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A fresh approach to wine…
When we started RED&WHITE in 2005
we emphasised the importance of small
producers to our business. We are still
committed to this ethos. Strong relationships
with talented and innovative winemakers
do not form solely because of a mirroring
of business size. It is our understanding
of their passion and devotion for the
product they craft that constitutes a solid
business relationship, which we then
endeavour to pass on to our customers.
Few products are as diverse in style and price
as wine. Produced from hundreds of different
grape varieties, grown throughout the world
under disparate climates and shaped by
tradition and ambition, its diversity is also its
greatest strength. At RED&WHITE we look
for character in every bottle of wine we list;
the finished product is the essence of the
history and geography of a region and the
personality and expertise of the winemaker.
RED&WHITE is a growing wine business
and our aim is to continually improve
selection, service and delivery, whilst always
offering value for money. Increasingly we
buy direct from the vineyards ensuring the
customer gets the best possible quality
and price. It also gives us the opportunity
to travel and explore, keeping our passion
fresh and our enthusiasm alive.

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To be called Champagne, wine has to do
more than sparkle; it must come from the
region bearing its name in northeast France.
To claim that this region’s wines are better
than any others would be wrong, but the finest
Champagne has a combination of freshness,
richness, delicacy and raciness unmatched
by sparkling wines from elsewhere.
At the northerly limit of French viticulture,
Champagne is a cool region; the vineyards
Champagne & Sparkling

face north, south and east across open plains.

The key ingredient to the regions’ success
is the chalk soil that reflects itself in the firm,
crystalline constitution of the finished wine.
Dom Perignon did not invent the Champagne
process; he did however develop the practice
of blending both vintages and vineyards,
resulting in any ties with provenance within this
roomy appellation of 33 000 being weakened.
The combination of blending and production
method means that the final wine shows
little resemblance to the pallid vin clair with
which the cellarmaster began his work.

4 RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : :

02GAL1B Champagne Gallimard, Cuvée Réserve Brut ‘Médaille d’Or’ NV £14.95
02BEA1B Beaumont des Crayères, Grande Réserve Brut NV £14.95
02PAN1B Champagne Pannier, Brut Selection NV £16.50
02PAN2B Champagne Pannier, Brut Rosé NV £18.50
02PAN3B Champagne Pannier, Brut Vintage 2000 £19.00
02BIL1B Billecart-Salmon, Brut Réserve NV £20.00
02BIL2B Billecart-Salmon, Brut Rosé NV £31.00
02BIL4B Billecart-Salmon, Cuvée Nicolas Francois Billecart 1998 £39.00

Champagne & Sparkling

02BIL5B Billecart-Salmon, Blanc de Blancs 1998 £47.00

Sparkling Wine
01PER1B Louis Perdrier, Blanc de Blancs, Burgundy NV £5.25
01LUN1B Lunetta Prosecco Spumante, Trentino, Italy NV £6.25
01TOR1B Cava Aliguer, Agusti Torello, San Sadurni di Noya, Spain 2003 £6.95
01PRI1B Cave de Prissé, Blanc de Noirs, Burgundy NV £7.75
01TRE1B Trentham Estate Sparkling Brut, Australia NV £8.45
01TOR2B Cava Brut Réserve, Agusti Torello, San Sadurni di Noya, Spain 2002 £8.95
01TOR3B Kripta, Agusti Torello, San Sadurni di Noya, Spain 2002 £25.00

RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : : : All prices are per bottle, ex vat 5
Southern France
The region of the Midi (Languedoc-Roussillon) is
located around the basin of the Mediterranean.
It is the world’s largest wine region and
it stretches from Nîmes in the east to the
Spanish border in the west and consists of a
multitude of quality appellations and a more
generic source of good value Vin de Pays.
This region is rich in cultural heritage
and geography offering a great diversity
of wine styles. The unique concept of
Southern France

terroir and tradition work in harmony with

the modern varietal approach and a new
wave of young, passionate and dynamic
producers have established themselves.
In the past this area was infamous for its
poorer quality viticulture with over production
yielding copious quantities of vin de table.
This is no longer the case, yields have been
significantly reduced and quality is now
paramount. Established deep-rooted vines
of the traditional indigenous grape varieties
such as Grenache, Cinsault and Carignan are
grown alongside less traditional ones such
as Syrah, Chardonnay and Merlot offering
a great diversity of styles and flavours.
The breathtaking landscape of sea and
mountains, together with the sunny climate
and the rich local flavours of Mediterranean
food, convey the characteristics of
Languedoc’s unique and wonderful wines.

6 RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : :

White Wines
03JP1B Cuvée Jean-Paul Sec, Vin de Pays Côtes De Gascogne 2007 £3.75
03JP3B Cuvée Jean-Paul Demi-Sec, Vin de Pays Côtes de Gascogne 2007 £3.75
03BEL1B Bellefontaine Chardonnay, Vin de Pays d’Oc 2006 £4.20
03GRA1B Domaine Grauzan Sauvignon Blanc, Vin de Pays Côtes de Thongue 2007 £4.20
03REV1B La Reverence Sauvignon Blanc, Vin de Pays d’Oc 2007 £4.40
03VIG2B La Vigneaux Chardonnay, Les Vignerons de la Vicomté 2006 £4.95
03PER1B Persimmon Viognier, Vin de Pays d’Oc 2006 £5.50
03LUR1B Sauvignon ‘Le Fumé Blanc’, Jacques et François Lurton 2007 £5.50
Domaine Félines-Jourdan, Picpoul de Pinet, Languedoc 2006 £6.20

Southern France
03NEG1B Château de la Negly, La Brise Marine, Côteaux du Languedoc 2006 £7.50
04HOU1B Jurançon Sec ‘Cuvée Marie’, Domaine Charles Hours 2006 £9.50
03SOU1B Le Soula, Vin de Pays des Côtes Catalanes 2005 £18.95

Rosé Wines
03REV3B La Reverence Rosé, Vin de Pays d’Oc 2007 £4.40
03AST1B Domaine d’Astros Rosé, Vin de Pays des Maures 2007 £4.95
03MAS1B Domaine Massamier Rosé ‘Cuvée des Oliviérès’, Peyriac 2007 £5.40

RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : : : All prices are per bottle, ex vat 7
Red Wines
03JP2B Cuvée Jean Paul, Vin de Pays de Vaucluse 2006 £3.75
03PIC1B Pique Sable Merlot Grenache, Vin de Pays d’Oc 2007 £3.95
03BEL2B Bellefontaine Syrah, Vin de Pays d’Oc 2005 £4.20
03BEL3B Bellefontaine Cabernet Sauvignon, Vin de Pays d’Oc 2005 £4.20
03GRA2B Domaine Grauzan Merlot, Vin de Pays Côtes de Thongue 2007 £4.20
03REV2B La Reverence Merlot, Vin de Pays d’Oc 2006 £4.40
03AMM1B Domaine de l’Ameillaud, Vin de Pays de Principauté d’Orange 2005 £4.50
03PER2B Persimmon Grenache, Vin de Pays d’Oc 2005 £4.95
Southern France

