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Human Resources Management (HRM)

be understood by all managers

and entrepreneurs of all types not only Human Resources Personnel
because it can be used as guidance, especially for who want the
opportunity to manage people either for another a firm or other self. This
study is to identify the gap of human resources practices and theory.
There are many managers’ responsibilities for example; all managers are
responsible at least some of activities that fall into the HRM category
because as we know that the managers are play important roles in
selecting, training and motivating of employees, appraising them,
promoting them and forth. So, it can be concluded that the success of
company depends on the success of managers including employers and
also employees. When they do not fully grasp about the importance of
HRM management, resulting business strategies, business plans and
products and services fails. This is because it is very easy to copy a great
business plans, products and services from other company but not for
great personnel. The great personnel can be produced when the
employers know about the HRM completely and practice it. The main point
that wants to show is great personnel can build a great company. It is not
easy to build a success company without a great personnel because
believe it or not, just with a small business company have, it will become
success and popular all over the world when all the organization aware
about the HRM. So, from these studied, we have to prepared one task
about the HRM including how they manage their employees, what they do
to make their employees more marketable and efficient towards the
company and so on..


From “sanitary board”, Alor Setar City administration changed into “Alor Setar Municipal
Board” in year 1958 and then was upgrade to “Local Government District Council” on 1
March 1974, once again upgrade to “ Kota Setar Municipal Council” on 1 February 1978 and
eventually declared as “Alor Setar Municipal Council” on 21 December 2003.
Nearing Alor Setar beginning as a “City” in the month of December 2003, complete its age of
268 years since it was established on 31 December 1735. With this, it is proved that Alor
Setar City is one of the oldest cities in this region.

Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar frame logo’s is based on the Kedah emblem element that placed
at the tip of the logo to symbolize the sultanate. Padi flower stalk element and Setar leaf that
symbolize the setar tree from which the name of Bandar Alor Setar originates. The content of
the logo is Zahir mosque, grand hall and Wisma Darul Aman. While Federal Government


This vision statement means that the Alor Setar Council is always committed to improve the quality of life of its resident in respect to infrastructure. Objective that establishment of the Alor Setar City Council is to prepare and implement municipal service as enshrined in the Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171) with sincerity and integrity. Achieving the vision of a developed Alor Setar City through the transformation of the mind. urban development. Vision of Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar is “Being Integrated Transformation Trough Metropolis City”. These efforts of MBAS will enhance the quality of life for the people. The mission state by MBAS is the “Driving Excellence Alor Setar City Council Based Organization Quality. Immigration. human capital. Among the efforts is by increasing the number of business premises for the purpose of improving the standard of economy and their income. 3 . Custom Islamic Religious Council and others are intended to reduce the crime index. Maritime. Second is the enforce the Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171) and all Alor Setar City Council by laws with prudence and professional. Fourth of the MBAS objective is the create a planed-urbanization environment with consistent action plans through strategic plans. This statement is explain the Alor Setar City Council is ever committed to deliver the best service to its customer and stakeholder particularly within Alor Setar City Jurisdiction. trade facilities. Responsive And Committed To Sustainable Development And Sustainable Town Of The Creating Safe And Prosperous Community”. Third is the implement various municipal service. conductive housing estates environment and public amenities. National Narcotics Agency. misdemeanors and social problem.symbols. security. public facilities. The delivery of its service is continuously improved from time to time and integrated with the latest modern technology based on the Council financial capability. Innovative. economic activities. Collaboration with the enforcement agencies such as Police. health cheerfulness. sustainable development and service delivery by fulfilling client’s satisfaction also one of the MBAS objectives. and housing infrastructure. local plans and variable programs in creating a safe and prosperous city. two tiger as symbolize of authority in administration. Below the logo is Bongor Flowers and shape of the Float. One of the ways used by the MBAS to increase their source of income is by simplifying the process of issuing business license.

