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Vol. 53, No. 20

Serving the Military Community in Southeastern Connecticut since 1918

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Starting the New Year right means starting ‘S.M.A.R.T’
By Lt. j.g. Daniel Mongiove

Photo by Lt. j.g. Daniel Mongiove

GROTON, Conn. - Wellness coach Mary Zeppier, (center), of Naval Submarine Base New London’s (SUBASE) Morale, Welfare, and
Recreation Department (MWR), demonstrates “the Superman,” one of the many exercises performed in the Friday afternoon “Fit
4 Five,” class at the base’s Body Works Fitness Center, Jan. 9. The “Fit 4 Five,” class incorporates interval workouts of both
strength training and cardio.

every single day is unrealistic,” said Zeppier. “You
may be fine for the first
week, but once your first
hurrah is over and you
begin to miss a few days,
you become discouraged
and that’s when most people give up.”
“S.M.A.R.T.” goal stands
for relevant and Zeppier
emphasizes that relevancy helps ensure the goal
is worth the effort and
important enough to fuel
one’s resolve.
Finally, a “S.M.A.R.T.”
goal must be time-managed helping the goal-setter find the necessary
time in a daily schedule to
make progress.
goals established, Navy
Team New London members will find a wealth

of MWR fitness program
opportunities designed
for individuals to develop healthy lifestyles and
achieve their goals.
Participants requiring
motivation and direction
can join one of several fitness classes developed to
meet preferences or needs.
Prospective body builders
can try out “Bells and
Bars,” a class combining
kettle bells and body bars
for an overall strengthening workout. Swimmers
may enjoy “Aquasize”, a
water aerobics class at the
SUBASE swimming pool.
MWR Lead Fitness
Specialist Angi Webb
highlights that there is
even a SUBASE fitness
program designed with
families in mind. “Family
Fitness” includes fun and
activity for the whole fam-

ily to enjoy.
“We like to support
SUBASE Sailors and their
families the best we can in
helping them attain their
goals,” said Webb. “The
classes make working out
a fun experience no matter what level of fitness or
age group participants are
in and it gives families a
chance to experience the
joy of becoming fit together.”
“Family Fitness,” classes are held at Morton
Hall Gymnasium each
Of course, a workout
“buddy” can be just as
encouraging as a family
and can also help an individual be more open to
new exercises or fitness
“Finding a buddy to
exercise with is a great

motivator,” said Fire
Control Technician (FT2)
Ryan Bramich, who
works out at Morton
Hall with his friend Keith
Smith, a civilian contractor assigned to Submarine
Development Squadron
(DEVRON) 12. “There
are so many opportunities
available here that there
is just no excuse not to
go out and make use of
A much anticipated
MWR fitness opportunity is its “Biggest Loser
Contest,” a nine week
weight loss challenge
to encourage lifelong
healthy exercise and
nutrition habits. Along
with weekly weigh-ins
throughout the contest,
weekly nutrition classes
are also offered.
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GROTON, Conn. By mid-January many
New Year resolutions
have gone by the wayside because they were
not “S.M.A.R.T” goals
Submarine Base New
London (SUBASE) wellness experts.
“Changing one’s behavior and lifestyle is never
an easy task, but remembering the simple acronym, ‘S.M.A.R.T.’, when
setting these behavioral goals may just help,”
said SUBASE Morale,
Recreation and Welfare
(MWR) certified wellness
coach Mary Zeppier.
Zeppier explains that
first element in establishing a “S.M.A.R.T.” goal
is to be specific. Saying
one wants to lose weight
and eat right is not as
specific as clearly stating
a desire to lose 10 pounds
or include a vegetable in
every meal.
Specificity often helps
with second “S.M.A.R.T.”
goal element; the goal
has to be measurable.
Seeking to lose 10 pounds
or include a vegetable in
every meal is very measurable and allows for
easy tracking of one’s
But it’s the third element of a “S.M.A.R.T.”
goal is where most people
have problems according
to Zeppier. The goal has
to be attainable.
“If you’re just starting
now to go to the gym,
making it your goal to go

100 Gando Drive
New Haven, CT 06513-1049

Editor’s note: This is
the first in a series of
Naval Submarine Base
New London (SUBASE)
Healthy Base Initiative
(HBI) focused stories
aimed at helping veterans, service members
and families enhance
their personal health and
well-being in 2015.


Military Neighbors
welcomes new host
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DoD Releases 2015 Military Pay and Compensation Rates
DoD News
Defense Media Activity

Department of Defense
(DoD) announced the
2015 military pay and
compensation rates for
service members, with
most service members
receiving a one percent
increase in basic pay,
Dec. 22.
The new rates for basic
pay, basic allowance for
housing, basic allowance
for subsistence, and the
cost of living allowance
rates for the contiguous

United States took effect
Jan. 1, 2015.
Basic pay for service
members will increase
one percent, except for
general and flag officers who will not see
an increase in 2015.
For example, an E-4
with 3 years of service
will see an increase in
basic pay of $22.20 per
month, while an O-3
with 6 years of service
will receive a basic pay
increase of $54.30 per
month in 2015.
Basic allowance for
housing rates for service members in 2015

will increase on average
$17 per month, or 0.5
percent. Rates are calculated using median
current market rent and
average utilities (including electricity, heat, and
water/sewer) for each
pay grade, both with and
without dependents. Two
changes were made to
BAH rate computations
for 2015: renter’s insurance, which contributed
an average of one percent
to rates, was eliminated, and the Fiscal Year
2015 National Defense
reduced housing rates on

