslie H. Nelson Susan Nelson Thomas Nelson Alice V. Neumann Jane Neumann Marcie Neumann Linda L. Neville June V. Newcomb Frances M. Newell John & Helen Newell Stephen F. Newell Amelia Nichols Sharon Nichols Bob & Jean Nix Donnis N. Noer Judy Noeska Daniel P. Nolan Dr. Dennis & Mrs. Pat Nolan Ruth A. Nordby Kathleen M. Northrup Robert M. Norton Deborah Novak Christi & Jon Nowland Bernard & Peggy Nownes Jennifer Nyseth Bud & Karen Nystrom Jim & Beth O’Dea Kay M. O’Dea Amparo & Kenneth Oevering Curtis & Kathy Oevering Hellen Oevering Marge Oium Jeanne C. Olmstead Mark Wagner & Ann Marie Olsen Wagner Ann F. & Ron Olson Ellen & Jim Olson Eugene & Mary Olson Jen Olson Keith & Mary Ann Olson Kevin & Susan O’Reilly Carol A. Orlowske Michael & Kathryn Orlowske Lorraine A. Orr Steve Otto John & Dorothy Overing Gordy & Kathy Overing Thomas Overland Dick & La Vonne Ozmun Bob & Patricia Ozmun Carol & Dennis Pack Ardel A. Pagel Sylvia Palbicki Jane & James Palmer Mary & Lyelle Palmer Timothy & Tammy Palubicki Mary Pampuch Carmene Pangrac Sandra Pankratz Bridget A. Papenfuss Joan Papenfuss

Parkview Pharmacy Staff Fred & Betty Parpart Larry & Carol Partington Greg & Marjorie Paskiewicz Ralph & Marjorie Passe Veeann E. Patzner Robert Pavek Kay M. Pedretti Mark & Marie Gernes Barbara J. Pellowski Dave & Karen Pellowski Donald E. Pellowski Daniel W. Pelowski David Pendleton Donna M. Peplinski Ken & Mary Kay Peshon Kenneth & Coleen Peterman Don & Donna Peterson Duane* & Patte Peterson Eloise Peterson June M. Peterson Kathy & Bill Peterson Steve, Jeannie & Skyler Peterson Diane Petz Tom & Kathy Pfeifer Rich & Denise Pflughoeft Harold & Janet Pflughoeft Shirley & Lawrence* Pflughoeft Jeff & Paula Philipps Joyce E. Phillips Pam & Rick Phillips Fred & Liz Picha Cindy Pickering Faye L. Piel Steve & Linda Pierce Wesley Pierce Nancy A. Piper Joseph & Noreen Plaisance Alison & Tom Plemmons Eileen M. Plinski Rhonda & Mac Pohn Cora-May Polachek Dorothy A. Pollema Gerry & Nancy Polson Jean Polus Frank & Patty Pomeroy Leonard & Shirley Pomeroy Mr. & Mrs. Walter B. Porter Daryl & Beverly Potter Mark & Barb Pozanc Chester & Sharon Pozanc Darlene & Tom Pozanc Mike & Lisa Pozanc Robert P. Pozanc Susan Pozanc Jeff & Pam Prenatt Patricia Price John Prigge Kenneth L. Prigge Keri L. Prigge Michael L. Prigge

Mary Prochowitz Dave & Nancy Prodzinski Cathy & Mike Prondzinski Lewyelln G. Prondzinski Judi Pronk & Dr. John Peterson Stanley & Arlene Prosen Pearl L. Prudoehl* Allan & Joan Pruka Irene Pruka Allen E. Przybylski Mark & Peggy Przybylski Patricia D. Przybylski Leo & Elaine Putzier Allison Quam Bettie A. Raciti Gene Rackow Rita Ramczyk Barbara Ramer Patty Ramer Bruce & Carol Ramsdell Doris Randall Jane A. Raphael Katherine D. Rausch Bob & Jean Raz Jennifer & Paul Ready Jane M. Redig Joan L. Redig Kathy & Robert Redig Bruce & Mary Reeck Linda & Bruce Reed Bruce & Grace Reed Damita J. Reed Jacque H. Reidelberger Dale I. Reishus Fred Reiter Polly & Martin Renk Matt Repaal Donald & Barbara Repinski Dorothy M. Reps Pamela J. Reps Betty Rholl Donna J. Rice Alice M. Richer Elizabeth Richter Family Delores E. Rieger Doreen Rieger Eunice Rihs Emory Rine Lavonne & Duane Ringler Richard & Susan Rippley John & Kim Rislove Susan M. Rislove Fern Ritter Sue Rivers Helen Roberton Joyce M. Rocco Roche Diagnostics Corporation Marcia & Gary Roddel Dr. & Mrs. Curtis Rohrer Elaine M. Rohrer Beverly J. Romine

Winona Health 2009 Community Report |


All the comforts of homeThanks to the Winona Health Auxiliary
This winter and for winters to come, Watkins Manor residents and their family and friends will enjoy the warmth and atmosphere created by a new fireplace. In addition to warmth, the fireplace creates a picturesque area for residents to meet—or to welcome guests to their home in Watkins Manor. The fireplace was purchased with funds donated by the Winona Health Auxiliary. Auxiliary volunteers help Winona Health purchase items that enhance the quality of life for residents, and the addition of the fireplace in the front lobby at Watkins Manor, an assisted living residence, has added warmth and enhanced the feeling of home. “Our residents comment on how nice it is to sit by a fire on days when the weather is cold and dark. It generates conversations about warming up after coming in from outside and time spent with family around a fireplace in the past,” Winona Health Assisted Living manager Cheryl Krage said.

By the fire-

Arline B. enjoys the warmth of a new fireplace at Watkins Manor assisted living.

“Winona Health Auxiliary volunteers are dedicated to raising funds for Winona Health because they know that the money raised will enrich the lives of our patients and residents,” said Volunteer Services manager Autumn Herber. Thanks to the generosity of Winona Health Auxiliary volunteers, when the days are cold and dark this winter, Watkins Manor residents will enjoy gathering around the fireplace while catching up and reminiscing with family and friends.

The Winona Health Auxiliary’s 389 volunteers contributed a total of 36,245 hours. Using the current U.S. average hourly value for volunteer time, that amounts to a gift equivalent to $707,140 in service time to Winona Health.

Anne & Mike Rompa Christine Rompa Rita K. Rompa Tony Rompa Marjorie J. Ronnenberg Bob & Darlene Roraff Linda & Scott Rose Michal A. Roskos Tom Ross Family Mary Ann Rossin Estate Robert F. Rossin Florence R. Rother Selma J. Rott Dr. David & Betsy Rowekamp Leo & Mary Rowekamp John & Bonnie Ruben Brian Ruhland Cindy L. Ruppert Thomas A. Ryan Delight A. Sabotta Mr. & Mrs. William Saehler Valerie & Michael Saffel Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota Lloyd & Sharon Salisbury Don & Deb Salyards

Donna Sammann Terri L. Sammann Dorothy Sanders Marilyn K. Sanders sanofi aventis U.S. Dr. Ann & Mr. Neil Sawyer Betsy Sawyer Bill Sawyer Edward & Phyllis Schabacker Kay E. Schafer Dale & Jenny Schaffner LeRoy Schaffner Ruth & Bert Schaffner Pauline M. Schain Estate Rita M. Schallau Raymond J. Schammel Mildred E. Scharmer John Scherer Carol Schewe Robert C. Schlink Wayne G. Schmidt Dale & LuAnn Schmidtknecht Marilyn Schneider Jeffery Schneider Jerry Schneider Julie & Mark Schneider Sam & LaVonne Schneider

Sue Schneider Greg & Linda Schoener Doris R. Schoenike Earl Schreiber Susan M. Schreiner Donald Schroeder Harold & Carol Schuh Cecilia (Sally) M. Schuh Frances K. Schuldt Bernard & Darlene Schultz Betty J. Schultz Brian B. Schultz Charles H. Schultz Don & Karen Schultz Jean Schultz Joseph J. Schultz, Jr. Rachelle & Bob Schultz Sally Schultz Sharon F. Schultz Florence M. Schumacher Glen & Diane Schumann Kenneth F. Schumann Mr. & Mrs. Milton F. Schumann Kim & Pete Schwab Marilyn C. Schwab Schwab LLC

Steve Schwartz & Emma Roth-Schwartz Gayle Schwarz Lou Anne Schwarz Dr. Cullen & Mrs. Julieanne E. Schwemer Nancy & Charles Scovil Corrie Searles Laura Seaton Linda & Jerrie Seibert Mary Ann Senn Betty J. Senty Sequoia Society Pam Serwa Wayne Severson Helen Shaw Warren Shaw Judy & Bill Shay Dr. Charles & Judy Shepard Darlene & Mike Sherman Evelyn E. Shiel Ellen R. Shrake Randy & Sharon Shugart Karen & Tom Sibenaller Lillian T. Siebenaler Lynn C. Siebenaler Judy Sievers

