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3CX Case Studies

3CX Phone System for Windows has helped many businesses achieve significant benefits in a cost-effective and innovative way. Below
is a selection of case studies and testimonials that illustrate the experience and insights of some of our clients highlighting how 3CX IP PBX
has successfully helped them meet their telephony needs.

How Rigensis Bank Stays Ahead with 3CX Phone System

“3CX Phone System is a reliable, flexible and cost-effective communication solution
for the bank. It has all the necessary features for day-to-day operations and brings
friendly, easy-to-use environment to our staff. Simple maintenance by our own IT
team is another great advantage of the system, and it is complemented by responsive
and competent support from the local 3CX Partner,” said Evgeny Zascherinsky , Head
of IT Infrastructure, Rigensis Bank.
Launceston College Dumps their 20th Century PBX for 3CX Phone System – a 21st Century
Unified Communications Solution

“After many years of being frustrated with the support costs of our very aged
Panasonic PBX System, we decided to investigate the costs of replacing the system.
Our key drivers were: Locating a system we could add to ourselves, the old system
involved extra cabling and a lot of labour costs from our telco provider, the system
must integrate with our computer system and use the same cabling and lower support
fees. We invited several companies to quote various different solutions but we liked
3CX because of its ease of use and the transparent no hidden extras pricing structure.
The installation was a breeze and we have never looked back,”Gary Hockin ICT
Technician at Launceston College
Outdated PBX Replaced with Modern, Feature-Rich 3CX Phone System

“3CX Phone System is a winner for us. It had the flexibility to work in our
environment and the capability to provide us with the features that we needed to run
the property efficiently. 3CX was able to do this while at the same time being the least
costly of the systems we examined and it was able to lower our monthly recurring
phone bills substantially.” – Mr. Xavier Montemayor, President of Rancho Viejo
Resort & Country Club
Austrian Logistics Company 3LOG Cuts Its Telephony Costs by 80 % with 3CX Phone System

“3CX Phone System is a very flexible and reliable phone solution,” Mr. Kopp said,
“and the features are more than enough for us. With the online interfaces, we get all
system functions everywhere!You see the caller’s number and company when a call
comes in, which has helped us improve our customer service tremendously”
METO FENIX Marks Down Its Annual Telephony Costs By 30% with 3CX Phone System

“METO FENIX selected 3CX Phone System, the most competent, reliable and flexible
VoIP PBX on the market. CEO Ilija Medic describes 3CX Phone System as an “easy
and flexible Microsoft-based solution that integrates perfectly into our existing
infrastructure and totally fits our needs.”
FleetKonzepte Drives Telephony Costs Down by 30% with 3CX Phone System

“The 3CX software provides a solution for medium-sized businesses,” says
FleetKonzepte GmbH CEO Hans Reiner, “especially with growth potential and
variable locations on fair terms and easy expansion options.”

” – Tomasz Ryszard Gwiazda.” – Michał Podoski and Andrzej Pierścionek. Kozminiski University Swedish Animal Hospital Connects All Their Clinics with 3CX Phone System “When analyzing the cost and benefits of moving from a legacy-solution to a modern software-based PBX it became clear to us that this was a no-brainer. easy and incredibly flexible’ best describes 3CX even .” said Göran Ask. – Volkan Sanverdi. we’ve implemented a PBX-solution that ensures we can meet our customers’ demands. “Our clients expect us to be available at all times. CFO. Along with our integration partner. ease of provisioning. Our tests have shown that the 512SC license is not just a marketing gimmick and 3CX Phone System is not only an SMB product but has potential for even large enterprise businesses that want a phone system that can scale easily and comes with unified communications as standard. I am very satisfied with 3CX. CEO of the Animal Hospital of Malmö. 3CX Phone System has helped us improve our customer service and we are now more flexible and more cost effective than we were with a traditional PBX.000 extensions. and it’s on target to reduce our ongoing telephony maintenance.000. This means that 3CX has designed its product very ambitiously indeed. Chip One Exchange Wiltshire College Leaves the Bronze Age and Saves £70. support. Using 3CX Phone System is far more cost effective than our old solution. We also bear in mind that the license cost and maintenance cost of 3CX is probably the lowest available on the market. we were able to lower our telephony cost by about a four-figure sum per month. System Administrator. Enlists 3CX Phone System “The implementation of the 3CX Phone System in our company has improved the efficiency and communications between our branches worldwide and has cut down our call costs significantly… Utilizing its trunking and advanced call routing features. Saldab. ‘Powerful. line rental. flexibility and availability over any medium. we were able to lower our telephony cost by about a four-figure sum per month. It was very easy to install and configure.” 3CX is a Viable Solution for Large Enterprises “A system that can handle advanced call scenarios for 512 simultaneous calls can easily handle a company with 3. HaloKwadrat Emergency Services Turn To 3CX Phone System After Hurricane Strikes “This is an example of how 3CX is the leading provider of VoIP platforms thanks to exclusive features. Director of Customer Services. open architecture. We can now make changes to the PBX ourselves in no time.Main Military Clinical Hospital in Moscow Discharges Old PBX. and call costs by 70 percent per annum. Wiltshire College Prestigious Polish University Deploys 3CX Phone System and Makes Huge Savings “With 3CX I can finally manage all our systems from one place.” – Stephanie Stephenson. – Volkan Sanverdi. about £70. Chip One Exchange Chip One Cuts Its Telephony Costs in Half with 3CX Phone System “The implementation of the 3CX Phone System in our company has improved the efficiency and communications between our branches worldwide and has cut down our call costs significantly… Utilizing its trunking and advanced call routing features. CFO.000 per Year with 3CX Phone System “3CX Phone System is proving flexible and reliable.