New Virginia-class attack sub named
By Department of Defense

- Secretary of the Navy
Ray Mabus announced
Jan. 9, that SSN 795,
a Virginia-class attack
submarine, will bear the
name USS Hyman G.
Mabus named the
submarine to honor U.S.
Navy Admiral Hyman
G. Rickover, the man
credited for developing
USS Nautilus (SSN 571),
the world’s first operational nuclear-powered
Virginia-class submarines provide the Navy

with the capabilities
required to maintain
the nation’s undersea supremacy well
into the 21st century.
They have enhanced
stealth, sophisticated
surveillance capabilities, and special warfare enhancements that
enable them to meet the
Navy’s multi-mission
Virginia-class submarines have the capability
to attack targets ashore
with highly accurate
Tomahawk cruise missiles and conduct covert
long-term surveillance
of land areas, littoral
waters or other sea-

based forces. Other missions include anti-submarine and anti-ship
warfare; mine delivery
and minefield mapping.
They are also designed
for special-forces delivery and support.
Each Virginia-class
submarine is 7,800 tons
and 377 feet in length,
has a beam of 34 feet,
and can operate at more
than 25 knots submerged. It is designed
with a reactor plant that
will not require refueling during the planned
life of the ship, reducing lifecycle costs while
increasing underway

average one percent for
service members.
However, individual
rate protection for service members remains
an integral part of the
BAH program. This
means that even if BAH
rates decline including
through the elimination
of renter’s insurance
and the reduction in the
calculated rate a service
member who maintains
uninterrupted BAH eligibility in a given location will not see a rate
decrease. This ensures
that service members
who have made longterm commitments in the
form of a lease or contract are not penalized
if local housing costs
Service members can
calculate their BAH payment by using the basic
allowance for housing
calculator at: http://
The 2015 basic allowance for subsistence rates
for military members
will increase by 2.9 percent over last year. The
new rates are:
$367.92 per month for
enlisted members
$253.38 per month for
The annual adjustments to basic allowance for subsistence
- a monthly nontaxable
cash payment to military

members intended to
be used to buy food are linked to changes in
food prices as measured
by the annual change in
the U.S. Department of
Agriculture Cost of Food
at Home Index. From
the beginning of October
2013 through the end
of September 2014, the
index rose by 2.9 percent,
forming the basis for the
increased BAS rates.
Department also released
its 2015 contiguous
United States cost of
living allowance rates.
Roughly 12,000 members will see a decrease
in their CONUS COLA
payments, while some
7,000 members will see
an increase or no change,
and 4,000 members
will no longer receive a
CONUS COLA payment.
CONUS COLA is a taxable supplemental allowance designed to help
offset higher prices in
high-cost locations, and
rates vary based on location, pay grade, years of
service and dependent
status. Rates can increase
or decrease depending
on the prices in a specific
duty location compared
to prices in an average
CONUS location. Service
members can calculate
their CONUS COLA rate

