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There is no way I can begin my second volume
of the trilogy “MICROSOFT – the Guardian Angel”
without firstly focusing on one of the most serious
allegations in my first book, issued in June, an
allegation that was also printed on cover IV of the
volume. I quote accurately:
As a result of five years of reporter
investigations, I have the feeling that the IT giant was
imposed on the market using heavy political police
instruments. Even if no blame can be brought – for
now – on Bill Gates’ company, the mega-business
has only one beneficiary:
Consequently we will have to shed some light
on my legitimate interest in this trilogy. I have also
taken to make the case public to meet the directions
and recommendations of the European Union, which
call for such situations be made public, throughout
the entire community territory, precisely for a broader
acknowledgement of the criminal phenomenon and
of high level corruption. In other words, to quote
Monica Macovei a Romanian EP: “let’s not pretend
we’re unaware” of what this is about and how we
should go about the generalized corruption in
Romania. This is because Europe considers
software and IT&C development as a strategic field,

and is internationally known. yet more fight communist dogma. Likewise. the ECIS Report speaks about hundreds. and other wheeling and dealing that are just as illegal. notions that are assimilated to political police and to terrorism in general. and despite our legitimate interest. accompanied by the English version. dogmatic level. in order to eliminate competing companies on the IT&C market. Consequently I am looking forward to find out from this institution handling European Funds if we are dealing with a “non-case” as per the leadership of OLAF in 2005. the previous Direction V of the Securitate in Romania. If we should add that Bill Gates had allegedly been accused by White House officials that he was not a hero. He would not support. things begin to take a frightful shape. maybe even thousands of cases where Microsoft has employed anticompetitive practices. “uncertain” and “action needed” (see Appendix 1). Nevertheless. readers might question the connection between MICROSOFT and Military Unit 0666. 0666. but a high-tech terrorist.UM 0666 9 categories as “ok”. so that the old continent should be in the position to enter an equal competition with the USA. mutually agreed by the two parties. as we had already sent the book and its translation to every body. It is to be noted that the first book of the trilogy has been sent to all European Commissioners. This proved to be superfluous. 0666. At first I intended the second volume of the trilogy “MICROSOFT – the Guardian Angel” to be entitled OLAF. or a real case as they have stated later on. so that we had to continue with the volume U. I will explain the definition of “hostile” during the late regime. . on legal grounds.8 MICROSOFT of major importance for innovations in information technology. Before emphasizing the similarity between MICROSOFT and M. relevant information has not reached us yet. both overt and classified.M. Two were given to the Competition Commissioner and three to the heads of OLAF. the European Committee for Interoperable Systems is one of the most prestigious professional organizations in the filed. The state had set up institutional instruments against these elements. MICROSOFT both the Report in question and the ECIS as an integrated part of the litigation. if we could have secured information from this community body. * It is well known throughout the world that the MICROSOFT Corporation giant sets up policies that trigger fear. uncertainty and doubt. Unfortunately.U. ECIS. It is so prestigious that the First Instance Court in Luxemburg has admitted in the trial Europe vs. It is known as well that they target journalists that they label on black lists in three THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . including the heads of OLAF. only five commissioners have sent us a reply and said they had forwarded the request for information to those in charge. a symbol of the criminal way of the communist regime to “deal” with persons “hostile” to the regime. At reading the title of the book. meant to eliminate all guises of ideological competition. It is the precise individual who takes to fight the system on an ideological.