03ROU1B Fitou, Vieilles Vignes, Domaine de Roudene 2005 £6.40

03LAV1B Domaine de Lavabre, Pic St Loup 2005 £6.75
03ALQ1B Faugères, Domaine Gilbert Alquier 2005 £8.75
04MON1B Madiran, Chateau Montus 2003 £12.50
03TEM1B Domaine Tempier ‘Cuvée Classique’, Bandol 2003 £14.95

8 RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : :

Burgundy is not one big vineyard, but the name
of a province that contains several distinct and
eminent wine regions. By far the richest and
most important is the Côte d’Or, composed
of the Côte de Beaune to the south and the
Côte de Nuits to the north, the ancestral
home of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.
The Côte d’Or’s scarp limestone slope falls south-
east. The climate is continental, humid and cool,
with enough shelter to guard Pinot’s inherent

frailty. If the season is either is too hot or too cold,
then Pinot struggles to intensify its flavours or
soften its hard edges, however the last twenty
years have brought a remarkable run of vintages to
the Côte d’Or.
Pinot Noir and Burgundy become synonymous
in the discussion of terroir. Burgundy’s vineyards
have been classified into ever-smaller units and
each Cru lends its own distinctive scent and
texture to the wine. Confusing at first, to the
enthusiast the litany of village names and Crus
has magnified their fascination for the region.

RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : : 9

White Wines
06BRO1B Sauvignon de Saint Bris, Jean-Marc Brocard 2006 £5.95
06PRI1B Mâcon Prissé ‘Les Clochettes’, Cave de Prissé 2006 £6.50
06ADA1B Adamas Bourgogne Chardonnay, Burgundy 2005/6 £7.50
06BRO2B Chablis, Domaine Brocard 2006 £8.50
06DUR1B Rully ‘La Chaume’, Domaine Jacques Dury 2005 £8.50
06PAS1B Chablis, Domaine Pascal Bouchard 2006 £8.75
06PAC1B Saint Véran, Domaine Michel Paquet 2006 £8.95
06BIL2B Chablis, Domaine Billaud-Simon 2006 £10.00

06RIJ1B Viré Clessé ‘Mont-Chatelaine’, Domaine Jean Rijckaert 2006 £10.75

06THO1B Saint Aubin, Domaine Gerard Thomas 2006 £11.50
06BRO3B Chablis 1er Cru ‘Montmains’, Domaine Brocard 2006 £12.50
06SOU1B Pouilly Fuissé Vieilles Vignes, Domaine de la Soufrandise 2005 £13.95
06ROL1B Pernand Vergelesses Blanc, Domaine Remi Rollin 2005 £14.95
06BIL1B Chablis 1er Cru Vaillons, Billaud-Simon 2005 £15.95
06BIZ1B Savigny lès Beaune Blanc, Domaine Simon Bize 2002 £16.50
06BOU1B Meursault ‘Les Grands Charrons’, Domaine Michel Bouzereau 2005 £19.00
06COL1B Chassagne Montrachet, Domaine Philippe Colin 2004 £20.00
06VIN01 Puligny Montrachet ‘Vieilles Vignes’, Vincent Girardin 2005 £22.75
06PIL1B Chassagne Montrachet, Domaine Jean-Marc Pillot 2005 £22.50
06ROL2B Corton Charlemagne, Domaine Remi Rollin 2003 £39.50
06JOB1B Meursault 1er Cru Poruzots, Domaine François Jobard 2003 £40.00

10 RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : :

Red Wines
06ADA2B Adamas Pinot Noir, Burgundy 2005 £7.50
06GIR1B Savigny lès Beaune, Domaine Jean-Jacques Girard 2005 £11.95
06RAC1B Mercurey ‘Vieilles Vignes’, Domaine Jean & Francois Raquillet 2006 £12.00
06AMB1B Côtes de Nuits Villages, Domanie Bertrand Amboise 2005 £13.95
06ROS1B Gevery Chambertain, Domaine Rossignol-Trapet 2005 £19.95
06FOU1B Chambolle Musigny, Domaine Fourrier 2004 £19.95
06LF1B Volnay, Domaine Michel Lafarge 2004 £19.70
06CAC1B Vosne Romanée, Domaine Jacques Cacheaux 2005 £21.50
06GOU1B Nuits Saint Georges, Domaine Henri Gouges 2005 £25.70

06GRO1B Vosne Romanée 1er Cru Aux Brulées, Domaine Michel Gros 2002 £35.00

06COL2B Beaujolais Villages, Domaine André Colonge 2006/7 £6.65
06CHA2B Morgon ‘Vieilles Vignes’, Domaine de la Chaponne 2005 £7.95
06MET1B Fleurie, ‘La Roilette’ Bernard Metrat 2006 £8.95
06COL2B Fleurie, Domaine André Colonge 2006 £8.95

RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : : : All prices are per bottle, ex vat 11
Bordeaux is the largest fine wine region in the
world. The whole départment of the Gironde,
named after its most important estuary, is
dedicated to winemaking. Its production,
6 million hectoliters in 2006, dwarfs that of
other French wine regions with the exception
of the vast Languedoc-Roussillon.
The great red wine areas are found on the deep
gravel vineyards of the Medoc north of the city
of Bordeaux and in Pessac-Leognan on the

west bank of the Garonne to the south. These

are known as the ‘left-bank’ wines. The ‘right-
bank’ consists of St-Emilion and Pomerol, plus
their satellite communes along the north bank
of the Dordogne. The area between the two
rivers is called Entre-Deux-Mers, an area that
produces much underrated crisp, dry white
wines. To the south, where the Garonne river
meanders slowly and brings humidity to the
vineyards, noble-rot penetrates and helps produce
the worlds most sought after sweet wines in
the communes of Barsac and Sauternes.
Bordeaux’s stylistic qualities owe much to the
marginality of its climate. Variations in vintage
add interest but the deluges of 1963, 1968,
1974 and 1977 illustrated how damaging they
can be. Winemaking advances have allowed a
certain degree of control and additionally the
drier and warmer summers have taken some
of the suspense out of the Bordeaux harvest.