Gloria K. Siewert Norma Simon Lois A. Simons Barry & Earlene Simonson Barbara Sims Caroline Sines Dawn Singer Bob Skeels Jean & David Skime Michael Skroch Shirley M. Skroch Thomas J. Slaggie Pamela K. Slocum Darryl Smelser Albert W. Smith, Jr. Ellen & Brent Smith Gary & Janine Smith Patrick & Jean Smith Leo & Marilyn Smith Rose Smith Carol Snidarsic Dawn E. Snyder Arlene L. Sobeck Deb & Randy Sobeck Susan & James Sobotta Marion G. Sobotta Clarice Solberg

28 | Winona Health 2009 Community Report

Lilly G. Somers Sometimes 8 Phillip C. Sonnenberg Bill & Becky Soranno Beverly A. Spande Lynn Speed Carolyn & Kelly Speltz Don & Rosie Speltz Leroy & Marie M. Speltz Pete & Maureen Speltz Lillian E. Spencer Carol Spiten Ruth Squires St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church St. Rose of Lima Missionary Society Donna & Jerry Stackhouse Eleanore R. Stahl Phyllis B. Staige Gene & Jane Stanek Shirley M. Stanford Robert Stange Marian E. Stanislawski Raelene R. Stanislawski Susan Stark Barbara A. Steele Sondra & Wayne Steffenhagen The Steinfeldt Family Jerry & Jo Stejskal Arlene B. Stender Calvin Stettler Mary & John Stettler Ron & Diane Stevens Joy & Joel Stevens Jeff & Kathy Stier Joy E. Stier Valentine & Mary Jo Stiever Robert & Shirley Stith Dr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Stoa Shirley Stock Shelly L. Stockhausen Rita Stoll Mona Stolpa Terry Stolpa Christine & Larry Stoltman Leona H. Stoltman Mary T. Stoos Laura Stover Ruth, Mark, & Will Streater Gene & Lois Streich Bruce E. Streng Joan & Eugene Strong Karen Stuart James & Ann Stueve Matthew Sturm Dawn Stutzka Mary L. Stutzka Judy Styba Ray & Marge Sultze Mattea M. Swenink Dr. Carl & Katherine Szczesniak Jeanne Tanamachi & Family Bobbi Jean Tanberg Eric F. Tanlaka Gerri & John Taylor Cindy & Tim Teske Bill & Sue Tews Mr. & Mrs. Steven Texley Tom & Diane Thatcher The 1953 Lunch Bunch Alice F. Theis Jean H. Theis John F. Theis Mary A. Theis Shirley A. Theis Shelly L. Theisen David & Lynn Theurer Donald & Joanne Thiesse Marian R. Thiewes Trust Bonnie Thill Rita E. Thill Susan M. Thilmany Irene Thompson Joel & Sue Thompson Lorraine C. Thompson Dr. & Mrs. Tim Thompson Tom & Debbie Thompson Judy P. Thorn Norma & Russell Thorn Mary & Buster* Thorne Ray & Betty Thrune David & Vicki Thrune Al & Bonnie Thurley Lavonne M. Tibesar Donna Ties Gloria J. Ties Yvonne M. Tindal Dale A. Tinderholt Larry & Marlene Tipton Rosemary C. Todd Scott & Sharon Tolleson Dorothy A. Tomashek Ingvald M. Topness Alice T. Torgerson Joanne Trainor David & Karen Tricket Fund of the Winona Community Foundation Hildegard R. Trochta Bela Trubacek Sandra Tschida Sherrie & Delwin Tschumper Bernice Tulius Marion E. Tulius Gloria K. Tullius Joan Tullius Harriet A. Turner Dr. Scott & Kathy Turner David Tveten Lorraine & Virgil Tweten Diane Ulbrech United Way of Greater Winona June Urness Frank E. Utecht Elaine S. Valentine Doris Van Brunt Erina & Benjamin Vang Dolores M. Vaughn Penny & Kenneth Venus Teri Verbeet Craig Vessey V.F.W. Ladies Aux. Post 1287 Matt & Lyla Vetter Gloria & Gordon* Vick Marlene & Wally Viestenz Victor I. Vieth Stuart B. Virnig Terre L. Virock John & Carolyn Vitek Carol Voelker Rachel Vogel Greg & Mary Volkart Darrell & Patti Volkman Don & Marilyn Volkman Janis C. Vose Grace M. Waadevig Joe & Audrey Wachowiak Mildred Wachowiak Donald J. Wadewitz James Wadewitz Linda & Mike Wadewitz Kay & Peter Walsh Paula J. Walter Kris & Scott Walters Don Walz, Jr. Jack M. “Butch” & Barb Walz Jack N. Walz, Sr. Mrs. Don Walz, Sr. Patricia A. Wanek Lisa Wantock Betsie Ward Matt & Mindy Ward Matt & Michelle Wardwell David & Vicki Wason Karen Waters Watkins Natural Products Bart & Emerine Weaver Roger & Mary Weaver Norman Weaver Rose M. Weber Robert & Dawn Webster Eileen L. Wedge Joan B. Wehlage Jerry & Colleen Wehrenberg Richard R. Weilandt David & Bette Weinmann Jim & Pat Welch Joan K. Welch Joe & Kara Welch Larry Welter Kellie Wendt Ann M. Wenzel Gladys Wershofen Rita J. Wessel Loretta Westlund Jean A. Whalen Chris Whetstone Jeanne E. Whetstone Jerry & Judy Whetstone Kay B. Whetstone Kim & Jen Whetstone Mary Whillock Arlene White Donna White Sheri & Robert White Josie Wick Vicki & Mike Wicka Sharon Wicka Mary & William Wieczorek Holli & Mark Wieser Debi Wildenborg Bob & Janet Wilke Dick & Jaci Will Ann Williamson Karen Williamson Dr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Wilmot Eunice B. Wilson Marvin & JoAnn Wilson Ruth E. Wilson Barb & Cal Winbush Wincraft Employees (West) Rosemary A. Winczewski Bob & Virginia Winestorfer Winona Community Foundation Winona Health Auxiliary Winona Health Materials Management Staff Winona Health Winona Health Valet Services Winona National Bank Winona Rivertown Lions Club Winona State University SAAC Helen Winston Phyllis Wirt Kay F. Wise Wohletz Law Office Dolores Wojciechowski Fran Wojciechowski Mary E. Wojciechowski Teresa A. Wojciechowski Duane & Edwina Wolfe Jann M. Wolfe Jane Wolfram Alma M. Wollin Corlyn E. Wolverton Women’s Fellowship of First Congregational Church Cecelia Wondrow Connie Wood Janice & Kenneth Wooden Betty Woodworth Harold & Gail Wychgram Xaisoua Xiong Henrietta F. Young Mark R. Young Richard T. Young James E. Youngs Helen Zaborowski James & Toni Zaborowski Mary Zbylicki Kim Dehlin Zeiher Ida M. Zeller Nick Zeller Jerry & Joan Zenke Ila M. Zieman Corinne Zimmerman

In Memory
Helen Ahrens Geraldine S. Williams Reverend Willard Allin Beverly Allin Helen Rose Anderson Winona Health Clara A. Andring Christine & Larry Stoltman Michael Aus Jean & Fran Dzwonkowski Bev Engel Joan & Joseph* Greshik Marj Kammueller
Raymond Bagniewski, Sr. Mercille Bagniewski

Charles W. Bass Barbara J. Bass Ann & Brian Junker Winona Health William Bassett Winona Health Susan Baumgartner Sharon Budnick Fred Becker Jim R. & Marge Miller Clarence Bell Darrell & Patti Volkman Billy Benedict Billy Benedict Family Llewellyn ‘Lewie’ Benson Julie & Rick Galewski Shari Berninghaus Winona Health

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Bert Beyerstedt Barbara Ramer Ed Blank Carol Byrne Marcella J. ‘Marcie’ Blomsness Vicki & Dennis Decker Winona Health Doug Bobo N.L & Louisa Bobo Darleen Bodway Winona Health Blaine Boldt Robin & Scott Hoeg Wade Boldt Robin & Scott Hoeg Ralph Bolmgren Susan J. Anderson Elizabeth Bonow Winona Health Ann Borkowski Mary Ann & David Duellman Julie & Rick Galewski Bob & Virginia Winestorfer Heather Boyd Margaret L. Blake Maureen E. Breiland Winona Health Betty Breitenfeldt Les & Vi Boelter Audrey & Henry Deblon Gail & Jerome Gabrick Kristi S. Olness Dawn E. Snyder Duane J. Brenno Carole & David Forest Hubert ‘Tex” Brewington Sharon K. Durham Dr. Robert G. Briggs Jim & Lloydine Abbott Rose & Horace Andersen Jack Andresen Elizabeth K. Bach Lonnie & Connie Barton Nadine R. Bayer Brad & Kathy Benke Henry Benke

