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Contents 3 Local News

G os . f,A " I'

anJa ourme'~:: __ menca ;s

'First Marijuana Restaurant

4 Local News Mother and Son Growing' M,edical :Marijiuana in Southern Colorado

5 National News

.House Gives "Gre'en'" Light to Lift Ban on Medical Marijuana in DC

2 2 local Excl usive When Can I Have My Medi.cine





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Cannlabis Seed!s 1 01

Seeds are nature's way of perpetuating.n~e on our planet, and more Importantly, providing food and medicine to sustain Ilfe,

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JANUARY 2010 ;J05TI:m] 1311


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¥ - .

'Gl' .l


II fI 1 ,~J 'flfl "

IGanja Gourmet:'

America's F'j'r:st ,Mari j uana Re,s·tau rant

it'-s aNQr-ID Anierfcan fjJ"st~ au_d llOssibly ;eVeu,-a iWotld..:fust~ Steve Horowitz 'opened. his Denver restaurant with a menu tI:l,a~~s,sure to' blowycur mlnd.

{}aD1.~ Cr:!\j..rmellS,.senlug m~~.1s·~rnIl HO! QU~J ~rn tttk~,ymp' hl.l.l~ger ~W~ly,I1UI'l)IPS:1 i/lllytb.l.tig f~:S~ r'h.'lt at._~ YO'll, HoOO'wll:o hgs' b r mlani Iy used hls-<:lIll1ITII'lI}' 'Imflwledge and years elf C)olP(1rH' e~l~ to iJri-rS),[L,> ¢ lii)t ~y ~a:ity ba]k·gd ~90\-l5, Lau gourrrtlit n!riilif,~s. wcl~ Every. lh~ng ¢dJ.b!~ rill :tl-l~,menu_tolnil-lnT1 nn¢ijw:u-I~.

'I Ill!iI¢ 'at-e mJrt~~ru us pot truss In the \mlr[~ but $IPVe HUlitlW'ltz' I.rasrak!ui his yeal¥;, ,of ex:ptiil' iis:~\1n ~i~ r.~~i..Jr~n:f;I,~'dah~,J]li;;.~1ilmf.tO 1()i;ik,4he~d ilil' '..yh~r 1T!1;1y' g.1"ris,Rer ~rld:"Jli~ ~es1.ihs ~n~ highbt del®ttaljl~ "I" ,;:lilildt-e.d OIH d1spenS;).iies aod 110, 011(f ~~ ·1~·J[z;ed ill filQd: Eating, uana is .a rnuel:ll1Jerrer Wgh :a:nd It' helps, p1l"derrrs," [ Il restaurant .c:o-nl1o1ssem ~rtda: ,l1i~~rT!iltij uana patlent Sl:Hf 1h'~:S 11'1 tllffit yU EdT h\4~ to ge!-ltLS J,itOlnsea:n!1. :Op~1 !,UJ! :(PQS$i~ly) ~he 'i;v!j.rJtl~i!l' D:n~y -"hI..H;JdJlig'iT ~l,a).lJa.f_lL

ll!Ji"bw~;~s~3m..edl~U1l'.'d lID1~el" OOd l)~ says:rl11jllifl has a1·I;\<a.}'5p:~fiift,atl to.eatJ1Iil'lIt:~uat1a fq_r ,aCOIJ1?!e- tJt ,f'6~~clbs~ 1fiL'3lio.~~ ql!1l IIW·'~p.tilw- g~w i!J- more l;(lt-el'~~,<itll;1 nh,e!if.ore.h~~p~11iiji lJ\iJI1ijAe: htJ,s, pain better; He also .Ukes the fuct thai: by- Il:l.gestiug ma.rijui\l1fl., b 1$ threat dGI'!-tlm ~ ~ have liD experience the hB.!!stm6£softhe'S:11lal\w that .made him C-OUgl1 aut'! ~vall1ld h1is ~sUHlm.

Some pElO.p le may_ be of the 'belief tbat G'm ji3'GmJ rrne rls-a -p8rtv.~ place, y:e t Ii ls not <:IS .1:1 crown"~r.~,,·W9_ Jtcr'le·~ fUll nwJ:~O~i~] .allnQ$plJ,el~ ~I'ie:j; '~I}Q~rlll' whD sll~('!r [ron! GIITetenl ~IJJl!nt5 qtrlniee1 .~th o:the! and lE"~l\.~al)Ql1H rm:d~1 prohl~ ill'!_~ h~Vlil lflJ '~Qlt!Jntln~"' A$ Ho'mw.itz,lnd!tat~ rhere'sno benar '!Way m help -pe:o[:JJI'l wl\:'ll what:: a!'~s-the'1U than through

thelr: .. <1 pptltln:;... - .

ThGSe ~~~I'l"'T~gJll srnp by; and ~h~ck ~,_tJt thi:s",e~dJJt<ttY 1ii;St, tIlUS~ have a tIlticlJriid minJullna cankOnIy In[)Sf! who h3'Jlf}.{j (:;).rd wm bl1l'~rv,ed. T)lG'rf! i51)::rj~m~diJl ilJd plT~gnHTie£O.oolllished :l]n'0Cl_gh'wJ:tkb G-aJ'g~i GotU"me[ can ass_ffi[ those mdivl(hials w]1h dlsal1iMtie-s and ve~er,ans.

S'ill_W,; Horowjt~:hW3 j,m1fr II!)lUf l'iiii~tWd ~r!o~1I1l n'e3rJng ~Qodlh~ ~~Il ch~h,a.lld OhOl_1t\ could ]le-ller think <1f.I-l'.islfXtemsiv.e ruenu includes lasagna. gouffilet pillZ<! with,-whtre'sa~1.ce Oi3:nd -gr~f[n-:s<I]Bd. ~resJtly [jake{! goo¢> b:iclucle a'llf.ltIitate candiE! wti:lLMff.eE$~ thuC!j· J~~m '~.~I!UllQl~t~f.\l to;qJ:de'S-, TG!~lliy,ehoo,~~.3'kc. AlmQ1'ld Hqrq~ <:I1!d nl4'ldJ mOl1C.. Qr:,eours-t; ~frer eadll,jl; tlmlre' is ~~le op:ti~n to lillU'lkeajfill:iJt.

jti~ 9~~1J il -GClJ;U'irlIt"l:" Ir.{i~ ,1F\~(O -1I'l1 us,!o.J\Otl1Rfi1,agl~C("uC'Ji 'iIW.,a I ~;r,:g)Mltl a: tm:d Il~~r (~a afooh!? I !,8 5~~ en the D'l:I:l:ml~a-s),

St!'!tlti:~VIS10Jl fur Il~!1-(utu~e:j~lo-' tipen m~tril!tiesraurants 311d'wh~ legal: OCI dt} S(),:s~jl so-m.e'of hf& t~t$i ~'(lltb~ ptJl:Jltb anlli-te. W(]:'fT!fltter WJ1(;1i1 U'II! fll,:ttIN!!'li.OJt!~.:~or'lhe~(;~Jil; YP'IJFI1.l~:t.·ty;:Q rbtngs am for SU"E"ft-:SlteveHorowivz'js hclp!nwmartJua-J:lapaUents1n Om)'leJ arr~L the :reJmu'F.lg atllWsphere is ~erralnl,Y' creatl.n,gia_ "bWli! in Den ltel'!


n ws


J F~tj!o~~~1"


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l.mtll;lf,L r"J '1L.<I'i w.~

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1~,'1 1e11! mo"'''I''1)'

1~'h!Ul',~~~~~<I pt~ 1y-.;.oII1'.,r~~~


• (ii~rq, ~in~r~~l~~.,:D.~~ ~~ ~ ~~~illlD!K>:l ~il;I

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, ;!;r~i<.ml ~ S!«jll~ 11'1

I 'P'tiI1PlQ~h


1 W~J~~kll1"ll'


local news


Mother and Son Growing Medic,a.l. Marijua,na 'in Southern Colorado

Colorado has a flew cash crop: marijuana, Growing pot for medical lise is, orne of the booming businesses in the state.