12 RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : :

White Wines
05THI1B Château Thieuley Blanc 2006 £7.50
05CHEV1B Domaine de Chevalier, Grand Cru Classé Péssac-Leognan 2004 £25.00

Red Wines
05BEL1B Château les Belles Murailles, AC Bordeaux 2005 £5.40

05GAR1B Château de Garras, Premières Côtes de Bordeaux 2005 £5.95
05THI2B Château Thieuley Rouge 2003/4 £7.20
05ANT2B Château des Antonins Rouge, Bordeaux Supérieur 2005 £7.95
05CIV1B Château Civrac, Côtes de Bourg 2005 £9.20
05PAV1B Château du Pavillon, Canon-Fronsac 2003 £9.75
05JUP1B Château Jupille Carillon, St Emilion 2001/4 £9.75
05LIV1B Château Liversan, Cru Bourgeois, Haut Medoc 2003 £9.95
05CRO1B Château La Croix des Moines, Lalande de Pomerol 2002 £11.00
05TDB1B Château La Tour de By, Medoc 2001 £13.95
05PET1B Château Petit Val, St Emilion Grand Cru Classé 2003 £13.95
05RIV1B Château de la Rivière, Fronsac 2001 £14.50
05SIR1B Château Siran, Grand Cru Exceptionnel, Margaux 1999 £22.00
05FEY1B Château Feytit Clinet, Pomerol 2003 £29.00
05PUY1B Château Grand Puy Lacoste, 5ème Cru Classé, Pauillac 2001 £31.00
05FOU1B Château Clôs Fourtet, Saint Emilion 1er Cru Grand Cru Classé 2004 £32.00
05LAG1B Château La Lagune, Ludon 2004 £35.00

RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : : : All prices are per bottle, ex vat 13
The Loire and its tributaries offer a mix of
vines and vineyards that are quite distinct
from each other but a family likeness
remains. As a whole they are light and
invigorating, with palpable acidity.
At the mouth of the river salt marshes quickly
give way to Muscadet, the region’s first modern
success story. It’s dry, salty and firm style makes
it the perfect foil for seafood. Heading east, one
finds the vineyards of Touraine and Anjou, home

to Chenin, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc.

The lush landscape is unlikely vine country and
the vineyards generally coincide with bluffs of
limestone, tufa and schist. Traditionally famous
for its sweet wines, now also fine dry white wines
are produced. The reds, produced from Cabernet
Franc, are some of the world’s most refreshing
and vigorous, with raspberry freshness.
The most evocative of the Loire’s appellations
are Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé. A little Pinot has
made its way into these vineyards but this really
is the dominion of punchy, blackcurrant-scented
Sauvignon Blanc. Despite competition from
New Zealand, Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé have
maintained their varietal prominence, principally
because the growers are still prepared to sacrifice a
little flavour in order to boost Sauvignon’s tactile thrill.

14 RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : :

White Wines
07PEM01 Muscadet, La Hallopière, Domaine Drouard 2007 £4.75
07ROC1B Sauvignon de Tourraine, Domaine Roc de Châteauvieux 2007 £5.95
07CHV1B Quincy, Domaine de Chevilly 2006 £7.65
07VIG1B Vouvray Sec, Domaine Vigneau-Chevreau 2005 £7.95
07MIL1B Sancerre, Domaine la Genière, Daniel Millet 2006 £8.40
07CHE1B Sancerre, Domaine de la Chezatte 2006 £8.95
07CHA2B Pouilly Fumé, Domaine Jean-Claude Chatelain 2005 £9.95
07CLO1B Savennières l’Enclos, Domaine de la Monnaïe 2005 £11.75

07HUE1B Vouvray Sec ‘Le Haut Lieu’, Domaine Huet 2001 £14.75

Rosé Wines
07NEV1B Sancerre Rosé ‘Le Grand Fricambault’, Domaine André Neveu 2007 £9.95

Red Wines
07ROC2B Pinot Noir, Domaine Roc de Châteauvieux, Tourraine 2006 £6.40
07BEA1B Chinon, Domaine de Beauséjour 2005 £8.20

RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : : : All prices are per bottle, ex vat 15
The wines of Alsace reflect the ambivalent
situation of a border province. There are
two possible physical boundaries between
France and Germany; the Rhine and the
crest of the Vosges Mountains, which run
parallel fifteen miles west of the river.
Alsace has never belonged to Germany, except
in periods of military occupation. Its language
and its enonomic market maybe, but its soul is
entirely French. Alsace makes Germanic wines

in a French way. The Germanic tone is set by

the climate, the soil and the choice of grape
varieties. Where the sharply focussed German
wines show some of the exactitude of the
national character, Alsace examples are more
laid-back, with broader more rounded flavours.

16 RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : :

White Wines
09TUR1B Pinot Blanc, Cave de Turkheim 2007 £5.50
09TUR2B Gewürztraminer, Cave de Turkheim 2006 £6.80
09SOR1B Riesling, Domaine Bruno Sorg, Eguisheim 2005 £7.80
09SOR2B Gewürztraminer, Domaine Bruno Sorg, Eguisheim 2005 £8.95

RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : : : All prices are per bottle, ex vat 17
The Rhône
The vineyards around the Rhône valley fall into
two groups; the north (Septentrional) which
produces less than a tenth of the regions
total and almost all fine wine; and the south
(Meridional) which is much more diverse.
The vineyards of the Northern Rhône barely stray
from the river’s course and the two principle
appellations, Côte Rôtie and Hermitage are
situated where the curve of the river brings a
southerly exposure to the steep valley sides.
The Rhône

Syrah is the dominant grape variety and the parallel

rows of vines impose their own geometry on
the rugged landscape of granite and limestone.
Côte Rôtie is the most flattering of the two
appellations to drink when young, whilst the
wines of Hermitage have exceptional staying
power. At a dramatic turn in the river ‘Condrieu’
produces white wines from the extraordinary
heady, recognisably perfumed Viognier grape
with its aromas of apricots and May blossom.
As you enter the Southern Rhône, the steep
Mistral buffeted valley gives way to a broad,
sunbaked Mediterranean plane. Pines and almond
trees yield to olive groves and vines bake in broad
terrasses. The grape mix is richly varied, Grenache
being the dominant quality red grape, increasingly
supported by Mourvedre and Syrah. Chateauneuf-
du-Pape is the vineyard area that best sums up
this regions qualities, but the surrounding villages
of Gigondas and Vacqueyras are just as able.

18 RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : :

White Wines
10VEN1B Terrraventoux ‘Les Combes’ Côtes du Ventoux Blanc 2006 £4.90
10ARN1B Côtes du Rhône Villages ‘Vinsorbes’ Blanc, Chaume Arnaud 2005 £8.95
10NIE1B Condrieu ‘Les Ravines’, Robert Niero 2005 £22.50

Rosé Wines

The Rhône
10VEN2B Terrraventoux ‘Belle Combe’ Côtes du Ventoux Rosé 2006 £4.90
10PRI1B Tavel Rosé, Prieure de Montezargues 2007 £7.95

Red Wines
10AMM1B Côtes du Rhône, Domaine de l’Ameillaud 2006 £5.50
10TOU1B Domaine des Tours, Vin de Pays de Vaucluse 2005 £6.90
10DES1B Crozes-Hermitages, Domaine des Remizières, Philippe Desmeure 2005 £8.95
10COU1B Vacqueyras ‘Cuvée Classique’, Domaine de Couroulu 2003 £9.50
10CIG1B Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Domaine Chante Cigale 2003 £12.95
10VER1B Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Domaine Bois de Boursan 2003 £16.95
10LIO1B Cornas, Domaine de Rochepertuis 2001 £17.00
10GIL1B Côte Rôtie ‘Cuvée Duplessy’, Domaine Gilles Barge 2001/4 £20.95
10BRU2B Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Domaine du Vieux Telegraphe 2003 £25.95
10DES2B Hermitage, Domaine des Remizières, Philippe Desmeure 2005 £30.00

RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : : : All prices are per bottle, ex vat 19
Italy has the richest variety of individual
wine styles, local climates and the most
important indigenous grape varieties of all
the world’s wine producing countries. The
invading Greeks called Italy Oenotria (the
land of wine) and a glance at a wine map
reminds one that Italy is carpeted in vines.
If slopes, sunshine, soil variety and a temperate
climate are essential components of varied,
quality wine production then Italy has it all.