within and out of an organization. 2. In Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar. five years strategic plan (2014-2018) was designed to restore the physical structures and stronger governance based on 5 strategic cores (thrusts). strengthen the role of business and industry regulators to increase sustainable city economic development in order to enhance the quality of life of the people. compensating the employees. through the attainment of objectives set. This is to ensure that the people employed by the MBAS is being used as efficiently and effectively toward achieving the vision and mission. training. Thirdly. According to Houston (2015). It is related to staffing function in determining what types of people should be hired. Besides is to improve community infrastructure and facilities towards harmony and prosperity of the people. strengthen the system of municipal planning and development of efficient for driving better quality of life and competitive and also to strengthen the system of governance and promote ICT for enhancing the quality of the service delivery system. A strategic planning involves a set of procedures for making decision about the organization’s long and short-term. training and development employees and evaluating the performance of the employees.MBAS Human Resource Management in MBAS play important role in process of acquiring. appraising and compensating employees. selecting employees setting performance standard.1 HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING HR planning is the process of anticipating and making provision for the movement of people into. Lastly is strengthening the 4 . strategic planning is done based on establishing a long term plan to achieve a specified mission. Firstly.2.0 HUMAN RESOURCE ACTIVIES. attending to their employment relations. three to five years or more. a strategic plan looks over an extended time horizon. In Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar. recruiting prospective employees. health and safety issues.

Within every long term strategic plan. job enrichment is established in this company. These are day to day business operations that set short term goals that provide validation and evidence of success toward achieving the mission of the company. This is because the job seeker understands the needed knowledge. while achieving long-term job satisfaction and performance goals. the job specification and description are provided in their advertisement of finding new employee. continuous monitoring efforts are conducted to ensure garbage is collected according to schedule. In Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar. In Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar.capacity and the capacity of the Council through the cultivation of high-performance work towards organisational excellence. such as self-fulfilment and self esteem. it may lead to creating new innovation for the 5 . there is always committed to improve the quality of life of its residents in respect to infrastructure. In addition. trade facilities. Thus. In this company. the employee’s job is enriched by adding new tasks to the job that require training and growth. there is a short term operational plan to generate or create value. conducting ‘gotong-royong’ at every ‘area officer’ to ensure a more comfortable and peaceful life among the residents. Job analysis is the systematic process of collecting information about all of the parameters of a job. Thus this method will fulfil the high motivational needs of employees. Job enrichment is any effort that makes work more rewarding or satisfying by adding more meaningful tasks to an employee‘s job. 2.2 RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION The recruitment is divide into two that’s internal recruitment and external recruitment. By taking the employee from outside. in order to find the short-listed or the best candidate. conducive housing estates environment and public. the possibility of misplace for the job position will be reduced and prevented. Besides. Among the efforts is by increasing the number of business premises for the purpose of improving the standard of economy and income. duties and responsibilities of a job to be performed. The internal recruitment is the process of taken the employee that already in the organization while for external recruitment is the process taken the employee outside from organization. skills and abilities of the person who is to perform the job by referring to the job specification and they also understand the statement of the tasks.

Then it follow the step in the selection process.3 TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT Training is refer to the methods used to give new or present employees the skill they need to perform their jobs. it will be run the advertisement process. These process follow the step in the selection procedure. But the organization naturally look internally first when it need talent. Internal job postings are a quick way to find qualified employees interested in a position. The employee selection is begin with the job analysis and Job specifications. Taken of employee is based on the gred that offer. These department usually need an employee that has the knowledge. Selection is the process of choosing individuals who have relevant qualifications to fill existing or projected job openings. It’s based on their own department for choosing the employee who will operate the task. but if the posting need a skillful employee. the internal recruiting in MBAS usually occur for general employee or laborer. In MBAS. gred 17 above or profesional post the MBAS will announce of position offered or run advertisements in newspaper and any media according to Mr. 2015. This externally process is apply by the MBAS to employ the employee outside the organization that have qualification and can really fix the existing job opening. the process of selecting the internal employee by posting a notice on a bulletin board in its break room or the news boarding in the department to alert their employee whose are interest to job opening to apply. and other factors (KSAOs) that lead to superior performance. The organization will seek their internal employee first. Rasyidi. abilities. skills. Recruitment of Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar (MBAS) is based on internal and external recruitment. 2. Training might thus mean showing a machinist how to operate his task or 6 . Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar also apply the internally recruitment. The MBAS involve many department such as department of engineer and department of planning and construction. The HR department usually not totally involve in selection of the employee. Besides. the internal recruiting also apply if there have the empty post for position that involve a group of profesional or grade 17 above.organization or as a source of new creativity and latest knowledge. This is because the internal candidates are readily available and its consume lower cost than externally. according to the administrative officer of HR department of MBAS Mr. Rasyidi.

