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Mount Baker View

ISSUE 243, MAY 2015

2811 Mt. Rainier Drive S.




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get acquainted with the You may have heard about the Clubhouse Capital Project. loved clubhouse is overdue for general refurbishment and crucial put on your creative hats and join us for our first Corks & Canvas. Please consider giving from your heart to the clubhouse. development@mountbaker. manager@mountbaker. and enjoy some delicious food. estimated $800. YOUR MBCC BOARD Officers: PRESIDENT/BOARD CHAIR Judith Yarrow. too. ties at the Clubhouse. for a bustle of activi. You join the monthly community meetSpring is popping out all over the neighborhood. reminding me SECRETARY Bill Davis. In April we kicked off our capital campaign to raise an es Wine and Painting Night on May Clubhouse Staff: Joe Kadushin Mary Joy Lopez Kristen Myers Rory Deen 2 The View: Vatsala Isaac – Editor-in-Chief Gaelan Kelly – Layout and Design Scott Macphee – Copy Editing/ Production Management . The Annual Neighborhood Potluck on May 16 is a wonderful way to meet neighbors.time and contributing to our annual fund campaign. governancechair@mountbaker. Dear is our legacy from the original residents of Mount Baker.repairs. This is the season.000 to accomplish this refurbishment. And if you haven’t heard. You come to ZONING. you donate so generously by volunteering your once again how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful—and fra. This buildour Neighborhood Networking Happy Hours on the last Thurs. Our beCommunity M. the heart of our neighborhood. clubhousechair@mountbaker. LAND USE. president@mountbaker.NEWS OF THE MOUNT BAKER COMMUNITY CLUB President’s Corner WHAT A WONDERFUL PLACE TO LIVE By Judith Yarrow.YOU for making all of these great events happen. day of the month are the place to see and be DIRECTOR OF PROGRAMS & MARKETING Erin Committees: COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE CHAIR Ann Beeman. Most of all. MBCC Board Chair How do we make this all happen? Put simply: Because you PARKS & OPEN SPACE COMMITTEE CHAIR Zach Fleet. secretary@mountbaker. SCHOLARSHIP FUND REPRESENTATIVE Judy McBroom Board Members at Large: Ben Blakey Zach Fleet Jim Kleckner Mark Temmel Mike Brosius Dawn Counts DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS Megan Haile.L. VICE PRESIDENT & CLUBHOUSE COMMITTEE CHAIR Peter Greaves. communicationschair@mountbaker. ebruce@mountbaker. Grab a DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE CHAIR Diane Schachter. PLANNING & TRANSPORTATION CHAIR Jin Lee. We thank grant—part of GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE CHAIR pro tem Lee Stanton. KING TREASURER & FINANCE COMMITTEE CHAIR Bart Wilson. and its refurbishment is our renewal of that legacy to future residents. ZLUPTchair@mountbaker. parkschair@mountbaker.

May 22 • 7:00 PM • We’ll have games and activities for the whole family. All skill levels are welcome from beginning painters PCC Natural Markets will be providing the main Grab your friends and neighbors and join us for a night of wine Come meet your neighbors at this wonderful community event! and painting. MOUNT BAKER YARD SALE • Closing out a year of events celebrating 100 years of the Club. MBCC Director of Programs and Marketing SPRING POTLUCK & CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION Saturday. Maps are available the morning of the Yard Sale at the Clubhouse and on our website. We organize the map and create driving and walking tours to maximize your Yard Sale shopping. August 9 • 3:00 – 7:00 PM PCC Natural Markets. Pedersen’s Event Rentals.Saturday. GBK Realtors Fionnuala O’Sullivan & Mark Potvin. side dish or dessert to share. We plan on filling the boulevard with summer fun. We are going to have persones and our wonderful tango instructor. Come join us! 3 . this is the perfect event for you. Everyone is invited! We’ll fire sign Group.00 per person Register: Reserve your spot at www. be here providing dance instruction. We’ll have a special display of Mount Baker history & an interactive storyboard inviting you to contribute your stories to the history of the Clubhouse and the neighborhood Beverages will be provided and there will be a hosted bar serving beer & wine.MountBaker. as well as wine and light appetizers. June 6 • 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM house. Everyone is guaranteed to have fun! A skilled instructor guides you step-by-step through our session’s featured a salad. Elizabeth Rogers. ConsignLux. Please bring to seasoned artists. the annual potluck will double as the official Centennial Celebration.vard for a neighborhood barbecue. We provide everything you need for your painting. 2015 CELEBRATE SPRING AND SUMMER AT THE CLUBHOUSE By Erin Bruce. We’ll have a treasure hunt throughout the whole Clubhouse for the kids. up the grills and cook up hot dogs and hamburgers (both meat and no-meat kinds) and set up games for the kids. Pilates and Physical Therapy. Best of all—admission is FREE! Just pay what you can and bring a side dish to share. will a blast. and Hoffman De.It’s the end of Seafair. Register: Go to www.NEWS OF THE MOUNT BAKER COMMUNITY CLUB for May. and we are closing down Mount Baker Boulestruction. Dozens of households join our annual yard sale. Kohl Con. As well as a whole conference room filled with games & fun. If you think you can’t even draw • This year’s Potluck will feature live Cuban dance music by The Sua stick figure.MountBaker. Cost: $40. May 16 • 6:00 – 10:00 PM AN EVENING WITH CORKS & CANVAS to register your Yard Sale SUMMER NEIGHBORHOOD BBQ A big thank you to our sponsors for making this event possible: Sunday. Travis Boothe. painting.