10 MICROSOFT In the rule of law – allegedly – in a democratic and multi-party state. which is based on new strategies. This is a complexity that crosses the Atlantic. Of course. I was to find out later. Monica Macovei.UM 0666 11 In 2005. created by OMNIS GROUP after efforts and investments of over ten years. and is replaced by an economic competition. due to the way in which instruments and means of political police are put to use by the IT giant in promoting its own economic interests. and finds it as extremely complex on the European scene. there is no political competition between the individual and the state. yet not their purpose. American authorities . it didn’t even cross my mind that that there could be an involvement by MICROSOFT Corporation and even less so of UM 0666 – Direction V of the Securitate. To penetrate the IT&C Romanian market. to which I will refer extensively hereafter. more than once associated with the former Securitate. And that MICROSOFT is involved in draining a highly successful software application. with amazement. intellectual piracy. by means of political police. MICROSOFT had to rely on high officials. This partnership costs us a lot of money. when I published the first press article on intellectual piracy in question. Yet with respect to the new Securitate oligarchy. where the MICROSOFT Corporation is highly involved. within a so-called strategic partnership. I must admit a reservation. If in the past they annihilated political “hostiles” of the system. reaching the USA. At the end of last month (28 of June 2010). I am not afraid of being blacklisted by the IT giant. Just like the former Minister of Justice. I cannot support the assumption that MICROSOFT would go up to physically eliminating its opponents. in the early ‘80s. SC ROMANIAN SOFT COMPANY). many of them top members of the Securitate or descendants thereof. is nothing but a representative case study. when she tried to reform the system she was leading. a company that has been associated with the Romanian state since 2004. that the owner of OMNIS GROUP had been “operatively handled” before by the hideous communist structure. And even more so when she closely avoided being blown up in her own house. a modus operandi. and brings the Americans a substantial profit. even more so as they have found a doorway for a mechanism for accessing European funds. being associated with the Romanian State. I can assume that there are persons to commit the assassination. Last Minute We hear from qualified sources that OLAF (the European Office for Combating Fraud in Brussels) is intensively investigating the case which happens to be the subject of the trilogy “MICROSOFT – the Guardian Angel”. Today I am an investigation media freelancer and writer. Networks such as in the case of Cătălin Voicu and Mihai Caraman. two days after his American visa had expired. THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . Registered methods of the past were kept up. The benchmark of this book (SC OMNIS GROUP SRL vs. after which she found herself destitute. as Bill Gates’ men could not lay me off. But. they have now passed to annihilating those who could infringe the economic interests of MICROSOFT.

For a better understanding of implications. In other words. the consumer should no longer be a captive user of the company. who was eventually permitted to leave to Moscow. The Committee sees that all systems cofunction. regarding the “anticompetitive behavior and prejudice of the consumer” practiced by the company. called “Neobit”. to the attention of Governments and other partners – who could think of associating with MICROSOFT. once in the MICROSOFT instruments. ECIS is a 1989 established NGO. just as “Word” is compatible with “Windows”. with an emphasis on “the preliminary point of view of the Commission . but not with Macintosh. According to “Washington Post”. He was an employee of the IT giant as a software tester and is believed to have been in touch with the 11 Russian spies extradited to Russia. had previously worked in a ghostcompany in our country. we quote from the ECIS report: On January 15th 2009. Unix or others. could they have admitted the connections with a character suspected to be a Russian spy in the USA? CHAPTER I Illegal Practices by the MICROSOFT Giant On March 31st 2009. within an exchange for 4 American spies extradited to the USA. It is interesting that the 23 years old man. “Excel” and all MICROSOFT software. which pleas for a favorable environment for promoting IT&C interoperable solutions and is represented by a number of professionals in law and information technology. established in 2003 and specializing in Software. representatives of “Neobit” with headquarters in Bucharest denied that Aleksei Karetnikov had been their employee. with references to other thousands. headquarters of the MICROSOFT Corporation). ECIS set up a report of several tens of pages. unofficially accusing him for espionage for Russia.12 MICROSOFT detained Alexei Karetnikov near Seattle (to be precise in Redmond. the European Commission released a new Statement of objections addressed to MICROSOFT. I wonder: if he were.

Commissioner of the Digital Agenda. The Red Plague of the East Tormented by fate and by our stronger neighbors. these amounts have been a small price for such an important source of revenue. it has repeatedly made market allocation proposals to its competitors and has used a range of other anticompetition and non-legal tactics for eliminating potential rivals. MICROSOFT has set up and expanded entrance barriers for competing firms. One of the most relevant voices in Europe. largely from the sale of “Windows” and “Office”.UM 0666 15 “middleware” threats. In the previous term she did not deny the fact that certain persons in the American Government have made pressures on her. as well as methods of INTENTIONAL DECEPTION.14 MICROSOFT providing that the joint sale of Internet Explorer browsers and “Windows” operation systems infringe the provisions of the EC Treaty regarding the abuse of dominant position (Art. The recent Statement of objections of the European Commission validates the actual and urgent need to address MICROSOFT practices that affect freedom of the Internet. standing vice-president of the European Commission. such as the NESCAPE browser. at the end of several years of court trials. I said I didn’t intend to…the intervention was no longer made”. we Romanians have had to face the . is the previous anti-trust Commissioner Neelie Kroes. You can find more information on accusations against MICROSOFT in the ECIS Report in Appendix 2. the options of the consumer and competition in general. regarding the vast IT&C and competition field. “The US Government has directly tried to influence the Competition Commissioner of the EU in favor of MICROSOFT. with a profit margin of 65 – 77% for these two monopoly products. Even though MICROSOFT has paid over the years many hundreds of millions of dollars in misinterpretations regarding anti-trust laws. MICROSOFT has engaged in a well-planned and successful campaign to protect and expand the MICROSOFT monopoly. where we publish a conclusions summary. to lessen critical statements and sanctions to MICROSOFT. in order to protect these monopolies. The Report goes on: Over two decades. Over the years. MICROSOFT has banned THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . Microsoft generates profits of over 60 billion USD per year. 82) and distorts a real competition between competing web-browsers”. Just as well. the largest fine paid to the EU amounts to approx one billion Euros. The Pre-pronounced reaction of Bill Gates: This anti-trust campaign will fall into oblivion. We have in no way altered the practices of our company. including aggressive and monopoly tactics in creating their products. It suffice to say that in balance with the tens of billions of USD yearly profit of MICROSOFT.