but are joining a community that provides support right when you need it.under the most challenging conditions where no other solution would have come close to working.The installation of the 3CX communication system has transformed me to hero. 3CX VoIP Technology Powers Team Lotus “Configurability of 3CX is outstanding – we can easily make changes to the PBX ourselves. Team Lotus Head of IT RE/MAX Brokerage saves $80. Administration Savings and Hotel Features “The fact that I could install the 3CX Phone System on the existing Windows Server was a great advantage.” – Bill Peters.000 with 3CX Phone System “3CX was remarkably flexible and easy to install. Virtual. something that was unthinkable on a traditional PBX. Pluss.” – Martin Langmaid. we have control over the phones and don’t have to pay for support from our old provider. With a Windows-based system. 3CX Phone System Provides the Gas for Leading Turbine Engineering Specialist “We have been very pleased with the overall capability of the 3CX telephone system within our business. CEO..” – Piotr Rowinski. Agilis Polish Foundry Forging Ahead with 3CX Phone System “After I discovered 3CX I can’t really understand why people keep on spending so much money on their ‘old fashioned’ closed telecommunications systems. Director of IT RE/MAX Euphonix Implements 3CX Phone System for Cost Savings and Improved Productivity “ 3cx has done to our PBX what Vmware did for our servers. Castelnou Aparthotel Pluss Choose 3CX Phone System to Expand Operations “We recommend 3CX Phone System to all businesses. Thanks 3CX!” – Al Barker CIO.” -Andor Iszak. IT Manager of GUSS-EX Ltd. Director of Information Technology. It was also extremely simple to manage and being able to run 3CX on Windows Server offers great peace of mind. Euphonix . low cost future expansion and the feeling of being free from expensive maintenance contracts and no longer being tied in to a particular vendor is second to none. I could leverage my Windows skills to administer the phone system and greatly reduce the administration time of the PBX.” – Luc Daneels. more manageable and since there is a lot less hardware involved a lot more reliable.” – Dustin Adam.” – Brian Dunn. CEO of Maier-Alm GmbH Zehnder Selects 3CX Phone System and sees Costs Fall and Productivity Soar “Administering the phone system is childs’ play – everybody who can use a Windows application can administer the 3CX Phone System. Neon Health Services. Rather then buy a “black box“. Server and Network Architect. SigmaVoIP Unsupported Nortel PBX Replaced with 3CX Phone System in Belgian Hotel “3CX Phone System was a breath of fresh air – not only was it competitively priced but installation was a breeze! The flexibility for easy.” – Charles Ambrosecchia.” – Stefan Pfender. You’re not just purchasing a state-of-the-art PBX. 3CX Carves up the Competition with Infrastructure. Zehnder IT Department.” – Ercan Yapalak. Neon Healthcare Organisation Glows with 3CX! “. Managing Director.

It is a cost-effective solution which is easy to install and maintain” – Mike Faster.University’s Phone Bills Reduced by 81% with 3CX Phone System for Windows “3CX is very easy to setup and manage. We are delighted to see their commitment to on-going development and feature additions. In addition Allcare wanted to move away from proprietary solutions and into an open Windows environment.” – Ryan Crompton. Fantastic!” – David Buckley. Decides Italian Company “I think that 3CX is one of the highest quality products in the VoIP market at the moment. . Allcare needed a system that was flexible. Information Technology Director for Campus Services. Dutch Advertising Agency Chucks Linux-based IP PBX for Easier to Manage 3CX VoIP Phone System “We don’t understand VOIP. Purchase Manager. 3CX met all these requirements hands down and Infomate Limited. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. We have found this system an excellent fit for our organization’s telecommunications needs. Coyote Creek Consulting. I am very happy with the product!” – Craig Hyatt. Network Manager.” – Ryan Zook. Faith Builders. and is definitely much cheaper to scale up than comparable hardware PBX. 3CX Helps UK Company Achieve Business Goals to Expand with Mobility “3CX allows medium-sized businesses to work on a corporate scale. Mark Camilleri. 3CX is the Best Solution when Compared to Other IP PBX. Allcare Insurance move to the future with a 3CX Phone System “The advantages of implementing software based system. easy to manage and cost effective. Systems Administrator. such as 3CX were clear from the outset.” – Federico Moschini. Faith Builders sees Important Scalability and Cost-saving Benefits from Adopting 3CX IP PBX “3CX Phone System met our organization’s specific need with a timely solution. Rapidtech UK. The MS Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging integration works very well. but we understand 3CX” – NO TOMATO creative team. Network Manager. Biotechnology Company Gives up Traditional PBX for 3CX Phone System “3CX scales well. President. local reseller of 3CX was given the green light to proceed with the project”. robust. TECNID SPA. ZYTO Corp. Silicon Valley Microsoft Gold Partner looks at various PBX options and opts for 3CX VOIP Phone System “The 3CX Phone System is a great Windows-based PBX solution for our company. Operations Manager.