The long spine of mountains that run from

the sheltering Alps almost to North Africa
produce the most desirable combination
of altitude with latitude and exposure.
Despite natural ability, unification only 150
years ago means that quality wine production,
appealing to an international market is a
relatively recent phenomenon. Today, growers
have had their battles with a bureaucracy that
wanted to put a permanent-lock on innovation
and from top to bottom this is a land brimming
with talent and flavour. The tomato may still
be searching for its ideal wine partner, but
for everything else Italy has a match.

20 RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : :

White Wines
12BAN1B Il Banchetto Bianco Tavola, Veneto NV £3.50
12SAN1B Sanvigilio Chardonnay, Trentino 2007 £4.50
12CON1B Pinot Grigio Garganega, Conti Rossi, Veneto, 2007 £4.50
12MON2B Soave Classico, Cantina di Monteforte, Veneto 2006 £4.75
12CAV1B Pinot Grigio ‘Principato’, Trentino 2006 £4.95
12FAL2B Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Tuscany 2006 £6.30
12MON4B Verdicchio di Metalica, La Monascesca, Marche 2006 £7.90
12SAR01 Gavi di Gavi, Sassi della Maddalena, Roberto Sarotto, Piedmont 2005 £7.95

12TIE01 Pinot Grigio, Tiefenbrunner, Alto Adige 2006 £8.40
12PIE1B Soave Classico, Leonildo Pieropan, Veneto 2006 £8.75
12GAJ2B Rossj-Bass Chardonnay, Piedmont 2005 £20.00

Rosé Wines
12ANC1B Ancora Pinot Grigio Rosé, Veneto 2007 £4.75

RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : : : All prices are per bottle, ex vat 21
Red Wines
12BAN2B Il Banchetto Rosso Tavola, Veneto NV £3.50
12ANC2B Ancora Sangiovese, Puglia 2006 £3.95
12TEL1B Telero Rosso del Salento, Puglia 2006 £4.35
12FAG1B Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Il Faggio, Abruzzo 2005 £5.20
12CAD1B Barbera d’Asti, Ca del Matt, Piedmont 2002 £5.65
12BAS1B Chianti Rufina, Fattoria de Basciano, Tuscany 2005 £6.95
12CUB1B Iperico Valpolicella Classico, Valentini Cubi, Veneto 2005 £7.95
12POG1B Chianti Classico, Fattoria Poggiopiano, Tuscany 2005 £9.95

12GIA1B Nebbiolo d’Alba, Bruno Giacosa, Piedmont 2004 £14.75

12GAJ1B Promis, ‘Ca Marcanda’, Angelo Gaja, Tuscany 2004 £16.50
12AMA1B Chianti Classico, Castello di Ama, Tuscany 2003/4 £19.50
12ZET1B Amarone Alpha Zeta, Verona, Veneto 2003 £19.75
12TAL1B Brunello di Montalcino, Talenti, Tuscany 2000 £22.00
12BRO1B Barolo Brolio, Piedmont 2000 £24.00

22 RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : :

The scale and infrastructure of the Spanish
wine industry has always emphasised supply
over demand. The annual influx of tourists
soak up some of the surplus, but Spain’s most
dependable customer has always been the
distilleries. Therefore, any grower heeding
the international call for improved quality has
had to confront both a backward winemaking
culture and the widely held prejudice that Rioja
was all that Spain was capable of producing.

One criticism levelled at modern winemaking
is that it diminishes individuality, yet in Spain it
has done the very opposite. After an excess of
technological advances Spain is rediscovering
her indigenous strengths and traditional
practices. The latest generation of white wines
from Rueda, Galicia and Navarra are diverse
and distinctive, whilst regions such as Priorato
have proven that within a region modernised
by French grape varieties, Spain’s indigenous
varieties produce world class wines.
The traditional regions of Rioja and Ribera
del Duero are also flourishing and starting
to abandon a historical over-dependence
on oak, allowing grapes picked at their
ripe potential to dominate the wine.
Spanish wine is enjoying a surge in international
popularity with the growers rarely needing to worry
about bringing their grapes to full ripeness due
to the warm climate and consequently low cost.
Spain offers bargains with individual character.

RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : : 23

White Wines
13BOR3B Borsao Macabeo, Campo de Borja 2007 £3.95
13CLA3B Monte Clavijo Blanco, Rioja 2006 £4.95
13MAN1B Mantel Sauvignon Verdejo, Rueda 2006 £5.50
13PIQ1B Almansa Colección, Bodgeas Piqueras, Almansa 2007 £5.75
13LAX1B Albariño, Bodegas Laxas, Rias Baixas 2007 £8.95
13SAN1B Mas d’en Compte Blanco, Porrera, Priorat 2005 £14.50

Rosé Wines
13BOR4B Borsao Selección Rosado, Campo de Borja 2007 £4.95

24 RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : :

Red Wines
13BOR1B Borsao Garnacha, Campo de Borja 2007 £3.95
13CLA2B Monte Clavijo, Tinto Joven, Rioja 2006 £4.95
13LAD1B Laderas de El Seque, Alicante 2005 £5.75
13NAV02 Bodegas Navajas, Tinto Rioja 2006 £5.95
13URB1B Urbina Crianza, Rioja 2004 £7.95
13FAL1B Etim ‘Old Vine’ Garnacha, Falset Marca, Falset 2002 £8.95
13BOR2B Tres Picos Garnacha, Bodegas Borsao 2006 £9.95
13URB2B Urbina Reserva, Rioja 1997 £9.95
Pesquera Crianza, Ribera del Duero 2004 £12.50

13MAU1B Mauro Crianza, Tudela del Duero 2004 £17.50
13SAN2B Mas d’en Comte Crianza, Porrera, Priorat 2005 £17.50

RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : : : All prices are per bottle, ex vat 25
Despite its long historical relationship with
England, Portugal’s geographical isolation has
slowed its international reputation and growth
for its still wines. Like Spain, Portugal has
also struggled to shed its ‘one-wine’ image,
however whilst the rest of the world’s wine
regions are dominated by international grape
varieties, Portugal’s adherence to its indigenous
grape varieties such as Touriga National and
Baga has left it with a point of difference

for which it is at last being recognised.