and students will receive up to $10. We are also incredibly grateful for volunteers who work behind the scenes each year to make this Scholarship possible. we awarded three students $250 each. Thank you all for donating your time. 2015 MLK JR. Scholarship Committee As we took in the vernal equinox on March 20.NEWS OF THE MOUNT BAKER COMMUNITY CLUB for May. Our success would not be possible without you! What started as a grassroots effort to honor Dr. This year we hit our goal of $100. Scholarship Fund. energy.000. Daisha Abercrombie Seattle Urban Academy Chiem Saeturn Franklin High School Leoncie Bizimana Franklin High School Nathanael Solomon Garfield High School Caroline Dorvilien Garfield High School Eden Tassaw Franklin High School Justin Ferrer Franklin High School Shyheem Trowell Garfield High School De’Quan Flight-Roberson Interagency School Tuesday Villanueva Cleveland High School Elizabeth Gray Bishop Blanchet High School Maria Isabel Vicente Dominguez University Prep High School Lexus Morgan Highline High School Jose Rodriguez Chief Sealth High School 4 Naomi Zemeadim Garfield High School . we have awarded deserving students who are underrepresented on college campuses money toward college attendance. We say “Thank you!” to individual donors like you and to Pepsi and QFC. That first year. nearly 200 neighbors gathered at the Mount Baker Community Club to celebrate fifteen spectacular high school seniors who were this year’s recipients of the Martin Luther King Jr. For 31 years. King initially raised $750. and resources. Our mission continues today in that same spirit on a much larger scale. We have thrived for 31 years because of the generous spirit of the Mount Baker community. SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED TO FIFTEEN SENIORS By Jerry Morales and Bob Walston. Join me in applauding the young and talented recipients of the 2014 Martin Luther King Jr. Our community-based program is the largest scholarship of its kind in the United States. Scholarship.000 each to attend the college or university of their choice. Martin Luther King Jr.