One farn.L.IY, 1.1<lS .t.'.~.lmt'(t .n. e .... a.lrly: .4 ... 0 a.n.e. S if.1 S .. Ij~lth.em Colorado mto a mOrley making venture, Wlthm. the

plas tic wdlli; tJ f a small greenho U se, a b uslness is bourning for .lason Irwin, and hls mother Diane

"Ihts ~5 me and rny 1l10m'S llttle rnartjuana filml," j<15011 said, mononIng In a small gmHp of structrrres find vehicles The second of their two greenhouses sits next 10 a small mctor-home where Diane oversees the opera lion

"I sold my salon and moved down to the country,"

Diane said. The pail' now grows their crops in La VN.'l, Colorado sourhwesr of Walsenh~Jrg, nearly ZOO miles from where Diane used to own a successful .1\VMfI Salon

oil ~~re J aso 11:. ~memo11e'ywhen t's~ ld' the SaLoll~'.l ~J3I~ ifl;JSt~ .hlm tc do what he dWllghr; W~ besL. -to l!nYeSlllw n-wney and h.e1p ,us"ger ,ahffidf~!l:;hl!l'lj;ijlY/·'Sl1e 'iaktt :rh~y :Ial~d I!:grun w;l'l0Jl h~"~~ lip W~tll ilJ~,l$t'Jl, ".ij11; said Ll(,), was gQll1g' I t) I}pti~1 .~ diS[1er~~ and 1 SaJ4 '~q) rot

it!" -

m">lde.a ~ras· Ul' bliy3'l aO'il1i r\~ Thj;l ~roollIW',?l: M!)LU1$1mi ;to; l?UPply hl~ {)~V.!l, I~ga,t tusP~I$WY wlm·111!XiJraJn$tljuBL1JJ. "Thegro\'\I-: , 'l;lfS d:001 With a lot of the p(ltmdage whIch js:where rh~ dolJa:rsc ate:

jasf.ll1 ~d_ .

'QL1 pur!!' [illih, :pIJ::in!i)'~~_jt~ Itl@.lll0iil$;I. UfiUer ln La Vera, ";S11e filSQ started utlngll1g the buOslo 'here'Stre did llruf the hm:vesr in .here,' -sakl)asml "She ,U vfilll1 here- by hf'ifSel! wIth no read heat 0:f Water JIl

. tb!isJ~El:U1j)Mi' .

1! ~, 8Jl~direm~'f,e!lbar tTl:e:~r;lr !Jlo",g~ about e.xpetlIT:!1C!Jlg; :O~aae, .'iaki. 'When we:Jinffilwd tr ~ like au .DUlWanJ ~lJ:nd wW}leoJi:l.r,met

She went 011 to say the grow operation is an adventure she never thought she'd take after years of catching Jason with pot and throwing it away.

Her SOI1l now claims he grosses $5,000 a day as a certified medicine provider; paying cityand state taxes, since day one.

." really do Iecl UWl were pioneers bringing new nre [0 medical marijuana and it's 'exciting," Diane said,

Colorado is one of 1,4 states thaI has legalized medical nim'i;j ~1~rtiJ, rli~{;i~II'f"N'stJll b~'I'1S Uii ~IS:e.. TUe,~ ustl~ ~ltpa:rlmerl t lttls rej:~nll'y '~.nounc,~ IX \¥IJ,uL!1.l'1b u;lfiger ~e~ t,p pNsecme ~op'la: using.. prescr Lbir1tl ,JJI', dlslrlbutlrl§, rnariJtunla ler medical plJef(ltlSes. i,si loo-g ~ rney,~ in co Iltp)lan0~ :wllh Jo calmws,

"TIre Green Fa.rty,:of AQtea.roao.(~i1dil.~cted a J:n,ediIC{Ll_!l""arij~Bna survey .of physiQ~~n5· in

N···' Z tl ·dn " ew. . aa..~a.!{l:'

12.'1: 01" dpCliJ1'Ii inrllcnred 1 hey would cOII~k~l:r pr,~~l:dh!M medicinal ~mlnnhl:.: Phx[ll("i,~ iJ II w e re ~ E!.id Ilri Lip ~O.

~elw>*[i' i~1I ~her~h~'s:ICl~nsin~tloph~~i;JJllIO]0!>l!,st~, fl%!lf: op'hIh)1I ttlDJi:!~~l;;!lIl{1 39% t~rOU1(l:!" j)QCIOT~ tjjdi~."~e:rl jll~~)' w0lLh:i (;..o:tl£:idf:r~bir~g 'm t!([d ul!IL~'a'mya&is"lr I,' wm Il'.g~q to; do ~o,

J3% nr {Hhel' l)'leHl!} .md 23'{1' Ilf }Jlhrl]lth,.lt!III:,:I~~~ r11(1llg111 mudlcal rn,lcril!1'Ii .. ~ "Ilowd~:' ;1hlc It! !lI~~·riik c~nn:~l1h rn'dllrl~_"

local politics

Denver Still Considering to see PotPossession Fine Reduced to $1

In August 2009, the Denver Marijuana PcHkY. Review Panel mack recommendations and sent 's letter lo the presiding judge of Denver County Court, urging a $] fine as penally for POSSC:3'$jl1g' less than one ounce marijuana.

The Marijuzma Policy 1~I[':v~c\",' Panel metlasrntonth and lnformation provided to Post <120 Maga;dlw lJy DZ~'Illd EdlrJger HI Denver Mawr .rulim Hlckenlooper's office says that ifsstiLl not a done deal The Honorable Iudge Marcy Celeste has stated that she l.s not addmssi:l:!tl mhis lssne at this rime. Judge Celeste is concerned that she doesn'e Know jf srre has. sutnority to make such a change, therefore sl:4\:WUl not constder i:1!akit!g an amcndmem until Lh~rl: is clartllcanon Should this change still happen Denver WQlIk! have lh(~ lowos! Iltl~ for

mariluana possession in the United States. .

Current line schedule is $160 and is broken down In'i 0 I II 1"<: C cornponents, :£50 Is (111" actual :f1I"e tor posseSSIQJ1, $ J 00 is a r~J'ug surcharge ~hi'~t is state-hnpcscd anci' II~ is a $10 'burCCHI Icc. So, jf Judge Marcy Celeste were 1.10 accept these recornrnendaI ions, the [ifle schcdu lc will become $ ru 1.1.

Mayor .~nhIJ H lckenloopcr appointed I he Denver Mal'ijualla Polley Rcvk~w Pilll~1 ii~ December 2007, to lrnplement a voter-approved ordinance dcsugnaUrn@: ar1u'li mari.hIMI'l POSSCSSiOil the cil~y's "lowest law onforccmcnt pri.orHy." 111 May .200"8. dl,1;; Denver DIy Aerorney's OI1ic.~~ announced the cuy would be changing us policy $O;1'11~.1 adults ctred for I~lilwjjuani'l posscsslon will no longe r 1;)(' required "10 app:e:ar ii~ Denver's overcrowded mnnlclpal courtand cam lnstead pay their cltanons by mHll

"Denver voters have mCidcil clear they do 11m wafl~ tiny adulrs rued Cor uSnJ,l~' <II subsranco that Is fal' safer than alcohol," said panel memher and SAFER Excr.:l;1tiv~

Director Mason Tvert, who coordinated I 110 successful Denver lniB·'·, iniU~dY-es.


1012 W EVANS AVE DElIVER, (080223


'Ihe Members at the Denver Larijuan .. Polu::y Renew P .. ncl

S1lndy'Mu]im, executive director, Colorado Crimim] Defense BM'

Dora-Lee Larson, Denver Domestic Violence Com:d.inating Council

C'anadtanSe:nate, W:anfsLa'w to' GloEasie~r on Pot G'rowe'rs Ul kQ'~Jr,'i~'l'r/L'J"'1l11

'Ppr ~ he:S!@t(jnd tIme. :!ll ~~ than:s Ix rnl:ln~Jl s; ~ 1;!'mmlilCl~1 t'J:'f fila U.'H~rn.l~domma:ted~SI;?J[ate llas:~<IUleJH:led a COrJS~tlve "law-and!"lCI.·rlet- tl~~eun:ilp.a:tAlg··An el&menT U'i~~'WQuld iuiwmaiJd;liTIy ~~Ilnrl, m~~tJ"ana gH'Werg, :tQ\Jall fur til Itl'gsl s'J.:': '~11Dnl'hs,'~,f 1h~y're c~ughl witH as·,rew as fise plants, ~t 'WDrllld also keep eutomatlc terms fur tI "~tlety Clf'fi.lh~rd~g;telared tflnlf'.s I:i:lt:i~t~ 'R ffrs-llll Call~da,

tJlI~'£0:rIm:nitw!:HLllteI~d 'this CWltt·ovefSitl1. b.U1~a$l mor~th tp mt-:a.i.rr.<1 Ju;d:g~~ dlscretlrm when sen1;eI'lcti1g;:o.[1l;"enrJ.e:rs.I:lM'ilkted·rifgr,ov\,ing r~~'~t I ,~~n ZOO pia fll~tTltttll fui P u:tl ho S~mflif1 ,!'if I, a>Cllll i$.iQh .c()~~~~; -wI tlJ J I'ltlijt.e M.lnJSl:iwRoll' Nlrhol!ll;l II.