Jane & Scott Biesanz Jeffrey & Francie Biesanz John & Penny Breitlow Dr. Frank & Ruth Bures Martin Byman Angus & Judy Callender Cheryl M. Casperson Dr. Tom & Cheryl Casperson Gayla R. Clemons Meredith R. Clifford Amy Czaplewski Judy & Bill Davis Ann & Frank Drazkowski Ramona & Bud English Dona & James Ferguson Bernice L. Gates-Parkin Georgianna Gernes Lillian R. Gravos Jim & Shannon Hanzel June & Ron Hawley Dr. Gary & Jean Hayes Steve & Chris Hedlund H. A. & Patricia Hetland Ann E. Holt Bob & Sue Hoodecheck Mary S. Joyce Donna J. Kamann Wendy & John Killen Pauline & Harland Knight William H. Laehn Rich & Bev Lindseth Edna & Nelson Loughlin Warren A. Matzke Denny & Becky McGann Bob & B.J. McQueen Roger & Ramona Metz Curtis & Barbara Mihm Hugh & Vera Miller Jane & Jerry Moen Gaylene E. Mortensen Brian & Heather Muras Mary K. Murphy Daryl & Joan Nagel Beth Nelson Nancy J. Nelson Dr. Richard & Karen Nelson Ardis L. Nutt Bud & Karen Nystrom Michael Waldherr & Shelley Olsen Diane & David Palm Stephen Prosser Patricia D. Przybylski Polly & Martin Renk Dr. & Mrs. Curtis Rohrer Dr. David & Betsy Rowekamp Dan & Pat Rukavina Dorothy Sanders Kim & Pete Schwab Marilyn C. Schwab Barb & Steve Slaggie Lillian E. Spencer

Jo & Jerry Stejskal Tom & Debbie Thompson Vince & Mary Wadden Kay B. Whetstone Mary & Bill Wieczorek Lynn Brown Sherry Lange Marcella Brown Sherry Lange Wade E. ‘Fudgie’ Brown Jean & Fran Dzwonkowski Ann Bruder Conway & Beth Elton Tom & Peg Graham Marilyn Hansen Ken Brunn Kris & Rick Cichon Russel J. Bublitz Carol Byrne Hal Bulmer Winona Health Leslie J. Burch, Jr. Marcia A. Grapp S.E. Grain & Feed Dealers Association Donald Carlson Ann E. Baker Winona Health Lorraine Carlson Winona Health Elmer C. Casperson Susan Briggs George & Dee Cipov Catherine Petroski Kay & Peter Walsh Frank Chapman Barb & Ray Halvorson Lois Christensen Christine & Larry Stoltman Marion L. Christopherson Sharon Budnick Chris Whetstone John M. Cierzan Denny & Becky McGann

Arlene M. Cisewski Renee & Ken Brandt Cletus A. Hanson Francis A. Cisewski Cletus A. Hanson Monica L. Conway Philip & Janis Conway Fred & Sandra Olson Mary L. Corcoran Marie A. Knoll Ione “Toni” Crutchfield Gayla R. Clemons Lyla Davis Winona Health Dr. Max ‘Mike’ L. DeBolt Robert & Erika Gilbertson Carol & Jim Hill Marian A. Mason Dr. Dan Degallier Diane Bohn Jerry & Ruth Dalleska Velma M. Degallier Diane Doebbert Susan & Earl Gilman Dr. Gail A. Grimm Nancy Hauschildt Wendy Helmers Marlene M. Hemsey Dr. Sidney O. Hughes* Carol & Gerald Ives Bob & Sue Hoodecheck Tricia Justin Denny Kneller Jane & Edward Kohner Carolyn Larson Mary K. Murphy Stephanie Orr Dr. Thomas & Bonnie Retzinger Joy & David Schmidtknecht LuAnn Schmidtknecht Liz Seltz Dr. Scott & Kathy Turner Helen Wachuta Cindy & Fred Welke Dr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Wilmot Winona Health Surgical Department Winona National Bank Betty Woodworth Bernard ‘Bernie’ Dehner Bonita S. McBeth

Mary Ann Dehner Bonita S. McBeth Barbara J. Dickenson Winona Health Arlyn J. Dittrich Ruth & James Carroll Roger & Mary Weaver Winona Health Willard Dittrich Ruth & James Carroll Roger & Mary Weaver Marvin W. Douglas Bob & Virginia Winestorfer Leroy ‘Lee’ Bernard Drazkowski Jean & Fran Dzwonkowski Frank Dunn Winona Health Marie E. Dunn Richard & Suzanne Dunn Rodney Florin First Congregational Church LaVern Dworschak Audrey & Henry Deblon Patrice Hamerski Jim & Dee Stopfer Marge Dzwonkowski Jean & Fran Dzwonkowski Addison ‘Sonny’ R. Ehlers Yvonne & Bob Fix Virginia ‘Ginny’ Ekern Audrey J. Smith Chris Whetstone Joseph Emanuel Beverly Allin Douglas J. Emanuel Elisabeth A. Eschbach Pamela & Marvin Wolfmeyer Mary T. Esser Winona Health Peter Faber Joy & David Schmidtknecht Winona Health Emil & Ruby Fabian Scott Fabian

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Appreciating Guardian Angels
The Winona Health Foundation’s Guardian Angel program allows people to recognize a physician, nurse or other staff member who made a difference in the life of a Winona Health patient or resident. When a gift is made to the Foundation in honor of a guardian angel, that staff member receives an acknowledgement letter and a special lapel pin.
Helen M. Bagshaw Andrew & Kim Herold Jessica L. Bebout John & Jackie Frisch Peggy Blake Millie & Hal Risser Loretta T. Boyer Bob & Hope Dennis Elaine & Henry Scherdin Barbara A. Weaver Matthew J. Broghammer, D.O. Sara B. Barbor Marjorie J. Ronnenberg Elizabeth F. Burns Sally & Ken Mogren Lynne Clarke Anonymous Betty R. Crawford Jeanette B. Combs Laurie Lucas William E. Davis, M.D. Anonymous Jody L. Doebbert Connie & Duane Chadbourn Nancy V. Dornfeld Barbara A. Weaver Rosie Drazkowski Anonymous Lucy A. Dunn Scott, Robin, Krista & Courtney Hoeg Brenda K. Edwards Anonymous Michele Ekern Barbara J. Laumb Lynn Englund Millie & Hal Risser Merry J. Enright Autumn & Brent Herber Samantha L. Ewing Anonymous Dr. Oran G. Featherstone* Anonymous Heidi Ferris Christine Stoltman Richard C. Ferris, M.D. Jeanette B. Combs Andrew & Kim Herold Laurie Lucas Dr. Charles Shepard Barbara L. Filas Rebecca & Scott Lamberty Jean A. Fossey Steven M. Moen Timothy A. Gabrielsen Steven M. Moen Lois J. Gernes Dan & Dorothy Hoyt Amy Gordon Millie & Hal Risser Satya Gorty, M.D. Steven M. Moen John Gray Yvonne, Kevin & Buffey Gensmer Millie & Hal Risser Kathy Green-Kaminsky Barbara A. Weaver Carole Gregory Millie & Hal Risser Dawn Gronner Christine Stoltman Melissa A. Gruber Millie & Hal Risser Erin Hanson Andrew & Kim Herold Bob & Sandra Olson Kathleen M. Harvey Millie & Hal Risser Trisha Holzworth Millie & Hal Risser Donna M. Hopp Dolores M. Vaughn
Suzanne M. Jelense, M.D. Anonymous

Dan Johnson Anonymous Wayne Kelly Jean L. Kalmes Mary C. Krage Phyllis N. Fletcher Laurel A. Laib Scott, Robin, Courtney & Krista Hoeg Lake Winona Manor Bluffview Crew Phyllis Fletcher Michael Larimer Millie & Hal Risser Carolyn A. Larson Joellen, Chloe & Rachel Barak Connie & Joe Duff Esther R. Lyon Scott, Robin, Krista & Courtney Hoeg Rebecca J. McDonald Velma M. Degallier Liz McGrory Jo & Jerry Stejskal Ryan D. Meech Helen E. Davies Jelaine Merchlewitz Millie & Hal Risser Cathy Meyer Anonymous Mary S. Michener Family of Virginia Eckern Debra A. Mikelson Barbara A. Weaver Mary Miller-Hyland Patti Volkman Angela Mlynczak Millie & Hal Risser Bonnie Moen Steven M. Moen Carlos E. Morales, M.D. Cyril & Mary Speltz Thomas Nachtigal, D.P.M. Anonymous