Is your car ready
for winter?
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Don’t miss this
month’s special meal
at Cross Hall Galley!
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Classifieds........................9 NBHC Groton leads way in battling obesity in 2015 Lt. 17. political affiliation or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser. only to regain the weight after the program ended. who lost thirty pounds after suffering a heart attack while at work in the clinic on Feb. to 1 p. will host a basketball clinic Jan. E-Prescribing coming to military pharmacies The Military Health System has deployed electronic prescribing in military pharmacies across its system of clinics and hospitals in the United States (and in Guam and Puerto Rico). Box 44. Wilkinson. Conn. USS Nautilus (SSN 571). Cmdr. religion. • ADDRESS . Lahti Executive Officer Naval Submarine Base New London Cmdr.The editorial content of this newspaper is prepared. ordered all lines cast off and signaled the celebrated message marking a revolutionary feat: underway on nuclear power.m. Youth Center hosts basketball clinic GROTON. the U. Schill knew he wanted to serve his country.) (203) 850-6628 Classified Advertising (outside Conn. more than 200 nuclear-powered U. user or patron. Please help conserve our resources and recycle this paper when you are finished with it.m. no registration is required! Have a child or teen not yet enrolled in the Youth Center? No problem! Stop by or call to register at (860) 4486843. Telephone (203) 752-2701. The Dolphin is published by Shoreline Newspapers. The NBHC staff is proud to be in the fight against obesity. Learn ball handling.manent duty station (waivtion is now open for 2015. get good grades.” said Dr. and confidence. 17. Sracic. Attendance at the observance is free and open to the public. The Sailor has not received a NJP within 6 months or are not pending administrative separation. or Michelle. physical handicap. Groton. can help link interested mentor volunteers with local schools that have a need.” There are many diet and training options available. . – School and youth program coordinators from Naval Submarine Base New London (SUBASE). Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase. Sailors are required approving a Sailor’s Navy to sign up in advance of the Tuition Assistance (TA) scheduled test date. the SUBASE Public Affairs Office coordinates community service opportunities with schools and youth programs yearlong.from science fairs to athletic ‘field days. reducing the need for handwritten prescriptions. and the Naval Branch Health Clinic (NBHC) Groton is proud to be in the fight.Sheryl Walsh Public Affairs Staff . The youth clinic will take place at 5:30 p. and communication skills. R. Approving TA The first active duty SAT or applications A Sailor’s command must ACT is administered free of certify the following prior to charge. Commander Eugene P. and this time. As part of the observance. Readers can e-mail us at dolphin@ctcentral. Navy under exclusive written contract with the Naval Submarine Base New London. exams & programs.dolphin-news. if applicable. John Slater. “The Sailors and civilians of Navy Team New London are committed volunteers.” said Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kristina Young. but even more importantly. a private firm in no way connected with the Department of Defense or the U. weather permitting. visit www. MS GROTON.5 mile run time of 8:52. Observance of 60th anniversary of Nautilus underway on nuclear power GROTON. For more information. When a prescription comes into a pharmacy electronically. It has proven results for both the children and adults who care enough to make the commitment of just one hour a week. and his wife. Do it for you.militaryfamily. and she isn’t done yet. and they’ve enjoyed supporting all kinds of school and youth interaction opportunities .l. Today. GROTON. 31. the SUBASE School Liaison at (860) 694-3772. Minimum weekly circulation 10. learn sign language. 2015 Become a mentor in 2015: Be someone who matters to someone who matters By Lt. “There is a great need for mentors throughout New London County”. Daniel Mongiove. Carl A. The Sailor will have time Military Spouse to pursue an off-duty college Scholarship course. “It’s a great time to think about young people in our community who could benefit from a relationship with a caring adult.g.” Miranda Chapman SUBASE School Liaison Chapman. This newspaper is printed on recycled newsprint.Christopher Zendan Editor . After the Command Approving Official approves the TA. graduate and doctoral degrees. the SUBASE School Liaison. Cost is $230 for military. 1955. Scholarship applications are open until Jan. 2014 are sim- ilarly enthusiastic about lifestyle changes and development of a true culture of health in the community. At 11 a. Inquiries regarding advertisements should be directed to the Display Advertising or Classified Advertising departments. as well as the readiness of our armed forces to bring the fight to the enemy in any environment on earth. The first nuclear-powered vessel in the world. SUBASE Community Service Volunteer Coordinator. callan1@navy. “ For SUBASE community service minded volunteers who are wary of a mentoring commitment but still may desire to help make a difference in the lives of local youth. January tends to be a busy month in gyms around the country as one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions in America often sounds something like. MD. marital status. In July 2014 during what she describes as her “defining moment.000. Fitness is a lifestyle choice that requires a strong level of commitment and personal investment.m. News items and photos must be received by 4 p. Contents of The Dolphin are not necessarily the official views of. “Mentoring is not just a feel-good strategy. 1944. (860) 694-1471. Commanding Officer Naval Submarine Base New London Capt. Beneficiaries can ask their doctor to look for their local military pharmacies in the e-prescribing database/networks. Sailors like Hospitalman Patrick Schill. From 10:30 to 11:30 a.The Naval Submarine Base New London (SUBASE) Youth Center. Southeastern Connecticut. Over the course of one year.. General Manager Shore Line Newspapers The editorial content of this publication is the responsibility of the Naval Submarine Base New London Public Affairs Office. and concerns for development of diabetes – all because they chose to make lifestyle changes to lose weight and keep it off. j.Advertisements are solicited by Shore Line Newspapers and not the editorial staff or Public Affairs Office. and make sure that you get the right information from the right people. certification fees. For Navy Team New London adults interested in mentoring opportunities closer to the base. Michael K.m. or endorsed by. Maxine has lost a total of 75 pounds. She is feeling great about herself and when it comes to losing weight. Lifeguard classes will take place Sundays from 9 a. he lost 120 pounds and has kept it off. develop core leadership skills. News ideas and questions can be directed to Christopher Zendan at 694-5980. most classes are inexpensive (usually $15 to $70 for majority of courses). sustainable results. To learn more about Tricare’s pharmacy benefits. Funding can be used for The Sailor will serve on a variety of pursuits includ.Lt. both at home and forward deployed to Afghanistan. It can help reduce prescription errors and has the potential to decrease wait times at military pharmacies. in the museum main hall. we are ready to help. Cmdr. including inserts of supplements. Adult education is great for the student who wants to find a new hobby. edited and provided by the Public Affairs Office of the Naval Submarine Base New London. Naval Submarine Base New London PAO. Display Advertising. . certifications. 23. and avoid alcohol and drugs. it allows the pharmacist to resolve issues before the patient arrives. national origin. knee pain. he needed to lose weight. Each of them have seen impressive improvements with issues like back pain. to mark the 60th anniversary of USS Nautilus (SSN 571) underway on nuclear power. she started a new program. All news releases should be sent to this address.S. Conn. and neighboring Rhode Island are encouraging adults this New Year to become involved in a young person’s life by volunteering some time to be a mentor.” E-prescribing is a safe and efficient option already adopted by most civilian pharmacies and providers. Conn. she has been able to maintain her success.m. and the teen clinic at 7:30 p. Try your hand at watercolor. Just show up. the Department of Defense or the Department of the The Sailor is not under instruction in initial skills training or in a duty under instruction (DUINS) training status. Ben Amdur. sharing stories and accomplishments from the past year as well as setting goals for the year about to begin. a health system specialist who has struggled with her weight her entire life. are leading by example as we combat preventable illness tied to obesity. ships and submarines have followed in the trailblazing wake of USS Nautilus (SSN 571).” she looked at a picture of herself and decided enough was enough. $250 for non-military. The cost includes books. He now weighs 180 pounds and referees high school and adult soccer games while maintaining a vigorous workout routine including endurance and strength training. http://www. . we need another decisive victory in our own battle of the bulge at our waistlines. The museum will also have some additional Nautilus artifacts on display and will dress the most recent Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) or received a waiver. hone some professional skills or research a potential new career without spending a zillion dollars! Although Tuition Assistance is not available for community-based adult education classes. feel more productive at work. MC1(SW/ AW)William Larned. call (203) 752-2711 Classified Advertising (in Conn. . generations later. Vocational. waterfront units at Naval Submarine Base New London are encouraged to follow Historic Ship Nautilus in a long whistle blast commencing at 11 a. he just completed his fall PRT with an impressive 1. Re-certification is $115 for military and $125 for non-military. and he has served his country proudly. Kurt Stronach Command Master Chief Naval Submarine Base New London CMDCM(SS) Jay Gladu Public Affairs Officer . The appearance of advertising in this publication. Daniel Mongiove This newspaper is an authorized publication for personnel of the Department of Defense and their families. you can make your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight a reality for 2015. 100 Gando Drive. Still weighing in at lean 220 pounds. and when it comes to your fitness goals for the New Year. but the returns on that investment are astronomical when it comes to individual and family health. 17 at 7:30 a. Navy College Office will offer an ACT.The historic Ship Nautilus and Submarine Force Museum will host an observance. have each lost over forty pounds as a married team through dietary modifications and increased understanding of nutrition. The National Military The Sailor has served oneFamily Association military year on-board his first perspouse scholarship applica. This capability will allow civilian providers to send prescriptions electronically to military pharmacies.S. CT 06349-5044.griffin@navy.2 • THE DOLPHIN • Thursday.newlondonadulted. New Haven. January 15. MC2(SW/AW) Kristina Young. “I am often told that there are more students on the waiting list than mentors available. and are recommended for advance or promotion. make the committed investment that it takes to see real. Civilians like Tom Scagliarini. Jan. “Each year our Navy volunteers contribute hundreds of hours serving southeastern Connecticut communities. the department head for surgical services. “This is the year I’m going to get in shape!” If this is the year for you – and it should be. technical and/ or trade schools. chief of the Defense Health Agency Pharmacy Operation Division.m. please contact: the Ocean Community YMCA at (401) 596-2894.’” To find out more about mentoring or community service opportunities. she says. initially lost 26 pounds early in 2014 with the SUBASE “Biggest Loser” challenge. he weighed 210 pounds. News from the SUBASE Navy College Office Try an Adult Education Class Keep your body and brain active during the cold winter months by signing up for an adult education course. on the morning of Jan. age. licensure exams and fees.” said Debbie Scheinblum of the Ocean Community YMCA in Westerly. “E-prescribing makes military pharmacies a more attractive and convenient option for doctors and patients. erable by command). Feb. Log onto the Web site at www. and ACT Exam The Naval Submarine military spouses can apply Base New London (SUBASE) at http://www. Military hospitals and clinics will not be able to accept electronic prescriptions for controlled substances. and it eventually ended in a decisive victory for the Allies in the world’s fight against tyranny. call (860) 6943562 or e-mail Patrick. speed. Call application: NCO to sign up. A good place to start is the Health Promotions department at the base health clinic. tricare. Conn. with healthy dietary changes and exercise. for all of us. Conn. “A mentor is more likely to increase his or her appreciation for diversity.) (203) 922-7066 The Dolphin is published every Thursday by Shoreline Newspapers. Today. why not start to get focused now? It’s never too late to get in shape. Michelle. CT 06513-1049.m. college day of the course degrees including underThe Sailor passed the Adult Education classes are offered in several southeastern Connecticut communities including New London and Norwich. mil. and feel good for having positively influenced another life. Working out during his lunch hour on a daily basis and maintaining the dietary alterations that led to his success. perfect your PowerPoint skills or challenge your body with a Zumba class. and with proper planning and the right help. Over seventy years ago on December 16. Fitness is not a journey with a definitive endpoint – it’s not a race with a finish line or competition with a clock ticking down to zero. Nautilus would steam more than half a million miles during a career spanning 25 years. Adult education programs are low cost ways of improving your skills and having some fun in the process.m. Lt. We know young people who have a mentor are more likely to stay in school. and EM3 JanScott Oviso • NEWS . the Battle of the Bulge began. “E-prescribing is a great new service at military pharmacies. and pocket mask. and it aligns the Military Health System with current best pharmacy practices. Miranda Chapman. January 2015 is the 14th annual National Mentoring Month. HN Schill successfully fulfilled his dream of joining the does not constitute endorsement by the Department of Defense or Shoreline Newspapers of the products and services advertised. News in your community Become a lifeguard at SUBASE pool GROTON. will be featured speakers highlighting the historic significance and extraordinary legacy since the pioneering achievement and famous message of Nautilus. “Don’t give up. 26.I. and to do it.The holidays are a great time to enjoy time with friends and family. said “I am often told that there are more students on the waiting list than mentors available. With the support of some co-workers at the clinic. The Sailor took his most recent advancement exam. and Nautilus plankowner. Beneficiaries will still need a hand written prescription for these medications. commanding officer. Bill Engdall.jg. j. use or patronage without regard to race. and many sources of both good and bad information regarding fitness. the clinic manager for the NBHC Medical Home Port. sex. who graduated high school four years ago at a body weight of 340 pounds.” said Scheinblum . • ADVERTISING . The TA application will be approved for funding up to four weeks prior to the course start duty through the last ing GED/ESL classes. because you are worth it.The Dolphin staff can be reached at (860) 694-3514 or write to: The Dolphin. the Navy Voluntary Education department reviews the application to make sure the course selected is required in the Sailor’s degree plan. and fundamentals while building decreasing in dress size from a 24 to a 14.. George Jones. as America continues to struggle with preventable diseases tied heavily to being too heavy. Tom is a remarkable example of someone who has battled back from what seemed like insurmountable odds only to exceed every possible expectation in spearheading his own success in fitness. The clinic is open to the Youth Center’s youth and teens. graduate. Lieutenant Jeff Miles. The commitment is generally an hour a week and it occurs at the school during the school day. Maxine Pearcy. Government. When Tom collapsed from a heart attack in the clinic less than a year ago. or the SUBASE Community Service Volunteer Coordinator at (860) 694-5980. Historic Ship Nautilus Officer-inCharge. After high school. color.” Mentoring not only benefits the child but also the mentor as well. located at 29 Hickory Drive in Groton. a reality for the rest of your life.. the Friday before publication. As you approach 2015 and a goal of getting in shape.