Nldlpr~fl!) ·~li.(jd t)i,. 'lfLe ¢aJ111l111Iee's mtnili"'-:~9 Ili~1lI1g111 :QI!;1"IS[('YJ1s. lWtw~n'jj1!"e.U~Is-.I.n 'Ilhe SBm~nr'fmd 1.~le HO:l~~ !jf.~mUT!O~ri:

the drug bllt smo ked lllll:r.lug! 1 I h~ C01nma:l1$. ·earller bl ZOOo? an or ,tile U lietolhl;, teiirneti U:[.i:· W 1111 tlie' COliSei'VlItlve§. d!:isPI~6 Wtitrltliing ,wlthlh 1,Jbemtl1ilnkB (I"i~1 th';YVi'e~ ll)ffilig IDJd~~9 .$'LlJ~p'~~,·a bad ~1I1 ;SQ lbey wmtldn\l~ be:a~ep.lScd "ii' ~~ing 000011 ,erlme:

~U:t!1blsml ~LI'~ 011' LIberal Ui<1dex~I'chaaJ. Thg:laU~ ,~a "I~ 011' CheS):l;"!}~ Til the S.~I~.nte "Ul~: Lug~ the-til II) pac~ 'he' blt.lln I~~ 'Ol'n gina I .Iom I;

the 'l!1'ga~ ,and ~Or)SIIUl1ttOIl;l~ ruTaift;- oommlt:~(l.eum~M,iOO!1ts" will 'g.() to We SeHelie ;as"a'w~l"(jh;;~, whleh \wUl debate the bill :~[l'1d then, "detldfl wi1e~mr to pflS"S .tIie,b1Jj i.O !tsn:rtgtnai tlr aiJl'flf..e]:l

~~ . - .

TIl.~ wItimltfEe hallla[Sij,amertde..d the brn, :1:0 realfitn1.rlle G.rtlhll'bfJ1 C¢de cDrirnClfil~ HWI 'I he. ~eClalll!ir.tf1·lIilst~\itt:f~c-s Qj' ~:l)OI,!gi~]fi1. otren.del'5:shotlld 'be,:t;ake1l1tDW .ar:c:mmt wJJea15f(1}:b":m Nng,

.A l.birrJ ~ndr!l@iJ rew.rl tfs ii, j;utiv l$!QJ:) . war ~'I:i~!d autdIWitil'~t~lyJall ~ffEJ1~e.ffi:cmli,iiCteti (jfa;~eori~ ~fUg b'ffBrrce. '~~uili that the first offence must .haMe' 'been a serlo LJ s ona.

Th.e .LH1~l'al~ h~Ve aC"OO$~~ (b.~'D~Tn.SJ!:l]'\~ti\l~ ~r·r~~.tJ:lg 1111 tbe Senate.' 5cmooy beG!luse tJley ,-al'l USEl:;J~, .. as <Jj spr!ogboam to re1nffbra- 'their (Qugh-oTI,,c!'ime .11]essa,ge and :[aRe ·aim.:lU tilair'

Uberal crPPI.!r1etr15. .

TJ\~ cpmJl .. ;j.tlt~f:l ~$!ued iiKltll wn~iJd nat I.·uliillet"".stilmp. ~hff le,~JsJla't i{Jn -w biro I has ·dtawn hee vy cr[tlrism ln P uhltc h~-i!tl:r:l.g~ in IB~ U1 tE1e 'Gpftlrll_uan~ aD{;j '~I:' ~e$1 te.Op.pO'llf'n:ts"Warl:lJ tJll!l the b1U i! :p~ed + '\iJ~l.Ild. f]ti'ild tJi~ ~~a~y:{!t'!d jfilJJs and i[l1pd~on.l:'he. ~OI+R. people. rather umn.drug kiIlgp5ns.


Whsn .a&ReH about what be thought [Jf 1.lreptupooocl ,SlU c ~ 5 V:~rtl)nl.!"i;.:~r'~ ~r}-t;,aH,t: l~;'t'lifflol, MElfC Ji;m f$J,'said anythIng that pUts people .Iu Jail for dri1~ lsgc)itlg It) C1,lt

p!"1~6.lls, .

cover story

'Cannabis seeds provides a significant amount of gammalinolenic acid which contains therapeutic properties

8 ;:JC.STAM·) JANUAflY2010


'cover story

.' ' ••• ' .' •• r , • • .' c • ,8' Km<"',"i'''.''''~

'~."~d ... as .. ~.~.e ... - .. n ..... _ .. !3.". rtu, .. l"._' e,$. w .. ~YQ;f .. p ... ~r., petlO~.tmg. lif .. e. G.' n.:' ~:t:I .. r "]iJI.:.:met an.,.d .rnore lUIPQttantJy.: provIding Food and! .m_e'WCll1·e 'to! :sustsm

life, Unde.r the right circumstances, .s'Beds 'c'a:n lay dormant (OJ thousands ,dfyears :and.:stUf be abJe t@ produoe :~Hants.. 'Many

,se6~~s ~·ave.~· ~~ziiI~:abi"l~ty" = ~.~~~i1det<the h~sh ,w!ht~r elements that blanket a large', portion of the- world and tn ,~pt1bg" sprout .and! pto.qyte J:tTany Ii!ore· plants.

Without seeds people would not survive. Wheat; rye; corn and rice are staples and are the most andent of the cultivated plants. Strata dating discovered that wheat and rye existed in Mesopotamia (10;000 Be) and rice in south-east Asia and corn in Mexico is dated as far back as 7,000 Be. Today, grains are half of all food consumed by people worldwide.

Seeds not only produce grains, fruits, herbs and vegetables, the necessary components to keep us healthy; they produce thousands of plants that have been used throughout history to treat health ailments. It wasn't until the early 1900's that North Americans were slowly being brainwashed into believing that pharmaceutically-produced remedies were much better. Today, millions of people are addicted to over-the-counter and pr-e=

CPtion drugs that only mask symptoms, and do not relieve the underlying ailment. _j

JANUARY 2.010 :~OSTl#t=I"l 9



l'he. Jl;'allnJJi!JJ$' ~l":nt, -I~~;ne: of' ~Il~ ?,ICfesl psyC:hptl;crl,,,!e' plants' k.m-l'lwk! ,1\rwnaliUty, -ret Is wlaeslw-e:ad. alld~ hff~ biOO'~.!lle extr!l')mety dlvm(fied~lnr f<'l!ct. ifs probably Ule nlOsi alVen;:i1fiM $e~tJ . on tllfi$: 'P!M~L T~tl(j bls iim!!.1~ ;gr:6w -as 'iii '\v~ed"aria, ~ ,cUI[iL\rat~d lti ,aLipnst _ ev.e'iy . Qlll!lntry'hMJJ .wlde v.atlety.o f cllma tlc-and-soil eondltlons •. . G.rtl1lnabls :p,iants '' Inlet! used as: 't'_emedies eq, Ylioi¢iui,d~ ;nr yp;a~_'~il tfu~;'~riti*~ :irigi~d!entAlf)tk _plant,ba.!l, b~ pmvel1: tohe1p in.a mulUtud&or medieat condll ifJns., 1\1 tlIDugll,'l~ds: CQl1taiti :'SubstmlCifllljl _1~!i:s,,:;Un!>ll[ti,ts b:fi5amn~bitilql.!f~; the .~~ ~eii.efifs .at;~' . ~'1unileI'OOS;

:Wl<IJl'lj ~ana 'has r~~~, [iis~d tJ IrpJ1IJgl.lUtIl. ,1ii~(t)ij ht'm~nytl'ffe-r~rt~ ICtll't11f~' fOr ~;v~dety· oifnl:irPQse$. Aftef~tt()il'!c.f. it 'Is .tli~ nlp;st li6:ptllaf0fwllat b.. rref$T·edto as' '~recl;e!liielllaLd-ru~,~ Interes:tlngJfy.a.l.;:O,I1QL wliie]) ts. IE;~. ~-dii:ect!!y respoosllble 1i1lT. 3!U23 death~ in,ZOe 6' 111 [Lh~ Uulte~ Sutes. Ths C !ml~m,Jbr !1}bease Con-troland Prevemton ;S:~'ale that .i.n'200 6, dcohol-rel:awdltve:r dlsease~rtook ~~e ri¥e'$ qf le.O:50 :pe(liplj>afid :w.tohol-lri{,tUC¢d de.1.lrns (a:~p:ld!)nt~Jul,d I~qmliii,de,s,) 'lor,aI.~d 3Z.07B~,

,Som€l c0111slder . these statlstJbs low. At lI'1:'ug_Wa[FaGf~ .mg, ru~ey. reported that 1m 201m; c&l:dJOO 'dea ths W~-l'(l' ,atulb LIte-(! ,t~ alcohol tn Ihg U.'$. They ;'J:I,so re'P~Fted;: "1I;n e:dlfl;usUve sear'C.h !Qt tIle j Itcl'atLIT'~. rti:ids flO ~redl li Ie r~pOrts of d,eiltl~dtldm:erl ~:Y' mflrlj Uillll,iJ.-l'lu!-' [JS Btu,s i\:b~e .'Vfarnins-,N~:t~ilf~ (JJj,\~) r~,or:d!iioStil'l!ies, ordfuglil'~r:ttLtn15 r~ lWl*~~le~iO~-!i' re~s., ifnd :a)~ughlITl-a:T;ij'lJ'Rj.(l:' is; ml}td:f~ne-(l U IS llSuaIlyw t_ombl!J!aIJol1: w.lth :aJwholor, other d:l'U!W" :!vlanJuanaa[one 11.35'erl shown tC:J Cia ussan O-l,o:eJJCios-.e.:

deal~h;" ,.