G Alec Rosen. Alex & Jill Rosenberg. Dennis & Beth Weisbach. Paul & Sarah Cole. Moira M & Lee Daneker Gatton. The list below reflects gifts received through March 28. Kristin & Steven Scott Hufbauer. Thompson. Aaron & Kate Daugherty Katz. Robert & Peggy Riser. Patrick Kennelly. Beth & Rayburn Lewis Vergeront. Martha & Ken Mostow Stremick. Judy Rosoff Jr. Todd W Snapp. James & Sherry Richardson Moore. Nancy Stanton. Kathryn In Honor of Art Schneider & Family Fackler. Lance & Jalyn Laster. Theresa-Ann Clay. Betty & Janet Helson MacGowan. Uri & Jackie Fradkin Sims. Melinda Robinson. Donald & Esther Neff. Mark & Jeniphr Breckenridge Sharp. Jim & Jane Smith. John & Lee Neiman. Garth & Druella Stelling Jeff & Katherine Hoerster Stolzman. Anne L Ericsen. Emily A Everlove. Noriko & Doug Panther.. David E Parker. Evy & Jan Hirschmann McFarland. Leland & Lisa Konick Shelton. Andrew & Sharon Microsoft Gifts Program Millard. Robbie & Leo Butzel Reuter. Mark & Nancy Kline. Gerald & Mildred Ott. Cameron & Tori Reaber. Robert P Kuskin. Tim & Margaret Pielage. MD. Michael & Sue Hott. Margie Katz. 2015 2014 MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. Diane Stein. Elizabeth & Nick Wagner Poll. Virginia & James Rowlands Roetman. Judy Pope. Phillip B Lang. Marie Peterschmidt. Kenneth & Pamela Echentile. Harvey & Sandra Lew-Hailer Hard. Gary & Vicki Goldstein. Robert Ellington. Ellen & Neal Stevenson Lane. Margaret & Marschel Paul Taylor. Richard Paturick Foundation In Memory of Kazkuto Kia Mikami. Robert Karp. Debbi & John Wurfel. Karl & Sally Iannucci. Andy & Donna Stringer Rice. Amy & Todd True Kovnat. Jackson & Maxine Weyant Schneider. Roger & Heidi Bushley. Art & Kim Street Sedlik. Karin & Christopher Smith Holtzen. Kari & Brennan Cordial. If your name has been omitted in error. Jane & Tom Zilly Nord. Paul Nelson. Your generosity means so much to us! MLK Scholarship Donors Abramson. Ben & Joyce Youtz Chris R & Nancy Dabney Youtz In Memory of Maury Diane Sharp Brown. Walter Peters. Karen & Steve Boyle. Jeffrey L & Joseph J Fugere Lines. Stella Chung. Martha Follis. please contact Bob Walston. Bob & Jenifer Kates. L. Mike & Julie William McQuinn. Lynn & Craig Shrontz 5 . Robin & Bruce Quayle Fredrickson. Janice McBroom. Patricia R Okamoto. Jan & Whit In Memory of Doug McBroom Griffith. Anna-Maria Degasperi. Annie Rosen. Karen & Mark Hill Rooke. William Porter. Lori L & Jay F Mulherkar. Amy & Zoe & Chris Beer Adobe Allstate Giving Campaign Anderson. Carolyn & Mark Houser. T Jeffrey & Martha Noerr Kelly. Jim & Sasha Harmon Dunnam. Kathleen & Rory Letzing. Scholarship committee thanks everyone who contributed to support our college-bound seniors. Terence The Boeing Company The Merck Foundation The Seattle Foundation Thompson. Luke Glant. & Helen Crampton Wilson. Jr. Walt & Maggie Cary. Stephen & Susan Lichtenberg Kunreuther. Margaret Monroe. Linda Carr. Neal & Barbara QFC. Jeanne & Terry Holme Jacoby. Steve Fulton. Patrick & Kris Gulbran Pine. Lawrence & Hylton Harper. Mark & Ginny In Memory of Sandy Monroe McDonald. James & Katherine Hill. Cyrus & Ann Merryfield Dahl. Katherine M Yip. Janet McKinstry. Barbara L Morales. David & Connie Standish de la Fuente. John & Linda Thompson. Bill & Jean Rosenast. Philip & Linda Keane. Carol Hetherington. 2015. Richard & Sharon Reynolds. Jim & Joanne Myers Clark. Fred Meyer. Dennis & Kathleen Sutro. Peter & Dean Allan Pereyra. Brian & Karen Mead. Becky Brown. Page & Maureen Jungerhans. Julie Wagner. Curtis & Sara Waterman Diklich. Patricia & Craig Manes. Lynn & David Tauben Goodman. Barry & Jean Straley. Lee & Elizabeth Steen. SCHOLARSHIP FUND DONORS The MLK Jr. Mary Cannon. MD Kiviat. Kenneth Hirschfeld. Morris & Gail Schmidt. & Kroger Foundation R. Erick & Andrea Lundquist. Alan & Kristin Cairns. Van & Denise Noland. Michael Fox.S. Len & Gretchen Rossmeissl. Shirley Peter & Jennifer Coleman Foundation Collins. Jerry & Jennifer Morris. Joseph & Jill McManus. David & Charlotte Jenner. Gail C & Mark Wittow Gjurasic. Sara & Richard Gelinas Upton. Nancy & John Rowley. Alan & Ardy Berk. Carol Montague. Mary & Jim Eakes. Darcy & Tom Leavitt Haberman. Gerhard & Eunice Levine. Adam & Gene Middaugh Kosterlitz.M. Bob Wechsler. Janet Rinne. Wlliam & Susan Goralnick Katahira. Matthew & Amy Cole. John & Susan Cast. Kate & Jim Grutz Brown.NEWS OF THE MOUNT BAKER COMMUNITY CLUB for May. Mark Fitzhugh. Priscilla & Ken Johnson Fleet. Sandi & Marcus Rempel Fawcett. Shirish & Anne Mumford. Earl & Chayl Kay Seese. Kari & Jory Oppenheimer Bader Martin P. Harry & Lauren Bush. Donald & Barbara McCroskey. Deb & Ed Parks Douglas. Jenny & Adam Palmer. boblilwalston@yahoo. Charles & Susan Lanning. Hugh & Linda Straley. Bergman. Florence & Eve McClure Petersen. Jacob & Connie Burke Finkelstein. Robert & Karen Bohmke Lewis. Connie & Chuck Moriarty Walston. Stacey & John Ostermann McInerney. Lorna Fox. Ted & Patricia Connor. Peter & Linda Darby. Thomas & Raji Venkateswaran Ciecko. Dan Laughery. Danene Mirman. Jonetta & Bob Papsdorf Tazioli. Kris In Honor of Marie Peters Ristig. Steve & Cynthia Crumbaker. Audrey & Marge McGinty Hailer. Beth & David Jahn. Sharon Hershman. Kimberly & John Dollard. William & Willemijn De Clercq Shrontz Family Foundation Silberstein. 2014 through March 16. Ron & Carol Topacio Skrivan. Tom & Linda Mouser. Wendell P Foley. Pam & Greg Morris. Jennifer & Elizabeth Franklin Chemnick. Stephen & Susan Kocik Marsh. Robert D McElmeel. Barbara Weibling. Cheryl Pope. Gina & Greg Cryst. Vince & Teresa Cockburn. Jason & P. James & Lani Pepsi Bottling Group Pereira. Bonnie Black Family Foundation BlackRock Charitable Giving Committee Block/Leavitt Foundation Boone. Patty Children Count Foundation Chivers. Craig & Nancy Acher. Joshua & Anne Petersen. Sharon & John Oppenheimer. Young Company Ragen. Judy & Ira Rushwald Lackerman.