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their families. Also eating the * Glucometer first meal of the day helps kick your metabolism into gear.694.1330 1. Jan. sense of humor and passion for military families will guide her. Try to keep all of your meats lean such as lean pork Contact: 694-2379 8. she asked for volunteers to prepare an audition for a ‘Military Neighbors’ episode. SET GOALS– Make goals for yourself that are attainable. I feel that service members are often so busy. If a hot topic emerges.” to “good neighbors make good neighbors. and. She also serves as the FFSC liaison and coordinator with Navy New London ombudsmen and Fleet Readiness Group (FRG) leaders.” said Ross. kids and stress. Ross who led the show through 125 episodes since its debut in 1997 will be turning over hosting duties to the FFSC’s April Holtmeyer. Conn. I’m less involved with the day-today operations of SUBASE and more involved with management. “April is the right person to host ‘Military Neighbors’. who will be taking the reins from Ross. “It was a way to highlight the ‘sameness’ between military families and civilian families and not the differences. Revising an old the adage from “good fences make good neighbors. April Holtmeyer. as her last taped episode hosting the program airs. “A second theme throughout the years has been discussing topics which would help military couples and families survive and thrive in our submarine community. but more widely known as host of the local cable-television show “Military Neighbors.694. April’s personality. “We explored pregnancy. 15. “Military Neighbors. on channel 2 of both the Comcast and Thames Valley cable networks. director of the Naval Submarine Base New London (SUBASE) Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC). rather than talking at them. study skills.” Holtmeyer’s first episode of “Military Neighbors” will appear in early February on channel two both for the Comcast and Thames Valley cable networks. success in school. Jan. It’s important for a fresh person to take over the show now. and their neighbors keep abreast of issues impacting the local military and community.” Ross is delighted that Holtmeyer will be the caretaker for the show Ross calls her “ library/gmtv/.groton-ct. she’ll know about it right away. was the issues that parents face in raising healthy and confident kids. I can try this in my own life situation.” Ross said. as I started my own military family.1471 Fax: 860. We are all part of the same community and I want- Photo by MC1(SW/AW) Bill Larned GROTON. parenting teens. Weight Management Weight Management 5.” and themes and information not only benefitted military members and families.” Ross said. one dominating theme for many shows.” is aimed at helping military members. It’s better to have a conversation with people. left. As a mother and former military spouse. where people post questions about particular topics. She works with ombudsmen and has finger on the pulse of things. ed ‘Military Neighbors’ to reflect that. speaks with show’s new host. Ross explored many themes taken from direct experience.” Holtmeyer said.” and is confident the Holtmeyer will continue to nurture and advance it. whether civilian or military. “Military Neighbors. . Filmed in a studio at the Groton Public Library. I feel there are ways on the show we can address this. “She’s connected to leadership both on the base as well as on the waterfront. but stressors in a military family are framed within long deployments and separation and frequent relocations that move us away from the support of our extended families. but also the larger local community.’ Research is fine. and their neighbors keep abreast of issues impacting the local military and community. Click on Video Library and find the “Military Neighbors” category. Ross’ final episode as host airs today. Holtmeyer feels her background and her many roles as well as her experience with social media make her the right candidate to host the show. kids and money. Tobacco Cessation 13 January (Tuesday) 0900-1030 Educational Services 2. Bariatric Support Group 27 January (Tuesday) * * 0900-1030 * 1300-1400 * 1400-1530 * 7.4 • THE DOLPHIN • Thursday. In addition. Healthy Heart Class 13 January (Tuesday) 1400-1600 * Weight Healthy Heart Class 30 January (Tuesday) 0830-1000 Management 7 0900-1030 6. their families. “When Barbara was looking for someone new to take over the show. 15.” said Ross. Dec. Under.” As the show evolved. “I wanted ‘Military Neighbors’ to be a practical show which people could watch and put information they gleaned to use right away. ‘do it now’ tips to all families to which the show was broadcasted.” will officially pass the baton today. but the real success of the program comes from having your finger on the pulse of what’s happening and important to military families. April Holtmeyer. 12 at the Groton Public Library studio where the program is taped.” Now the Holtmeyer is the show host. parenting adolescents. . ShipShape (AD Only)  January (Wednesday) By Appointment Ongoing or beef and meats like chicken or turkey. As I’m now the director of FFSC.” is aimed at helping military members. Unit Specific GMT Ongoing 4. but more widely known as host of the local cable-television show “Military Neighbors.Barbara Ross. director of the Naval Submarine Base New London (SUBASE) Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC). This can be done while still eating the foods you love! Many topics followed the growth of Ross’ daughter and her concerns as a parent. “Every family has stressors.Try to make at least half of your plate fruits Education or vegetables.” Ross said.” Naval Health Clinic New England NBHC Groton Health Promotions January 2015 Offerings Healthy Weight Month DATE(S) TIME The Following Classes will be held in the Executive Conference Room (Located on the First Floor behind the Quarter Deck) unless otherwise specified Phone: 860. January 15. Ross came to realize that viewership crossed the “fenceline. her social media idea will be one of her first episodes. “My goal was for someone to watch and say. HEALTHY MEALS. “I’d like to use the [Facebook as a healthy resource] idea for an actual episode.” right.” Ross began developing topics and interviews that provided practical. with new ideas.” The unique aspects of submarine duty and a tight-knit military community provided additional key subject matter. To access archived shows. 2015 Long-running host of ‘Military Neighbors’ Show passes the baton By MC1(SW/AW) Bill Larned GROTON. ‘hey. is also a military spouse with children. “Looking back. go to http:// www. toy safety. Barbara Ross.Active Duty Only: stand that weight loss does not happen overnight and takes time. they’re not even aware of the services FFSC has available for them.” said Holtmeyer. Holtmeyer will juggle hosting duties with her role as the SUBASE FFSC educational services facilitator. “My idea was to stage an interview with a FFSC social media subject matter expert and to discuss how families can use Facebook as a healthy resource. Bariatric Information   21 January (Wednesday) 27 January (Tuesday) By Appointment Healthy Heart Blood Pressure Diabetes Nutrition General Nutrition Tobacco Cessation By Appointment * Game Plan (Lifestyle Healthy Weight TIPS and FACTS Modification EAT BREAKFAST–Significant studies have shown that eating Program) breakfast makes you less hungry as the day goes on. the half-hour show appears on channel 2 both in the Comcast and Thames Valley cable networks. This transition will re-energize and capture the attention of a new generation of Sailors and their families. A * Ship Shape healthy weight loss is one to two pounds per week. Diabetes Nutrition 16 January (Friday) 0830-1000 Offered: 3. Conn. Ross hosted the show through 125 episodes since its debut in 1997. I’d also like to link archives of past ‘Military Neighbors’ episodes to the FFSC Facebook page.