Russian red plague. Thereafter, we established our
own communism, despite the fact that many had
opposed this totalitarian doctrine. And even more
had shut up for fear. We know how that was, as we
had lived it ourselves. Westerners also claim they
know it, but in reality they don’t have a clue. And we
support this allegation by the following example,
which is as real as it gets.
Before the great crowd of December 1989,
many Westerners were wondering that Romanians
swear so much at the party and the state leader, the
institutions and mainly at the Securitate. “They were
asking “if you don’t love Ceausescu why vote for
him”” And this is all that can be said about the
Westerners perception on our tormented modern
and contemporary history.
The NATO and the EU have admitted our
country to their structures, and have thus legitimized
a state system they cannot understand, no matter
how much information they believe they have. The
Delegate Jonathan Scheele, who had been present
in Romania for five years, could not help either. He
came to our country in October 2001, as the third
Chief of the European Delegation to Bucharest, with
the aim of helping the would-be accession of
Romania to the EU. Meanwhile he became the top
leader of the Delegation. Everybody expected that
the official, who had learnt our language, the
customs, tradition, culture, history and who knows
what else, should know us by heart. Yet things had
not been like that.
In the spring of 2004, the Head of the
Delegation admitted that “Romania is a country that,
the more you get to know, the less you understand”.



Later, in the summer, as he had understood
that whatever he had spoken was not beneficial for
his experience in the land of Miorita, he tried to
rephrase it and said: “I believe that what I have said
is not what I meant. I should have said that while I
get to know Romania better, I also understand how
complicated and hard to understand it is for a
bureaucratic institution like the European Union”.
Many political analysts, including Emil
Hurezeanu (former editor at “Radio Free Europe”
1983 – 1994) believes that the instruments of the
cold war persist even today. What they don’t realize
or don’t dare to say is that the instruments of
communist block countries are no longer used the
way they were in the past. The target is no longer the
West in an overt manner, but in a subdued one,
indirectly. The target of those using these
instruments are European funds, embezzled to fill
the pockets of the oligarchy of the Securitate, of
elements of secret structures and mafia-type
networks set up after December 1989. The stake is
of hundreds of millions of Euros, if not billions,
A High-Tech terrorist
MICROSOFT and the Government of Romania in
2004 has raised a great confusion on the IT&C
market. This was because Bill Gates’ giant had just
been summoned by Europe to a one billion Euros
fine for anti-competitive practices. Later on, as
Discovery Channel had just broadcast the
documentary “The True Story of Internet Browser
Wars”, where the producer John Helleman launched



an explosive disclosure from inside the White House:
that MICROSOFT Corporation was an enemy of the
US Government, and Bill Gates was not a hero, but
a high-tech terrorist, in conflict with the whole of
Under these circumstances we may say (and
this is what we will try to prove along the second
volume of the trilogy “MICROSOFT – the Guardian
Angel”) that the relevant company had associated
with the Securitate oligarchy that has been active in
Romania for over 65 years. We will consequently
see that there are frightful similarities between the
way of marketing MICROSOFT IT products and the
practices of the former Securitate.
What Kind of Stability Are We Talking
In January 1990 I was a young post-revolution
journalist at the daily “Dreptatea” and I was received,
alongside several colleagues, by an advisor at the
US Embassy. We sat and talked and at a certain
point our host said that the US Government was very
pleased that there was stability in Romania. “How
so?” we wondered knowing that Iliescu’s communists
had taken over power by the scam called National
Salvation Front. And the to-be threefold President of
Romania was then promising on the holy hammer
and sickle that it would never run as a party. But it
“Well, there is stability as long as second rank
members of communist structures have taken over
power and want a change”, he explained. We looked
at each others stunned. Afterwards we chuckled, as
we were convinced that the low ranking official did