26 RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : :

White Wines
14MUR1B Murta Branco, Quinta da Murta, Bucelas 2006/7 £5.90
14SOA1B Alvarinho Soalheiro, Vinho Verde, Minho 2006 £10.50

Red Wines
14COA1B Quinta do Côa Tinto, Carm, Douro 2005 £8.40

14NIE1B Redoma Tinto, Dirk Niepoort, Douro 2002 £23.00

RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : : : All prices are per bottle, ex vat 27
Most of Germany’s finest vineyards lie as far
north as grapes can be persuaded to ripen.
The vineyards, unfit for normal agriculture,
would otherwise be forest or bare mountain.
Whilst the chances of such sites producing
some of the world’s finest white wines look
slim, they do manage it, indeed Germany’s
finest wines stamp their quality with a racy
authority that no-one can imitate.
Riesling, arguably the most capable of all

white grapes, maintains its varietal character

while reflecting the terroir of its site.
Therefore whilst all German Rieslings have
that balance of tingling fruit and refreshing
acidity, there are clear regional differences.
The steep dark slate slopes of the Mosel Valley
produce the lightest Rieslings with particularly
firm, steely examples coming from its tributaries,
the Saar and Ruwer. The south-facing slopes of
the Rheingau are drier and sunnier and as a result,
the wines are slightly fuller. The underrated Nahe
lies in between the Mosel and Rheingau both
stylistically and geographically, while the large
Rheinhessen region can produce firm, full and
structured Rieslings. The Pfalz region further south
is warmer and so, not surprisingly, the wines are
slightly richer and more Alsace-like in character.
This is a country that still fights its demons, the
1970’s and 80’s were disastrous for its quality
reputation. However, Australia and New Zealand
have made Riesling fashionable again and Germany
is working its way back into international favour.

28 RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : :

White Wines
15MER1B Niersteiner Gutes Domtal, Peter Mertes, Rheinhessen 2006 £3.95
15LOO2B ‘Dr L’ Riesling, Ernst Loosen, Mosel 2006/7 £6.25
15WOL1B Villa Wolf Pinot Gris, Pfalz 2006/7 £6.25
15LOO3B Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Kabinett, Dr Loosen, Mosel 2006 £10.00
15DON1B Oberhauser Leistenberg Riesling Kabinett, Donhoff, Nahe 2006 £11.50
15GUN1B Nackenheim Rothenberg Riesling Spatlese, Gunderloch, Rheinhessen 2006 £16.00

RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : : : All prices are per bottle, ex vat 29
Central & Eastern Europe
Austria and Hungary seem to be in a perpetual
state of wine revival. Our confidence in wine
seems to fade as we edge east into Europe,
yet both countries offer something unique
in terms of grape varieties and style.
Austria’s modern array of intensely pure, dry
wines have more in common with the wines
of Alsace than Germany, whilst having their
own distinct personality. There is something
of the freshness of the Rhine about them, but
Central & Eastern Europe

also a touch of fieriness and high flavour.

Hungary is leading the longed-for awakening
of Central and Eastern Europe from its
communist past. For centuries, Hungary has
had a distinct food and wine culture, the most
defined wine laws and developed industry
of any country east of Germany. Whilst its
ability to produce delicate, light white wines
is being proven, its legendary Tokaji remains
the nation’s main vinous talking point.
In the Eastern Mediterranean, Lebanon is
most famous for one winery, Chateau Musar.
However the Bekaa Valley, ravaged by war, has
in its high altitude sites the potential to produce
fresh wines of wonderful aromatic profile,
unspoilt by sunbaked flavours and a number
of new wineries are exploiting its potential.

30 RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : :

White Wines
16EIC1B Gruner Veltliner Hasel, Eichinger, Kamptal, Austria 2006 £6.95
16BRU1B Riesling Ried Steinmassel Trocken, Bründlemayer, Langenlois, Austria 2005 £12.75

Red Wines
18MAS1B Massaya ‘Classic Red’, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon 2003 £6.75

Central & Eastern Europe

RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : : : All prices are per bottle, ex vat 31
In 1152, England acquired Bordeaux through
the marriage of Henry II to Eleanor of Aquitaine.
With it began our fascination with the
international wine industry. However, our interest
overseas resulted in a rapid disappearance
of the vineyards that had scattered England
since the Middle Ages. England therefore
can justifiably be considered a ‘New World’
producing nation as modern viticulture began
at Hambledon in Hampshire in the 1950’s.

Winemaking in this country is at last being

taken seriously; hobby vineyards ran out
of money fast and have been replaced by
commercial projects with high levels of technical
knowledge. Global warming is also having its
effect and the potential of the UK as a quality
producing nation improves by the year.
Our sparkling wines get close to emulating
Champagne due to a vein of the same chalk soil
which runs under the channel and into Sussex
and Kent and an average annual temperature
difference of less than 1°C. In the South West,
Germanic hybrids continue to dominate the still
wines and produce delicious aromatic wines.

32 RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : :

White Wines
19SHA1B Dart Valley Reserve, Sharpham Vineyards, Totnes, Devon 2007 £6.95
19YEA1B Yearlstone Vineyard Dry White No. 5, Exe Valley 2007 £6.95

Red Wines
19YEA2B Yearlstone Vineyard Red No. 4, Exe Valley 2006 £6.95

RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : : : All prices are per bottle, ex vat 33
South Africa
To the casual observer, the Cape winelands
may look just as they did in the decades
running up to the end of Apartheid; dominant
mountains, wild seas and vivid green pastures
dotted with the brilliant white facades of
300 year old Cape Dutch homesteads. The
reality is that the vineyards, cellars, and the
wines have changed out of all recognition.
The Cape boasts the oldest geology in the
wine-growing world, much is also made of the
South Africa

fact that these soils nurture the richest floral

kingdom on earth. In this region a collision of
warm African air with the cool Atlantic creates
a perfect environment for grape growing.
The KWV, the giant co-operative designed to
provide a market and control prices during
Apartheid, inhibited independent estates from
starting up and did little for the region’s quality.
However, since 1994 a new generation of young
winemakers who have travelled the world and
soaked up techniques and inspiration are in
control and the results have been incredible.
After decades of turmoil, the South African
wine industry has a happy ending in sight.