org. Now get outside and play! . email ebruce@mountbaker. 6 WANT FREE RANGE FRIENDS? Register at FreeRangeFriend. dates. Free Range Kids also needs parents and adults from the neighborhood. We will be organizing free and freeform meetups for kids from all over Mount Baker Tuesday and Thursday afternoons all summer. We will keep you posted on upcoming times. 1:00 – 4:00 PM at Mount Baker Park To register your child with our database of Free Range Kids. don’t you? In an era of endless planned “playdates. Dear Editor. 2015 FREETO BE FREE RANGE KIDS By Erin sadly. Take this letter from neighbor Delaney Connor. I am a current resident of the Mount Baker neighborhood in south Seattle. It lets you find playmates with ages and interests that match your child’s. email ebruce@mountbaker. we have been asking ourselves.” kids don’t often just “go outside and play” like we did when we were growing up. and am writing you to share my concern about the relationships neighborhood children have with one another… I would like to express to all of Seattle just how sad it is that kids growing up in the same areas don’t have many chances to get to know one another… All of my life. June 16. MBCC Director of Programs and Marketing Once in a while. organizing games of hide and go seek and kick the can or putting on plays for each other. kids these days don’t know each other. and locations at the park. No addresses are given out. my parents have told my siblings and me stories of how they used to play with their neighbors. It’s for anyone whose parents feel they are old enough and responsible enough to play on their own. Here at the Mount Baker Community Club. Times and locations will vary. To register. As a result. Even during unstructured. unsupervised to connect with other parents who have free range kids. And kids like knowing they can turn to an adult or knock on someone’s door when they need help. at the beach or along the boulevard.NEWS OF THE MOUNT BAKER COMMUNITY CLUB for May. But until now I haven’t realized how much things have changed… This issue has led me to think. explore the neighborhood in packs and find adventure unsupervised. it helps to know trusted adults are around keeping an eye on the neighborhood. It’s safe and secure. how can I fix this? You recognize Delaney’s story. “How can WE fix this?” That gave us a great idea: MOUNT BAKER FREE RANGE KIDS Free Range Kids is based on the philosophy of kids roaming freely— like we did when we were younger. a letter hits our inbox at the Clubhouse that inspires us to take action. First Meetup Tuesday. We’ll send you with a “Parent Watch” sign for your front window letting kids know if they need some help they can knock on your door.

Everyone has 7 . The colorful and informative map showcases scenic walking trails. SouthEast Effective Development (SEED) hired Rainier Valleybased Penniless Projects to help develop a neighborhood identity that would promote equitable economic development at the crossroads of Rainier Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr.MountBaker. and more — all located between S Massachusetts Street and S Genesee Street. the map will serve as a guide to both the These are just a few of the characteristics that have allowed the neighborhood’s bustling commercial avenues and quiet streets of Mount Baker neighborhood to rise to great heights. and the world. Reserve your spot at MountBaker. Inspiration. Way — an area which has spawned and perpetuated legacies for the community. 2015 MAPPING MOUNT BAKER: MAIA SEGURA & NOAH JEPPSON By Maia Segura & Noah Jeppson Courage. community attractions. With input from the Mount Baker Commu- Grab your friends for a night of wine and painting. May 22 at 7:00 PM. nity Club. the city of Seattle. $40. Inclusiveness. local business owners and community groups.NEWS OF THE MOUNT BAKER COMMUNITY CLUB for May. or downAs a part of the “Only in Seattle” program through Community load an electronic version at www. Corks & Canvas As a way to highlight the neighborhood’s cultural heritage locations and promote community businesses. public art All skill levels are welcome from beginners to advanced artists. Friday. Franklin High School Alumni. attracting resi.old homes. It’s just one way those who live or work in Mount Baker dents who have overcome adversity and worked together to create can share a century of stories with new neighbors and visitors. Connection. SEED published a new bike and walk map this Spring. Cornerstones and Seattle’s Office of Economic Development. a vibrant community. Find the map at local businesses and at the Clubhouse. Legacy.

and garnish with a lavender flower. Along the way. lightly muddle to express the oils from the peel and mint. Double strain the liquid into coupe glass. Bartenders set the stage with a discussion of Mount Baker’s dynamic Prohibition-era history. In addition to familiar concoctions. they guided guests through the creation — and tasting — of several classic cocktails. honey syrup mint leaves dashes Scrappy’s Lavender Bitters large orange peel Place mint and orange peel into shaker tin. Add all other ingredients with ice and shake vigorously. rye whiskey oz. lemon juice oz. The Clubhouse transformed into a speakeasy with Prohibition-era history and classic cocktails. Ryan states that “the intention of this drink is to highlight the aromas that come from the Mount Baker neighborhood during summer. when the weather is warmest and the bloom of the gardens vibrant and robust.” The Baker Smash was a highlight of the evening. The floral notes of the drink are paired with rye whiskey. . a spirit that found its way to Seattle from Canada during Prohibition. 2015 HAVING A SMASH AT THE CLUBHOUSE By Noah Jeppson In February the Clubhouse hosted a sold-out mixology event as part of our continued Centennial Celebrations.NEWS OF THE MOUNT BAKER COMMUNITY CLUB for May. featuring resident bootlegger Roy Olmstead. Use this recipe to serve it at your next garden party. bartender Ryan Haile created a special libation in celebration of the Clubhouse centennial – The Baker Smash. THE BAKER SMASH (2015) 1½ ¾ ½ 4 2 1 8 oz.