not know what he was talking about. Later on we
were to realize that he had been right, unfortunately.
We were not beholder of the truth, he was. We were
wrong and he was right, oh so right.
We were to learn from the press that in 1989
George Bush Sr. had telephoned the Communist
General Wojciech Jaruzelski (the dire enemy of the
Solidarity) asking him to run in the elections in the
name of the same stability.
Hence we see that Americans needed and
perhaps still need controllable politicians in remote
locations – in the name of a certain type of
democracy - , since they were courting communist
activists. Just as well, President Bush Jr. also invited
us in 2004 to build a bridge for the new Russia, but
later on “forgot” his fatherly appeal addressed to the
Romanian people.
As far as I am concerned (a notice to those who
could claim I have Securitate penchants) things look
extremely clear. I had not been a journalist before; I
had worked eleven years in the Airplane Factory in
Bucharest. I joined the press in December 1989 and
I published my first articles on February 6th in the
daily “Dreptatea”. I did not get rich; I have modestly
lived in an attic bought from a loan. I drive a
Romanian car, whenever I can afford gas. This is
one of the clearest proofs that I did not grasp
material benefits from the new Securitate oligarchy,
in exchange for selling my soul.
I felt I had to make this comment, as several
guys on blogs were implying that I probably work for
a certain secret service, after the launch of the first
volume of the trilogy “MICROSOFT - the Guardian



So to speak, my labor in the service of the verb
and of the truth has brought me only spiritual
satisfaction and in no way a material one. I am a
poor citizen, but an honest one, as per a well-known
contemporary politician, you will know better…
Nevertheless there is a similarity between me and
certain politicians, “old and new” Securitate members
and opportunists of democracy. We all work or have
worked with the verb. I have done it in the name of
truth, others in a demagogic manner, to alter the
truth, and the last for a slice of cake, through
blackmail, intimidation, lie, threat and others. Yet
between me and them there is the difference
between a jeweler and a hammer smith. They both
work on metal, yet the metals differ, so does the

The Vlădescu Conspiracy
I will continue disclosing the way in which the
Romanian State and a group of interests around the
Minister of Finances, Sebastian Teodor Gheorghe
Vlădescu , have tried to exclude the company
OMNIS GROUP SRL from the IT market and destroy
its owner financially, psychologically and physically,
under the umbrella and the direct involvement of the
MICROSOFT Corporation. To what purpose? The
commercial company with a lock, stock and barrel
Romanian capital, with the sole aim to create and
develop domestic software, has dared to achieve the
best ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) product in
Europe. Moreover, they have not entered a contract
with the Romanian state, not because they would not
win a tender in the field, but because they haven’t
been part of the corrupt system. In other words,
whenever they would win a tender, it was cancelled
on the spot for lack of funding for the program. This
did not stop Romanian authorities to organize
another tender, one or two month later, to the benefit
of a company that was compliant and was part of the
system. OMNIS GROUP has not taken to associate
with a Government hot shot of the time, with a former
Securitate member or a present day head of one of