any compensation and appraisal of the organization. The training that held by Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar for its members is minimum seven day per years. the training process will be held if there have the field of work that need to provide training for increase the performance of the employee. it will teach how to interview and appraise employees. and leadership. Rasyidi said the employee that trained will enters the classroom lectures or hall. To succeed as a manager. The MBAS usually use “off the job training” as general training methods. interpersonal relationships. Rasyidi the administrative officer of MBAS. Training used to focus mostly on teaching technical skills. the MBAS vision and mission. This training used “on the job training” methods that the employee or trainees will be in charge by their supervisor or other trainer. its provides new employee with basic background information they need to perform their job satisfactory. The term training is often used casually to describe almost any effort initiated by an organization to foster learning among its members. According to Mr. Under this methods the employee are called to the room like that of classroom to give training by trainer in the form of lectures. selfmotivation. Training’s focus has broadened in past few years.job given by the organization. The employer need to prepare the ways to contribute to an individual employee’s career development and at the same time meet the organization’s HR needs. such as information about the company rules and understand basic process of each department involve in MBAS. to reduce turn over and to facilitate employee learning process. HR specialist of MBAS will explain such matters as working hour. but it also held for new employee. Mr. The develop is needed to be successful as an employee. This training is obligated for each of the employee and supervisor. During interview session. company operation and the safety regulation. Training program can be distinguish as training which tends to be more narrowly focused and oriented toward short-term performance concerns of the employee. The training is not only for existing employee. The employee orientation in MBAS. This method is effectively used for the purpose of 7 . Development tends to be oriented more toward broadening an individual’s skills for future responsibilities. you must achieve still higher level skills in the areas of communication. These orientation process is important to reduce employee anxiety. time management. Human Resource Management Department will ensure that all the new employee involve themselves in this phase as the orientation is actually part of the employer’s new – employee socialization process. if the trainee is the supervisor.

the promotion by the organization is based on employee performance. The outstanding employees have more chance to be promoted if their performance is great. It provides specific hard examples of good and poor performance for explaining the appraisal. This method give an advantages of it can be used for large groups and cost per trainee is low. The appraisal process therefore involve: (1) setting work standards. If the employee's performance is good then the opportunity for promotion is up to 85%. 2. the supervisor and subordinate meet and discuss the latter’s performance using the specific incidents as example. this method has many advantages. the opportunity to get promoted is low. The vacancy of the company is also the position filled by refers to job performance.teaching administrative aspect or on management subject to make aware of producers and to give instruction on particular topic. every 6 months or so. Example of training that usually held by MBAS is safety curriculum. The organization chooses the candidate’s to get the promotion through the annual performance report for the past 3 years. Moreover.4 PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL/ EVALUATION Performance appraisal is defined as evaluating an employee’s current or past performance relative to his or her performance standards. Then. Rasyidi. According to Mr. If the employees working for the MBAS 8 . (3) providing feedback to the employee with the aim of motivating that person to eliminate performance deficiencies or to continue to perform above par. although it is a senior in the company. Mr Rasyidi said that the supervisor will keeps a log of desirable or undesirable examples or incidents of each subordinate’s work-related behavior. If the performance of the employee is low. therefore the rating does not just reflect the employee’s most recent performance. (2) assessing the employee’s actual performance relative to these standards. Using the critical incident method.