CannabiS Seed lime/ine

C:o}IlI1i1b~ w~f1Rjt ltled(m me· --~--~ r~tf~f C~;ine1l'e riloor~ 1~1l~6,Doo II C'9Are~d~gi"~t" rn ~rll.r:i~i rl:neuTITOlit1sIT!/'l( f\1l!lr"l1:f!Jt<te§$.( t!,"~er ~Emp~r, s~'i[l Nell&'


TeMiJJie.'lI'Il!deotll,emp .are llSed, if! 'dt~!4i\,

Fir~ t recorded use of carmabis as medk~t'ie trP Chi~~e ph~nnaropoei~

. ~


Bniiri~' (dl'Je(I'~,rI~'!h~ 1ei11i~~ ~~ ~d ~~l;mBotrCo-l'iei:l JrrmeHiPtd~~n-d -teii A~f,$ veiia .w~~¥:t&',~!tl,!:>~~-1'i)'1iJ· ~iHi~~(i'JOO'&fih'dj~ mo~~~?1: pr~iUi_jfl,'~M~:!~AbiJ<!~ ui¥Jl tn~icii~~~lY .m:~ .~itlta1!Jt. 1,ZClO we


cover story

The Marijuana Tax Act was passed which !ed to the criminallzatlnn of m2lJijual!l~ in the United States;

Scythian tribes leave' cannabis seeds a~Qff€:fing5 ln royal tombs,

700-300' BeE

Hemp is introduced into Notihern lEu.rope by the :5qthian.~. An Lim m ntain i'ng seeds: and leaves of th e can n,ab is plant was unearth ed near Berlin confirming this approxlrn .. te date.

Hashish spreads eh rough om Arabia,


'700-600 BeE

The: Zoroastrian Zend-Avesta an

. . p '. . 'h

<iJiCHe:nt :~r:5'I<Hll text, is said to- av~'

been wr~tten by Zarathustra and rere~~C') "bhang" a5"good narcotic rnedlcine'


A_ngolan slaves brought ell nnabis with them 100 the pla_riUtiDn~of no rth eastern Sr.uil.The re we oe permitted to plant their calii'iabis seeds between rows of s llgar cane and; rno ke it between harvests,


Th e J ewi.$h Ta I'lffiltl,d[ me"t,.oFl~ til e elJ!pluork: propertles ofQj~nabis.


Frc nth a~ d Briti.h settlers cultivared C<l.11 n;l;b is a l their colonies In Port

lr606-] 632

T he p~ychowp1, prcper u es are described Ii n the new~ly compl led herbal boo k "F'en Ts:' ao Chi~g," which Is altri:buted to'il.n emp~ror [n 2700 Be.

13th C~ntl.llry

Arab trader~5lbring cannabis and cannabis seeds to southeastern Africa.



preparations with ~~n!l abls were available in America.

JANijARY 2010



The cannabis seed contains approximately 25'% protein, 30% carbohydrates, 15% insoluble fiber as well as important minerals such as: calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, mag ~ nesium and zinc.

, .....

I ".. .~ ..


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12, ~O,5TI#t-..,'I~1

JANljAH¥ .1010

Most seeds contatn polyunsat urarcd oi I, Cannabls seeds also contaln a high level of essentlal latty acids whidraf€ essentlal to good health and are not naturally produced in our body

Cannabis seeds provides a significant amount of gamma-llnolenic add which co 11 rains tl'r erapeu 1'Ic properties, At 81 % po lyunsaturated, hem pseed 0 tl is the most unsaturated oil derived from rbc plant klngdorn - bUI H won': be on grocery store shelved with other oils anytime soon,

Hemp seed is commonly sold iff natural health food stores because it has been treated in such a way [11.<11 it cannot be planted, The edible seed and. oil expressed from ScedS21fC used lor mall}' PLJII'P0SCS as II has a "nutty" llavor:

It's em JIIIlOnJy used for allevlatlng constlparlou as a bulk-forrnlng laxative. It's all excellent cleanse for tile bowels, liver and kidney Chinese rnedtctne uSGS j18fT1P 'W aid 111 (:lc2lnlng the spleen.

mlb 1m

.. Provides energy.

*' Balances hormones.

.. Boosts immune system .

.. Lubricates joints (synovial secretions)" .. Helps prevent type n diabetes.

The California Pacific Medica] Center { has more lnformatlon about health benefits in an article entirled "SheHed Hemp Seed",



cover 'story

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fnfo@amr..hdenvef"_ccm !il~.

Double, Bubblegum

There are by far too many strains of the can-. nabisplantto mention in one article. Inthe, December issue of Post420 Magazine, a fold-out guide l isted 'the "ABC'" strains. In this

.' lr - k f th "DEFG'" .

ls.sue,oo.:or tne .'. .r I. strains.

David P. \VesL holds a Ph.D, ill plant breeding from the University of Mj~IOOsI'H'''L Since' Hl{13 he has served "IS H11 advlsor to the emorgtng !'~mpinuus~ryH@' authored, "Hemp and Marijuana; Myths and [{eali.ties" Ior the North American Industrial l lemp Council, liVo.rldwide. there's no question that hemp ts making a 1Cj:i[f1f'twc~" Hcrn.p l.~, c;o~nunDnl,;r (;.liluh~iJ~cd CiJUil,~'iL 2l11.~ cnc'or.';rx~ by gpvc ~n1mcni agf.orjei¢ !jJJPI! ~ flo~!,'l laoti C}ntwY{1.

- . .

11!',l-! ~rrrp ~1!1 ~ Mar~i l,~all<:l. ~~I ~d~~~, .'Sad ~y .. lho. dl1l~ !mrnr?BrnOlll ~~~~li.'-j~1.11Y. odi¥'e:m-b~Ut1!t f<!J~~ ltifonn~t~~i" jia~e'tlr.e~t,ettl :;.'1 rtlythology ~Jj,d~,! 1C;.nrl~{I'IJIS S'"-m.¥a. that ,~U ser1,iesJhB:t1~ri6il:, '1t.s:fill:mj:l~~·"I1~ i.~lt![J'-tl~ttY: I~hr corn.l:ilu~, ~'rhmii~J@'l;!1er. . son, who ~~')lpCl"lm®lll'[ed !iN I till cllYim:t.!'m hemp 'Vai'tel'les··f1ml' I nv.en~ed ';}1' bT@l~ rof

'!ie rj~ rtl Hng .. 1.1 ut me "Ai bHa ft'[)!Jl r·~em p, on!;p d I a.t t11;3. g~Hf:elil :t;~ntrltJtl tl'Oh i:J.

JQ:e:rnQ:r~·n:p:lJla ·jiFak~ ~·l$;~ciun:tzy-·V¥tllllcl be IO'iQtt:Oclltr:e a new ti-ojp, [" J~ffEnro.n ·o().u!d see meraad blccles anl<J;ssed ogalnslhefll p hQv. we wld ,heJltJ dg~3 ~J o&t

Secc1s<lllr (lie flfi"Ul;e .... .

A.s. rbe·Old s.aylng goes., wh~t g[t~S .iUw,und ~:o(ue.'t.iU!q.und._.Mt:h[fugh ;ir'.i:ll:n~rill:a ~m]g batde-. ilWL)1l,iii'I)is ~I?e&l, and the p1arns 11le.y I))f"odu-ce hilL\f{l beetLilcc().pi1:ed 1\I!lOi'ld'il,"flrla RlI' tb~:iJ.Sillid'i>, 9:f.yM:I$lt"s optV:a liijtrer· bf W:Oe. tleJol'e; Ilistory. In a g~dtl wa-y.~·n ~.'!\1p~ai: 11$~~r. •

~ ~


>< X



[how to grow guide

Setting up Your Roo,m

Getti:n,g Started (Seeds) .. Sexing Plants .. :Mothering

Part ?

here are many things you need to do when getting a room ready to grow your buds, Thts ls probably one of the most important steps so make sure you set up your grow room nicely. You wtll need to' have a place to flower your buds, grow your moms, and root your clones,

Cave.r Windows

Pull. the hlinds or curtains and cover all windows wWla thick black plastic.You will probably need to use some blankets. between thewtndow and plastic. Use YOllT duct tape and a few staples to hold the plastic and blankets to the wal~.

JAN IJ ARY .201 0

This. is a \'ery important step. Malk!e sure ~Jhere is no light through tile wlmllow. Take YOU1: time and make sure H:ris step is done properly. ..