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. “I know a lot of people still want to be fashionable and wear sneakers or high heels. so you want to stay hydrated as much as possible. and people GROTON. located at Naval Submarine Base New London’s (SUBASE) Dealey Plaza.” said Edgar Martinez. Conn. 9.Above. otherwise it may cause a safety hazard for you or other drivers.6 • THE DOLPHIN • Thursday. from the buildings.” said Mozingo. “We usually have about 2-3 incidents every year of people slipping or tripping on the ice.” said SUBASE Safety Specialist. the Naval Submarine Base New London (SUBASE) Safety Department is urging all base Sailors. an ice scraper and a shovel. and hopefully it’ll stay that way. it’s just soft snow. a few pedestrians walk on the cleared sidewalks of Naval Submarine Base New London’s (SUBASE) Dealey Plaza following a winter storm. dehydration is a big problem.” Continued on page 7 GROTON. Conn. Even with the sidewalks cleared. safety specialists in the SUBASE Safety Department.” Mozingo. flares or reflectors. “We usually have two or three incidents every year of people slipping or tripping on ice. as well as food and water. 9. winter was terrible and we got hit hard. proper footwear is just as important. it’s a given that one should wear warm layers. Winter safety can start with clothing. Jan. flashlights. Tyler Hancock. “Items to have in your car for the winter should include your cell phone. but I suggest that they wear boots or hard soled shoes to prevent slipping and falling. “Stores sell helpful winter kits which include all of these items. sand or kitty litter (for traction). During the winter months. however.Right. and the authorities are slowly starting to ticket people for it. “This year hasn’t been too bad so far. Welfare. 2015 Winter is here: Are you and your vehicle ready? By EM3 Jan Scott Oviso GROTON. building managers are responsible for clearing the sidewalks 50 ft. Left. Conn. “You need to make sure your car is clear of snow before driving. and Recreation Department worker shovels snow from the pathway of Naval Submarine Base New London’s Dealey Center following a small winter storm. civilians. Andrew Mozingo.” Photos by EM3 Jan Scott Oviso GROTON. and patrons to ensure that they and their vehicles are safe and ready for the severity of winter weather. an iconic midget submarine. January 15. 9. the SUBASE Safety Department advises all base personnel and patrons to take caution during cold winter days to prevent slipping on ice. . Jan. Of course it’s also a good idea to have blankets and extra clothes. . . Even if it’s cold outside. Jan. On SUBASE.” said SUBASE Safety Specialist. Ensuring one’s car is ready and equipped for severe weather should be every driver’s priority in winter. a Morale.” said SUBASE Safety Manager. Although the 2014-2015 winter season has been moderate so far. urges Monzigo. “What will happen is that when we have snow.” said Hancock. Conn. is blanketed by snow. Jan. “It’s against will slip on it thinking state law to drive with snow on your vehicle.Cars are covered in snow during a snow storm at Naval Submarine Base New London (SUBASE).” A vehicle can slip in icy and snowy conditions as well. families. note Tyler Hancock and Andrew Mozingo. “Last year. occasionally it’ll cover a patch of ice. 9.

