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Notes for an Address
UBC Board of Governors (Open)

June 2015

And while every class is special. Looking ahead. we are focused on our plans to mark the Centennial Year – starting officially on September 30th with the grand opening of this important building. I would like to thank everyone here who participated and helped to make our 2015 graduation a meaningful moment/ transition for our newly minted alumni. this year’s celebrations have been a real highlight of the year. which wrapped up Thursday and Friday in Kelowna. this one was particularly significant because it was the last class of UBC’s first 100 years. At my first May congregation as President. Barbara Miles and her team have done an impeccable job in preparing these plans – at the .2     INTRODUCTION Recognize First Nations Personal Greeting ACTIVITY REPORT/CURRENT EVENTS The past few weeks have been dominated by our annual graduation ceremonies.

I would like to recognize Linc Kesler. I would like to publicly recognize two $1 million donations UBC has received to grow the number of . One key element of our Centennial activities will be an emphasis on UBC’s commitment to collaboration with Aboriginal peoples and governments – not just where our campuses are located but around the province. It would be hard to find a better legacy for our Centennial in Vancouver. particularly in light of the important national dialogue taking place. I would also like to thank Lisa Castle and our staff at Resources and Operations who have been working to develop this project.3     same time as they are winding down one of the most successful fundraising campaigns in Canadian university history. On the agenda today is a proposal to establish a Dialogue Centre in the heart of our Vancouver campus on the history of Indian Residential Schools. In this spirit and on behalf of our entire Executive. Senior Advisor on Aboriginal issues for his ongoing leadership and guidance.

to optimize indigenous curriculum in the health sciences and to foster research into aboriginal health issues. Caroline and Rory North – will support UBC’s Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health. SLIDE 2: STRATEGY OVERVIEW STRATEGY OVERVIEW We have allocated extra time during this morning’s agenda to have a more in-depth dialogue on some of the strategic priorities we have been discussing together over the past year.UBC’s record is well worth applauding and advancing.4     aboriginal doctors. created last year to train more aboriginal health providers. dentists.and believe now more firmly than ever . nurses. Thank you to the Gordon and North families for your generosity. and the other from Rudy. the pair of gifts – one from our Chancellor Lindsay Gordon and his wife Liz. As I said in my installation speech . Patricia. Announced last week. pharmacists and other health professionals. .

inspiring and imaginative teaching for a lifetime of learning •  Creating meaningful. . SLIDE 3: PILLARS These themes support UBC’s strategic plan and focus on: •  Supporting world-leading transformative research •  Fostering effective. to lift UBC from the top 25 public institutions of higher learning in the world to the top 10.5     You will also recall that in September. vale-based international relationships •  Leveraging our academy to create deeper social. I identified five themes that will focus our efforts over the coming term that will help us build on UBC’s wellestablished foundation of success. in close working relationship with you and with others in the UBC community. cultural and economic value •  Building stronger community connections in support of a more civil and sustainable society It is my goal.

but what rankings suggest about who we are as a university: •  our excellent faculty. and energy. to reallocate resources in ways that support these broadly defined strategic priorities.the two core missions of the university. We will need a willingness to think innovatively. . focus. It will require commitment from everyone in this room and across our two campuses. the country and the world   Moving UBC into the top 10 will take time. It will require a renewed and rigorous attention to research and a deep commitment to teaching and learning . the goal is not about the rankings per se. students and staff •  our deep relationship to teaching. learning and community •   our capacity for service to the province. as well as clearly articulated metrics to chart our progress. RESEARCH EXCELLENCE And we are already having success in that direction.6     To be clear.

faculties and others in the campus community to develop strategies that will further strengthen our research capacity.  $13. A number of research outcomes have emerged from our early work. .  23. my team has been consulting broadly with Deans.7     Over the past year.3 million to support a UBC-led national genomics network. and .5 million to enhance the rare isotopes lab at the TRIUMF particle accelerator We have also been advancing our strategic priorities and 6 emerging actions are starting to take shape. One example is the strong application we submitted for the first federal funding round CFREF – and the work we are currently doing to prepare for the next round of applications due in March 2016. Another example is the fact that two of the top three awards from last month’s funding announcement from the Canada Foundation for Innovation went to UBC:$ .

.THREE: Acknowledge and reward existing excellence among faculty at UBC with the creation of distinguished professor awards. . .TWO: Recruit exceptional research faculty as distinguished professors. . .FIVE: Develop and implement a more strategic approach to international partnerships in order to better support research excellence. People are at the heart of research excellence and so we are designing a program to facilitate strategic external hiring.FOUR: Develop a proactive graduate recruitment strategy that focuses on top graduate students from around the world.8     They are: SLIDE 4: STRATEGIC ACTIONS .ONE: Identify and deepen areas of research strength be they existing areas of prominence or emerging areas where our support of cross-faculty or cross-campus collaborations can facilitate the growth of new research strength for the future.

patience and unwavering commitment to doing what is best for UBC has been inspiring. we are acting on two areas of Experiential Learning and Career Preparation. retain and support excellent faculty. skill and dedication they have demonstrated in managing these files – and others . education. spousal hiring and day care. As a new President their thoughtfulness.SIX: Establish an Associate Provost Faculty position to help recruit. As a powerful research university we offer our students an exceptional. Louise will focus today on essential non-curricular student initiatives that support personal and . and inspiring.9     . Provost pro tem Anji Redish and their teams for the leadership. Vice President Louise Cowin will be returning in the fall to speak with you about these issues. To this end. TEACHING AND LEARNING Teaching and Learning is the second pillar that UBC is built on. I would like to recognize our VP Research John Hepburn. Provost David Farrar. This includes attention to housing needs.over the past year.

. These initiatives help us create successful undergraduate and graduate students at UBC who continue that success as they move into the world. Thank you. These are just a few of the ideas we have been working on over the past year that we believe are key to building excellence. SLIDE 5: STUDENTS Louise will speak to: Campus Safety The First Year Experience Mental Health and Wellbeing Varsity Louise and her team have shown significant leadership on these vital files. please welcome Louise.10     professional development for students. -30SUMMARY AND QUESTIONS Thank you Louise. So without further delay.

-30- . questions. is being developed in consultation with a wide variety of UBC stakeholders. of which today’s discussions are one part. We look forward to your comments. and suggestions about any aspect of what we have spoken to today. The larger plan. and about how to jointly help us move forward.11     I strongly believe that making UBC better depends on all of us working together.