Minister of Death) summons all hospitals under his umbrella to purchase HIPOCRATE is of interest indeed. is of lesser relevance. THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . etc. Călin Popescu Tăriceanu. Agrippa Ionescu” and to the Ministry of Interior hospital. Episode 3 OMNIS GROUP representatives find out that approx. and one year later it wins yet another prize in Paris for the most efficient use of standard technologies (open) over the Internet. commercial companies and even by the Defense Ministry. 5.k. the company secures European funding amounting to 50. city halls. ensures a transparency of data within an entity and facilitates access to all types of useful information of the procedure. With only one employee – with no experience in computers whatsoever. even though they had been proposed to do so repeatedly. a city hall. two OMNIS employees are selected form college and initiated into IT secrets by RSC SRL and shortly after. This has ensured a notoriousness needed for the purchase of the product by further hospitals. a hotel or a factory into a unique platform. It is in 2001 that the ISIS net software wins the prize of the best ERP product in Europe. The ERP. salaries (the calculation thereof and staff information management). according to the communist principle “he who is not with us. just like a magician who performs the hat trick. set up by numerous programmers over ten years of efforts and investments. a ministry. The field of applicability are: production (planning and its dynamic). prognoses). an agency. CRM (client relations management).22 MICROSOFT the secret services. immobility (a record of assets and calculation of refund). the fact that during Liberal governance Health Minister Eugen Nicolaescu (a. payments and incomes). Out of the blue. The fact that at the time Minister Vlădescu was an associate of the to-be Prime Minister of Romania.UM 0666 23 Episode 2 The company SC (Commercial Company) ROMANIAN SOFT COMPANY (RSC) SRL is established in 2001. suppliers. To be clear and in brief. administration (evidence of stocks. be it a hospital. for the establishment for three new software programs. within the competition “Microsoft EMEA RAD Awards”. “Prof. analyses. “Prof. or Minister of Finances.000 Euros. One application is known as HIPOCRATE and is donated to Secret Service hospital (SRI – Romanian Information Service).000 code-lines which are indispensable for running the ISIS net application are to be found in . But. Vlădescu’s company launches three new applications on the market. according to his own statements. with Sebastian Vlădescu as a significant partner. This was before MICROSOFT became the “strategic” partner of Voicu and Vlădescu. an always present advisor. accountancy (financial accounting record). is against us”.a. BI (reports. which facilitates the integration of all information within an organization. this is the series of events: Episode 1 A Romanian IT company develops creativity and sets up the best software instrument. Dimitrie Gerota”. This is where it all started.

Firstly. This is when the owner of the company starts to be confronted with unbelievable situations. in a complicated string of events. according to the RSC SRL website. yet less performing. He is subject of two setups (even though the reader will find it difficult to believe): he is stolen a house legally purchased from the previous owner. among whom. or in other cost-free programs on the Internet. If it had been . recently involved in corruption.UM 0666 25 and part of the mafia-type network of Cătălin Voicu – arrested and trialed by the National Anticorruption Department) reach the conclusion that RCS did not steal anything. the same wording and spelling mistakes. for 1. bearing the fingerprint of the programmer and his spelling mistakes. MICROSOFT Corporation was not developing such a technology and was not selling similar applications in Romania or throughout the world. In other words. as ISIS net is to be found in the Navison 3.60 of MICROSOFT. and is framed to be the thief and not the damaged party. letter for letter.4 billion USD.000 code-lines with the same programming language. The IT giant was to purchase a Danish company shortly after. technical director Ionut Lopatan. Episode 4 OMNIS furthers a claim for theft of intellectual property to all relevant state institutions. And what is the location for such a setup? It is the very headquarters of the General Police Inspectorate in Romania He is furthermore warned by high officers (the Director of Judicial Investigation. isn’t it? Episode 6 After several years of journalist investigation. which were not seen by criminal investigation bodies and by the law. Meanwhile he is at his turn sued for an alleged slander. mainly the Navison application and it is therefore that they reached the same result. at the time when the ISIS net application had been registered with ORDA and was granted the award for the best ERP product in Europe. Lopatan claims that RSC and OMNIS have indeed used the same MICROSOFT technology. but not least Judge Viorica Costiniu (wife of Judge Florin Costiniu. who become an expert with RSC SRL. This included the Navison application that was somewhat similar to ISIS net. even for communist times. These code-lines had long been registered at the Romanian Copyright Office. Despite the fact that the pirated code-lines had been illegally become an RSC property. or that have been overlooked for self-explanatory reasons. we have come to completely different conclusions. And who has the last say in this absurd conclusion. And when we say the same result we mean approx. Police Investigator (Florin Minca). This is hard to believe. he is accused by RSC that he was envying the so-called success of the latter. Victor Nesterov) that it would be advisable for his family (wife and two children) to live abroad for a while. It is notorious people in the MICROSOFT leadership. THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . on the payroll of Sebastian Vlădescu’s company. 5.24 MICROSOFT HIPOCRATE. as in Romania they could be in jeopardy. word for word. Episode 5 The owner of OMNIS GROUP attempts for over five years to prove through specialized expertise and official documents that the pirated product belongs to him. Case Prosecutor (the controversial Nicoleta Bulgaru) and last.

