Unlock Sky PLEASE READ THE NOTE BELOW FIRST NOTE: This information is provided for educational/research

purposes only and we will not be held responsible for the use to which others put it or for any losses incurred from the use of it. This document is in no way designed to encourage piracy or theft or any illegal or immoral behavior. This works on about 90% of sky boxes Three methods listed below. -----------------------------------------------------------------* Unlocking Sky Box Office * This really is a simple trick. There is a 'secret' installers menu which allows you to add a prefix to the Sky phone number. All you need to do is add a false prefix and the box can never phone Sky! It is that easy >>Press 'Services' Press '4' (system setup) Press '0' then '1' then 'select' (to activate 'secret' menu) Press '3' (telephone settings) Scroll to 'Dialing prefix' Enter a prefix of your choice (NOT 999 or 112, you don't want the fire brigade round your house at 2am!) Scroll to 'Save New Settings' Done! Now the box will just get an error message when attempting to send Sky your viewing information. * Unlocking Sky Box Office FREE SKY BOX OFFICE: * (1) Go to a box office channel (2) Press select (3) It will now ask you for your pin number do not put this in yet (4) Unplug your digital box from the telephone line (5) Now enter your pin number _ _ _ _ this is the last four digits on your sky card (6) Your picture will now come on (7) When you have watched you movie or sport event (8) Switch off your sky digital box from the mains for 5 min's (9) Switch your box back on then plug your telephone back in this method Will reset your digital box so sky will not know you have watched Anything happy viewing If the first 2 methods do not work then use this method, this works on nearly all boxes * Unlocking Sky Box Office * Sky does know about this loophole but they also can't fix it, not for the foreseeable future anyway. Here are the steps to get your free PPV's. Enjoy! 1. Locate your phone line going into the back of the Sky box. 2. Cut through this phone line anywhere (about 3/4 length down) 3. Strip it and you will see 2 or 4 wires.if 4,Keep the black and red on one side and the green and yellow on the other if 2 then just place 1 on each terminal. 4. Throw the other bit of the phone line that goes into the wall away or keep it if you like but you'll have no need for it. 5. Now you need one of the 9V oblong batteries (75p) and you can use one of those PP3 Battery connectors (20p). 6. Put the red and the back wires on one side of the battery and the green and yellow wires on the other 7. Hold it in place (or clip on the battery connector) then go to your box office film or whatever, pick it and put your pin it as usual, it won't charge you. If you get a "please connect telephone" message - you haven't stripped the wires enough, the battery is not connected or is dead. 8. After the screen clears you can disconnect the wires from the battery. You will never need to reconnect your phone line back to your TV. Sky updates through the satellite on your house and not through the phone line like some people think. 9. * VERY IMPORTANT - Never reconnect your phone line back to your sky box or you will be charged for everything you have ordered using this method. Now every time you want to watch a PPV just repeat stages 6. 7. and 8. MANY THANKS AND HAVE FUN.. please leave feedback and ill do the same for you *