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Susan Wymola Artist & Designer dba~ Cackleblossums Painting Pattern Designs, Illustrations, Images and Instructions Paint for Fun and Profit. Design is a Copyright of Susan Wymola 2007. CHICKIE BABIES This pattern design is a copyright belonging to Susan Wymola. You may Print this for fun and profit. You may not reproduce to sell copies of this packet. Doing so is Fraud and you will be enfringing copyright laws. Please be respectful of these laws. You may use the design to teach in classes. Print extra copies at your own expense. My Goodwill is intended to generate Goodwill in Return. THANK YOU, SUSAN WYMOLA MY EMAIL ADDRESS: Visit my Online Portfolio: My complete line of pattern packets are available on my PT site. chickie babies cackleblossums 2 2 Susan Wymola chickie babies cackleblossums 3 3 Susan Wymola chickie babies cackleblossums 4 4 susan wymola chickie babies cackleblossums 5 susan wymola Chickie Babies Palette Plaid Folk Art 455 Medium Yellow 987 Wicker White 2241 Apple Orchard 481 Metallic Christmas Green 656 Metallic Blue Sapphire 664 Metallic Copper 628 Pure Orange 412 Magenta Glaze Medium cackleblossums Delta Ceramcoat 02038 Ultra Blue 02506 Black 02025 Burnt Umber 02067 Leaf Green Susan Wymola Deco Americana DA63 Burnt Sienna DA140 Red Violet BRUSHES-Royal Soft Grips Flats - Series 150 -Sizes 12, 10, 8 and 6 Liner - Series 585 - Size 5/0 Angulars - Series 160 - Sizes 1/4” 3/8”, and 1/2” Lettering flat - Series 711, Size 1/4” and 1/2” Detailer - Series 250 - Size 0 INSTRUCTIONS CHICKIES are based with Medium Yellow, using the 150 - 10 or 8. Shade with Burnt Sienna using the 3/8” angular, blend with Glaze Medium. Highlight Chickies with Wicker White using the 3/8” angular. Alot of white little sideloaded feathers makes the chickies look Fluffy. Base beaks and feet with a mix of Pure Orange + tad of Yellow Medium, using the 5/0 liner. Shade beaks and feet with Burnt Sienna using he 5/0 liner. Eyelashes and Eyes: Eyes are little round dots, or if they’re closed they’re just little eyelashes. Use the 5/0 liner and Black. Highlight the eyes with Wicker white, and a dot for the glimmer. Do black fine details on all chickies with the 5/0 liner and Black. EGGSTRAS ON CHICKIES Blue bonnet [chick sitting on the egg] is based in using the 150 - 6 or 8, with a mix of Ultra Blue plus Wicker White to make a light baby blue. Little flowers on bonnet are done witht he 5/0 liner and Magenta and Wicker White, with yellow centers and Leaf green leaves. Shade bonnet with Ultra Blue using the 3/8” angular. Highlight the bonnet brim with Wicker White with the 3/8” angular. Pink Scarf is based in a mix of Wicker White plus a tad of Magenta. Polka dots are white using the end of the paint brush. Shade with Magenta using the 3/8” angular. The little flower the chick is smelling is done with Ultra Blue and white, using your 5/0 liner. THE EGG is based in white, shaded with Burnt Umber and a tad of Utra blue. Sideload Leaf Green and burnt umber and shade around the egg where it sits on the ground. Pull up grass blades of Leaf Green using the 711 - 1/4”. Add Black fine liner details on chickies and everything using the 5/0 liner. 6 Chickie Babies cackleblossums Susan Wymola PURPLE CONE FLOWER The cone center is done first using a stipple brush. Load the brush with Burnt Sienna.. stipple the cone leaving fuzzy edges. Add Burnt Umber at the bottom where the petals will be attatched. Blend the BS and the BU as you stipple. Highlight the cone with Yellow Medium plus a tad of Wicker White. Use the stipple brush with the light yellow at the top, and blend it with Burnt Sienna, keeping the BS at the bottom. Start just below the top of the cone, creating a little bowl - leaving a dark center at the top. The Petals are done using the 711 - 1/4” . The first layer is a washy Red Violet. The second layer is Red Violet plus Wicker White. Shade the petals close to the center with Ultra Blue using the 3/8” angular. Add specks of black and yellow around the base of the cone and scatter onto the petals using the 5/0 liner. Fine lines are added with Black using the 5/0 liner. The Ribbon that the Water Can hangs from is done with Red Violet and Wicker White using a 150 - 4. Highlight with Wicker white. Add black details with the 5/0 liner. PINK [Magenta] COSMOS AND FLOWER UMBRELLA Using the 150 - 10, you will double load Magenta with Wicker white, and paint the flower petals keeping the white to the outer edge. Shade the petals near the center with Ultra blue using the 3/8” angular. Stipple the Center with Yellow Medium plus White. Keep the lighter color at the top of the center. Stipple Shade around the bottom of the center using Red Violet. Add black and yellow specks around the center scattering onto the petals. Add black fine lines using the 5/0 liner. LEAVES are done with Leaf Green plus a tad of Red Violet to give a rich contrast and authentic leaf color. Use the 711 - 1/2” for the larger leaves, and the 150 - 10 or 12 for the smaller leaves. Pull up grass blades around the base of the flower. Grass blades are done with Leaf Green using the 711 - 1/4”. WATERING CAN Base in using the 150 - 10 or 8, with a light gray you mix Wicker White and Black and a tad of blue. Add dry brush swipes of Metallic Copper, Metallic Green and Blue here and there. Shade with Burnt Umber and Black. Dry Brush with Wicker White. Detail with Black using the 5/0 liner. The Puddle is done by Sideloading the 160 - 1/2” angular with a very Washy Metallic Blue. Shade under the wash tub with Ultra Blue and Burnt Umber. I washed on some Leaf Green continuing around the bottom of my Bucket. 7 Chickie babies cackleblossums Susan Wymola I hope you enjoy painting these fun little chickies on alot of surfaces. You can use them on Greeting cards, Buckets, Clay Pots, or anything you want to adapt them to. To see more photos of my Bucket with all the chickies, please go to my Picture Trail site. The album is Chickie Babies. You are welcome to download the pictures to your computer and then go to and upload them and have them printed for 12 cents each. They might be a big help for details. The old galvanized bucket I painted my Chickie Babies on was cleaned with soap and water. It was already distressed from the Elements of Nature. I dry brushed the bucket White Latex paint, leaving alot of the metal to show. I use Minwax Polyacrylic Satin Varnish as a finish. Check out my Other Pattern Packets Available Picture Trail Gallery : email: 8

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