it would have participated in the 2001 MICROSOFT contest. coming from the county of Arges. just like the hideous communist assassin. they started claiming that ISIS net was copied from Navision and other ERP programs. Minister of Communications.the Guardian Angel”. Yet this did not happen. including blackmail of high officials. The secret structure had permission to monitor and operationally put to use all gathered information. magistrates and businesspeople. . then to eliminate a credible and uncomfortable competitor on the IT&C market. most of high ranking Securitate officers were co-opted into the Romanian army and the new democratic structures. based on the prerogative of being a referee of the IT field by the Romanian State. and commercializes it on channels opened with the goodness of heart of the Romanian State. while the two parties were holding contractual relations. for a future fruitful cooperation.UM 0666 27 spinning a gun around his finger – how justice should be made in Romania and how to obey. to allow them to promote the Danish product acquired and to control the Romanian market. Officer Cătălin Voicu (present senator.The Năstase Cabinet establishes the Group for Promoting Information Technology. 2001 (February 22nd). 1990 – Delegated by Ion Iliescu. which they weren’t developed at the time. 1998 – This is the year when the bases of the National Interforce Unit were secretly established. as explained above. It is noticeable that even today nobody can confirm or deny if the GOC is still operational. from 2004 to 2013. Later on. It was a controversial strategic partnership. to set up due diligence for a future cooperation with the Romanian State. Since that year. * I will further on present the reader several sequential and specific guidelines that I will elaborate on over the second volume of the trilogy “MICROSOFT . Even more so. with Adrian Năstase as Prime Minister and Dan Nica. Having said that. MICROSOFT introduces Navision on the Romanian market. under the coordination of General Nicolae Berechet. from which emerges the GOC (Central Operative Group). we can only say that the MICROSOFT machine had no other purpose.26 MICROSOFT just as competitive. and would have competed with the OMINS GROUP SRL product. Securitate General Nicolae PleşiŃă and the “Butcher in the Home Ministry” Securitate Colonel Gheorghe Enoiu. 2001 (March 27th) – three Romanian state representatives take a trip to Seattle (Redmond). in preventive arrest for corruption) was explaining to magistrates – while THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . to the MICROSOFT Headquarters. This was when we can say that MICROSOFT got associated with organized crime in Romania. 2001 (May 22) – MICROSOFT hands the Romanian Government in Bucharest a letter of intent. and that is OMNIS.

or by the army or were ending under the bayonets or the boots of their own people. for an amount of several of tens of million USD. It is secret services.28 MICROSOFT 2003 (September 17th) – Establishment of an agreement for the conclusion of a Strategic Partnership between MICROSOFT and the Adrian Năstase Government (Minister of Communications. And whenever there was an interest they were committing assassinations in cold blood. Dan Nica). sometimes blackmailing them to their own benefit. CHAPTER III Old and New Securitate Members Schooled and brainwashed in communist party schools. there were more than once moments when communist leaders were arrested by the crowd. Appendixes to the Contract increase the amount to 110 million USD and a mock tender extends its duration from 2009 to 2013. they could control and influence the destinies of their country in the shade. while letting politicians kill each other. Thus. After October 25th 1917. It was with such a “doctrine” that Russian spies got to Romanian politicians. The conclusion reached by people in secret services was that: POWER IS SHORT-LIVED. who were monitoring politicians. from 2004 to 2009. at the slightest suspicion. also a source of Soviet spies in our country. supported them. while enjoying all privileges of the time.Signature in Rome of the Government Security Program – GSP. This made them take over second rank power. 2003 (October 30th) . Russian spies of last century had an extensive knowledge of their homeland history. while monitoring them from a distance and quite . where MICROSOFT is appointed sole referee on the Romanian IT&C market. and allowed them access to the highest ranks of power. 2004 (April 15th) – The Government of Romania and MICROSOFT conclude Contract 0115RO. or subsequent to wellorchestrated slander.