34 RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : :

White Wines
22POR1B Porter Mill Station Sauvignon Blanc, Porterville, Malmesbury 2007 £4.65
22AYA1B Ayama Chenin Blanc, Paarl 2007 £4.95
22AYA2B Ayama Sauvignon Blanc, Paarl 2007 £5.45
22RUI3B The Ruins Chardonnay Viognier, Robertson 2007 £5.95
22QUA1B Quando Sauvignon Blanc, Robertson 2007 £6.70
22BOU2B Bouchard Finlayson, ‘Blanc de Mer’, Walker Bay 2007 £6.95
22MUL1B Mulderbosch Chenin Blanc, Stellenbosch 2006 £6.95
22BOU1B Bouchard Finlayson ‘Sans Barrique’ Chardonnay, Walker Bay 2006 £8.50

South Africa
Rosé Wines
22RUI1B The Ruins Rosé, Robertson 2007 £5.95

Red Wines
22POR2B Porter Mill Station Shiraz, Porterville, Malmesbury 2007 £5.40
22RUI2B The Ruins ‘Organic’ Pinotage, Robertson 2006 £5.95
22AYA3B Ayama Shiraz, Paarl 2006 £5.95
22KC1B ‘KC’ Shiraz, Klein Constantia, Constantia 2005 £6.95
22LAM2B Lammershoek Zinfandel Syrah, Malmesbury 2006 £9.20
22SAD02 Sequillo, Eben Sadie, Swartland 2003 £12.50
22FOU1B The Foundry Syrah, Stellenbosch 2003 £15.00

RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : : : All prices are per bottle, ex vat 35
Australia is bigger, hotter and younger than
the rest of the wine world, but what really sets
it apart is its sheer dynamism. Now the largest
exporter to the UK, its fruit-driven wines and
value for money have charmed a nation.
Australia has been criticised for its industrial
approach to wine production and a lack of
individual character that has come from a
tendency to blend too readily (even Australia’s
most notable wine ‘Penfolds Grange’ is an

ever-changing blend of varieties and vineyard

sites). Recently however, more and more single-
vineyard wines are coming out of Australia as
producers recognise the importance of terroir.
South Australia is the main wine state; the
ancient Shiraz vines of the Barossa Valley
produce the most concentrated of red wines.
Riesling, grown in the Clare Valley on slate
reminiscent of Germany’s Mosel Valley, has
established itself as a New World classic.
Coonawarra offers one of the world’s most
concrete explanations of the word terroir
through its distinctive Cabernet Sauvignon’s
grown on a distinct strip of terra-rossa soil.
Elsewhere the cities of Sydney and Melbourne
have their adjoining wine regions in the form of
the Hunter and Yarra Valley. Close to Perth, the
wine regions of Western Australia are cooled
by the brisk sea breezes from the Southern
Ocean and result in some of the cleanest,
most refreshing whites and reds of Australia.

36 RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : :

White Wines
23MAR1B Marktree Semillon, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, South Australia 2007 £4.20
23CAN1B Lantana Semillon Chardonnay, Murray River Valley 2007 £4.95
23SOL1B Soldiers Block Chardonnay, Cowra 2007 £5.40
23MIL1B The Mill Verdelho, Cowra 2007 £5.99
23PIT1B Pitchfork Chardonnay, Mclaren Vale 2007 £6.95
23KNA1B Knappstein ‘Hand Picked’ Riesling, Clare Valley 2006 £6.95
23BRE1B Bremerton Verdelho, Langhorne Creek 2007 £7.95
23BRO1B Brokenwood Semillon, Hunter Valley 2006 £7.95
Hollick Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, Coonawarra 2007 £8.50

23PIK2B Pikes Riesling, Clare Valley 2006 £9.20
23PET2B Petaluma ‘Piccadilly’ Chardonnay, Adelade Hills 2005 £13.95

Red Wines
23MAR3B Marktree Merlot, Cabernet, Shiraz, South Australia 2006 £4.20
23PAD1B Paddock Shiraz, South Australia 2006 £4.20
23CAN2B Lantana Cabernet Shiraz, Murray River Valley 2006 £4.95
23HEL2B Hellfire Bay Shiraz Grenache, Western Australia 2006 £5.95
23PIK1B The Red Mullet, Pikes, Clare Valley 2006 £6.75
23DUC1B Duckbill Pinot Noir, Western Australia 2006 £6.95
23WIL1B Willandra Shiraz, Murray River Valley 2006 £6.40
23CHA1B Chalk Hill ‘Harvey Bros’, Shiraz MCV 2005 £8.50
23PEN2B Penley ‘Phoenix’ Cabernet Sauvignon, Coonawarra 2005 £9.20
23HEW1B Ned & Henry Shiraz Mourvedre, Dean Hewitson, Barossa Valley 2005 £11.95
23ARE4B The Dead Arm Shiraz, d’Arenberg, Mclaren Vale 2005 £20.95

RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : : : All prices are per bottle, ex vat 37
New Zealand
Few countries have quite such a defined image as
New Zealand. Producing only 0.3% of the world’s
crop, its importance comes from the admiration
the UK consumer in particular has for its wines.
The New Zealand wine industry is not only very
new, it is also modern in terms of the styles of
wine it produces. In 1960 the country had only
1000 acres of vines, mainly in Auckland, largely
planted with hybrids. Today there are over
55 000 acres planted and over 550 producers.
New Zealand

For such a small and ocean-bound country,

New Zealand offers a remarkable diversity of
climate which has allowed it to succeed with
distinctive varietals, most notably Sauvignon
Blanc and Pinot Noir which have not been
successful in other New World regions.
Marlborough at the top of the South Island is
the largest and most well known wine region
(the home of Cloudy Bay), where distinctive
and exemplary Sauvignon Blancs are produced
as well as high quality Chardonnay.
Today New Zealand is considered as the
leading source of Pinot Noir outside Burgundy,
with such regions as Martinborough and
Central Otago producing wonderfully pure,
intense and beautifully balanced wine.

38 RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : :

White Wines
24TER1B Te Tera Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough 2007 £7.95
24MOM1B Momo Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough 2007 £7.95
24SER1B Seresin Estate Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough 2006 £9.75
24DOG1B Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough 2006 £10.25
24SER1B Seresin Estate Riesling, Marlborough 2004 £10.95

New Zealand
Red Wines
24TER2B Te Tera Pinot Noir, Martinborough 2007 £7.95
24TEN1B Te Mata ‘Woodthorpe’ Cabernet Merlot, Hawkes Bay 2005 £9.50
24ALA1B Alana Estate ‘Tuapapa’ Pinot Noir 2005 £9.95

RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : : : All prices are per bottle, ex vat 39
South America
After Europe, South America is the world’s most
important wine producing continent. It is the
oldest New World wine producer and its history
is heavily influenced by immigrants and their
descendents, initially Spanish and Portuguese
and more recently Italians, French, and Germans.
Until the mid-nineties Argentina had almost no
international aspirations for its wine industry and
produced vast quantities of mediocre wine. The
last decade has witnessed incredible change
South America

to make it one of the world’s most interesting

sources of quality wine. The country’s vineyards
sit alongside the Andes, their thin mountain air
barely resisting the sun’s rays. Malbec is the
country’s favoured red, a grape that struggled
for reputation in France, here produces one
of South America’s most compelling wines.
Geographically Chile is one of the world’s most
isolated nations. Pencil-thin it has the Andes to
the east, Pacific to the west, Atacama Desert
to the north and Antarctica to the south. The
fertile and fruitful strip is climatically perfect
for growing grapes and its remoteness has
prevented the arrival of the deadly Phylloxera
louse. Compared with Argentina, the vineyards
of Chile are lower-lying and their wines earthier.
Many vineyards are planted with red and white
grapes and the resulting profusion of styles has
created a reputation for reliability rather than
creativity. The last few years has seen a growing
understanding of regional differences within
Chile and the quality and interest of the wine it
produces seems to improve with every vintage.
40 RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : :
White Wines
25SIE2B Sierra Grande Chardonnay, Chile 2007 £3.95
26PRA1B Finca Los Prados Chenin Semillon, San Rafael, Argentina 2007 £4.20
25RAY3B Rayun Sauvignon Blanc, Santa Emiliana, Chile 2007 £4.75
25RAY1B Rayun Chardonnay, Santa Emiliana, Chile 2006 £4.75
26LIB1B Libertad Pinot Blanc, Mendoza, Argentina 2007 £4.90
26ALA1B Alamos Chardonnay, Mendoza, Argentina 2006 £6.40
26CAT1B Catena Chardonnay, Mendoza, Argentina 2006 £10.00

