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October 2013

Department of English
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas 78712-1164
Curriculum Vitae
St. Anne's College, University of Oxford, England
D.Phil. (Ph.D.), 1977
Dissertation: "The Politics of W. B. Yeats." Director: R. D. Ellmann
M.A., 1972
B.A. (Honors), English Literature, Congratulatory First, 1969
Chair, Department of English, 2006-present
Jane Weinert Blumberg Chair in English Literature, 2011-present
Jane and Roland Blumberg Centennial Professor in English Literature, 2001-2011
University Distinguished Teaching Professor, 1999-present
Professor, Department of English, 1994-present
Associate Professor, Department of English, 1988-94
Assistant Professor, Department of English, 1982-88
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of English, 1979-80
Professeur Associé, Université de Paris III, Sorbonne Nouvelle, 2005
Professeur Associé, Université de Paris IV, Sorbonne, 2000
Director, English Department Oxford Summer Program, 1998-99
Associate Director, English Department Oxford Summer Program, 1997
Professeur Associé, Université de Paris X, Nanterre, 1990
Director, Yeats International Summer School, Sligo, Ireland, 1988-90
Associate Director, Yeats International Summer School, Sligo, Ireland, 1985-87
Associate Professor, English, Lancaster University, England, 1977-82
Assistant Professor, English, Lancaster University, England, 1974-77
Joanna Randall McIver Research Fellow, St. Anne's College, Oxford, 1971-73
Junior Lecturer, St. Catherine's College, Oxford, 1970-71
Tutor, International Graduate Summer School, Exeter College, Oxford, 1970-74

" Spring 1997. University of Texas English Department Best Research Paper Prize: “Evil. Gender And History In Yeats's Love Poetry named a Choice Outstanding Academic Book. 1984-85. President's Associates Teaching Excellence Award: 1994. Summer. 1990-91. Association of Graduate Students of English Teaching Excellence Award: 1989. Humanities Institute Faculty Fellow. Ireland’s Others: Ethnicity and Gender in Irish Literature and Popular Culture (Cork: Cork UP. for lifetime contributions to Yeats Studies. Fall 2001. Fulbright Travel Grant. (American Conference for Irish Studies Rhodes Prize). Institute of Instructional Technology (IITAP) Gold Award: "Teaching with Technology: Masterworks of British Literature. "Eyes of Texas" Teaching Award: 1993. Yeats Society of New York. 2001). 1987. 2002. University of Notre Dame.Elizabeth Butler Cullingford Curriculum Vitae HONORS/GRANTS: National/International Carole and Gordon Segal Visiting Professorship of Irish Literature at Northwestern University. Fall 1995. Elected Visiting Associate. Boston College. and Notre Dame UP. English Department Teaching Fellowship: 1987-88.L. Spring 2006.” Spring 2011 Faculty Research Awards: Fall 1989. University College Galway. National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship. 1992. Cambridge University. Clare Hall." 2003. 1979-80. Co-op Best Research Paper Award: "Romans and Carthaginians. 1998. England. College of Liberal Arts: Spring 2004. American Conference for Irish Studies Robert Rhodes Prize for Books on Literature for Ireland’s Others: Ethnicity and Gender in Irish Literature and Popular Culture. Culture. M. Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Grant: 2000. 2 . 304 pp. Academy of Distinguished Teachers: 1999. PUBLICATIONS: Books: The Only Child in a Crowded World: Literature. or Doubt. 2005 (Declined). Visiting Fellowship. Burns Visiting Chair in Irish Studies. Sin.Rosenthal “Golden Apple” Award. 2001. Irish American Cultural Institute Fellowship to Galway. 2002. 1993. O’Donnell Distinguished Visiting Professorship. University Research Institute Summer Research Award: 1983. 2006 (Declined). Spring 1996. and the Environment (in progress).

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1913-1936.D. UT Austin]." 2013 [Postdoctoral Lecturer. 1900-1923 and 1968-2000 PH. English and American Shakespearean Comedy British Women Writers Postwar British Literature Irish Classics in a Colonial and Post-colonial Context Shakespeare in Performance Contemporary British Literature Modernism Humanities version of E307 Postwar British Literature Plan II Conference Course Literature. CANDIDATES & HONORS THESES SUPERVISED Ph./M. Rising. . 1945 to Present Culture in Crisis: Literature and Politics in Contemporary Northern Ireland Screening Ireland: Film. Film.Elizabeth Butler Cullingford Curriculum Vitae 11 Reactions to Modernism: Postwar British Literature The Politics of Cultural Nationalism: The Irish Literary Revival Love Poetry: Gender and Genre Literature and Politics in Contemporary Northern Ireland Irish Women's Writing Plays and Politics: Modern Irish Drama and Film Irish Poetry: The Politics of Form Screening Ireland: Film. Culture and Society in Britain. Revisions Irish Classics Modern(ist) British Poetry Undergraduate: E 307 E 603A/B E 314K E 312M E 316K E 321 E 343L E 362L E 371K E 379 E 679HA E 679HA HMN 303 TC 301 TC 325 TC 357 Literature and Composition World Literature and Composition Introduction to Literature I Masterworks of English Literature.s (and Placement) Charlotte Nunes (with Snehal Shingavi): “'This Novel Social Fabric': Transnational AntiImperialism and British Literary Modernity.D. 19th & 20th Centuries Masterworks of English Literature (British) Shakespeare Backgrounds To Modernism British Novel after 1920 Contemporary Poetry. Culture and Identity Troubles in Ireland: Literature. Culture and Identity The Only Child: Literary Representations Ireland: Revival. Politics.A.

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