Diane M. Nelson Carmen & Robert Keister Melinda Niemeyer Andrew & Kim Herold Dennis G. Nolan, M.D. Andrew & Kim Herold Dr. Charles Shepard Debra Norton Scott, Robin, Krista & Courtney Hoeg Family of Virginia Eckern Barbara A. Odegaard Phyllis N. Fletcher Ann F. Olson Mary Speltz Michelle R. Olson Andrew & Kim Herold Barbara A. Parent Barbara A. Weaver Daniel Parker, M.D. Monica Conway Family Ellen & Gary Evans Carrie & Charles Grafstrom Lyle Keller Gail & John Meier Steven Meier Fred & Sandra Olson Marjorie J. Ronnenberg Dr. Charles Shepard Amy Petersen Scott, Robin, Krista & Courtney Hoeg Jim Pomeroy Anonymous Bryan W. Reed, D.O. Dr. Charles Shepard Carol M. Rice Anonymous Jason Rosenbush, D.C. Anonymous Aaron C. Schilling, P.A.-C. Steven M. Moen Troy J. Shelton, M.D. Anonymous Charles A. Shepard, M.D. Andrew & Kim Herold Carmen & Robert Keister

Linda Shepardson Barbara A. Weaver Crystal Sjolander Steven M. Moen Bridget L. Spencer Velma M. Degallier Lynn M. Sprain Anonymous Sandra J. Stiever Mary Jo & Valentine Stiever Cindy Strobush Autumn & Brent Herber Scott V. Turner, M.D. Family of Virginia Eckern Ellen Smith Patti Volkman Anonymous Kari D. Weidemann Millie & Hal Risser Brett S. Whyte, M.D. Rebecca & Scott Lamberty Jane E. Mrozek Robert Wilfahrt, M.D. Mary J. Miller Elaine & Henry Scherdin Winona Health Emergency Room Staff Ellen & Brent Smith Winona Health Employees Dr. L.J. & Ramona English Winona Health Home Care Staff Elaine & Henry Scherdin Winona Health Surgical Services Staff Nancy & LaVern Hauschildt Veronica S. Wry Barbara A. Weaver

Aaron S. Jensen Scott, Robin, Krista & Courtney Hoeg

Winona Health 2009 Community Report |


Dr. Linda J. Fannon-Kaster Winona Health Dr. Oran G. Featherstone Cletus A. Hanson Sergeant Major Bernard ‘Ben’ Fenske Helen E. Davies Kelly Forest Duane* & Patte Peterson Winona Health Gale E. Fox Gloria M. Ames Bob & Susan Edel Eulalia A. Fox & Family Jim & Shannon Hanzel Monica L. Harrell Lois Harvey Marian & Richard Hopkins Jane Ochrymowycz Saint Mary’s University Don Snider Hazel Freiheit Carol Byrne Gaylord J. Frie Jim R. & Marge Miller Winona Health Mark Full Terry & Tina Full Mary Ann Full Terry & Tina Full Mary L. Garcia Schaffner Sharon & Brian Budnick Winona Health Carol D. Gerth Sharon J. Kaczorowski Gertie Goetzman-Abts Donna & Donald Peterson Gerry Piechowski Ruth C. Golish Family & Friends Cheryl & Paul Krage Mark C. Goodfellow Stanley & Barbara Crane Bettie M. Gordon Helen E. Davies

Martha Greenwald Craig & Sandy Brooks Roberta M. Bumann Walt & Marian Carroll George & Dee Cipov Pat & Joan Costello Vicki Englich Ruth & James Erickson Peter & Jeannine Flick Jim & Shannon Hanzel Harlan & Debra Hettrick Mr. & Mrs. E. Munroe Hjerstedt Bob Kierlin & Mary Burrichter Joan Kline Scott Lowery & Connie Blackburn-Lowery Michael & Marilyn Meeker Susan J. Morrissey Eileen C. Payne Roger & Joyce Peckover Jennie & Kevin Rafferty Bruce & Carol Ramsdell Dan & Pat Rukavina Rachelle & Bob Schultz Linda & Marvin Seppanen Stewart & Kay Shaw Beverly A. Spande Dr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Stoa Timothy & Marjorie Swanson Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Winona Keith & Lynne Valiquette Matt & Lyla Vetter Jean A. Whalen Fern Greshik Joan & Joseph* Greshik Joseph ‘Joe’ S. Greshik Joan & Joseph* Greshik Leslie Grover Carol Byrne Frances S. Gryszkiewicz Connie & Richard DuFresne Bev Engel Mary & James Yahnke Orenetta V. Gummert Cheryl & Paul Krage Ella Guyon Joan & Joseph* Greshik George J. Guyon Joan & Joseph* Greshik Delores L. Halik Lawrence M. Halik

Henry Hansen Charlotte M. Gepner Marilyn Hansen Valerie & Michael Saffel Michelle Harlos Bob & Virginia Winestorfer David Heinz Christine & Larry Stoltman Dale Helmich Scott & Jane Biesanz Sharon Budnick Gloria & Karl Conrad Bob & Susan Edel Dawn & Kent Erdmann Jim & Shannon Hanzel S. Quinn Hanzel Dick & Karen Hastings Helen L. Haun The Haun Children Nancy & Patrick Hull Mary S. Joyce Ann & Brian Junker Mike & Diane Kennedy Lora & Corey Kohan Steve & Candi Kohner Don Leaf John & Cindy Leaf John D. & Cathine T. MacArthur Foundation Jim & Lynn Martin Bob & Mary McMahon Karen A. Muckala Maggie K. Muckala Carole & Alan Nelson Bud & Karen Nystrom Bill & Kathy Olsen David Pendleton Donna M. Peplinski Duane* & Patte Peterson Colleen M. Roethke Monica & Rich Ross Gloria K. Siewert Barb & Steve Slaggie Patricia J. Squires Kathleen & Gerald Thomas David & Ruth Tripp Audrey Hengel Richard & Beverly Anderson Dan & Mickey Barr Sharon Budnick Conway & Beth Elton Noreen & Joseph Plaisance Randi & Bill Reinarts Frances K. Schuldt Steve & Liz Seltz Lynn & Jack Stansfield Judd Henthorne Beverly Allin

Russell & Arvilla Herbert Judy & Jerry Whetstone Marva L. Herreid Tianna & Ross Johnson Winona Health Mabel ‘Mae’ Heuer Jean & Fran Dzwonkowski Mary J. Hinrichs Beverly Allin Leonard J. Hinrichs Kathy Redig Ann M. Hoch Carol Byrne Jean & Fran Dzwonkowski Winona Health Karen D. Holz Jean & Fran Dzwonkowski Pam & Al Mueller Rolf Huggenvik Michael & Julie Smith Dr. Sidney O. Hughes Jack Andresen Dr. Scott & Deb Birdsall Susan J. Day Leone H. Deedrick Dan & Dorothy Hoyt Ann & Brian Junker Joyce O. Locks Eldon & Carole Thomas Kay & Peter Walsh Winona Health Charles R. Huling Christine & Larry Stoltman Gerald Hunger Joe & Phyllis Kupietz Frances Ihrke Sheryl A. Miller Frank ‘Fritz’ Jaszewski Yvonne & Bob Fix Darrell Jenkinson Kayla Ritter Annabelle M. Jenniges Mickey Kulas James Jerry Jennings Frank & Linda Free Family

The Jertson Twins Susan K. Jertson Eltha Johnson Holli & Mark Wieser Lyle N. Johnson Winona Health Rebecca Johnson Jennifer & Paul Ready Kenneth F. Kafer Patricia M. Glennon W.A. Roosevelt Co. Darlene Kaiser Suzanne & Scott Roberts Raymond J. Kammerer Winona Health William’Bill’ Kammueller, Jr. Ellen & Gary Evans Joan & Joseph* Greshik Esther T. Katula Tim & Audrey Pronschinske & Family Alma N. Keller Carrie & Charles Grafstrom Lyle Keller Gail & John Meier Steven Meier Mary ‘Kathy’ Kirchhof Winona Health Andrew ‘Andy’ Kleppe Nancy M. & James R. Brown Jodie Heim Kathy Redig Rachelle & Bob Schultz Holli & Mark Wieser Winona Health Eldon O. ‘Mike’ Knospe Joan & Joseph* Greshik Gary M. Kohner Pam & Al Mueller Linda L. Kowalewski Winona Health Richard ‘Pat’ Kramer Gerry & Peg Cada Helen E. Davies