Caval noors

Lay a Hi_!'~ down to cover ll!~· carpet Or tloor because you will. spill water once in a while. This will help you reduce the damage to the cerper ff you are a renter. Carpet can harbor moldand mildew, which is why the tarp Is necessary.


Set your ligl:u ballast on snene wood to ensure thar ~hey are off the ground ~n the event of spllls, ~f your cords are long enough put the ballast in another mom to help with reducing the heat In your grow room.


how to grow guide

Mounl, CEoset

You can hang yourhghts fr'{!m the closet rods in the closet willi) some chain, You can also screw i~1 a IWQ~ ~I) the ceilillg, The same hooks that you ese to hang plants. Just make sure th.\!Jt your UgMsare V!!1j' secure, You don't want them falling, The ligmlts are a bit Jlricey and could strut 3 flt;e if they Were tOJ ral~ tmo any warer, fillu(w,escent UgllfS are often used for groOwing the moms and clones but eanalso he used for '!lowering ~f more powerful lights are HI):I. available.

TIHl fluorescent lights should be placed directly on ~op or the plant, It llsl!I!.sl!lIy' doesn't even matter if they are ~~hw~liy touching tile plant, These lights are easy to \vork with because they ate light and csn ~asity be hung anywhere, with ligl'it-weigl!l. chains, They <\1!fe 110t a gOQd replacement for liPS Hglns when Ilowerillg, (hough because Ul~y use more en~rg;y ~() produce less Hgllt

FI'anae :DesigD,

By building a 2)(4 fITIIl1f! ym1 can create a grow area anywhere. Ones the frame Is up and stable you can use C-clamps ~o hold the 2x4's thae will hold! tile lights. this allows for quick assembly and adjustment

The light shown here is. a 100m'\I HPS W.ithOllt 11 vented hood, Youshould keep the IighJi 19'-23" fl"Om the ~ojo)S of the' plants. If you have a vented! reflector with a fan hooked UPI to It you can keep the ligln O! Iffiuh~' biij doser, lU,£l becareful !lOU to hum the plants, Ymil shouldlltnlg :your lights with 11 chain and some hooks. Hangil1g your lights by chatn will atlow the lights ~o be e~15ily lowered nr I'<dsedl.

5eall Doors

You may want to buy some door sealers and a rubber stopper for [he bottom of the doni'. This will prevent light and odor trom leaking out 0'1 your grow room. This stuff call he purchased <Jin any Home Depo1J. or hardware store

Add Reflec1i,ve Surtiace

Now put up your rnytar. USE' staples O!' Duct tape to du this, You can put mylar lip by Itself 0[' attach the mylar to light weigI'TI.[ pressed boardsand then put the boards up. This will extend the life or your myL1L This also allows ymi [0 place the mylar right on tho plants and caslly adjust and move [or access.

Phtce reselrVoifs

Place reservoirs where you want them and make sure everything looks good before li~'1 [fig them,

V,erify and setup power

Check that rho outlets an: working find tn useable locations, Test the cucurt breaker and try to split the garden over [Vi1G circuits, A normal house circuit breaker can'[ hold much more than LOOO watts safely. (Watts --Volts x Amps so a normal household 15 AMP circuit ilt 110 volts can Dilly I1zL11dle l500 Wattsl

Setup VentilalioD

Optimally yourgarden SllOl!ld contain sn intake ran and an exhaust fan as ,veil as fans in the rOQ!lI to cjrc:u~~t(! the aiL Hepa filters are also useful in ellmlnanng pollen, mold, dust ami. mildew.

Setup MomlrUlona Room

II you. are fortunate enough to have 1'1 separate space for youi mOlhcrn11§ you should set this room up the S21lTm as yOlri"' rnaln grow room, A small dose! can easily hold mothers and clones, Mothers and clones can be set toa 24 hour lighting period 'but ISis our preferred cycle.


;:J 0 5'TII# maJ

BelUnB Slarl:ed (~Seeds)

The formula when starting seeds is typically that you want 1O start 5 seeds for every one good female pl<ll'i'rr YCfU want. Out of 5 seeds maybe 3"4 will sprout of those maybe 1-2 wi,L[ he female and of those tI'JID ~.Il<e~y only one will end up d really strong plant, This is why lt Is best to try to grow a ~ew good females, and mother them out to produce

clones instead of flowering them. '

Saxing Planls

Once your seeds begin to grow into (:I plant yOl~ need to sex the plant. Do rhts by putring '~I!I: plam 011 01 llght cycle of 12 hours O!I 12 hours off Afte:, aweek ur two you will begin to see small white hairs emerging from the sacks at IlH~ base ofthe branches, II' you sec hairs corning out of the sacks you have a female_lf the sacks develop 'but no hairs emerge you likely have a mate, Unless you are going to seed out some of your plants yew will want. lr] get tid of the males as SOOI1 as posstble.



- Pot'> (Willi draln plate]

- Po ru Ilg sou

- Per~.~tf

- DuUmit.e Lime

I. Rinse your pots out with warm water,

2. Pour YOUDf soil, perlite, dlul.lmll:e lime In a lJucket nr :H'ly coraalner large enough that you calli mix the soil around in. Yoursoll :miX~lJife should be 70% soil, 30% perlrte, wHi1 fin ()U~C{' ofdu[HllP per gallon of so it


how to grow guide

3. .. M.lx. the soil around until perljte Is evenly dj_stril:lUted ~Il soil.

,11. Put soil into pots and dwg a litde spot in i the Denter of the soil to place il:he done Of seeds.

5. Wetthe soil around !l:he done or seed! with ! OHvias dorruing SOI:lltiOll_

Ii. Place mom under fluorescen~ lights. Keep t11~ lights about arm Inch from the topofy~ul" plants.

7. Set your lights for ill 8 hours of .light..

8, Y:m.l should water wi~h fertillizer mlxaure fior two feeds. ~hen 0]] ~he ahlrd reed use straight water,

9. Dont forget to flush the moms with a gall 011 of water ,every month.

10. Gnce YOllJ[" moms begin to growmake sure you ~11l(11 tile aops, You do ~,hls because you want yOUl' moms. to be ~ushy with lots of shoots for clones.

CloDing/GeHiag Stalled (Clones)


· Mother plant with available shoots

fat cloning

- Clonmg Solution · Cloning Gel

• Razor Blade

- Scissors

- Bowl contalnlng cloning solutlon

" Greenhouse type container

· Huorescent .tights

· 1lrnpty container

I. Use all empty container to mix up your do ni ngsoluucn,

2. Wet rockwool cubes wltl1 dm-ruing sol il!l!Q n,

3. Cut shnotjust belowa growth node,

4. Place in water and make angle cut withrazor blade.

5. Dip stem ill cloning gel.

S.lnsen stern Into wet rockwool cube,



how to grow guide

7. Place done ln greenhouse ~yp(l container and keep rnckwool cebes wet with doming soluuon as Il~~ded.

7. Place you!" cloning tray about an inch from your fluoreseeruIlghts. The li.ghr for th~ clones should be Silt fOi' 18-24 hours or light

9. In 4-21 days YOUi will see mots gn)wing nut IOf bottom .. Clone is ready to be planted.

For fastest mol development you (In buy or build' iii "hotbed" This is a cloning lray rhatts heated ro promote raster root dcvelopmcru We don' l recommend you bu D~d one since you ca n buy one 1'01' $10 r hal ls.guarantccd sa fe.

PlanUng C'lones,


-Pols for plarulng

- Hydro com

- Strainer

I. Rinse the hydro com In a strainer with warm water before using. Ch'!<ln parth::ularly well! if re-using hydroccm from a previous planr, 'f!'y to make sure that you do not have any of ~he roots from ~he last batch of plants on tile hydro com.

2. FHI rnJot about ~h way with hydro corn.

3. Se~ rooted clone In center hole,

4. Fill wi~n hydrocorn until rockwuol cube is covered.

5 .. Place i.n tray under lights for vegetative or flowering state,

6. You: call flower many varieties of marijuana directly from rooted clones, Other varie~ies need a week or t\VO of vegetanve growth to produce well. You wIll need to experiment with YOLDIf particular vm'iety.

TEL= (232) 233 • 2333






JANijARY 2010

AMJe,dic'al Marijua.lnaAdvocatel takes Exit

. "r II I! Idll

On (b~ :i:it.aIS>e··on~. (ilte 'l!#ati'i'm $1:n~J1tiI[fir.eb,U1IOr$miTit,;·\~,hQse level ofa.d"0;sa~ and cOIllpassjon 'W~sever'growtn.g.But bebLnd,··tbe;:scenes, tII'e. dt'!~uh Dr Eriil M'ID'co~e l'f!iYe·S' bcl1lnd a legacy .of u:t:Jam.wered qu.estiionsj p.Rin, ru'id..ang~r !:?y mtml.qers {i:Fihe p'ul:mc~ pilti?ht~;' iwegi v·

. e'~itild~h)ijCi3!iis~he Was ~~p~;~ to. . . _ ..