the company will provide training to weak employees for 7 days according to the needs and skills of a person. and bonuses. and rewarding jobs of the employees. Every year.5 COMPENSATION AND BENEFIT Employee compensation refers to all forms of pay or rewards going to employees and arising from their employment. As a result. In nonfinancial compensation. the company awarded them with incentives money. commissions. incentives. best website awards and the most honored awards is ‘The Best Municipality’ and ‘The Best Municipal Manager’ by international organization at for at least 13 years. the organization get to know their strength and weakness based on their employees performance. it including employee recognition program. Mr Rasyidi has said. Great Britain which is Europe Business Assembly. During the interview. and non-financial payment that only applied in the MBAS company. 2. and it has two main components. 9 . In employee recognition program. As for outstanding employees. has won many awards in terms of 5S awards. salaries. ISMS( Information Security Management System) awards. For the outstanding employee. mechanically necessary for a company. technically. employees will be recognized based on job evaluation and performance. has high probability to get promotions by the company. and bonuses in order to motivate employee to improve their work performance in the effort to achieve organization’s strategic objectives. the company will provide the incentive money in order to motivate the employee to do best in their job performance. commissions. the organization. There are direct financial payments in the form of wages.

or related medical conditions the same as any employees not able to work. there is a rule known as “Peraturan Perintah Am” that related to discipline problem among staff. and pilgrimage (performing Haj). 2. public holiday. Then. The pregnancy discrimination act requires the employers to treat women affected by pregnancy. 10 . demotion and finally dismissed. with insurance. the report will be accepted from the discipline part and submit to the human resources. Then. child birth. fine. If proven guilty. they can be defined as the mandated and non-mandated benefits program an employee receives for continuing his or her employment with the company. a charge letter will be issued and the offender will be called to face the Disciplinary Board. injuries and death befall them during work. if there is wrongdoing among workers or staff. for example. the company had a family day for every year to appreciate their hard work throughout their performance for a year. annual leave medical.6 IR In MBAS. Every employee in the MBAS company will receive health and life insurance covered by SOCSO (social safety scheme) to provide protection for employees in case of any disasters. depending on the offence. For example. based on the recreational benefits. In non-mandated benefits program. the benefits of retirements require the employees to receive half of their salaries for every month after their retirement.Benefits represent an important part of just about every employee’s pay. In mandated benefits program. payment for time-off include weekend time-off.

Based on practices in Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar.1 HUMAN RESOURCES PLANNING The continuous process that linking the requirement for manpower with the financial and operational plans of the organizations. 3. It is can be carried out in particular time period. Human Resources planning is a process to analyze and identify the need for and availability of human resources so that the organizational can meets its objectives. According to Mathis (2013). they also 11 .3.0 GAP ANALYSIS- HUMAN RESOURCES (HR) PRACTICES VERSUS THEORIES There are several difference between theory and practices in human resources of Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar.

duties and responsibilities of a job. Job specifications is a statement of the essential components of a job class including a summary of the work to performed. Most organizations use a multiple cutoff technique in selection. primary duties and responsibilities. and the minimum qualifications and requirements necessary to perform the essential functions of the job. In the theory.2 RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION OF EMPLOYEE Selection process is to choose the individual who can successfully perform the job from the pool of qualified candidates. and the outcome or performance level it should produce. Meanwhile. and the physical and mental requirements of the people who do it. so there is no gap between theory and practices. and out of an organization. 3. the behaviors. within. While for a job analysis is the systematic process of collecting information about all of the parameter of a job which is it basic responsibilities. skills. With the techniques an applicant must be judged satisfactory through of screening devices such as 12 . the environment and times at which it needs to done. with whom it needs to be done. A job analysis should also outline the tools needed to do job.provide strategic planning which is into the strategic formulation and implementations. human resources planning is the process of anticipating and providing the movement of people into. Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar also provides job specifications and job descriptions to the employees especially for new employee. for the job description is a statement of the tasks.