Conn. pushing rather than lifting when possible. or wait it out if possible.m. so it’s important to keep your vehicle’s fluid levels higher. Nine times out of ten.aspx For more information about the SUBASE Auto Hobby Shop. 10. equipment. However. the Auto Hobby Shop is open from 10 a. “Traction is a key to driving in New England in the winter. Jan. be aware of projectiles. Wednesday through Friday. families.” The Auto Hobby Shop is located at Building 460. “The biggest thing about driving snow is to slow down. the SUBASE Safety Department advises knowing one’s physical limitations and perhaps performing some warm-up exercises. and patrons a simple question: Are you and your vehicle ready? For more tips and information about winter safety.” said Machinist Mate 2nd Class Steven Collier.” said Martinez. . equipment. stay with the vehicle. The SUBASE Safety Department advises that even with roads cleared by snow plows. “I’ve also seen people replace engines and transmissions for their cars. alongside some shovels and bags of rock salt.public. call (860) 694-3582. “We provide a facility where you can work on your car out of the rain and cold. which can freeze in the cold temperatures. and authorities are slowly starting to ticket people for it.” said SUBASE Safety Specialist. GROTON. and $2 per hour for a bay without a car lift. Wednesday through Friday. . Safety Specialist from the SUBASE Safety Department.m. From screw drivers to tire balancers.” said Machinist’s Mate 2nd Class Steven Collier. and 9 a. so the SUBASE Safety Department asks all base Sailors.” said Andrew Mozingo. Winter and your car . near the Racquetball Center and Gate 5. just fill it up again. the bay doors of the Naval Submarine Base New London’s (SUBASE) Auto Hobby Shop remain closed to allow Sailors to work on their cars. we should be able to help. to 4 p. the Safety Department cautions to watch out for loose clothing. “It’s also a good idea to have blankets and extra clothes. January 15. assigned to the Auto Hobby Shop. “It’s a ‘do-it-yourself’ kind of deal.m. it’s also important to think of other drivers while on the road. to 8 p. drivers should still take extra caution during the winter months.m.” said Martinez. including ice scrapers. and 9 a. “People don’t seem to realize that when they keep using the windshield fluid to clear the ice. When it gets to half. “We provide tools. “We provide tools. . from screw drivers to tire balancers. “I’ve seen people replace their entire brake systems or even take engines and transmissions out of their cars. Don’t wait until you have a quarter tank of gasoline to fill up.Thursday. “The biggest thing about driving in the snow is to slow down or wait it out if possible. and preparation.m. 2015 • THE DOLPHIN • 7 GROTON. civilians. When using snow blowers.Above. “We provide a facility where you can work on your car out of the rain.Above. Below. a snow blower awaits purchase. “Patrons sometimes replace their entire brake systems. Continued from page 6 GROTON. winter car products. and never clear the exhaust chute when the blower is running.” While drivers can visit local dealers or service centers for vehicle inspections and maintenance.” Finally. on weekends. “You need to make sure your car is clear of snow before driving. SUBASE Safety Manager. please call the SUBASE Safety Department at (860) 694-3739 or visit http://www.” One of the most com- mon winter projects is replacing or changing tires. winter windshield fluid. When shoveling snow. if you do end up in a situation where you’ve gone off the road.” The Auto Hobby Shop charges $3 per hour for use of a bay with a lift. motorist should not be over confident just because a vehicle has new or winter tires. Keeping the vehicle “hydrated” is just as important. Conn. cautions Mozingo. and avoiding twisting and bending are also all recommended. “It’s against state law to drive with snow on your vehicle. planning.. 10. you really have to be careful to watch out for basic things which affect you on local roads. Andrew Mozingo. Saturday and Sunday. their tank will be at the Naval Submarine Base New London’s (SUBASE) Navy Exchange (NEX).to 8 p. These are some of the items recommended for people to have in their cars during the winter season. near the Racquetball Center and Gate 5. we should be able to help. notes Martinez. “And.  But in the winter time. snow and cold. as well as food and water.m. and antifreeze. and car lifts for people to use. and is open from 10 a. windshield covers. the SUBASE Auto Hobby Shop is a less expensive alternative for Sailors who are more self-reliant when it comes to auto maintenance. several Sailors assigned to Naval Submarine Base New London (SUBASE) work on their vehicles at the base’s Auto Hobby Shop following a winter storm. .Snow plows of Naval Submarine Base New London’s (SUBASE) Public Works Department stand ready for roadwork.” said Machinist’s Mate 2nd Class Steven Collier. Right.” said Mozingo.. line the shelves at the Naval Submarine Base New London’s (SUBASE) Navy Exchange (NEX). and car lifts for people to use. or even four-wheel drive. to 4 p. so you’re going to want to check your tires and replace them when you need to. highlights Edgar Martinez.. Located at Building 460.” With a little thought. “It’s important to check all of your car fluids.” said Collier. winter in New England can be a safe and enjoyable season. Jan.” said Collier.m.” Sailors can perform a wide range of work on their vehicles at the Auto Hobby Shop. navy.m.  Taking rest breaks. Conn. especially now that gas is really cheap. assigned to the Auto Hobby Shop. assigned to the Auto Hobby Shop. regardless of outside weather conditions. Some fluids contain more water than anything else. authorities find the vehicle before they find the individual who’s wandered off from their vehicle.