FalTi:i'~y ';llTll:m~~Il:s r~PQmred that1;rlll~ ~.:1 •.. (1~I1!lm~U~d ~s~ll~ld:r iQ1Tl ly:~ays : ;;titer a ~~cp:uta~i5 t'ii'WkiEf' :in:~idlenL~'iI:th h~r ahn9~tfQlItf ye,a:!:: !ltd grand. $OUI~' who hal:i-sinr.e 'fuUJ 1·'Bcove~~d;. "lie was \'e l)'itiilllbuw:::tioUJs late in

the e.,(6tiii1g~jtldll :gave 1:iInfh.l:lllf:a.medlc.-1ted,,coolde·~:osetdt', hlJ:!Ji down t91 5Ie:~p;t ~ard E~j[] •. U:i~a,' t.a:lepholll'l; ,tariiveJ;satjo.!l~ with t.bi5\.i~Pb~tet j:IlS~! .a.€aw.ShQTt d~~_~ttef b'iHmg'diarged ·w~llID:st ruli;m fom:th" degree:"child elldaugermenf fl;llgnil~~ "ljustc0Ukln't ger hnn iH'itakened tlJte nex~ d?:x;"' ~>cpIaliie:d: :~, b:'Qllblerl J3'rlIi'!. :~l!i'i1rly ;1.!!'t'rl'\m.:o.n;:°efUl·~9ne in ", '''I':''C>'''~' .,,!.I; '.' d. ~-,> t.r :"1 'ldJ "L .;I·'d· . E". the u~.r .Vl;!r~, '.Ol~W'~ S@»,4. f~.bve:ry I!i\!! .. ~e.ell._ me use .. ~- tt.p 10 .e

hospital, where theV admlnisteeed-a dFlJ1R uorm3Jlly.~ve'ill to patients W H~cm-ft cOIU,in_g, j)1lq;if,s~clati{jJl; 'Wlifcln :Itadl no !effett The chil d, 'e1iientu·

:Jl.lly.:awi;lB-e· onjlls~IJw.:Jt '

fal!fl.liy,mevnbm reportoo cilaf iEtitl, 44, cOfntiUlltetl.stllc:ide only. d~ys ~ftl!l' 11 acanltlaiJ is cookie" Irnt;idtUlt with heralmUS1- ~Dli:r year 61G 8rilJt~sq'il. \¥"~ ~!iS~trri~" fiJillyTe:~Q~er~~ ... ~H~ \vak 1,;"eq rnmJ;li:rnct,itjU;S bite ill ijl~ ,ev;en.~garlll I a~v.f' .1:ii:illl.ll~lf a. in~di.c-ated cookie w'Sc!ittle hJ~!l to s~!i~p,ijt-s;\1id &i:J],; 'lli:~ telephone tQIlyera;o'!.oo'Q with tms te'PQrt~Jysta Tei.,.... sli!ilrf'!:i ays!alfter 'bcl:og:¢ban'ge~ with fiirs~; atml fl)~rj h dCj!g~'ifle :ehlld rmen t' Fel 011 ies., "1 jl'lstcQ(ddri't g:r;:u him ;.awakened (11 e neXit day, "expla i ned a; troubled Erin,

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'SQIlr:c~s:sB:id tW(r~iiiyil b·eJf!l[~ bet'd~th~ Ed~'W..a-S.Vis1t¢tlbYthe .Deliyer- ~epaiiItiellt o[Soi~ilJ Sel'1.!~k~s·<illi~i~sj WhQ 'fempl(E-t.Ii her 14 . alid. J 6 ye.~l:.tild ~hi1dren fi:OJij: Ul:e hOIHe~ t'ould w e- 'st1·essa$sotl~tBa reOln 'lbj~~.tra(lfdi.ma1)y$:eires:GI'e:'I!eni:s be; re.s,pO Ils[ble for her death? An ofttcia:m C"lUSl) ·of death hais' no~ yet beenprovlded by'amho~ltie5; Den¥et: IC01'Qoor1sofftce SOIHGtrl'lsaicl'-tha'tMl ' l:el'l{:ltt ~$!) '[!_i:e_paratitm p'~(lti.~.)!'£5:et W:!~~b~'~

'One1hil!lg tor .sure .. Edn lcved all .r,:'bildren - her childlY'eIl, grandc:hjld'ren .• mdl children w i~hiu: the ooIllml.Jlllity ... ru;,they were th'il' focus ~[lit he_j"··watl~ .. l!E'in l?~ssM,:~P~I~llf[il'til:i~I';gy alii~ wutkeg M~ MlJIlteBsoz;[ 5t;;hoI91.t,eaq;h¢oi'fbi··'over .a.;~ade .. Keeping within the .spl~lt-of ~'I1DS:1 hl*C·CdI1t6at16~~~I. o.~p'Qi;unl ty, :Sl'!"l.:w~s:alway~ flndiilg f~!J!lllye W:l1'y"s 1:6' ~mf!p'!'! :S~lI! 'was ~l$~I! 'to .i:P ~;e'r¢gular testlnronyto nef Je\vish (atth, Her d[alogrres, -wi;th Tnilcnypeopf,e.w<QI,dd evtmfuO'llllyWEnd 'llpmoving to the r;].l$,tu!j!tiim :ofJH~T understanding of unique therapies for chronic pain, something which she personally knew a lot abeut a seriouscar accident a few years prior.

During initial recover), from her accident, Erin embarked on a personal journey to educate herselfand sought out opportunities to find healthleralternatives to the synthetic prescription narcotlc drugs ~hat physicians kept prescribing. During thisjourney, Erin discovered legal cannabis therapy as a viable option. She spent mallY years understanding the wide varlety of complimentary itherapies, induding growing her own medicine, developing foods, healing ~inctures, budder and pain packs, basically utilizing a philosophy of "getting the most healing benefit" out of the plant. Erin was well aware of the fact il:hat even after being 'hashed out' for medicine (all loe bag precess to gather potentparts o,f the plant for stn;mg 'hash' medicine), the residual plant telm still holds the vital 74 active cannablnold ingredients which are known to be a key component in pain reltefln patients.

She invested! hundreds of hours In meetings about altruistic pursuits associated with non-profit developme nts such as C3 ID nitlatives who are directly involved! with patient empowerment, advocacy and education, She was well known to folks like Chaplain Mary Murphy, founder of the Veterans Chamber of Commerce, and said to have expressed! a unique passlon towards advocacy, and helping edueattng veterans about alternative therapies. As a caregiver, Turner worked tlrel.essly In the last few years, conducting home 6olt!il-d visifatio!!lS with patients wllo suffer from a wide variety of del)i1ita~.ed conditions. including agoraphobia. With help from others, she delivered! hundreds of pounds of emergency food rations to home bound patients as part of her developing 'help those less fortunaae' lifephilnsophy,


'ffi'ln was cnarsetl, witH etiergy., when it·.crMrie ttl GOtlrl~tr\PPGrf;afid 'aavdt'a~" whether. iii: 'Ie'gal paHetll was b~ti1g;jJtdse;tuted nrh1iID\liug;t!:leilir :$.bdal :sedufit:Y beneHtS 'aqjusted,l l:lPu:Sf thetr uest-lJ!'It-eres[s. s~ 'Was .. wJiiUtng:and.a~le rrr~.t~ltUP~ <Fr-orn Fon Cantp:s: It! Pueblo tnany ·p~'~('Jn~.b~~le'fiied thr1tn.,heoV·,eJfort§. ,$h~sw,euJ

· continuous hourstn the.courtroom forlegal meDical marijuana he.~Jin_gs-and patient pt.o8~cufiO[Tjs;l:iI.clU(; patlenfs:~.Jagon Lanve \Bmilfleif' CounLyJ:: c4l',e'glve:rs Frank Marzano ~-Port Collins - latimer CtJUll~) ~i1:ij Jera!U¥ Marsh ,(Denver'Ooltn~);

~ '\'{o8 Lubt.i:te,r with m~lFij)l~ rQ!~!2t~nves 1~i;;1 ~f~gjl ~S\W Y.aars,~Jilf'WtU,~ ~~t\¥ Mr~.U!~iaJ.nJ~~gttjers c(:(op¢rnttv;e, li:11n ~"a,e; alil.e ,to em p(lW~f p~Ue!.'1.ts .wuJ-{lhe kno:w ledge dley neeclitfd to begin L!1¥fdl. cannabis t:! lell'apy- with. a n oollie lowards :sll~.lh her '1111a] days b~fOre she passed ,iI'da'fi' ErIn. V:i5ited ,r'rliiny Crnt;ii'~Q{)

, dlsf!l~1:!E~ r'll,p ~f''s 'fJr£<;J1I.~a~h:iJjgtr:~ti;Jdl;!~i~'!h~p~ "'s :w~J1 a~.)~~~.~Rr crobli hR classes for 'lhBi;r. ernp loy.eas,