thyme. Your soil will increase in quality every year. Also. 4. Pest-hunting. like lavender. if your rhody or hydrangea are exhibiting notched leaves near the base. and oregano. and when certain plants that pests find especially tasty wake up. Come for additional summer-crop tips from experts like tips. but carefully harden them off before you put them in the garden at the end of the month or early June. so you are not stimulatNeighbor Sally. and consulting for those new to gardening. and azaleas. and you will avoid the runoff of inorganic fertilizers. Several of my clients have reminded me of the imporwith the oven light on. Do you need a little guidance in your garden? Kate Faulkner is a local garden professional. Prune shrubs that have already bloomed earlier in spring like Mahonia aquifolium. is when many pests in their adult form become more active.NEWS OF THE MOUNT BAKER COMMUNITY CLUB for May. some viburnums like Laurustinum. while adults emerge a little later. rosemary. 1. Dispose of them in a bucket of warm soapy water. May is also a great time to trim winter and earon. Later spring ly-spring blooming plants like Heather or Erica carnea. Make your own with garden and kitchen scraps and leaves. It’s better to do this task in the spring. Don’t forget the Bradner Gardens Plant Sale 3. 2. like the oven picnic. the larvae are actively chewing roots in early spring. You can also apply safe bait like iron-based pellets. Trim your Mediterranean herbs. May 24 from 10-3! I’ll be there helping to sell tomawoody base. camellia. In early spring. or a shrub that’s front and center looking poor. or set beer traps. It’s almost time to plant tomatoes and basil. and count on worms to do the work. There’s so much to do to prepare for the riotous growth to come! Here are just a few things you can tick off on the long to-do list of garden tasks this month. choisya. Nutrients are delivered slowly in small increments as the organic fertilizer is slowly breaking down. Shear only well above the on Sunday. boxwood. 9 . Spring pruning. This month you can sow your corn and cucumbers. as well as healthy salad trimmings. and tackle after your slug rounds in the evening. trimming where the growth is still herbaceous at the toes. pieris. 2015 5 THINGS TO DO IN YOUR GARDEN IN MAY By Julia Janak with Kate Faulkner May is a rewarding time to be a gardener. You can hunt for slugs around spring and summer-emergent plants like dahlias. Save your trimmings for the kitchen. This will get plants that need extra fertilizing started right for the season when they are most active. Don’t forget to spread out a picnic blanket and enjoy the later evening summer sun when you get done. rather than chemicals. or employ a cloche to keep them warm. Get out your flashlight and head out at night to find and pick them off. May is also a good time to hunt for root weevils. Sow calendula and borage seeds for a colorful and bee-friendly border. Get out the flashlight for these pests too. Give back to your garden. daphne. that is made from carbon-based compounds. specializing in landscape maintenance for busy families. You can also save them for the fire pit for tance of this task when you have a favorite plant getting nibbled aromatic kindling. plants won’t get shocked by a sudden high dose of nutrients being delivered that comes with using inorganic fertilizers. Go ahead and buy some at a plant sale if you find varieties that you like. You can find her throughout the summer often at Bradner Gardens Park. ing growth in winter months when these heat-loving plants can get nipped by cold weather. willows. Do this one after you are done with the evening using them fresh or drying them in a warm area. Aromatic trimming. Choose an organic fertilizer. The air warms up and we start to dream of summer. Pruning lightly to keep shape or more severely to renovate is best done right after flowering to provide the plant enough time to create new growth all summer. or on the web at SeattleUrbanGardener. Start planning your summer garden. They’re better since they are yet to be broken down completely into nutrients that the plants will absorb. sage. Spread compost all over the garden and fertilize for the growing season if you haven’t already.

(www. care manage• Joel Baker. lic safety. SEDC meets at the Rainier Community Center (4600 38th Ave. Neighborhood Matching Funds. a subscription service providing seniors access to transportation. join the discussion on nextdoor. dated plans for east-west and north-south neighborhood greenways in southeast Seattle. The Chamber is revealed details of his plans to transform the store into Cafe Avole.) at 6:30 PM on the fourth Wednesday of the month.NEWS OF THE MOUNT BAKER COMMUNITY CLUB for May. transportation use.vtvnetwork. The community-based cafe will offer Ethiopian coffee and culture. our exuberant Department of Neighborhoods cost estimates and prioritizing the work. and job growth goals for the area. S. building a case for establishing a college in southeast southeast district The Clubhouse hosts a social with snacks and beverages provided by Mioposto Caffe and Pizzeria (www. updated our building plans. For information on Seattle P-Patches. by contacting contact Denise Kline at • Emily Ehlers.seattle. The area currently lacks open spaces and has major gaps in pedestrian routes. Prior to each meeting at 6:30 PM. except holidays and mid-summer. South) recently hired Ethiopia Alemneh as their new Community Director. planning and land use. You are invited to attend a future meeting to voice your input on issues affecting southeast Seattle. and organized improvements suggested at a previous February 2 rainiervalleygreenways2. September through June. shared ment. health advocacy. One new idea is to convert the west• Peter Steinbrueck and Michaela Winter presented information bound portion of Mount Baker Boulevard between Franklin from the Seattle Sustainable Neighborhood Assessment Program High School and Rainier Avenue to a pedestrian and bicycle (SSNAP). More information at www. 10 .htm to view a map of the proposed • Engineers completed a physical survey of our capital needs. MBCC Secretary Southeast District Council (SEDC) Meeting Notes By Bill Davis Community meetings are held at 7:00 PM on the first non-holiday to email towncenterfriends@gmail. go to or call February 25 • The Ethiopian Community Center (8323 Rainier Avenue (206) 684-0264. routes with information in a variety of languages. The next phase will be developing • Jenny or need to be made. Several of those present offered advice on changing his business • Wider Horizons presented the Village to Village Network model. from Seattle Department of Transportation. described the Neighborhood Park and Street Fund (NPSF) which has near $2. and more with estimates Way. which would reconnect the Mount Baker and Cheasty. made twenty years ago and suggested areas where improvements To get involved. income. The study data compares data on population density. established in the 1990s after activists gathered 24. pubnortheast corner of Rainier Avenue South at South Holly Street. owner of the Rainier Mini-Mart located on • The Rainier Chamber of Commerce presented education. Annual fees are $600 per individual or $900 sted Boulevards. and for additional information. January 28 January 5 • Solomon Dubie. upor (206) 650-3586. referral resource and other information vital to indea vision of pedestrian and bicycle-friendly reconnection of Olmpendent living. per household. download a copy of the 181-page report in PDF form. Park. 2015 COMMUNITY NEWS MBCC Community Meeting Notes By Bill Davis.000 in 2015 set March 2 aside for community-initiated neighborhood improvements to • Joyce Moty presented a brief history of the Bradner Gardens streets and parks.000. Neighborhood Park and Street Funds. route with a surface-level crossing at Rainier Avenue and MLK crime rate. Visit tinyurl.000 signatures to establish a community garden.seattle. Visit www. • The SEDC is forming committees to work on issues including: community cleanup. More information on this committee is available at www. She reviewed projects underway at ECS which • Talis Abolins updated ideas for creating a pedestrian-friendly serves about 100 clients with a computer lab and job assistance Town Center planned around the Mount Baker light rail stain addition to operating youth programs. Visit www.vtvnetwork. from Friends of Mount Baker Town Center.