32 | Winona Health 2009 Community Report

Geraldine R. Kujak Sandra & Charles Schollmeier August Kukowski Chuck & Patty Nuzum Edward D. ‘Eddie’ Kukowski Mary Brenno Paula & Robert Drumm Merchants Bank Karen & Robert Olson Stanley Langowski, Sr. The Teri Jacquart Family Donald Larson, Sr. Carol Byrne Chris Whetstone Winona Health Delores Lattman Conway & Beth Elton Donna J. Ernst Carol & Jim Hill Carole & Alan Nelson Diane & Frank Wohletz Irene A. Lee Dan & Dorothy Hoyt Geraldine S. Williams Vince Lercara Susan Briggs Sue & Willi Hahn Dr. David & Betsy Rowekamp Dr. Cullen & Mrs. Julieanne Schwemer Frances H. Lettner Audrey & Henry Deblon Jean & Fran Dzwonkowski Joan & Joseph* Greshik Joy & David Schmidtknecht Connie & Gavin Strand Lorraine C. Literski Elizabeth & John Waters Leroy ‘Butch’ Luksa Elaine F. Luksa David Magnuson Ruth & Frank Bures, M.D. Phyllis McClenathan Dean & Kathy McClenathan Eric McElmury Suzanne & Scott Roberts

Lila McGill Angie Bork Mick McKinley Audrey & Henry Deblon Barbara Meierbachtol John & Kathy Breza Margaret T. Holland William & Jane Holloway Thelma Meldahl Winona Health Casey T. Merchlewitz Holli & Mark Wieser Winona Health Charles “Chuck” Merkel State Farm Insurance – Duane Fakler Annette L. Messenger Susan Buck City of Tempe Human Resources Staff Jennifer Ricca Neil & Sandra Schuette Michelle L. Meyer Jim & Doris Killian Ben Miller Christine & Larry Stoltman Steven & Laure Maki Michele & Ivie Popplewell Family Harold S. Mogren Nancy M. & James R. Brown Ellen & Gary Evans Winona Health Arloween Moore Yvonne & Bob Fix Wendell Moore Michael & Julie Smith Elmer W. Mueller Jim R. & Marge Miller Theresa ‘Tracy’ Mueller Bev Engel Jordan S. Murphy Carol Byrne Jean & Fran Dzwonkowski Cletus Hanson Rick Hanson Renee Hanson Robin Hanson Erickson

Sue & Tony Hassinger Winona Health William F. & Rita Murray Lindsey Henderson My Father Connie Moldenhauer My Parents Linda L. Kirkeby Kay Neitzke Carole & David Forest Mike Neitzke Julie & Rick Galewski Betty A. Nelson Gloria & James Dotzler Edith Charlotte Victoria Nelson Donald & Sonja Buck Jean & Fran Dzwonkowski Carole & David Forest Wendell Moore Arnold & Mechelle Nelson Wendell Nelson Donna & Don Peterson Sue Roffler

Elmer L. Nelson Nancy English Family & Friends Victor & Myrtle Grabau Chris & Linda Knecht Ruth Nelson Lynn & Jack Stansfield Helen R. Nelson Chris Whetstone Henry G. ‘Hank’ Neumann Sharon Budnick Ben & Vera Nicholson Dick & Barb Sulack Robert Nolan Winona Health Jean Norring Michael & Julie Smith Lovina L. Nuszloch Irene Krackow Fyrn O’Dea Julie A. Corcoran Dr. Gary & Kathy Granseth Geraldine F. Krage Darlene M. Metzler Jerry & Pat Nelson James & Beth O’Dea Beverly A. Spande

Wally & Leona Thiele Mary & James Yahnke Mark G. Oldenburgh Winona Health Dustin L. Olness Betty Breitenfeldt* Carol Byrne Julie & Rick Galewski Bruce & Mary Reeck Don, Joanne & Lori Thiesse Winona Health Lester O. Olson The Lester Olson Family Jim R. & Marge Miller Ann T. Orlikowski Bill & Laurie Becker Jane & Ed Kohner Winona Health Victor ‘Vic’ Joeseph Ormsby Area 7 MASWCD Dee & George Cipov Jim & Shannon Hanzel Elizabeth Keefe Kevin & Brenda Keefe John, Katherine & Matthew Noone Thomas & Ann O’Toole

Circle of Visionaries
The Circle of Visionaries comprises individuals who have designated a future gift to the Winona Health Foundation in their estate plans and have shared that intent with the Foundation. Through such gifts, members of the Circle of Visionaries help ensure the future of our community healthcare system.
Noris & Rhoda Abts Jack Andresen Henry E. Benke Scott & Jane Biesanz Dave & Shirley Binius Steve & Ann Blue Judith R. Bodway Susan J. Day Vicki L. Decker Gary & Ellen Evans Robert & Erika Gilbertson Joseph J.* & Joan Greshik Roy H. Knoll Beverly A. Larson Royal & Lucille Thern Roger & Ramona Metz Ken & Sally Mogren Joliene W. Olson Jeffrey & Pam Prenatt Ruth & Douglas B. Robinson Susan & R. Peter Roehl Robert & Rachelle Schultz Dr. Charles & Judy Shepard Royal & Lucille Thern Mark S. Wagner Jack M. “Butch” & Barb Walz Jack N. Walz Barbara & Calvin Winbush Leslie R. Woodworth

Winona Health 2009 Community Report |


James ‘Jim’ W. Palbicki Mickey Kulas Sue Rivers Chris Whetstone Annie B. Paschal Barbara & Calvin Winbush Benjamin ‘Ben’ Pasche Winona Health Dorothy Paskiewicz Boomer’s Quality Plumbing Sandra & Donald Curtin Richard & Irene Renk Mike & Judy Repinski Sharon & Scott Tolleson Mary & Bill Wieczorek Bob & Virginia Winestorfer Winona Health Steve Zolondek Mary Ann Patterson Sheryl A. Miller Mike Pellowski Bob & Virginia Winestorfer Doris Pennell Catherine Fregenschuh Greg & Diana Johnson Lyle & Charlotte Karre Craig & Peggy Pennell Lee & LaVonne Pennell Eleanor D. Peplinski Audrey & Tim Pronschinske Henry G.’Hank’ Peplinski Mary Jo Duellman

Audrey & Tim Pronschinske Mary & Bill Wieczorek Winona Health Winnie S. Peterson Jim R. & Marge Miller Lawrence ‘Artie’ Pflughoeft Winona Health Donald J. Picken Sara N. Brunson Terry & Tina Full Richard R. Gaffron Pam & Al Mueller Parkview Pharmacy Staff Arlyn & Connie Picken Mary M. Tarras Winona Health Inpatient Pharmacy Staff Winona Health Harold Pierce Winona Health Albina ‘Bina’ Pierzina Pam & Al Mueller Elizabeth V. Pohland Isabel M. ‘Izzy’ Allen Allen & Carol Anderson Greg & Mary Bambenek Robert & Doris Beeman Mike & Denise Bernatz William & Marilyn Bierden Barry & Jan Bohac Paul & Gail Bohac Don & Amy Courchane Dave, Mary Ann, Bill, Erika & Hunter Duellman Alan Goldsmith

Rhoda Gulso Joan Higgins & Carl Herrmann Stephen & Frances Hirsch Bruce & Margaret Johnson Ev & Alice Larkin Dennis & Jean Lee John & Mary Anne Lochner Betsy Mashak Murray & Carole McCartan Betty M. McNally David & Teri McNally Don & Charleen McNally Family Teri & David McNally Joesph G. Meuwissen Barbara A. Moore Gary & Sandra Nelson Nancy & Rod Nelson Jeanne, Marilyn & Marite Olmstead Joseph & Loretta Petrovich Darcy, Jeff & Toby Pohland Betsy Sawyer Bill & Tommie Smith Frank & Peggy Smith George & Theresa Smith James & Grace Smith Friends at Tri-Mac Cal & Blanche Thoreson Dennis W. Williams Richard “Dick” Pozanc Julie & Rick Galewski Chris Whetstone Winona Health Herb Prescher Ann E. Baker Winona Health

Pearl L. Prudoehl Jennifer J. Olson Sandy Rackow Linda & Steven Fix Yvonne & Bob Fix Michele & Ivie Popplewell Family Michael & Julie Smith Chris Whetstone Leland ‘Lee’ Rain Winona Health Donald E. Rakstad Carol & Thomas Sauerer Evaline M. Ramer Patricia Y. Ramer Marjorie N. Reinhard Marilyn Kroening Kurt Reinhard Marijo Reinhard Violet Repaal Winona Health Janice M. Reuter Rita L. Haugh Ellen Ring Bev Engel Joan & Joseph* Greshik Helen Rinn Lois E. Czaplewski John ‘Jack’ Rislove Winona Health

Jeanne Louise Heim Robinson Henry Benke Rita K. Rompa Helen E. Davies Family of Rita Rompa Mary A. Ronnenberg Linda & Steven Fix Yvonne & Bob Fix Jim R. & Marge Miller Randy F. Rose Winona Health Mary Ann Rossin Lois E. Czaplewski Kenneth D. Rostad Sharon Budnick Esther Rowekamp Duane & Diane Bohn Susan Briggs Judith L. Durfey Joann E. Hawk Maury & Eileen Lenz Dr. David & Betsy Rowekamp Sandra L. Ware Winona Health Dianne & Craig Zeches Clarice J. Ruecker Winona Health Michael L. Rumpca Winona Health

Winona Health’s commitment to health and well-being
Winona Health’s commitment to the health and well-being of the community is shown by its donating the use of land to the Wahapasaha’s Prairie Garden. The Wahapasaha Prairie Garden will expand in 2010 from 30 to 50 plots. In addition to growing food for their own tables, many gardeners donated part of their harvest to charitable organizations. Winona Health Food and Nutrition staff tended a plot to enhance meals served at Winona Health. Gardeners also planted, tended and harvested a “hunger garden” plot and donated food to Winona’s Food Shelf and Winona’s Catholic Worker houses.