A tool called a 9 box grid is helping firms. According to the administrative officer of Human Resources department. Same with Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar. and skill inventories and replacement chart.applications forms. When compared to company Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar. and the job tenure to see how it can be used. Besides. the internal recruiting in MBAS usually occur for general employee or laborer. interviews and test. Mr. From that. for external recruitment strategy they used advertisement process when the posting need a skillful employee. specific abilities and skills compensations history. the firm use skills inventories to helps track and employee’s education. The grid helps manager assess appraisal and assessment data to be compiled into a single visual references so they can see both an employee’s actual performance as well as potential performance. no gap is shown in this point. past work experience. selecting the internal employee also by posting a notice on a bulletin board or the news boarding in the department. the internal recruiting also apply if there have the empty post for position that involve a group of profesional or grade 17 above. they did not used that ways to recruiting the employee but only the job posting for internal recruiting. Firstly the internal job postings are quick way to find qualified employees interested in a position by simply post a notice on a bulletin board in its break room. for identify talent through performances appraisal successful performers are often good candidates for a promotion. Based on theory. While from the theory many firms will use advertisements in newspapers. Other than that. it has three ways in recruiting the employee which are internal job posting. vocational interest. Lastly. Rasyidi. identifying talent through performance appraisal. Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar using internal and external recruiting of new employee. job fairs and referrals from current employees to fill 13 . job search websites. Two common type in order to recruitment and selection which are internally and externally. Second.

14 . and the results desired. allows the trainee to show the demonstration on his or her own. there are some difference between the theory and the practices on that company which is they did not applied the job rotation and job instruction technique. and follows up to provide feedback. Other firms will use headhunters or hiring consultants to seek. Job rotation is the process of training employees by rotating them through a series of related jobs while for Job Instructional Technique (JIT) is a Step by step on the job training method in which a suitable trainee prepares a trainee with an overview of the job. In on the job training they just applied the some training program through step by step and also and some assignments to the employee which have decrease in their performance of work. In selection of new employee. In Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar. Besides on that. demonstrates the task or the skill to the trainee. It will make the trainees easily cope with the job and can improve their performance. Both of them include in the on the job training. on the job training and also off the job training.3 TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT Training and development are focused and oriented the short-terms performances and also individual’s skill for future responsibilities of employees. screen and deliver employees for a fee. 3. they applied orientation. Based on that there are some difference between the practices at Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar and the theory. there is no gap between practices and theory because the MBAS follow the selection process.positions. its purpose. This method have similar to the theory which is coaching that helps in quickly identifying the weak areas and tries to focus on them . Some companies will utilize a temporary employee agency to fill positions that can be completed quickly and with less company-specific skill required to complete the desired task.

15 . On the other hands. management by objectives. the Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar applied the Lectures and Conferences which are the traditional and direct method of instruction. this performance appraisal also has the weaknesses such as Halo effect. Moreover. Based on the gab study. critical incident method. They also providing by ways of using films. Based on the interview. paired comparison method. Compare to the theory. 3. They also explained about the working hour. Mr. and simulation and management game. forced distribution method. role playing. any compensation and appraisal of the organization. and presentation to their employee. such as information about the company rules and understand basic process of each department involve in company. This problems can be avoids by supervisory training. Supervisors often rate friendly employees higher than unfriendly employees. for off the job training. behaviorally anchored rating scales. company operation and the safety regulation. this company did not used all the method in the off the job training they just used the lectures in the classroom as the training method while the rest they are not applied it in their company which are case studies.Other than that. computerized and web-based performance appraisal and mixing the methods. alternation ranking method. Rasyidi explained that the company used the method of critical incident method to evaluate their employees. biases of supervisor’s rating of subordinate on one trait and other traits. the vision and mission. there are only several differences in the training methods between the theory and practices.4 PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL/ EVALUATIONS There are many types of appraisal methods that can use such as graphic rating scale method. Every training programe starts with lecture and conference employees are called to the room like that of classroom to give training by trainer in the form of lectures. the company also provide a formal orientation new employee with basic background information they need to perform their job satisfactory. video.