Newly appointed Muir principal Brenda Cuthbertson welcomes all interested families to come by for a tour during open enrollment. A parent-driven group recently formed a Race & Social Justice Committee to ensure families have a voice regarding issues of equality and discrimination. take another look at John Muir Elementary during open enrollment. May 12 • 4:00 – 7:00 PM at the Columbia City Art Gallery 4864 Rainier Ave S Become a patron of the arts! Purchase incredible works of art from public school students at John Muir Elementary School and support their school’s art program. • Art teacher Julie Trout was named Regional Teacher of the Year in 2012. Today. • Mr. John Muir Elementary School has prepared kids in our neighborhood for success since 1905. • Third grade teacher Marjorie Lamarre was a 2008 recipient of the Golden Apple Award that honors educators. Look at some recent accolades for the Muir community. supplemented by training in the The halls of Muir are brimming with student art that was displayed on Multicultural Night. John Muir reflects the community it serves. Ms Trout orchestrated this annual event in celebration of the many cultural traditions in our neighborhood. Enrollment for new students requires a birth certificate. teachers and staff have prepared students for an ever-changing world for more than a century. Mr. Chinese. reading and science curriculum. Visit the Seattle Public Schools website to learn more at www. The Muir PTA takes an active role in the school community. 11 . If you’re looking for a warm and welcoming school for your children to learn and grow. Muir students receive a well-rounded education with a rigorous math.NEWS OF THE MOUNT BAKER COMMUNITY CLUB for May. a Community Building and Culture Sharing evening. Inside its classrooms. programs and schools making a positive difference in Washington state education. parent classes and our annual Walk-a-Thon. LOCAL “ARTISTS UNDER 12” SHOWCASE Tuesday. proof of residency and parent ID. Spanish and Vietnamese. racially and socioeconomically diverse student body. Tamayo and Ms Lamarre can stay at Muir. a school dance. New families who enroll early ensure that talented teachers like Ms Trout. sponsoring events like the New Family Picnic.seattleschools. proudly boasting an ethnically. a national children’s computer science magazine. Tamayo’s fourth grade class was recently featured on the cover of Algorithms Magazine. a broad-based athletics program and activities that promote social-emotional wellness. Kindergarten students must be 5 years old by August 31. Food and drink will be served. certificate of immunization status. as in decades past. 2015 COME SEE WHAT’S HAPPENING AT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOL By Julia Janak John Muir Elementary School has watched over Horton Avenue since 1905. They spend two hours each week learning to code and write their own algorithms. Forms are available in Somali.

Have you thought about becoming more involved in our city parks? And depending on the size of donations we are seeking. of neighbors who own their homes. the organization to benefit its constituents. Stewards coordinate park maintenance and restoration activities. MBCC Parks Committee Chair Del Davis has served as the park steward to Mount Baker Park for the past six years. They want their investment to enhance the capacity of develops and coordinates restoration events and activities in local parks. and handling or delegating logistics on the day of the work party. gether pyramid charts indicating gifts of various sizes. Touches can and energy to spare. Renewing the Legacy is our campaign to insure that our clubhouse and the club will be the heart of Mount Baker. And they want to make Green Seattle Partnership works with each park steward to develop ansure that they are protecting and enhancing the legacy. vision. coordinating delivery of supplies and money over several years? Professional fund raisers would put “I hope the community continues to support David in the restoration and maintenance work the Park requires. David could use your help. MBCC Capital Campaign Chair Common wisdom tells us that raising big bucks for capital improvements is partly an exercise in numbers. are official volunteer posiderstand and want to invest in a capital program that pays off for the tions with the Green Seattle Partnership (www. He is looking for one or two stewards-in-training to share in the care and maintenance of our neighborhood’s namesake park. nual restoration work plans for the park in their charge. We need to address over 2. contact Del Davis at davisdr@pobox.000 good people skills. which organization.” Del said. How many touches does it take? A lot! 12 . Del is also looking for a park steward to look after Colman Park. and an unflappable positive attitude are required. 2015 LOVE OUR PARKS? VOLUNTEER AS A PARK STEWARD by Zack Fleet. Whatever your reason. In parting. explain the case for gifting and demonstrate competency. These touches help the organization share its wants to be more active in the neighborhood. HOW MANY TOUCHES DOES IT TAKE? by Ann Suter. who knows the park form his role in the 2013 Washington Native Plant Society project. Maybe you are an avid at home gardener lookrange from individual solicitation letters to informational events to ing for a bigger if you have questions about becoming a steward-in-training for Mount Baker Park or the official steward for Colman Park. These include schedulSo how many donors does it take to raise a substantial amount of ing and advertising work parties. Or maybe you are an environmentalist who personal home visits. and the percentage Stewards are required to attend three training workshops a year and of those who are likely to give. A simple calculation shows that in need to be physically fit and able to work 5-10 hours per month in all Mount Baker. we are also preparing plans to address the need for major clubhouse maintenance projects. Potential donors need to unPark stewards. potential donor households. in case you were wondering. your community club will need to reach out to 70% kinds of Seattle weather. We thank Del for his diligent service to our parks and heartily welcome David. we must Maybe you are recently retired and find yourself with a lot of time make over 500 personal “touches” more than one time. As we continue our 100-year celebration of The Clubhouse.NEWS OF THE MOUNT BAKER COMMUNITY CLUB for May. Experience coordinating volunteer events. Del thanks all the Mount Baker community volunteers who so generously supported the work parties that contributed to park upkeep. the number of people we need to reach at each giving level. He is about to hand the reins over to David Rose.