Preparing the land-

Gardeners prepare Wahapasaha’s Prairie Garden for planting.

34 | Winona Health 2009 Community Report

Julio Sauceda, Sr. Scott Mumm RTP Company Joyce Schabacker Mary Jo Duellman Joy & David Schmidtknecht AnnaMae Schaffner LeRoy Schaffner Pauline M. Schain Ellen & Gary Evans Carol & Jim Hill Jamie & Gary Lindahl Ruth Schindler Winona Health Albert J. Schloegel Dennis & Karen Cleveland Cletus A. Hanson Gerald F. ‘Jerry’ Schneider Jack Andresen Tom & Peg Graham Mickey Kulas William B. Schneider Eugene Kaehler Eugenia & Richard Moe Edgar Schoenike Jim R. & Marge Miller Todd Scholl Joan & Joseph* Greshik Winona Health Allyn ‘Big Al’ Schossow Winona Health Raymond Schroeder Julie & Rick Galewski Winona Health John Schuh Cecilia (Sally) M. Schuh Sophia Schuh Cecilia (Sally) M. Schuh Lloyd Schuldt Frances K. Schuldt Jerry & Doretta Schultz Jan & Rod Klagge Clifford Schwarz Lou Anne Schwarz

Jeanette L. Seibert Mickey Kulas Elizabeth Waters Bob & Virginia Winestorfer Marylin Seivers-Tronson Sandy Brooks Carol Ehlinger Gordon D. Senn Bev Engel Mary Ann Servais Roxanne & Doug Borkowski Gerald J. Serwa Sharon Budnick Jean & Fran Dzwonkowski Mickey Kulas & Family Michael & Julie Smith Chris Whetstone Charles Severson Bev Engel Kenneth Sheets Vicki Englich Bessie Shelmidine Mary Freeman Richard Shutter Winona Health Mr. & Mrs. William Sillman James & Diane Sillman Leslie A. Sines Christine & Larry Stoltman James E. Skeels Mickey Kulas Winona Health Wayne W. Smith Sharon & Dick Flatten Stanley E. Sorem Kraig Lang Judson ‘Jud’ O. Sorenson Sharon Budnick Audrey J. Smith Marilyn L. Spadino Donna Allred Roger & Verna Schwagmeyer Fred C. Spadino

Charlayne & Duane Speed Suzanne & Scott Roberts Bernard ‘Bernie’ Stiever Tammy & Bill Stiever Mary C. ‘Connie’ Stiever Tammy & Bill Stiever Catherine M. Stoltman Cletus A. Hanson Michele & Ivie Popplewell Family Winona Health Joseph Stoltman, Sr. Betty L. Farrand John & Chris Fitzgerald Michele & Ivie Popplewell Family Christine & Larry Stoltman Joseph & Pamela Stoltman Winona Health Steve & Glee Sulack Dick & Barb Sulack Rita Sullivan Mary J. Zbylicki Capt. Vincent D. Telles, Sr. Dr. Thomas & Bonnie Retzinger Henrietta F. Theis Anita & Charles Mettille Jack Thode Kevin & Sharon Thode Lewis (Buster) Thorne, Jr. Boomer’s Quality Plumbing Donald & Joanne Thiesse Steve Zolondek Florence A. Thrune Mickey Kulas Elin D. Tillman Joyce O. Locks Lawrence ‘Larry’ Tipton Pam & Al Mueller Arlene Todd Ellen & Gary Evans Family of Arlene Todd

John Torgerson Lois E. Torgerson Arthur Trippany Loretta Boyer Melissa “Mitzie” Troke Sharon Budnick Chris Whetstone Tang Tung Ming RTP Company Michael & Julie Smith Elvira ‘Vi’ Claret Tushner Sally & Ken Mogren Sanford S. Tyler Sharon J. Kaczorowski Rory Vose Sharon J. Kaczorowski Harold Wadewitz Chuck & Patty Nuzum William R. Walzon Lois Erwin Genevieve Kulas Bob & Virginia Winestorfer Winona Health John ‘Mike’ Waters Sharon & Dick Flatten Eugenia & Richard Moe Josephine B. Waters Dorothy Banicki Ann & Brian Junker Mickey Kulas Elizabeth & John Waters Winona Health Jean West Bev Engel Chuck Westphal Kathy Foley Shea & Sam Shea Don & Lorraine Whetstone Judy & Jerry Whetstone Ralph L. Wiczek Carol Byrne Florence J. Wieczorek Dennis & Karen Cleveland Gloria & Karl Conrad Don & Sandy Curtin Charles A. Draine Loyola Draine

Robert & Paula Drumm Tom & Peg Graham Cletus A. Hanson Jim & Shannon Hanzel Curt & Lorraine Holmquist Ann & Brian Junker Laurie Lucas Bob & B.J. McQueen Mary K. Murphy Donna M. Peplinski Elaine M. Rohrer Scott & Sharon Tolleson Penny & Kenneth Venus Elizabeth & John Waters Mary & Bill Wieczorek John Wiegert Winona Health Larry Will Carol Byrne Paulette Williams George & Dee Cipov Rich & Bev Lindseth Jackie J. Mahlke Mildred C. ‘Millie’ Zolondek William J. Doerer Jean & Fran Dzwonkowski Darleen & Ernest Gernes Steve Kulas Jim R. & Marge Miller Mary Pampuch

In Honor Of
Bunny Bennick Walt Bennick
Very Caring Staff of Bluffview Lake Winona Manor Phyllis N. Fletcher

Bernie Brenner – Birthday Hugh & Vera Miller Dr. Matthew J. Broghammer Mary & Jim Eddy Nancy Brown AFP Upper Mississippi Valley Chapter Carol Byrne Autumn Herber Kris Walters Jean & Fred Brust Randy & Deb Sobeck

Winona Health 2009 Community Report |


J. Timothy Burke – Birthday Mark & Loretta Bronson Dr. Tom Casperson Bob Kierlin & Mary Burrichter Winona Health Judy Davis – Retirement Judy & Jerry Whetstone Bob & Pat Doerer – 50th Anniversary Ann Watkowski LaVonne Draper Pam & Al Mueller Paula Drumm – Retirement Winona Health Gladys I. Erdmann Dawn & Kent Erdmann Linda M. Erdmann Victor & Linda Erdmann Roger & Jean Volkman Ellen Evans – Retirement Patricia & Richard Garlick Mike & Joette Gostomski Bob Kierlin & Mary Burrichter Doris & Jim Killian Theresa & Peter McCamley My Grandchildren Arlene L. Sobeck Connie Hamilton – Retirement Winona Health Nancy Iglesias – 2008 Ben & Adith Miller Tribute Award Harley & Chris Antoff Jim & Shannon Hanzel Hugh & Vera Miller RTP Company Rachel A. Kaitala Julie & Rick Galewski Marlene & John Kane – 50th Anniversary Judy & Jerry Whetstone Bob Kierlin – Birthday Mary Burrichter Ellen & Gary Evans Dr. Scott & Deb Birdsall