Third is strictness or leniency. the company also have mandated and non-mandated benefits but for non-mandated. the company used financial and non-financial payments to their employees. Direct financial to employees can be made by two ways. incentives. Based on the interview. 3. tendency to rate all subordinate either high or low that severe with graphic rating scales when the firms do not tell the supervisors to avoid rating the employees high or low (Dessler. corrections or educations (anynomous. recreation benefits. financial counselling. There are increments of time and performance.).5 COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS This compensation can be categorized into two which are non-financial and financial that includes direct financial payments such as wages. the company has a “Peraturan Perintah Am” as their discipline policies to avoid their employees from having discipline problems. 16 . Central tendency can be avoid by ranking employees using graphic rating scales because it is impossible to rate them all average. 3. commissions and bonuses and indirect payments such as insurance and vacations. A good disciplinary system resulting from a clear idea of what employer want to accomplish with disciplinary system either it can be perform with punishments.d. the company just focused at a certain thing such as recruitment benefits and family care benefits. holidays and vacation scheme. healthcare.Second is central tendency. transportation services. salary and counselling purpose. medical benefits or psychiatric counselling.6 IR The step that should be considered in facing employee disciplinary problem is by review the company’s disciplinary policy and it might be a good time to develop one if the company do not have one (anonymous. Based on the interview. 2005). a tendency to rating all the employees with the same way (rating all of them average). 2002). n. Mandated benefits program can be include payment for time off. This problem will distort the evaluations and also there were less useful for promotion. Based on interview. Second is non-mandated benefits program which are family care benefits. 2012). food services and many more (Bohlander & snell. The benefits also can be categorised into two which are mandated benefits and non-mandated benefits program. salaries.

The content of the seminar should be able to overcome the problem.4. 4. 4. other weakness in MBSA is the lack of skilled employees. In order to overcome this problem. it will affect the employee’s performance with further will give bad effect to the company such as discipline problem. the new leadership will take a period of time to adapt to the organizational culture and the leadership is not able to lead their employee effectively. The leadership should not to change frequently in an organization by implement a law that restricts this frequently changing. this company should establish a seminar that conducted by trained people to develop employee’s skill. recruitment and selection. performance appraisal.1 HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING The weakness in MBSA is that leadership is always changed.2 RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION 17 . compensation and benefits and occupation safety and health act. Thus. vision and mission of MBAS which are human resource planning.0 RECOMMENDATION There are several recommendation that can be applied in order to achieve objectives. In addition. training and development. This is because.

they also can generally post their opening job on the intranet site. medical exam/drug test and hiring decision.3 TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT First of all. customers. peers. pre-employment tests. self. computer software and new technological systems. Therefore the company should use many ways to attract people for gain interest about the job that the company offers such as in social networking like instagram. reference and background checks. This way will alert their employee interested in a position to apply for the job. This method would be used as a tool to prevent change resistance from employees. it also can save our time and just click on our hand without going to see on the board. MBAS Company should have at least one from the three type of internal recruitment to achieve company mission and objective. identify talent to performance appraisal and skill inventories and replacement chart. The employer also should encourage a learning culture among their employees. This way can help company to recognize individual performance achievements and also to provide performance feedback. This way is easier to people know about the offers and to ensure who deserve to that work. completion of application. Other than that.Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar (MBAS) should apply the three type of the internal recruitment which are internal job posting. employer must follow the proper step of selection process which are submission of resume. Furthermore for external recruitment MBAS only use advertisements for hiring the new employee. They should express to all their 18 . suppliers. to get that accurate and precise evaluation result without bias the manager should use various sources of appraisal such as superior. Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar should organize the skill advancement workshop. and team members. In order to get the best and suitable candidates. interviews. 4. The new and current employees should be integrate a refresher course of an employee’s current skill set and introduce to the new programs. subordinates. Besides on the job posting. Besides that. vendors. twitter and facebook.