Conn. For more information about establishing fitness “S. and Recreation Department (MWR).A. Jan.. attainable.R.R. Welfare. “Starting the New Year right means starting ‘S. Zeppier.’” said Zeppier. or Wednesday. MWR offers a variety of fitness classes and programs aimed at helping veterans. Daniel Mongiove GROTON. 21. . But whether it’s the “Biggest Loser Contest. and Brewer agree that specific.g. 2015 HBI . January 15. Webb.T.M.” goals or joining an SUBASE MWR fitness program. of Naval Submarine Base New London’s (SUBASE) Morale.T.” initial weighins will take place at the SUBASE swimming pool or Body Works Fitness Center any time on Tuesday.8 • THE DOLPHIN • Thursday. Jan.’ goals. leads a stretch before starting the Friday afternoon “Fit 4 Five.” or any one of MWR’s fitness programs or opportunities. relevant. Jan. 20.. contact the Body Works Fitness Center at (860) 694-4784.A.” class at the base’s Body Works Fitness Center. Continued from page 1 “The classes are perfect for those working on their own ‘S.” said Body Works Fitness Center Manager. service members. and families enhance their personal health and well-being.” “Family Fitness.Wellness coach Mary Zeppier. ‡ ‡…  ‡ “ ’‰…‹ˆ‡…… ‘   …… ‰…ˆ   ‡Œ‹ˆ ‡‡ Š‰ ‡ ‡…  ‡ ˆ‡‡†…„  . and time-managed goals are the key to keeping one’s resolutions relat- Photo by Lt. ed to personal health and well-being. j.M.T.” “Bells and Bars. SUBASE is one of 13 installations in the Department of Defense (DOD) to pilot the Healthy Base Initiative (HBI) under DOD’s Operation Live Well. measurable. 9.M. “Biggest Loser Contest. Rebecca Brewer.A.R.