John Leaf – Birthday Shirley & Will Oberton Lois & Ivan McElhiney – 50th Anniversary Barbara J. Bass Charlotte & Ramon McElmury – 50th Anniversary Diana & Michael Cyert Curt Mihm Carol Byrne Miller Families Bob Kierlin & Mary Burrichter Hugh Miller BASOS Investment Club My Children Julie & Darin Decker Jon Nienow – Birthday Marion J. Whetstone Daniel Parker, M.D. Mary & Jim Eddy Duane Peterson* – Birthday Gene & Lois Frank Doris & Jim Killian Rachelle Schultz Winona Health Leadership Team Byrle & Edith Tschumper – 60th Anniversary Carole & David Forest Ann Marie Olsen & Mark Wagner – Marriage Mervin & Charlotte Tripp Kay Walsh Cassie Cramer Jack M. “Butch” Walz Winona Health Brett S. Whyte, M.D. Mary & Jim Eddy Florence J. Wieczorek* – Birthday Mike & Joette Gostomski

Dick & Jaci Will – 50th Anniversary Judy & Jerry Whetstone Winona Area Physicians Goltz Pharmacy Winona Health & Manors Staff Lois E. Torgerson Winona Health Emergency Department Staff Rebecca Lamberty Winona Health Employees Anonymous Winona Health Home Care Staff Judy & Alex Kreidermacher Winona Health Hospitality Services Departments Greg Rommes Winona Health Nursing Staff Mary & Jim Eddy Winona Health Radiology Department Employees Dr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Wilmot Winona Health Urgent Care Department Rebecca Lamberty Winona Health Service Gifts The following Winona Health Employees chose to direct a gift to the Winona Health Foundation as a way to celebrate their service anniversaries. David Allen, 10 years Kathleen Bloemke, 25 years Vena Ferro, 10 years Karen Grover, 10 years John Gruszynski, 15 years Brenda Gulbranson-Kaiser, 15 years Laura Haines, 10 years Kathy Harvey, 10 years Rod Hughbanks, 10 years Gerald Johnson, 15 years

Tianna Johnson, 10 years Ann Olson, 15 years Daniel Parker, MD, 30 years Twyla Peshon, 10 years Nancy Polson, 10 years Kathy Redig, 10 years Carla Thompson, 15 years Janice Turek, 10 years Heidi A. Stanton, 10 years Sandra Stiever, 35 years Carla Thompson, 15 years Barb Weaver, 30 years Lynn Wolter, 10 years Ben & Adith Miller Classic Sponsors and Contributors All Trades Service, LLC Arnold-Rukavina Partnership Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc. ATR Bayer USA Foundation BMA, Inc. Channel Prime Alliance Digicom, Inc. Donlen Corporation Gallagher Benefit Services Joseph & Mary Goldberg Steve & Julia Goldberg Grant Thornton, LLP Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center HBC, Inc. HealthPartners David R. Hummel Kaplan, Strangis & Kaplan, P.A. Bob Kierlin & Mary Burrichter La Crosse Boat Club LLC Peter & Theresa McCamley Merchants Bank Roger & Ramona Metz Miller Felpax Corporation Mary A. Miller-Hyland PPG Industries, Inc. Radiology Consultants of Winona, LLC RTP Company Rachelle & Bob Schultz Schwab LLC SF Foundation SGL Carbon Group Sodexo Health Care Services Solvay Advanced Polymers Sport & Spine Physical Therapy of Winona, Inc. T. R. Hennessy Family Charitable Trust Thompson & Associates Travelers Insurance Companies Victrex USA, Inc. Vision Design Group W & C Printing

Wells Fargo Bank WHV, Inc. Wiman Corporation Wm. Miller Scrap Iron & Metal Co WinCraft, Incorporated Winona Agency Winona Lighting Winona National Bank Winona State University Zurich North America Insurance Gifts-in-Kind Theresa A. Crum Velma M. Degallier Barb & Ray Halvorson Healing with Harmony Heidi Indahl Family Jefferson Elementary School Marlene & John Kane Donald A. Kuhlmann Marilyn Larusso Ruth Leahy Alyson Loes Elaine F. Luksa MADD Winona Jackie J. Mahlke David & Joyce McConville Harold S. Mogren Susan Nelson RPC Painting Sim Sound & Video, Inc. Upper Mississippi Fish & Wildlife Refuge Carol W. Voshage Matt & Mindy Ward Winona Area Quilters Guild Winona National Bank Winona State University NSCS Winona State University Resident Hall Association


36 | Winona Health 2009 Community Report

Contributions to the Winona Health Auxiliary
The Winona Health Auxiliary supports the mission of Winona Health through direct service to patients and residents as well as through sponsoring a variety of activities and special events including the Birthday Ball, Glady D. Miller Gift Shop & Holiday Happiness, Victorian Tea, Fantasy of Trees and much more.

A grand time-

These little girls had a fun time at the annual Victorian Tea held at Watkins Manor.

In addition, the Winona Health Auxiliary receives gifts to celebrate happy occasions and to memorialize loved ones. The names listed in this section reflect gifts made between October 1, 2008 and September 30, 2009.
Sandra & Don Curtin Ruth & Jerry Dalleska Pat & Bob Doerer Jerry & Marilyn Duellman Charlene & Arne Egge Jean S. Engler Michelle & Michael Fliehe Gene & Lois Frank Sue & Craig Frericks Shirley J. Frey Dolores A. Gallagher Joyce & Jerry Golden Tom & Peg Graham Beverly Hanson Jim & Shannon Hanzel Sue & Tony Hassinger Autumn & Brent Herber Bob & Sue Hoodecheck Carolyn & Mark Johnson Phylliss Mae Johnson Verdayne E. Jorde Dr. Jim & Jenny Kahl Marlene & John Kane Jerry & Barbara Kiral Pauline & Harland Knight Jane Kohner Bob & Marlene Kohner Steve & Candi Kohner Dolores A. Kukowski Steven & Nancee Kukowski Virgil & Joan Laak William H. Laehn Betty Lou & David Lovlien Steven & Laure Maki Carol Maschka Carole & Jerry Matejka Heather & Michael Mootz Shirley & Jim Mootz Anne & Tom Mootz Deb & Rod Morcomb Janna & Scott Morcomb Sally Nasstrom Donnis Noer Dr. Daniel & Suzanne Parker Kate & Fariborz Parsi Lori & Terry Pelzl Don & Donna Peterson Kim & Steve Renk Mara Repinski Elizabeth Ristow Arlene & Adrian Roraff Brian Ruhland & Nicole Zitzner Kim & Pete Schwab Dr. Cullen & Mrs. Julieanne Schwemer Sequoia Society Gloria K. Siewert Beverly A. Spande Jane & Jeffrey Sterrett Tammy & Bill Stiever John W. Sullivan Dana & Darryl Thoruilson Dr. Scott & Kathy Turner Sandra & Wayne Valentine Janis C. Vose Kris & Scott Walters Coleen & Mike Wanek Janice Wanek Jodi & Jack Warnemunde Jaci & Dick Will Chris & Tom Wilmot Joann & Lyle Ziegeweid Dr. Robert Briggs Jeffrey & Pam Prenatt Phyllis Buege Sheryl A. Miller Elmer C. Casperson Jeffrey & Pam Prenatt Arlene M. Cisewski Jan F. Wanek Barbara J. Conway Harold S. Streater Dr. Dan Degallier Dr. James & Mrs. Mary Testor Arlyn J. Dittrich Winona Health Auxiliary Kelly Forest Autumn & Brent Herber Steve & Candi Kohner Dr. Scott & Kathy Turner Hazel Freiheit Autumn & Brent Herber Mary S. Joyce Steve & Candi Kohner Karen D. Holz Autumn & Brent Herber Dr. Sidney O. Hughes Rose & Horace Andersen Dr. Jim & Jenny Kahl Barbara Meierbachtol Judy & Greg Novotny Arloween Moore R. Peter & Susan Roehl Esther Rowekamp Dr. Scott & Kathy Turner Pauline M. Schain Cheryl & Paul Krage Judson ‘Jud’ O. Sorenson Jerry & Ruth Dalleska Joan Laak Don & Donna Peterson Winona Health Auxiliary Florence J. Wieczorek Jan F. Wanek Mildred C. ‘Millie’ Zolondek Lois E. Czaplewski

Contributors American Legion #9 Matt Broghammer, D.O. Carole & David Forest Catherine Slaby In Honor of Telecare Volunteers Laura Stover Valet Services Laura Stover In Memory Clara A. Andring Candi & Steve Kohner Phyllis Buege Sharon & Dick Flatten Beatrice A. Connaughty Candi & Steve Kohner Mildred ‘Millie’ L. Erdmann Candi & Steve Kohner Kelly Forest David & Carole Forest Jeanette R. Sorenson Judson ‘Jud’ O. Sorenson Carole & David Forest Candi & Steve Kohner Roland Stover Laura Stover Auxiliary Happy Occasion Fund Darlene & Lowell Bjoraker – 50th Anniversary Marie & Jerry Lehmeier