Sebastien Martel. and other summer festivities. sweater knitting. The sky is the limit in what can be offered.and services – dog walking. “We see people Seb@MyNeighbor.NEWS OF THE MOUNT BAKER COMMUNITY CLUB for or contact Sebastien Martel at in the disruptive trend of access over ownership. “Borrowers” can then browse their neighborhood gallery of available goods and services and opt to “borrow” them directly from a neighbor saving time and money. tennis lessons. Our goal is to streamline and propagate the borrowing and lending of goods -. The primary reason neighbors don’t lend more frequently is because they don’t know what their neighbors need. sustainable and vibrant neighborhoods benefits everyone. Come join us! 13 . 4:00 – 8:00 PM We are closing down Mount Baker Blvd and inviting all our neighbors to come celebrate summer (and the end of Seafair!) with a neighborhood flower arranging services. MyNeighbor solves this by aggregating both supply and demand for goods and services within a neighborhood. This new mobile app will help save borrowers’ time and money while making money for the lender or raising money for their preferred charity or organization. MyNeighbor is available in select Seattle Co-Founder and CTO of MyNeighbor.” Summer BBQ Sunday.myneighbor. choose access over ownership every day from music to car and bike shares. while enhancing and connecting the community. In addition to Mount Baker. but it’s ultimately the neighbors that will bring the platform to life. Not only can neighbors impact and prioritize the launch of new neighborhoods by recruiting neighbors to register for the service. and the reason they don’t borrow is they don’t know what their neighbors would lend. art commissions and computer programming for kids. yard brigades and storage to luxury Hawaiian vacation rentals. piano lessons and more. games for the kids. MyNeighbor provides a more convenient and cheaper alternative to buying or renting from a retailer or professional service provider. August 9. 2015 MEET THE AIRBNB FOR NEIGHBORLY NEEDS AND DEEDS MyNeighbor. And it’s about more than just economics. home rentals to work spaces and even with cooperative gardening. a new mobile based serviced designed to facilitate the borrowing and lending of goods and services between neighbors has launched in Mount Baker. Neighbors today are offering everything from slot machines. To learn more about MyNeighbor go to Baker resident and a “Sharing Economy” enthusiast who believes www.everything from a ladder to a disco ball -. active and diverse their MyNeighbor community becomes. it is also about sustainability and the environment. and initially for neighbors only. “Lenders” on MyNeighbor will be able to post their goods and services to their neighbors – opting to have a portion or all of the proceeds donated to a charity or non-profit organization of their choice. Building resourceful. We’ll have grills out cooking hot dogs and hamburgers. is a Mount neighborhoods. but they ultimately control how vibrant. MyNeighbor is a neighbor powered platform that facilitates connection between neighbors.

2015 VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT: COREY RAWDON & NOAH JEPPSON By Erin Bruce. influence.” they said. It is this participation and shaping that makes MBCC so important. “Over the past 100 years the Club has done so much in helping to plan.the type of community that we all want to live in. in October 2013. They chose Mount Baker for its proximity to the light rail and Lake Washington. Within a few short months of moving to know the people who make up the community around us all and Seattle. they quickly brainstormed several wonderful events to help the Clubhouse celebrate its rich history as the heart of the Mount Baker neighborhood. and program the neighborhood in ways that have shaped the foundation of what Mount Baker and the surrounding area is They were attracted to the design of the neighborhood and saw opportunities to be involved with the changes happening in our area. Club. Plus. What will they do for an encore? Stay tuned. in conjunction with the Spring Potluck on May 16. but they have already em.” they explain. After attending their first monthly community meeting they found themselves heading up the Club’s Centennial Committee. email ebruce@mountbaker. bedded themselves in the fabric of the neighborhood and Mount being a donor. volunteering for events. Texas. Bringing with them a passion for history and previous experience working with historical organizations.NEWS OF THE MOUNT BAKER COMMUNITY CLUB for May. MBCC Director of Programs and Marketing More than anything else. They have a few more events planned for this spring and early summer. “By being involved — which can range from Baker residents for less than two years. put in over the last year to help us celebrate this historic venue. Our participation today helps set the stage for what the community will look like for the next five years and beyond to the next 100 years. they volunteered to head up the Club’s Centennial Com. “you get to Baker Community Club. they love the untapped possibilities of the Mount Baker Community Club. celebrating the 100th anniversary of our beloved Club.” house. and we Noah Jeppson is an experienced graphic designer and Corey Rawwanted to give them a huge thank you for all the hard work they’ve don runs a consulting firm delivering Salesforce solutions. Corey and Noah helped conceive of and implement a lovely Centennial Brunch in September 2014 and the Tennis Tournament neighbors participated in at this year’s Day in the Park. 14 .” Corey and Noah encourage all of their neighbors to get involved at Husbands Corey Rawdon and Noah Jeppson have been Mount the Community Club.that is really critical in establishing yourself and helping to create mittee. they singlehandedly organized the recent Mixology Night at the Clubhouse. which was such a smashing success that we plan to add Mixology Nights to our rotating calendar of events. “The Clubhouse is a beautiful building that has the potential to be even more of a central beacon for the community than it already is today. They viewed being involved with the Community Club as the fastest way to establish themselves in their new neighborhood and to get to know the people and events around them.following the Club on social media to attending events/programs. To find out about ways you can get involved at the Community Corey and Noah moved here from Dallas. This month we will host our last Centennial Celebration event. They went on to explain.

