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The problem here is very simple to illustrate. We play checkers. I speak with a great number of clients who are frustrated by the lack of results in their manifesting efforts. Neither seeking opportunity nor running from it. In my practice. we are essentially stating that we are the wisest mind in the equation. Anytime we act on a desired objective there are 4 possible realized outcomes: · · · · right thing wrong time wrong thing right time wrong thing wrong time right thing right time When we pursue the right thing at the wrong time. Currently the “Law of Attraction” is all the buzz. however they are currently involved with someone else.Destiny: Time and Timing Many people drift along. While there is a certain degree of truth in the power of goal setting. It would seem from their suggestion. I’ve warned many people about the dangers in this thinking. it is amazing how often those who seem to drift with the current get blessed with good fortune. we persist in pursuing the right partner. Our over-zealous attitude creates a repulsive factor that results in losing the opportunity to connect at . Sometimes what we think we want or need is not in alignment with our destiny. Example. that if we want things to happen in our lives we should plan and make them happen. I then explain to them why we don’t always get what we ask for. Sometimes what we want or think we need would actually prevent something more beneficial from happening. Thank God for unanswered prayers! Most of this boils down to time and timing. we pursue something in alignment however we apply force at the wrong moment. those who fail to plan. the higher intelligence plays chess. They seem to suggest that we are all our own Gods. and many experts are claiming we can manifest anything we desire by simply focusing our mind and emotions long and hard enough to bring things about. Current thought from success experts stress the idiom. they wait and see what happens. taking life as it comes. plan to fail. When we take the higher power out of the loop and start relying solely on our own decision making.

when we are seeking the right thing at the right time. “yes. you have permission. we are co-creators of our own destiny but often we get in our own way. This is the green light that says. we are typically not tuned in to our path. which means you have to wait for the next phase of the career cycle to flow before you get another chance at the “ideal” situation. The truth is success leaves clues. When we pursue the wrong thing at the right time.” often we find it suggesting the proper course of action through synchronistic events. who may not be ideal for us. Finally. Our dilemna then becomes how do we know what actions to take day to day. Example. When we simply slow down and allow the dialogue to begin between us and the “Universe. we have found the correct need but the incorrect expression of it. and yet you persist in chasing a romantic partner and fail to achieve your career objectives as a result because you are far too distracted by your amorous pursuits. The “Universe” is very efficient and will find the easiest way to get you to where you need to be. Failing to do this is like casting a fishing line into the ocean with the proper bait (intention) only to reel it in and cast it again and again and then wondering why we haven’t caught a fish! Yes. we pursue a specific romantic partner knowing it is time to connect but are targeting the wrong person. It is this smooth pace of time and timing that allows the proper path to appear before us. . Learn to walk by faith and allow things to come in their proper time. This results in ego based choices that are completely wrong in time and timing. An example of this would be when you are in a cycle of your life where your career should be your primary focus.a later date. the universe seems to fully cooperate because we are in alignment with our purpose in that moment. This results in either a wasted effort or the prevention of a better relationship that may have started had we not been preoccupied with the incorrect target. This is synchronicity in action. When we pursue the wrong thing at the wrong time.