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Phone: 860-415-4625 ƒ ­‚ ‚­ .

” features Richard Wagner’s “Flying Dutchman Overture”. Conn. 18 at 2 p. “Eternal Father”.On Jan. the Coast Guard Band presents “Movie Madness: Sea Scenes. .mil/band or call the Concert Information Line at (860) 701-6826. Coast Guard Academy must present valid state-issued photo ID. Coast Guard Band’s Movie Madness Concert returns NEW LONDON. All visitors to the U. For more information about the Coast Guard Band. and is accessible to the handicapped. . uscg.m.” The Sea Hawk” and the score to “Pirates of the Caribbean. visit www.” This year’s performance has something for everyone. in Leamy Concert Hall. “Carmen Fantaisie Brillante”.” This event is free and open to the public. €  ­  U.S. The program. “Song to the Moon.S. Leamy Concert Hall is located at 15 Mohegan Avenue in New London. entitled “Sea Scenes.

2015 • THE DOLPHIN • 9 .Thursday. January 15.

2015 GET $50 INSTANTLY ON A PREPAID ® 1 VISA CARD . CT. .com for details.10 • THE DOLPHIN • Thursday. See jacksonhewitt. 860-445-5018 40 Plaza Court Groton. 06340 Terms and conditions apply for all offers. January 15.