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Giving Titles to Paragraphs/Stories Listened To


Learning Objectives
 Give titles to paragraphs/stories listened to
 Write titles of paragraphs correctly


Subject Matter
A. Topic:
B. References:
C. Materials:

Giving Titles to Paragraphs/Stories Listened to
Writing Titles of Paragraphs correctly
“Nutrients in Food”
PELC Listening 5
Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos p. 3
tape recorder

Value Focus: Good health habits


A. Preparatory Activities
1. Call on a few pupils and let them write on the board the food they
like to eat during recess.
2. Ask:
a. What can you say about the food listed on the board?
b. Which of these are nutritious foods?
c. What makes them nutritious?
B. Development of the Lesson
1. Call on some pupils to read the paragraphs and instruct the others to
listen attentively. Set the standards for listening.
2. Have the readers read the paragraph below.
Nutrients are chemical substances present in foods that keep
the body healthy, supply materials for growth and repair of
tissues, and provide energy for work and physical activities.
The major nutrients include the macronutrients namely
proteins, carbohydrates, and fats; micronutrients vitamins such as
A, D, E, and K; the B complex, and Vitamin C. Minerals are
calcium, iron, iodine, zinc, fluoride, and water.

What does the paragraph say about nutrients? What are contained in the food nutrients? What are macronutrients? Where can we get them? What are micronutrients? Where do you find them? Why are these nutrients needed by the body? 2. b. Why do you say so? Let one pupil write on the board the best title given by the pupils. 2. have your pupils listen to these paragraphs. Ask: Was the title written correctly? Values Integration Ask: Do the foods you eat contain the nutrients we have studied? What should you remember when choosing the food you eat? Why should you eat these nutritious food or foods that are rich in nutrients? What do you think will happen if we lack the necessary food nutrients? Generalization 1. What is our basis for giving the best title to a paragraph?  The best title is based on the topic or main idea of the paragraph. c. (If a tape recorder is not available. Ask the following comprehension questions. Then ask them to give possible titles and choose the best one from the given titles. Call on one pupil to identify the key sentence of the paragraph and then let him/her read it. Post Activities Application Using a tape recorder (if available). 4.Analysis and Discussion 1. a.) . Ask: a. d. just call on a good reader to read the paragraphs aloud to the class. How do we write titles?  The first word of the title and the other important words should begin with capital letters. C. e. What do you think is the best title for the paragraph? c. 3. What is the paragraph all about? b.

call on a member from each group to present their answers by writing their titles on the board and then explaining why they came up with such titles. Or you might want to fly in an air-conditioned mall. Then it flows out at one spot called a spring. 2. Member 2 will give the topic of the paragraph based on the given key sentence. After the groups have done the activity. How wonderful it would be to be able to float in the air at will! Instead of being in a hot car or a bus caught in a traffic jam. there is failure of development in infants and children or loss of body tissues in adults. 2. The water cuts a groove or bed in the ground.1. Holding on the armrest of our sofa. You would be your own personal airplane and could go wherever you wanted to go. he falls many times before making two steps. Note: For additional exercises. people considered a small amount of pepper valuable in some countries. Historical records tell of ransoms being paid with this seasoning. When dietary protein is deficient. My little brother is just learning how to walk by himself. Nevertheless. use ELSA 2004 tapes on “Giving Titles to Paragraphs. you could fly to a mountain where the air is cool and clear. Long ago. Water from the rain and melting snow collect under the ground. Enrichment Group the pupils into fours. Proteins are essential for the growth and repair of body tissues since they constitute the major part of the body’s building blocks. 1. Rivers start as springs. Then Member 1 will give the key sentence. Each group will choose a leader who will read aloud these paragraphs to the other members. the undaunted tot continues his efforts with added determination. where you could stay cool for a few hours.” . 3. Member 3 will give the best title to the paragraph read and then write it on a piece of paper to be checked by the other members.

the island had been badly damaged. By morning. The human body needs more than 40 different nutrients for good health. Assignment Listen to a news report on health or health habits over the radio or on TV newscasts. Then have them write a title for each paragraph on a piece of paper. a typhoon struck the island of Masbate. 2. Eat a variety of foods to provide all the nutrients required in the proper amount and balance. I chose the big drinking glass for Papa. V. It will take months to rebuild what the typhoon destroyed. 1. Evaluation Read the following paragraphs while pupils listen attentively. No single food can provide all the nutrients in the amounts needed.IV. 3. Yesterday at twilight. Write the titles of the given news. I ran home calling his name. I was ten years old when I won in one of the games during our town fiesta. . All night long the storm swept in from the sea. When I was asked what prize I wanted from the displayed items. I was so happy to give him a gift.