South America
Red Wines
25SIE1B Sierre Grande Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile 2006 £3.95
26PRA2B Finca Los Prados Cabernet Malbec, San Rafael, Argentina 2007 £4.20
25RAY2B Rayun Merlot, Santa Emiliana, Chile 2006 £4.75
25RAY4B Rayun Cabernet Sauvignon, Santa Emiliana, Chile 2006 £4.75
26LIB2B Libertad Merlot, Mendoza, Argentina 2006 £4.90
26PRI1B Los Primos Barbera, San Rafael, Argentina 2005 £4.95
26FLO1B La Flor Cabernet Sauvignon, Pulenta Estate, Alto Agrelo, Argentina 2006 £5.95
26ALA2B Alamos Malbec, Bodegas Catena Zapata, Mendoza, Argentina 2005 £6.40
25COY1B Coyam, Alvaro Espinosa, Chile 2005 £8.40
26CAB1B Caballo Loco No. 9, Valdivieso, Chile NV £16.95

RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : : : All prices are per bottle, ex vat 41
North America
Prohibition in the middle of the last century stunted
the growth of the wine industry in America.
However the last four decades have seen a rapid
catch-up as nearly every state has its own offering
of vineyards and gleaming new wineries.
California is still the capital of North American
wine production, producing over 90% of the
total. The States’ vineyard variation comes not
from latitude but from the mountains which lie
between the vineyards and the Pacific, preventing
North America

the sea air and fog moderating the climate.

Regions like Napa, Sonoma and Carneros are
now considered classic, although there are 100
different AVA’s (America Viticultural Areas) in
total. Fashion plays an obvious role in a state
like California and many of the cult wineries
which command four figure dollar price tags
per bottle did not even exist in the 1980’s.
In the UK market, the difference between the
cheaper ‘jug-wine’ that fills supermarket aisles and
the expensive boutique estates could not be more
obvious. This has left the market confused about
what California really offers, with most of us only
experiencing the huge brands deplete of quality or
regional interest. However, a downturn in the US
economy effecting domestic consumption, combined
with a weakening dollar has resulted in an increasing
amount of quality wine reaching our shores at an
affordable price. We are discovering that this is
winemaking heaven and that somewhere between
Washington’s Pugent Sound and Los Angeles exists
the perfect environment for every grape variety
that has ever been grown, vinified or bottled.
42 RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : :
White Wines
29WIN1B Winston Hill Chardonnay 2006 £4.75
29FRO1B Frogs Leap Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley 2006 £10.95
29DRO1B Drouhin Arthur Chardonnay, Oregon 2006 £13.35

Red Wines

North America
29WIN2B Winston Hill Syrah Zinfandel 2005 £4.75
29LYE1B L de Lyeth Merlot, Sonoma 2005 £7.45
29LOA1B De Loach Pinot Noir, Sonoma County 2005 £7.50
29PEA1B Incredible Red Zinfandel, Bin 116, Paso Robles 2005 £8.50
29LAE1B Laetitia Pinot Noir, Arroya Grande Valley 2006 £9.95
29VAL1B Clos du Val Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley 2003 £15.95
29RID1B Ridge ‘Geyserville’, Santa Cruz 2005 £21.00
29RID02 Ridge ‘Lytton Springs’, Santa Cruz 2005 £21.00

RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : : : All prices are per bottle, ex vat 43
Fortified Wines
The fortunes of Sherry and Port are tied up
with historical patronage and date back to a
period when England either traded with its
neighbours or met them head on in battle.
Consequently, Port’s emergence as a wine
region owed more to an ongoing 18th century
European power struggle than it did to any
particular refinement in Georgian taste.
This sense of history pervades the town of
Oporto but as you move along the Douro River
Fortified Wine

to the Baixo Gorge the vibrant city is left behind

and the dramatically steep and primitive valley
becomes more impressive with every turn. This
is hard county to work, but the results are worth
the effort. Port remains a completely unique
product, under-valued and under-priced.
The rolling chalk hills of Jerez and its proximity
to the Atlantic means the labour is less brutish.
Chalk’s ability to ration water and impart its
own mineral quality to the wine is as vital to the
growers of Jerez as it is to those of Champagne,
so despite marking the northern and southern
limits of European viticulture, both regions stay
within the bounds of the same terroir driven faith.

44 RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : :

31VAL1H Fino Inocente, Valdespino, Jerez (37.5cl) NV £5.85
31LUS1B Papirusa Manzanilla, Lustau NV £9.50
31LUS3B Los Arcos Dry Amontillado NV £9.50
31LUS2B Don Nuno Dry Oloroso, Lustau NV £10.00


Fortified Wines
32NIE4B Niepoort Tawny Port NV £8.75
32NIE3B Niepoort Dry White Port NV £9.30
32PAS1B Quinta do Passadouro Ruby Port NV £9.40
32NIE1B Niepoort Late Bottled Vintage 2003 £12.50
32NIE2B Niepoort Colheita 1995 £25.00
32PAS2B Quinta do Passadouro Vintage Port 2000 £30.00

33BAR1F Barbeito, Veramar Boal NV £9.50
33BAR2B Barbeito, Malvasia 10 Year Reserve NV £18.50

RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : : : All prices are per bottle, ex vat 45
Sweet Wine
There is a saying in the wine trade that you
can make poor wine from great quality grapes,
but you cannot make great wine from poor
grapes. It emphasises the importance of the raw
ingredients in wine production, highlighting the
fact that no winemaker, however capable can
create wine of real quality without having ripe
grapes, balanced in acids and tannins that have a
character which can be reflected in the final wine.
Whilst the ‘great grapes’ analogy works for most
Sweet Wine

wines, it is one that is difficult to defend if you

ever have a chance to see the black, heavily
rotted grapes that are hand harvested from the
vineyards of Sauternes before they are pressed
and slowly fermented into one of the world’s
greatest sweet wines. Hanging on the vine, the
grapes covered in a thick fungal mould look
unpleasant to say the least, yet the juice within
is some of the wine world’s most precious.
Fine sweet wines are made in a number of
methods. The concentrating effect on both
sugar and acidity of Botrytis Cinerea (also
known as noble rot) certainly produces some
of the finest, but many world class sweet
wines are produced without its influence.
What is uniform is the patience, care and
pure passion that goes into sweet wine
production. Undervalued, they are some of
the wine world’s most fascinating creations.