You find yourself in the right place at the right time and you start loving the simple act of living. Synchronicity occurs when you are living in the NOW. Anger is the fear of not getting what you want. Not every moment is an event horizon. you’ll get blown off and people will discount it as a coincidence. It is really nothing personal at all. As synchronicity keeps happening you begin to get that sense of destiny I love to talk about so much. You wonder. moving on. By accepting exactly where you are in this moment. judgement is when you have to be right. The most certain way to stop synchronicity is to dwell in thoughts of anger. absorbing. All of these things impede the flow. other times we are releasing things. This isn’t a punishment. judgement or fear. The Buddha said it is only the things we resist that cause us to suffer. You begin to see the order that lies beneath the surface of what we think is a chaotic and random world. Sometimes things take some time for all of the elements to gather together in the proper arrangement to lead you to the next step. rebalancing is going to happen. You ride the wave and wonderful unexpected things happen. sometimes we are drawing things in. When you do that. “This is wonderful. letting go. If you’re paying too much attention to the news and your obsessing over the fine job our president has made of ruining our economy.” By taking this positive attitude about where you are now. expecting the trend to continue and wham. bankruptcy and divorce. We don’t work 24/7 and sometimes when it comes to destiny you get a recess. with what I know about my destiny. “This is a wonderful new opportunity to explore new avenues of expressing my talents. It can be difficult quite simply because you get so excited about it that you want to tell everyone. but it certainly will if you continue in these actions. and more often than not. did I do something wrong?” Sometimes the answer is yes. It is during these times that we get a chance to take a breath. I’ll rest and take this time to enjoy my bed. say.Ploughing The Field/Avoiding The Sidetracks The first time you really experience a synchronistic event in your life. It’s important to keep moving forward with what you do know about your purpose. You’ll receive as much displeasure as it takes to provoke you back along the straight and narrow. Your tire blows. Ask yourself simply. Trust me. Life is like breathing. you allow the flow to carry you to the next step. The reason is you are taking yourself out of the now and either harping on the past or fretting about the future. It may take awhile to show up.00 a gallon. why? Can I change course and get back on track? . Your winning streak runs out. Sometimes it isn’t even that the flow stops at all. Your boss hands you the pink slip. There are a few things I can assure you will cause this to happen with certainty. “gee. you just took a big step in the wrong direction. think. No matter. there it goes. or if you just can’t get over an argument you had with your spouse and you brood about it. The key is to keep moving forward. This is one the biggest secrets I used to survive cancer. it will take you out of the flow. So if you are currently laid out with the flu. this really works. Sometimes we just don’t recognize it.” If you find yourself in the unemployment line. You begin to feel a sense of safety and your faith strengthens. I must have ignored it too long. Then one day you wake up. am I doing everything in alignment with it? If not. my body is telling me I need to relax for awhile. If life starts breaking down then it’s time to look at the things you’ve been doing. fear is the belief that something awful will happen. You made a choice that was out of alignment with your destiny. Just keep ploughing the field. you embrace the now. you feel a real sense of wonder and awe. or you’re worried about the gas climbing to 5. You look around at things suddenly taking the opposite momentum. It is simply a predictable way to get you back on track. Life gets tough again. life clicks into place at all the right moments.

rebirth. abandonment. Innocence. teaches skills or wisdom.the provider. Destroyer. loneliness.(she acts so “childish”) representative of new beginnings.Hampers progress and makes trouble. Purity. It is an unlearned tendency to live out or experience things in a particular way. The Shadow . The Teacher/Wise Man . Often hedonistic and self serving.Expects disaster. Often not the most brilliant person. The Orphan .Represents the ego. the provider of security The Father . The archetypes are essentially instinctive roles that we play. The Child . Fun to be around.the darker side of yourself. Meet the archetypes. The Maiden . Fights the darkness. Some of the primary archetypes are: The Mother . waiting for the other shoe to drop.The helpless. .Reveals the Secrets to Solve a Challenge. the future (children are our future) The Hero/Heroine . the source of life. The Trickster/Clown/Magician .the collective idea of blood relationships being deeper than other relationships.Diagnosing the problems. beautiful one.the nurturing one. The victim. the role model or the authority figure The Family . Everything about yourself that you dislike. Consider them like master programs that we run subconsciously throughout various situations in our lives.

Take any given situation or relationship in your life. insisting on your own way.Highest expression of woman and man. To use the archetypes to our advantage. Health/ Fitness.Power is everything. Always looking to solve things. getting things DONE.) What is the dynamic of that situation or relationship? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ What is your desired outcome with that situation or relationship? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Are your thoughts. If not.The Creator/Inventor . we must first figure out which archetype we are portraying. We will run many of these patterns in our lives but often run a small number frequently. There are more and many variations of each. then decide if it’s the best fit for the circumstances. You believe if you can think it you can do it. words and actions congruent with that outcome? (Yes or No) If they aren’t. The Anima/Animus . Typically when we take on roles where we are acting uncharacteristic of our gender. what do you catch yourself saying or thinking about it and what archetype does it most resemble? ________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Which Archetype would be better suited for the outcome? ____________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ . we must consciously take steps to integrate a more appropriate archetype. etc. Breaking things down to component parts. Business.Creative and innovative. ( Romantic. The Queen/King/Ruler . insistent.