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Working, Studying, and Networking Through Postgraduate Diploma

10 Oct 2015

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Working, Studying, and Networking Through Postgraduate Diploma

No one stays in the same position in a company forever; the company either gets tired of us for not giving them
what they want and lets us go or we get tired of the company for not giving us a chance to advance our careers
and it is a matter of time before we eventually give up and resign. Either way, we all have to agree that no
position is truly secure; as soon as better candidates show up, we have to make room for the new champions.
Worse, the [working] performance expectation is getting higher every year as a response towards new
demands, new markets, new rivalries, etc., and therefore, the bar of success is getting higher, too. It will be
foolish to think that what we know and what we own today can secure our tomorrow.
The globalization era, especially, requires local practitioners to improve their professional qualications so that
they are as competitive and marketable as their counterparts from America, Australia, the Philippines, India,
China, Korea, Japan and other developed nations who work in Indonesia. However, in the midst of crazy
workloads and overtimes, one might give up the idea of advancing their academic [and non-academic] learning
because of two main reasons: its too time demanding and/or expensive. However, just like Tyrion Lannister
from the famous Game of Thrones TV series says, A mind need books just like a sword need a whetstone, if it
is to keep its edge, Luckily, theres a solution for those who wish to work, study, and connect with the fellow
professionals at the same time, and the name is Postgraduate Diploma [in Business and Management] offered
by President Development Center (PDC) in Cikarang in collaborations with London School of Commerce (LSC),
This postgraduate diploma program allows students of minimum Bachelor degree (D3 with substantial working
experience will be considered) to earn a professional degree without leaving their current job to pursue the
degree full-time. This 12 months degree is done part-time where students only need to do a mandatory class at
President University or President Development Center, Cikarang, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (three
mandatory meetings per module). This is benecial for professionals who need to upgrade their knowledge
and experience but are unable to attain leave to study due to work commitments. With this program,
professionals will be awarded a degree from a UK University, but for the portion of the price.
Postgraduate Diploma (PgD) will be taught in English, also with tutorials in Bahasa for students who needs it.
Once students have completed this program, they are eligible for credit transfer into selected public
universities in London and Kuala Lumpur for its MBA program if they wish to do so. Therefore, PgD in Business
and Management offered by PDC is an internationally recognized professional award plus pathway to MBA. It is
very suitable to those who wish to gain international recognition for their managerial skills, those who
experience changes in their career (e.g. a person who has an engineer background is promoted to a
managerial level which requires a different set of skills), and those who wish to continue their educations but
unable to do so because of work commitment.

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