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Lisa Young
16 November 2015
Beautiful Minds: The Psychology of the Savant
The intriguing endlessness of the mind in autistic people, suggest the
question “Do we all have the ability to possess the genius ability that Savants do?
Some studies suggest that might be possible!” In the documentary “Beautiful
Minds: The Psychology of the Savant” narrator Ben Gash describes a wide variety of
autistic people who have been studied for years. Experts have adapted the name
“Savants” also known as “the knowing ones” or “Specialist” for these geniuses.
Neuroscientists explain that Savant thinking is similar to a pitch dark room
with a shallow bright light shining in back of the room. The dim light in Savant
minds are considered the origins of where the Savant mental specialties lie. Many
Savants cannot fully function on daily life tasks without assistance, these tasks
include: taking a shower, eating, grooming, and most of all multi-tasking.
Kim Peek, the original Rain Man, was one of the first of many unique Savants
to be studied; they are currently still conducting precise tests on his mentally
capacity today. Peek’s father, Fran Peek claims going to the library daily has allowed
“Kim [to memorize] over two-thousand books, after only reading one time.” Kim
Peek has many extraordinary specialties including, reading two pages of a book at
once, Peek has the ability to read the left page of a book with his left eye, and the
right page of the book with his right eye. He once read a book in fifty-three seconds

is an acquired Savant meaning not born a Savant. Gamm holds to record for calculating numbers to the powers of fifty. is that he can recall what day of the week a date falls on. In addition to this. also known as the calendar Savant from Virginia. a mathematical and memory Savant. he could not write until the age of nine. When the researcher asked him how he was able to recall all the information. Sorrell was able to tell him the day of the week. and what he did that day. the weather. and an advisor to various managers.Young 2 and had a recall score of an easy ninety-seven percent. his first words he wrote were pen and paper. and pi to five-thousand decimal points. eight trigonometry functions. calendar Savant. but suddenly became one due to a stroke or epileptic fit. it just comes to me. he merely quoted “I don’t think about it. Sorrell’s specific specialty. Gamm goes into details and describes “Since I was a child.” Throughout his life Gamm has trained. and pushed himself to go above and beyond any records held by any mathematical geniuses. is also known as the human walking calculator. I had a numerical grid in my head where I can fill in what I had learned. Sorrell could not explain. As far as Gamm can remember." Scientists believe he is the living proof and the firm evidence we all have the ability to acquire unbelievable knowledge. Currently. A researcher conducting a test gave Sorrell randomly selected dates. Sorrell is also able to tie what he specifically did that day. Peek’s large mental database holds over twelve thousand books. Ruediger Gamm. as well as what the weather was like. he had an extraordinary gift. He now makes a living as a mind coach. Although Peek possessed this ability. He is able to calculate extraordinarily large numbers. To this day. Orlando Sorrell. but how? Before Sorrell was hit in the head with a .

Young 3 baseball. his life was pretty ordinary. Although. Savants show almost extraterrestrial talents for mathematics. It also contributes the fact that although autistic people might have a disability some of them contribute to society. The reaction some viewers would have to this is an emotional amazement. or left in awe over the astounding results the Savants displayed. why does our brain naturally suppress our ability to maintain daily knowledge? Why are Savant’s brain hardwired differently than a normal person? The rhetorical situation that stood out the most in the videos is Pathos. some Savants cannot handle loud noises. The question now arises. they appear to be fragile when compared to normal people. or even the fact of being touched. caring for themselves. Some aspiring scientists or researchers who might have some insight on the subject might fall into the category of the audience as well. they Savants were calculating the problems in their heads. Many normal people feel some type of sympathy towards autistic people. crowded areas. it was only until after he suffered a concussion from the hit of the ball. music. The audience this video was aimed towards is mainly to be informative to normal people. He did not possess any of the unlimited mental memory before. Autistic people rely mainly on family members throughout their entire life. or obscure knowledge. arts. such as. they analyze business data statistics to economically enhance companies . and people who received news a family member are potentially autistic. Pathos was also demonstrated when researchers were conducting the tests.

the video was eye opening and informative of Savants capabilities. To this day. The video focused on the studies of why Savants possess specific knowledge on specific subject. professors. . researchers. and at times it was mouth-dropping. and how they unknowingly contribute to the world. and about autistic people.Young 4 In conclusion. The studies provided in the video were very interesting. The video described the overall goal of these studies could possibly result in our inner geniusness becoming reality. The answers the Savants were giving to the huge outrageous number problems the testers were giving were out of this world. and scientists are still in the process of unlocking the brain’s unique natural suppression of the endless capacities we are all capable of.