Sunday. SUMMER BBQ. Admission is FREE! Just pay what you can and bring a side dish to share. All events held at the Mount Baker Clubhouse unless otherwise specified MAY Sunday. FULL MOON CONCERT WITH JIM O’HALLORAN AFRO-CUBAN JAZZ QUINTET at Bradner Sunday. Reserve your spot at MountBaker. and strive for a good groove and lots of July 4 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM. Pick up heirloom Colin and Ned c/o parkschair@mountbaker. They thrive on interaction onstage and with their audiences. July 5 & 12 BICYCLE SUNDAY AUGUST Sunday. $40. Rainier Drive S. games for the kids. NEIGHBORHOOD HAPPY HOUR. Join us for a networking happy hour. Meet and greet with beverages and snacks at 6:30. May 22 7:00 PM. SPRING POTLUCK & CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION. 2015 2811 for the 15 . Get out of your home office and come enjoy a beer with your neighbors. May 24 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Meet and greet with beverages and snacks at 6:30. reminders or information about their work parties. MBCC MONTHLY COMMUNITY MEETING. Travis Boothe). SPRING PLANT SALE at Bradner Gardens. POTLUCK PICNIC at Bradner Gardens. May 17 BICYCLE SUNDAY Friday.NEWS OF THE MOUNT BAKER COMMUNITY CLUB for May. May 3 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM. Sunday. Aug 29 6:30 – 8:30 PM. Over 40 households participate in our annual yard if you’d like to register your Yard Del c/o parkschair@mountbaker. Check MountBaker. please contact the following specific park leads: Charlestown Hillclimb Colman Park Bradner Gardens Park Mount Baker Ridge Viewpoint “The Slice” Mount Baker Park Hilary at hilmacg@hotmail. herbs and more for your garden. Thursday. Monday. Saturday. Come join us! Sunday. We organize the map and create driving and walking tours to maximize your Yard Sale shopping. awesome auction items. MBCC MONTHLY COMMUNITY MEETING. Sunday. We are closing down Mount Baker Blvd and inviting all our neighbors to come celebrate the end of Seafair with a neighborhood BBQ. Maps are available at MountBaker. Saturday. great food.722. and other summer festivities. We’ll have grills out cooking hot dogs and hamburgers. Grab some friends and neighbors and join us for a night of wine and painting. We will have live music by The Zack at parkschair@mountbaker. Check MountBaker. and at the Club house the morning of the Yard Sale. May 4 6:30 – Updated listings on the website at mountbaker. May 28 4:00 – 6:00 PM. meeting begins at 7:00. June 1 6:30 – 8:00PM. receive updates. This year’s potluck will be extra Joyce at bradnergardenspark@gmail. May 31 BICYCLE SUNDAY JUNE Monday. BICYCLE SUNDAY. dancing (with instruction from our tango teacher. (206) 234. This is our last Happy Hour event until Ken at (206) 234. and really good company. This will be our last Community Meeting until September. Aug 9 4:00 – 8:00 PM. Sunday. This quintet draws from jazz and Cuban Yoruba. Visit MountBaker. CORKS & CANVAS NIGHT. Everyone has fun.5367 or ken. Aug 30 BICYCLE SUNDAY PARKS & OPEN SPACES INFORMATION: To become involved in a neighborhood parks project. as it’s also the Clubhouse’s official Centennial for the COMMUNITY CLUB CALENDAR { | 206. Bring a dish to share and meet your neighbors.7209 To send calendar updates email manager@mountbaker. MOUNT BAKER YARD SALE. Bust out your bikes. June 21 & 28 BICYCLE SUNDAY JULY Saturday. meeting begins at 7:00pm. bicycle Sunday is BACK! All day long Lake Washington Blvd will be closed to cars from Mount Baker Beach to Seward Park.html. June 6 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM. | www. New Board member elections. Aug 9 & 16 BICYCLE SUNDAY Saturday. All skill levels are welcome from beginners to advanced artists. May 16 6:00 – 10:00 PM.

The Mount Baker View Mount Baker Community Club 2811 Mount Rainier Drive South Seattle. 1280 ECRWSS Postal Customer Join the Annual Mount Baker Yard Sale 40+ yard sales in 1 day Sunday. Shop ‘til you drop or just take a walking tour.S. (Maps will also be available on our website. Postage PAID Seattle. Washington 98144-6227 Non-Profit Pick up a map at the Clubhouse and cruise the neighborhood for good deals. WA Permit No.MountBaker.) 16 . June 6 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM Register your yard sale at www.

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