Susan Cornwell – Birthday Diane L. Barge Jackie J. Mahlke Bob & Pat Doerer – 50th Anniversary Rose & Horace Andersen Pauline & Harland Knight – 60th Anniversary Rose & Horace Andersen Carole & David Forest Don Peterson – Birthday Carole & David Forest Duane Peterson* – Birthday William & Barb Colclough, Jr. Carole & David Forest Auxiliary Remembrance Fund Betty Breitenfeldt Bob & Sue Hoodecheck Dorothy Sanders Duane J. Brenno JoAnne, Keith, Kevin, & Jean Agrimson Judy & Lee Arity Diane L. Barge Mabel C. Beach Nancy & Keith Beach Butch & Lynne Beier Les & Vi Boelter Mary Brenno Gloria & Joe Bronk Carol Byrne Sharon & Bud Clark Janis & Phil Conway Sue & Jack Cornwell Kay & Sean Cumiskey

Winona Health 2009 Community Report |


Summary Financial Information Summary Financial Information Su mmary F inancial Information
BALANCE SHEET BALANCE SHEET BALANCE SHEET As of September 30, 2009 As of September 30, 2009 As of September 30, 2009 Assets Assets Assets Cash and Investments Cash and Investments Cash and Investments Amounts Due from Gov't Programs, Insurance Companies and Patients Amounts Due from Gov't Programs, Insurance Companies and Patients Amounts Due from Gov't Programs, Insurance Companies and Patients Property and Equipment Property and Equipment Property and Equipment Other Assets Other Assets Other Assets

$ 34,248,000 $$ 34,248,000 34,248,000 12,389,000 12,389,000 12,389,000 56,744,000 56,744,000 56,744,000 8,809,000 8,809,000 8,809,000 112,190,000 112,190,000 112,190,000 43,674,000 43,674,000 43,674,000 $ 68,516,000 $$ 68,516,000 68,516,000

Long-Term Debt and Other Liabilities Long-Term Debt and Other Liabilities Long-Term Debt and Other Liabilities Net Assets Net Assets Net Assets

The Balance Sheet gives the financial position of the organization for a specific point in time. The Assets The Balance Sheet gives the financial position of the organization for aaspecific point in time. The Assets The Balance Sheet gives the financial position of the organization for specific point in time. The Assets The Balance Sheet gives the financial position of the organization at a specific point in time. The Assets of the organization are of the organization are primarily cash/investments, amounts due from payers and hard assets like of the organization are primarily cash/investments, amounts due from payers and hard assets like of the organization are primarily cash/investments, amounts due from payers and hard assets like primarily cash/investments, amounts due from payers and hard assets such as buildings and equipment. The organization is buildings and equipment. The organization is appropriately leveraged with median levels for similar equityratio buildings and equipment.aThe organization is appropriately leveraged with aalong-term debt to equity ratio buildings and equipment. The organization is ratio of 35% which is better with long-term debt to organizations. appropriately leveraged with long-term debt-to-equity appropriately leveragedthan a long-term debt to equity ratio of 35% which is better than median levels for similar organizations. Net Assets of more than $68,000,000 of 35% Net Assetsbetter than median levels for similar organizations. weather theseof more than $68,000,000 of 35% which is better than median levels the organization stability to Net Assets of more than $68,000,000 Having which is of more than$68,000,000 givesfor similar organizations.Net Assets difficult financial times. gives the organization stability to weather these difficult financial times. gives the organization stability to weather these difficult financial times. gives the organization stability to weather these difficult financial times.
REVENUE AND COSTS REVENUE AND COSTS REVENUE AND COSTS 12 Months Ended September 30, 2009 12 Months Ended September 30, 2009 12 Months Ended September 30, 2009 Government Government Government Programs Programs Programs Operating Revenue Operating Revenue Operating Revenue Net Patient Revenue Net Patient Revenue Net Patient Revenue Other Revenue Other Revenue Other Revenue Operating Costs Operating Costs Operating Costs Operating Costs Operating Costs Operating Costs Gain (Loss) From Operations Gain (Loss) From Operations Gain (Loss) From Operations Other Changes in Net Assets Other Changes in Net Assets Other Changes in Net Assets Decrease in Net Assets Decrease in Net Assets Decrease in Net Assets $ $$ Insurance and Insurance and Insurance and Self-Pay Self-Pay Self-Pay Long-Term Care Long-Term Care Long-Term Care and Other and Other and Other

Total Total Total

$ $$

24,808,000 $ 24,808,000 $$ 24,808,000 -- 24,808,000 24,808,000 24,808,000 36,330,000 36,330,000 36,330,000

50,856,000 $ 50,856,000 $$ 50,856,000 -- 50,856,000 50,856,000 50,856,000 43,917,000 43,917,000 43,917,000 6,939,000 $ 6,939,000 $$ 6,939,000

13,975,000 $ 13,975,000 $ $ 13,975,000 6,457,000 6,457,000 6,457,000 20,432,000 20,432,000 20,432,000 19,938,000 19,938,000 19,938,000 494,000 $ 494,000 $ $ 494,000

89,639,000 89,639,000 89,639,000 6,457,000 6,457,000 6,457,000 96,096,000 96,096,000 96,096,000 100,185,000 100,185,000 100,185,000 (4,089,000) (4,089,000) (4,089,000) 343,000 343,000 343,000 (3,746,000) (3,746,000) (3,746,000)

$ $$

(11,522,000) $ (11,522,000) $$ (11,522,000)

The statement of revenue and costs shows the financial results during the past fiscal year. The organization The statement of revenue and costs shows the financial results during the past fiscal year. The organization The statement of revenue and costs shows the financial results during the past fiscal year. The organization is able to generate positive returns from financial results are paid for through private insurance, and to generate is able to generate positivecosts shows the services that are paid for through private insurance, and from long-term is able to generate positive returns from services that are paid for fiscal year. The organization is and from long-term The statement of revenue and returns from services that during the past through private insurance,able from long-term care and other services. Underpayments by government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid create care and otherfrom servicesUnderpayments by government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid Underpayment care and other services. Underpayments by government programs such as Medicare and services. create positive returns services. that are paid for through private insurance and from long-term care and other Medicaidcreate financial losses, highlighting Medicare that those payments are significantly below the cost to provide services financial losses, highlighting the fact that Medicaid paymentsare significantly below the cost to provide services financial losses, highlighting the fact that those creates financial losses, highlighting the fact that to provide services by government programs such as the fact and those payments are significantly below the costthose payments are under those programs. under those programs. of providing services under those programs. under those programs. significantly below the cost

38 | Winona Health 2009 Community Report

We demonstrate our commitment to community service through community benefit programs, such as community health screenings, community education classes, charity care, student interns and donations to nonprofit organizations. These activities are designed to better the health and well-being of our community. Below is a detailed list of Winona Health’s community benefit activities for Fiscal Year 2009, along with the number of people served by these activities.

Community Benefit Report

Category COMMUNITY BENEFIT Community Health Improvement Health Professional Education Financial Donations In-kind Donations and Fundraising for Community Programs Community Building Activities

People Served

Value of Benefit

Education classes, support groups, Community Health Talks and health screenings Clinical training site for nursing and other students Contributions to local nonprofit organizations for healthcare, youth and other community needs Staff expertise, meeting rooms, donated items and time spent working on fundraising programs for the United Way and other local nonprofit organizations Partnering with local organizations on Healthy Kids Club and other projects to enhance the quality of life in the community Cost of free or discounted services provided to individuals who qualify Tax paid by Winona Health to fund the Minnesota Care Health Insurance program Assessment paid by Winona Health to help fund the Medical Assistance/Medicaid program The shortfall between the cost of providing care and payments received for providing care to Medical Assistance/Medicaid patients Cost of management and recordkeeping for community benefit

9,347 1,248

$60,026 $213,353




1,960 325

$34,815 $328,323 $1,206,916 $893,100

Charity Care Minnesota Care Tax Medicaid Surcharge Medicaid Under-Funding

$3,052,372 $13,021 14,089 $5,916,172

Community Benefit Operations TOTAL COMMUNITY BENEFIT

OTHER COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTIONS Medicare Under-Funding The shortfall between the cost of providing care and payments received for providing care to Medicare patients Taxes and Fees (Real Estate Tax) Bad Debt Discounts Offered to Uninsured TOTAL OTHER COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTION TOTAL COMMUNITY BENEFIT AND OTHER COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTIONS 14,089 Tax assessed on property Amounts for services provided, in which payment is expected but not received

$8,469,234 $567,783 $2,188,004 $103,007 $11,328,028 $17,244,200

Winona Health 2009 Community Report |


PO Box 5600 | 855 Mankato Avenue | Winona, MN 55987

Nonprofit Org U.S. Postage PAID Winona, MN Permit No. 72

PO Box 5600 | 85

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