46 RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : :

Sweet Wines
13GOY1H Goya Moscatel Clásico, Camilo Castilla, Navarra, Spain NV £4.25 (37.5cl)
23TRE1H Noble Taminga, Trentham Estate, Australia 2003 £5.75 (37.5cl)
05NOB1H Domaine de Noble, Loupiac, Bordeaux 2003 £6.40 (37.5cl)
03DUR1H Muscat Beaumes de Venise, Domaine Durban, Southern Rhône 2005 £7.95 (37.5cl)
07FRE1B Domaine du Fresche ‘Vieille Sève’ Moelleux, Côteaux de la Loire 2003 £9.25
12FAL3F Vin Santo del Chianti, Riccardo Falchini, Tuscany 2001 £10.00 (50cl)
16TOK1F Tokaji Aszu, 5 Puttonyos, Tokaj Classic Winery, Hungary 1999 £11.00 (50cl)
05NOB1B Domaine de Noble, Loupiac, Bordeaux 2003 £11.75

Sweet Wines
03MAU1F Maury, Les Vignerons de Maury, Roussillon, Southern France 1928 £12.50 (50cl)
03REC1F Domaine de la Rectorie ‘Cuvée Parcé Frérès’, Banyuls, Southern France 2006 £12.30 (50cl)
07HUE2B Vouvray Moelleux ‘Clôs du Bourg’ Domaine Huet 1986 £23.00
05ROB1B Château Rabaud-Promis, 1er Cru Classe, Sauternes, Bordeaux 1997 £23.00
15JJP1H Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese GoldKapsel, JJ Prum, Germany 2001 £27.95
10BEN1B Condrieu Eté Indien, Pierre Bénetière (50cl) 2004 £28.50
05CLI1B Château Climens, 1er Cru Classe, Barsac, Bordeaux 1997 £48.00

RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : : : All prices are per bottle, ex vat 47
Spirits All prices are per bottle, ex vat
35HUA1B Calvados, Hors d’Age, Domaine Michel Huard NV £22.40
35DEL1B Bas-Armagnac, VSOP, Delord-Frères NV £16.30
35BRI1B Cognac VSOP, Domaine des Brissons de Laage NV £21.50

Beer & Cider All prices are per case, ex vat

Spirits, Beer, Cider & Water

36PER1B Peroni Nastro Azzurro Beer, Italy (24 x 33cl) £22.00

36SHA1B Doombar, Sharpes Brewery, Rock, Cornwall (12 x 50cl) £17.50
36HER1B Heron Valley Organic Sparkling Cider, Devon (6 x 50cl) £11.95

Water All prices are per case, ex vat

38PAN1F Aqua Panna Still Water (24 x 50cl) £12.50
38PAN1B Aqua Panna Still Water (12 x 75cl) £9.50
38PEL1F San Pellegrino Sparkling Water (24 x 50cl) £12.50
38PEL1B San Pellegrino Sparkling Water (12 x 75cl) £9.50

48 RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : :

02GAL1H Champagne Gallimard, Cuvée Réserve Brut ‘Médaille d’Or’ NV £8.20
02BIL2H Billecart-Salmon, Brut Rosé NV £16.00

White Wines
10VEN1H Terraventoux ‘Les Combes’ Blanc, Côtes du Ventoux, S France 2006 £2.95

Half Bottles
07SAU1H Sancerre, Domaine Sautereau, Loire, France 2006 £4.75
06BRO2H Chablis, Domaine Brocard, Burgundy, France 2006 £5.20

Rosé Wines
10VEN2H Terrraventoux ‘Belle Combe’ Côtes du Ventoux Rosé 2006 £2.95

Red Wines
10VEN3H Terraventoux ‘Les Sablons’ Rouge, Côtes du Ventoux, S France 2006 £2.95
06COL3H Fleurie, Domaine André Colonge, Beaujolais, France 2005 £4.95
05PAV1H Château du Pavillon, Canon-Fronsac, Bordeaux, France 2001 £5.60

RED&WHITE : 01548 854 473 : : : All prices are per bottle, ex vat 49
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claim. Non-delivery must be reported within 14 days of
RED&WHITE Wines Limited (‘the company’) upon the
the notified date of dispatch. Any failure to comply will
following standard terms and conditions of sale. Any
result in the non-satisfaction of any claim.
variation in these terms and conditions must be agreed
in writing.
The property in goods ordered from ‘the company’
Prices shall pass to the buyer only when all monies owed by
All prices are quoted per bottle (unless otherwise the buyer to ‘the company’ have been paid. Until the
stated), excluding VAT and are correct at the time property in goods has passed to the buyer, the buyer
of publication. They are however, subject to market shall (save in the case of any resale by the buyer) keep
fluctuation, changes in rates of currency and changes each consignment separate and marked as being the
in duty and VAT. All wines are offered subject to property of ‘the company’ and such goods shall be
Terms & Conditions

availability E & OE. properly stored, protected and insured and the buyer
Payment shall hold them in a fiduciary capacity. The proceeds
Payment must be received prior to release of goods in representing the invoice price of the goods (including
all cases except where credit account facilities have without limitation, insurance proceeds) shall be for
been arranged. In the case of credit accounts, wines the account of ‘the company’ and shall be held by the
ordered are due for payment 30 days from date of buyer in trust for ‘the company’ and kept separate from
invoice. ‘The company’ reserves the right to charge the buyer’s own funds and those of third parties. If the
monthly interest at a rate of 8% over the base rate of buyer shall fail to pay any sums to ‘the company’ when
the Bank of England per month on overdue accounts. due, ‘the company’ may, without prejudice to any other
Delivery right or remedy, enter any property of the buyer and
The minimum order is one case or 12 bottles (mixed cases take from the buyer possession of any goods in which
available). Delivery within the local area is free of charge. ‘the company’ has retained the property.
Mail order facilities are available for deliveries further Risk
afield at a cost of £7.00 per case. If you have not received Notwithstanding the above, the risk in the goods (in
your order within 5 days, or if an order arrives damaged respect of loss or damage or otherwise) shall pass to
please notify us as soon as possible. We regret that we the buyer upon delivery.
are unable to guarantee specific delivery times. Delivery Insolvency
schedules may change at Christmas, Easter and Bank ‘The company’ may terminate the contract by written
Holidays, we will advise any changes in advance. notice if the buyer becomes insolvent or is deemed to
Claims be unable to pay its debts within the meaning of section
Claims for breakages and missing bottles must be 123 of the insolvency act 1986
notified in writing on the consignment note at the
time of delivery. Please inform us immediately of any
damage or loss, in order to speed up and facilitate your

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