Employer also can select high quality instructors to make sure the trainers hired are professional’s educators and their materials capable is short staffed. The new and current employees should be integrate a refresher course of an employee’s current skill set and introduce to the new programs. MBAS also should organize the skill advancement workshop. The employers also should encourage a learning culture among their employees. Employees also can train their selves to critical thinking skills such as process of questioning. for employer it will save time and money which they only relying on the skills and attributes of current employers without the daunting task of training the new employees. Besides that. This case study based on the position of employee in the company. computer software and new technological systems. this is the win-win situation for the employer and employees for the reason that employees will prepare themselves to become more competitive and marketable. Other than that. Thus . the staffed that available have capability to perform the others work or task. Therefore. The employers should express to all their employees that the organizations really care about enhancing their skills and want every worker to remain competitive within their skill of set. this company also can use the case study for each department involve on their training method to ensure the employee get known about the situation and problem that will happened. Not all employees are suitable for this case study. Next. employers should develop a method for cross training employees that is cost effective and not time consuming. So. Meanwhile. this will 19 .employee that organizations really care about enhancing their skills and want every workers to remain competitive their skill of set. Begin with the retraining the employees on the new systems and this method would be used as a tool to prevent change resistance from employees. it also can develop the team problem solving an interaction between them. and interpreting. The employees would have advantage of learning of new skills and this will open the door for promotion opportunities.

4 PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL/ EVALUATION 4. they do not required to use their own money to pay it or when they use their own money to pay the treatment. sense of humor. sincerity. 4.4. Employees who have been evaluated will get to know his/ her weakness and improve it.1 DEVELOPING SELF APPRAISAL VS. Lastly. Then. SUPERVISOR APPRAISAL FORM The improvement of the performance appraisal and evaluation of the company is by developing a separate form for self-appraisal and supervisor. 4. the value added is wiser compared to not qualified instructors. This method also provides opportunities for employees to submit the opinions based on his/her evaluated rating. Generally. adaptability. employer also should select high quality instructors.1 Provides A Dental Treatment As A Benefit Provides a clinic that are built under own company which can be use by the employees that are working for the company. Make sure the trainers hired are professional’s educators and their materials capable to serve as valuable resources in the future. When the employees comes to the clinic for their dental treatment. This allows two-ways communication which has many benefits from it. they are able to claim it with the company because it is the company’s responsibilities to make sure the employees get the benefits 20 . When the training is conduct by qualified trainer. interest and give clear instructions. The characteristics of successful instructors are knowledge on the subject.5.5 COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS 4. it is on the appraisal form completed by both employee and the supervisor prior to the performance interview. the trainee that produces more quality and it will help on the long term goal.increase the morale among the employees and the result can be seen through the performance of each employees.

since they are working for the company. supervisors showed employees a graph with their pre-training safety record plotted. This recommendation makes satisfaction of employees increase when working with the company. The supervisors have to provide training for the new employees and they must be able to do certain things as a result of the training they received. This is especially appropriate for new employees. instead. However.2 DISCIPLINE WITHOUT PUNISHMENT Disciplinary problems in organizations can also be settled without inflicting punishment. Safety posters also help reduce unsafe acts.5.1 SAFETY TRAINING Based on Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the organizational. 4. 4.3 THE COMPANY PROVIDES INSURANCES TO THEIR EMPLOYEES The employees that working for the company will get an employer-paid insurance automatically.6. the company should apply the safety training. No 21 . This approach is known as discipline without punishment. employers should combine them with other techniques like training to reduce unsafe conditions and acts. their use apparently increased safe behaviour by more than 20%.5. posters are no substitute for a comprehensive safety program.6. At a conclusion at training phase. 4.6 OSHA AND IR 4. It can be includes medical insurance and security insurance. They were encouraged to consider increasing their performance to the new safety goal. In one study. The employee will claim with their company when they required it. 4.2 PERSONAL HEALTH DAYS The company provides sick days for employees and they will use it when they want take a break without pretending to be sick for getting a medical leave or without using all their holidays.

