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Funded by The World Bank Project, IIM Kashipur

The World Bank has funded a project on Environmental Assessment Capacity
Building in South Asia at IIM Kashipur. The aim of the project is developing a
sustainable program under the two year Postgraduate Program in
Management (PGP), which is equivalent to an MBA, to systematically address
the dearth of environment management skills in India by offering specialize
environment management courses and on-site internships.
In tandem with the mandate of The World Bank project and recognizing that
sustainable development and green management practices are expected to
play a major role in meeting the economic and social needs, Parivartan Club
of IIM Kashipur invites brightest minds in the country to discuss the
challenges and present their ideas for the future through a case study
development competition.

Round 1 (Research paper/ Case study submission)
1. Teams are required to develop an original case study on any topic related
to environment.
2. Teams are expected to conduct a detailed Environment Impact
Assessment (EIA) on the issue identified and also provide ideas and
recommendations to tackle the same.
3. An indicative but not exhaustive list of topics is given below. Participants
are free to choose any topic related to environment based on their interest.

Green public procurement

Waste recycle management
Sustainable business practices
Environmental Impact Assessment, Social Impact Assessment (SIA),
Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA) and Strategic Environmental
Assessment (SEA)
Environmental Laws and Regulation and its impact on businesses.
Environmental Economics
Environment Management and CSR
Climate Risks & Impact Assessment
Financial Institutions and Sustainability Impact Assessment

4. Submission guidelines for case study:

Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12, Line Spacing: 1.5

Page Limit: 15 (inclusive of exhibits)

All references should be clearly mentioned
Plagiarism would lead to disqualification

Round 2 (On the campus)

1. Teams will be short-listed based on Round-1 submissions and invited to IIM
Kashipur campus during Agnitraya 2015. Teams will make a presentation on
the case study submitted.
2. Travel support of AC III would be provided to all teams for travel to and fro.
3. All submissions should be mailed to
4. Evaluation Criteria:

Understanding of the challenge

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Quality of the written Case Study
Feasibility, scalability and sustainability of the solution suggested

1. This event is open to all B-School students.
2. Team members can be from different institutes.
3. A team must consist of 2-3 members.
4. The names of all deliverables should follow the format __AgnitrayaParivartan
5. The subject of the mail should be of the format __Agnitraya-Parivartan
6. Submissions should be mailed to
7. Each team can submit multiple entries for the competition provided they
are on distinctly separate issues/themes.


First Prize: INR 25000

Second Prize: INR 15000
Travel support of AC III for travel of to and fro

1. Registrations open: 1st January 2016
2. Registrations close: 18th January 2016

3. Round 1 Submission Deadline: 11 PM, 18th January 2016

4. Round 2 Presentation (On campus): 24th January 2016

Yashu Yadav (+91 7533903205)