Whfl.!i ,a '~P~ ~g[izh~f' p~,bndi~~i'I UtW.t ~¢af':dl d~r: a m!'!illif~~ ~q),~ti'i!l1.!'l' ,diStuJflsitry. re\O:i&\\~'i:lr. 1i::rtn w<iS. <jilglu ,thr;1I:~. H'(lr 1:'Ql11mliljl~ smct ilt-Ytt1~~~.!;S!IU adorn the publleatlon's website rulJowlJ1,g the ari:i:dei'mtlded'~'-+A['e you"Wesf w?pd~~ ;~~w ,pal ~~tlt¥n' ~V~rlllioIJ~h'~l;F "~~"n01' ~lit~d,-E:nin \j11'J~~Iy ~~L~rl~ uoo, l~ .pl;tl,vide (kSP!}llS,<)f'51 n~Vlcl!JS- ~nd ,oilier 'Ir.l~lIil!bJ€l11l1r0hrloiJIUjll I'll 'Ift~,hb~ t,omfl1emsecUop anile alilcie, CorrtJmumlsly he~]ling tD.ed'l:lcat<st'Jroe:Il5"WE.B deflnltely'ber Pi'i:iSiOfL l!:!1rn WIlS,ftG.tiY.13 .111 mall1ta'Ql1ng 'ccmmuwkmJon \v1dt s-yrrtpal~;j_~'~r l~l~ysi(liaM. ~~.i)cr ~~iempl'!'id ~{J: li~'lp Wnll~ 'ilit1[~~~::J,'I,~~~1 J~'1S, ji~t>l another lUl1U!l'LefQUs, I:Irtlqtl~ aJ!;lcj1tBJlts pf h!;lci:' n~wly Wri~t[ld '~nl\1'IBI5 n:ifu;li~fl!1 therapist FlTadl.ce Erin offered .a "servke' poovl.dtng, physldan ,'1i!s, ta 'f~nC[ti rs rQ(~:?~. ~s;}:d~n nil&! Im]l § r ~101 &tlstl~~; F~l1lrtlJl,J~ Me~iG,aJ llllemp~t1u®" http://-m''W!tv,ld:apinl~isnlerii iti1Jdre!;apeutii~,¢t! 1%1.

A ''11essa~e board PQ'S1J~g< qnf~ dav ;,]fi1~f'r1fl[(s death f~om, -:OlJ:e~ ~ S-mlv61:" 'qUOIB5 R<£BTlllnlcru::;hnJedby fllflni In lhiSl'IQSed !;;ilJr \~gE[:ptlll(lm!{',gI.rogII~('i:l' ~I!'i[nlHittl .. lle.llo;:.e,{,erYrjlle: 5'9IJie,.tl_rjjra~ tf]j'Olt¢ !<n1?~ Ed~~ M;']f,,!;:Q:I{e. Slle-: has;)tC.ofllpJlshed SO MUI:ll tox Q.(.jI ID{ldlt;ill (til!lmih)tj:)lqy~ men t, 'HeI~ rIJmposs!Gni1l~ '~fP,i' ror' ·p.,udem;'5"WflS" mmal:k~tblc_ 1 arrr &r.rcp~· S~~pef!&I oy EiJn's q~;l1t+r y~t ,1~~rlj~p'I,:J;~iQ~~J$;iintaiJngat!:d,-9J;J!1~ MX l1WEi IS .I:'!~ trot ibr ~1~'j!1/ In.g,¢J.p-~4'l!Y'Ioo~ OOJJJIfi'~ W~"~ I !k"f!l:1. wQrk\hg·tQg~l1!;!r. J::U:~.~j,-. lll, f::ngl~'w(J(Jd_'GltyC:bunQiI. ~duca!tln~ th(n)r~ whil~ tl'1,~I,aWG0d':1; IwmrtBtmm ()nIjOlW di::lperiSail'!ffi iE jrl.p]~r,:e. 'f/\7,B\!P_ mild!:!! g!eliIt s!:[icieS, '&111UP!3:ShE>

, C~1.S~ the .. &1 j1ts nJ'Jl_f-L I:<:!b~rs,:f!f~tt:i ,i;lholl?,.l~·to,tl'c:i·H:id by 'ljh~ ~j\1.I tmUj;'i1'.l,~, .(~Jl0.vtl·i1nd,supPQfl lrorn UI~ ~e-gf1lniedaDlI' Tll})i~ijua-rw: i;:{l.lhllluni'~y:lll- tl'llJCf'Q

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· ErTnis:lintemE:]d at Mt; NebtrCemete~~.she'lsstuviilecl by hBr

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!SSi!J,i'.;; sh~ w~ th¥ daughten~f jQanne.··~ J:QIjI'l D:il,Vi~'iS1i:;::si~~r ro"

: Hilary,Smidaj John'[)~yi$; j~€i' MirenM~: O!rpen~~~ .

Donatia!1S~c:an be submittedinthe nama ohhe famUy·toone.df"

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JAN U'1\RY 2!l1 0

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local exclusive



When Can I Have My Medicine?

A Colorado Legal Patient Gets hislvledical Marijuana Back

Legal medical marijuana patient Luke McOmie, finally has closure. Following a 3 V2: month ordeal to "work through" the court system, which. included three visits, Leke eventually received a Judge's signature for the return of almost four ounces of medicine secured by the Colorado State Pollee Commerce City post~My friend, Kurt a tribal attorney, always said 'be sure to break only one law at a time', and he ts correct, I shouldn't have been speeding," sald Luke.

Trooper Twitty confiscated the 3.79 ounces of marijuana from Luke on scene following an inability for confirmation of legal status from the C.D.H.PE.

Luke was pulled over for speeding In Adams County along highway 1-:270 near York Street early one evening 1.11 late August, 2009, by State Trooper SCOII Twruy, Court records im;li.catc Luke was charged lorspccrltog 82 mtles per 110ur ln a 55 mile per hour zone .• J plead gullty to the speeding charge, but had medicine confiscated, which has been a definite hardship for patients and myself as, well," said Luke.

Trouper Twitty confiscated the 3.79 minces of nlar-ijllaml bum luke on scene fullowlng an lnabillry forconfirmauon of Iegal status from the C.D.U.P:E. Medica~. ):,..·lariJllallla Registry. Seeing as this was after hours. 110 one from that department was available to the olllcer by telephone. so H was booked i nro property as evidence I hal started lb is. long orccal This was in spu c of the fact that Luke had provlded legal paperwork.

Article ]8, Secuon 14. of the Colorado medical marijuana law allows for individuals who are legal patients to own. grow. possess. and transport up to two ounces of cannabis. The law allows for an affirmative defence to be used in court for additional amounts that are determined to be medically necessary, as noted by a physician.

Luke's sympathetic physician provided a notation Of) his legal paperwork which was pointed out 1to the trooper on the scene, which allows for additional amounts, However. that amount was not specifically identified by the doctor. 'It shows I receive the benefit of edibles, whtch shouldcall ror an enhanced plant count/ possession amount. I smalso a caregiver for mulrlpls patients-and have I hI:! legal abiJity to carry two ounces for each of those. So, I was definitely legal from a strict Interpretation of the law. yet forced to undergo the formality of court proceedings and a long time frame," said luke.

The definition of a "primary care-giver", according to Article [8 Section 14, means a person other than the parient or the patient's physician, who is elghreen years of age or older has slgntfleant responsfbihty for managing the well-being of a patient who has a debihtatfngmedtcal condition.




local exclusive

Luke reports he was in tile process of bringing back some rnedlctne he hadsecured from another Boulder caregiver for use by i~j:mli of his patients when he was stopped for speeding. "lwas in a hind and between harvests" said Luke. "ltls nor uncommon for O~I)-;,.leg<11 medtcal rnarUuana communuy of careglvers to help each other out, so the patterns don', sutler further not having ihe availa~JtlLY ~ this medicine. It dld not really harm me personally, but It has museu problems to Some of my patients, One even had to Bl'I:l£,t1I~ madjuana from an unreliable and dangerous source 011 the "street"

GiU"a.J Al<OI,lN~ YOu 303 ,2.M 9075 OpEN 7 DAYS U - 9


!mI 5; .ONeIDIi..Sl;, sun£.11 DE1IIYBI;. W ~~,(!;pNS;$a1l!!i 13;+;~rr~~

This was slmply because she . is W<Hy o~' dtspensartes and the unccnalnty or SUHe and ledcrnl laws In rhtsarca, his all ad dntonal l~["H1CCCSS2HY stressor 1'01' someone WillI au already debnnatcd condtHem.

Thank goodness nouung happened." Luke <I lso mentioned lllal hts patlent expressed (OnCI21nS about golng loa dispensary ,3iS SOf!1c rnake il a mandatory policy that you name them .3S caregiver with tho S[3iL(i.

