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Job Description

General Statement of Duties:
The Municipal Manager shall serve as the chief administrator for all the municipal departments and
personnel. The Municipal Manager is employed by and reports to the Boards of Selectmen and Village
The two Boards will formally evaluate the performance of the Municipal Manager on a regular basis
according to this job description.

I. Qualifications
1. A four-year degree in Public Administration or Business Administration is desirable. Relevant
management experience is required.
2. Knowledge of the laws, ordinances and other requirements governing local governments and
utilities is required.
3. General management skills are required, including the ability to:
1. Organize, direct and coordinate the activities of the several departments of the Northfield
2. Effectively delegate responsibility.
3. Effectively evaluate the work of municipal employees.
4. Establish and maintain amicable and effective working relationships with municipal
officials, employees and citizens of Northfield.
5. Express ideas effectively, orally and in writing.

II. Duties and Responsibilities
A. General
1. The Municipal Manager shall serve as provided in Chapter 37, Title 24, of Vermont
Statutes Annotated and perform such other lawful duties as may be assigned from time
to time by the two Boards.
2. In all matters the Municipal Manager shall be subject to the direction and supervision and
shall hold office at the will of the two Boards.

Preparation of the Town and Village reports. Assist in promulgating and enforcing Board policy. 7. other Agencies and the two Boards. Applications for various Federal and State Funds for which the municipalities may be eligible. Correspondence for the two Boards. 3. Purchasing agent for major purchases. 4. Risk manager for the municipalities. General Administration: 1. as necessary. sewer. Board Administration 1. 2. 2. Supervision of the highway. Responsibilities: 1. 8. 2. police. Coordination of joint Board meetings as required. . including tax contracts and contracts for services in lieu of taxes. Preparation of the agenda and related materials for all meetings of the two Boards. 6. State and private corporations. 4.B. Clerks. Ombudsman for the two Boards. along with recommendations for proposed action and alternatives. as authorized. Coordination of information between the municipal Treasurers. 5. Negotiation of various contracts with Federal. federal and other agencies. Maintenance and repair of municipal property. electric and other departments of the Town and Village. 5. fire. 6. Representative agent for the municipalities in meetings with state. water. as directed. ambulance. 9. 3. Presentation of a bi-monthly report on various projects to the two Boards.