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Cloud Computing Adoption

Ahmad, T.
Department of Management Sciences, Iqra University,
Islamabad, Pakistan

Module: 1: Introduction
Submitted to: Sir Ijaz
Submitted by: Tahir Ahmad ( 15452)

Sultan.Cloud computing also provides flexibility and adoption easiness to create an attractive platform for the companies(Low C. Cloud providing companies for example. 2010. 2010). . Platform as a service. Private clouds means using cloud services within the organization. and Navonil Mustafee. Public clouds means clouds services are shared among different companies. Technological. Amazon and Google provide cloud services such as Software as a service. Community clouds are utilized for social networking and Hybrid clouds are the combination of all types of clouds. In the last few decades innovations in information technology are introduced day by day. 2008. online Utilities and Infrastructure as a service. 2010).Cloud computing is a new way of doing business and reduce overall cost (Goolsby. 2010). Common location independent online utility on demand (Cloud) computing is a concept to perform business functions by making efficient use of technologies based on internet (Armbrust et al.. 2010). 2010). and Chen Y. Tuncay. organization itself and surroundings( Yu-Min Wang . 2011). Yi-Shun Wang and Yong-Fu Yang. The most common factors effecting on adoption of cloud computing can be easily understand by considering technology..Basic aim of the cloud computing infrastructure is to create virtualization and provide computing services as pay per use model refers to how much user use the resources pays accordingly (Yogesh K. Goscinski and Brock.Module: 1: Introduction: Rapid changes in the IT adoption trends and market conditions of the world encourage the business units to adopt various changes and innovations to increase business processes efficiency (Pan and Jang. 2010). 2010.Cloud Compting concept arises from the application software’s. system software’s and utility program integrated for information systems (Armbrust et al.

Competitive pressure and Trading partner pressure(Low C. Firm size. . which is About 10 per cent of total global consumption (Alex M. Cloud providers use large scale data centers for the maintenance of servers. Technology readiness. Hence 1.5 billion computer overall consume 90. and Chen Y. 2010). therefore many companies shares only single cloud infrastructure automatically saved energy cost. Top management support. Companies usually maintain their own server rooms and most of the time these resources remained unused for specific number of hours and huge cost incurred on cooling of large servers.Organizational and Environmental factors influencing on adoption of cloud computing are Relative advantage. Compatibility. organizational factors and green computing awareness impacts on adoption of cloud computing. Our research purpose is to highlight the technological.Green computing refers to energy efficient computing its awareness also impacts on adoption of cloud computing.000MW of electrical power. Green computing is also called environment friendly computing in which architecture and infrastructure is designed to reduce the consumption of energy and ultimately reduced the negative impacts of green house emissions. Complexity is hindering factor only and all other factors positively impacts on adoption of cloud computing. 2011). environmental. Complexity.