"Ihts would meal1' 'Hi~1 T would HO longer be'.;;t~~~w be . her primary careHI~t) ~~~idl upset her further, /rnnIllet example of sl.mre ~!r IJ\~ patently mega! practl(!~,'solng on in some i.lispeTlwrioo, arkJ that 13 NOr right- Siiid Llilke. One of the pml.Jl"lmll Mlfi,~ reported that tOITIPJloot~d !.lIe initial interaction wtHI dbue~ was the fact that hlP.was $tIli waltlng For his new ta.rdI(rO!11: the state and tidal ~r~; Cl:lJ§ie&' of physician papef'l.v£lrk. $'tat~ appllcatlons, and ~!\T.rt forms in his posse~iju,

A C.D.P.H.E. Medical Marfjuena Registry spokesman reports that they are currently three months behind on processing paperwork apphcattons and re<-·· certfflcanons. admi tting that most letters received are not actually opened for sometimes over a month ·.after arriving,

'Trooper Twitty-came mon hLs day off .to sign Cll8tCidy

. . .

for rne, Eve:rything is here, it looks good, ',ttO' rnnld ttr

n:..: . t. belna : h . ld ... 1 .. k ji .• )1

?U1yuJl.lllUg.,ITPC] .' elog In t .·e '~Vl.'enc~ .q§. up, Sa)lu

Luke, "ItIs just a shame the process took :50 ~on~fand will be nice on:ce the laws ~ar.e clanfted, Patients have

. - .

it bad ~nO!1.1gh asIt i~/;

To s;lee Luke McDtnle, hi p:ersottGlitY'duTube vldso 'rdis~ cus$il1.g. his return of property. incident vts-jt: LluaVU!Y.


new year's resolution

MarlY tlruS nlaRIl N~w ~~ar'sRiI3'SolLlllrlfJs

':onW ([J s~etlljenl f~!JytJ.1fi \tVa}" s'lde 110·r even tbr:er; we~Jt5 iQm tLw Wsw ¥e~,

Re~o! L!I 1011 .. af!}. an age.d~d I file! II 1011 ,0 t, Itlaking;), cormn!Ql.I,erilihi·tl~'n:lr,,~1:l(1 ~I ~·¢t:0.( r d~a,~g:liigsqn1at:blng ;Iie~~~ lT1tu $GlII"ethi! I~ iJosH iv.e. 'I'\.:~thouSh .a Ne\'It ':lear's.Reso1utID:t11s '~"uolll!y:trIJ:I1.1i;! PlIiol' to 1l4dtilght (} 11'"Oecii;llU:Q¢r, • .31St. lfs .neveii toll ':~iJI:te'I;O"' f,(lJluhlt to" resclurien,

?lDP9 broug)l,t J?fu1:ly:~g~ 1? tb~ mr.w~men;(' ffJr jeglllliZa'lJ.iJl\ I} r fl1~d leal marl,illam: .... across the United! States and :Il:l1Y'o<artl .. tlle.legpJlzatltltl o]rruit~j usna fm' :m~'r6!i1tiCl!l trni 111m h!il"~ I:iCt'lri mi411Y '\ii(torles,. but thBW )lave a IsO",;~,en TJ1 eu:ry

, disappaintlU.e:L1U>-.

Accordin~ to theDEA Defendant S[atJSt,ld~J.:sysmm Flseat ':(ear ~or 05/0B, drug arrests made by DEA .' . ~"",,,, t' 0"'" lod "8" '3,'01 1;} "'"k·),-/;

,;:llg~nQ, . 'La .. ",. ~"" .',: .:U; .• I;,l.r""' ... l~ti.l

down therewere;

. cocalne arrests:

28' ';I.OST;Em

M<mYWill ttgt'ell: ~~tli thtsaHe.g:~d "waraga'iTjstmadlJ'tmua" was,lalJl1,bed :byRonaJ'd' Reag~ 111 19B2. Same beJl:e1Je that ri1ls ·was; treated as a Sill okesccsen re diVa'L mtl?ntlOn frt»u Ih~ ('al,Warol'!l. rlM)!}'>, HI~ .Hlggl3{llmp~rllt1g,orlt~:¢aiil~'bl tile CJ .. iIl. 111 COJTjl~:tlctJbri'wl~l~ rhe Nicaraguan Cl,)i,ritfiii;,

Eiruiih~.r D~A ~l'f1cJ~l A~ul cmer~i1I'J:'~$Ullo ill ~ncged. thai t lleCtlnttiis I.l~~d l[tHlt,!)~1I1g::1 1\1tp9ft III 'HI Sitlvijd~!"r'I~'IT~ffi~ tlnJg:i"v1:tJ~ tbe ~lll~, ~n-Pwl~'tigeuf Uit' CIA. G.m~]!~; alj;Q stated mat whElTlI-mv';:lI:1;l assign.ed to the CU:y tQ~n·ty·omc~. hf'lwas. o:l'demtl IX! L JOi [11 vest [g81~ lh~e dttlg l:rafIk.k1l:1g .operatlons. Tlte[l1 wt:!'t"c' rUl.'lhet'~ ?tJ1t;g,atlbns 'p1I\~ e b?( ~stl.liki and' ~iiit~ilisli:lftgt'f he ltl~();a11 aged lilitt. t11e DBA ,re~qliat#ti aga.ti:D.sf him fo.l' FUf$lifng rJ Ie$,~ il'l;att,ej:'!> I:!y 1<1 l:iJ:U.c:btng. Winny dj~cipUpary aCtions ~gEijnsl'

hl'rn. -

'fbts didrr'~ SUfPr.~, rnan'y PfflpJe-. fQdj!erGM·~geiJ~ J!;lhn &tocl;!.'i'Ve!J h.~,Jj,~ fort11tJgIn in (UooussiflQ .his alleged know ~.ccl~ "inl,(~ilHls to t. hectlN9. lnvolvamen rill e;>(puI'T;Ii),p;;

herUln during the Vlallitliil. 'War: liD tffl~ Un.l::Hitl S,mtt'S. '

:ill ggesm,d, J?1 o$Oli111 ions, fox" ~0S I '*00 I',~~:d~ r:~

L Have yo LU' ~'e.itle heard Wa au .k!1nW10l~~ uana is a: medidlVilf'plan[and dmi 11$.: 1:ic,fufINg q:ua 11~]!l.~ihaVc br'(fj I .da:~ um~ Ile:tI fof :~h.e 'RtiSI ·6,OO@ y'fktrs;. yes":iQ1l:J.~· I:re.oj"lillt :.dn bt;corn:~ addl.ctEd tt> marU llama. Uti tllie hatWfitlflk.~d !.j;tiotas ~v'e:fe t.O q R~l) U as alcohol, ptsscrl ptl on d'mgs.· cvec-the-coun ffir: drLl,g5' other hard-core street dnl~ SUPlli'lt! IOt;fll111(Wen:icl1fS to 1lF,l.~tnbdlrfal tll~r'yliR.r1~ !e~~\Jr"ed Ir II l}'!f~aln:fIld}', :<m~ :;;'Unpr;)t1lbt~I.<ITld ~te rnOV.l;.-'IlII'lI1t!l to 1~3V.I'! ),f~lr"f1'X.~e~1IthmaJ U.'le.l(!g.~tlJlW<L Alcoholl!l t.J:"!B,d'emon bEihlu.d mosr domEStic Vioful'!ce.ltrGldL~rlts. fi.ght:salld deaths.acrass the U!i.rod :S~OOS'i'l\<oI'Y Y~'l:P:"~Ild 1:.1116'ls l~g:aL

'2: I~.e~d ~i:J MC.GoY·$ q60k "The Po$ltit$ Df Herqttl:'C~A C0mVnilitY'iJ1~l'h,e f.ld~

[l rug Lta.d~; A. imr;!ew at' A.tu3%.Plit;:o ilt·:say;:; it:nes.t '"Thi~ ~s a ,yeO' revealIng if dilTIE ult boek to read.l[ is :8cfuphllJ'Sly and at tlmss 011"e,rv\'biel'ru.~lnglyd0mmemed, :13114 t.he

W1r~~~e: 1£ di:!ar ~ h;Jlt o UT, t run:fil),ni~ Ilj~1';~I~~tlrr tbf' CIJ\ I, law lJef.f!lJ~S:e<], tp ,lIel p '.' lj1;~rl,oa~~ Vi1?:gE ~1ll8~t p.mxy 'wa~in A:~t<l:. M~i,~,. ~)d Cefl·tij;H] l\!lIed,c-a :tiw,1J l.1;gl ~ !he ciinlg trade, AlaOll~ngl:y, AI:r.Aluedc(! ttensp~rt.\i'cl he:r01n into SalgoTl and Ctll€:r. tQ!i\'11ll!!lWa:ge:s id tnch:llel:UtUl thttlWRS. bo Ugh1 by' t,)jif, own tlUI.lp1i anti: hclpe:cl Am.eel~ln '0 Is nta!\e th i;

their drilg §If idioke." ' .

Yes they all read



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