If the employee continues to be in-disciplined even after six to eight weeks from this period. Firstly. the boss will again try to correct it by calling the individual to the office for a serious. If another incident occurs even after this. If the incident continues to recur. the following action should be taken. In case of further repetition of the incident. The boss will explain the need for and the purpose of the rules to make sure that the employee understands the same. the employee may be told that it is better for him to look for some other job or line of work. 22 .disciplinary demotions. he should be asked to go home with pay to consider seriously whether he does or does not wish to abide by the company standards. the employee’s services may be terminated. or other forms of punishment should be applied. This conversation may be further confirmed in a letter sent to the employee’s home. In case of disciplinary problems that may consequently give rise to unsatisfactory work performance or break of discipline. the immediate superior will offer the worker a casual and friendly reminder on the job. but friendly chat. the earlier step should be repeated with some variation like verifying from the employee whether he/she dislikes the work. suspensions. At this time he should be informed that recurrence of such behaviour would result in his termination. If that is the case.

knowledge and abilities. administration over employee policies and employee training programs. give companies a competitive advantage and help them meet their goals.0 CONCLUSION In conclusion. The selection will enhance productivity of an organization. management of payroll and benefits. including recruiting talented staff. as well as detailed timetables and metrics to evaluate progress. Training and development of an employees should be derived by all organization as it also will lead the organization to increase it productivity and produce the employees with higher skill. Actually. sure all the company have built their own compensation and benefits for their employees and its depend on their own companies how they want build it. according to Lane (2015). comprehensive human resources plan covers many important goals and responsibilities for businesses. company will get an opportunity to selects the best people to work in the 23 . Performance appraisals are very useful for each of the company all over the world. this compensation and benefits will play important roles for all the companies because they will make it as strategies to attract people to work in the company and from this. Both tactical and strategic needs can be addressed by an HR plan. A strategic HR plan helps a company grow by setting up advanced recruitment and training programs. Then. The employees should be evaluates all the times and their performances will affect the company either the company will become success or fail.5. Recruiting is really important to an organization as it give priorities to existing employees to fill in the vacant position by internally recruitment and external recruitment may lead to creating new innovation for the organization or as a source of new creativity and latest knowledge to an organization. High-quality employees can increase productivity.

cfm. New Jersey: Pearson Education. G..When and How Discipline Employees. lnc.aspx. South-Western: Cengage ( Retrieved from http://www. Management. Upper Saddle River. May 24). To get more efficient employees. In addition. the company needs to provide something that interesting for the employees such as more benefits and rewards that they will get when work in the company and many more. (2005). maybe the company will produce the employees that are not efficient and not marketable. Without this.d. (2003).com/article/78508. Human resources Management. Displining Your Workesr Requires a Legally . This is because. 24 . Principles of Human Resource Management.Sound Policy i BizFiling George W. Besides that. the employers should know that the company are not success without a good employees’ behavior. REFERENCES Dessler. each of the company should have their own rules to make sure all the employees free from disciplines problems.). their attitudes will reflects how the success of the company. Snell.entrepreneur.bizfilings.Bohlander and Scott A. Sample Policies on Common HR Topics l HR Policies and Employment Legislation l HR Toolkit l hrcouncil. Business . Retrieved from http://www. (2012. (2013).ca/hrtoolkit/direct-benefits. Retrieved from http://hrcouncil.


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