even of assassinations. As they were only a handful. the most luxurious car and largest bank accounts? Who is the hot shot that sends his children to study abroad. while even those in disgrace are still remembered. Why would they be interested if people were well-off or not. I don’t want the reader to believe that after 1944 it was Russian spies and Securitate who lead this country. If Ion Iliescu is in power. Goncearuk. as each group tries to secure more resources. We could play him as we pleased. It is sad for the Romanian people that they won’t get rid of Securitate any time soon. This is how characters like PleşiŃă. Securitate members only had to observe a set of rules. all is well. but in the shade. In a private meeting near Curtea de Arges. as long Moscow was not sending complaints regarding politics and communist party issues?! They were in good health and happy.UM 0666 31 secret services. Draghici. It is noticeable that even inside this mafia there are bruises. as long as instructions were coming from Moscow. be compliant with top decisions and act only if ordered. and many others emerged. They have all lent a hand to setting up the frightful Securitate. things were following their course. And this is why they protect each others. the scariest and most horrible repression instrument for the Romanian people. It was also impossible for them to make mistakes and not to place the bet on the winner horse. They know that a chain cannot resist if one link is broken. Even nowadays Romania is not lead by Securitate or by THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . Things were the same with Emil Constantinescu. as long as they were part of a mob with exponents above the law. Moses took his people through the desert for 40 years. who have now taken the shape and guise of important secret service agents. after the flight from Egypt. They were not really interested in politics. Putting together files that are so much needed (maybe even more so than before 1989) in political feuds. Perhaps even directed ones. The Securitate members of his liking will prosper. former General PleşiŃă said to the close crowd beside him “Ceausescu was a fool. which tend to have a certain sense of fun. Vlad. those of the pack and of third parties outside our borders. And now it seems to be the same old story. For the rest. and material advantages to their expectations. and spends his vacations in exotic countries at all inclusive and for free? Meanwhile. per se. I don’t want to be misunderstood. after the USA and the UK. not to talk if not asked to. This is how our country has the most numerous secret services in the world. Yet these are only on an economic level. All in all it still is Securitate that is in power. Who is the hot shot with the nicest villa. There might be a syncope once in a while.30 MICROSOFT capable to get to their necks at all times. Enoiu. It is only influenced to meet interests of the Securitate. to cover the immense quietness within the system. like brothers do. they co-opted Romanians capable of anything. Postelnicu. irrespective who is leading the country politically. This is a conclusion in the history of mankind. “old and new” Securitate members deal with what they know best. In other words. but he was our fool. in order to let one . we are talking about the puppeteers of the communist system who had in essence only served their own interests. throwing memos at him and influencing his decisions”.

Or as long as they are not really interested. Twenty years and more after the crowd in December 1989. which was turned later on into the Romanian Gendarmerie. in the happy circumstance that former and present Securitate members should reorganize into another national conspiracy. IT and foreign languages. Yet their methods such as blackmail. diabolic and efficient. It is for them that the Commandment for Gendarme Troops was established. Securitate members have started reading books. They have all continued to serve the same two major interests: protecting and manipulating party and state big shots and increasing their fortunes. buildings. intimidation. as long as they do not have a deep understanding of what we have to face. . fabrication of evidence. after so many postDecember disillusions that have annihilated their hopes. Only a few Securitate members resigned from all activities. there were still senior Securitate members unemployed. many officers allegedly specialized and became indispensable in counter information. they became overnight members of the above institution with large salaries and privileges like before. The New Oligarchy After the seventies. It is even less interested in landing us a hand. Even more so as Europe considers us freaks. and is too little interested in the problems we are really confronted with. Each of them more or less specialized in certain fields. industry. special hard currency funds. They were caught in this state by the December ’89 crowd.UM 0666 33 merely technological input. inhuman. but it was obvious to everyone that things could not have remained like that. socialist state-owned companies. diversion. representatives of financial interest groups within the same system. Others became business people. Nevertheless they put together scenarios for taking over the economy. Others were co-opted from these fields of activity as informers or undercover officers. Securitate apparatus were transferred under the control of the army. the moral revolution of the society has become an illusion nobody believes in any longer. which was legalized on March 26th 1990. But since only a handful of them stayed in the army. People have resigned. phone tapping of all kinds and all other Securitate practices have remained unaltered. to overtake their semi-illiterate teachers and not to make fools of themselves in their relations with civilians and institutions abroad. Consequently. They had supposedly foreseen the event in due course and they did not take action to cut it short. with a THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . if this is still possible. economics. Initially. In Romania we need even more time. under the leadership of Virgil Magureanu. They were supported in getting rich by former colleagues with other state institutions and in the leading political party positions. A part of the high officers and their aids set the bases of the Romanian Information System. much more atrocious. lands and other assets and liabilities that belonged to the entire people. including tourism. This is why I am convinced that nothing relevant will change in this country in the following 30 years. beating and torture.32 MICROSOFT generation die out and not get to the Holy Land with a mentality of slaves.

and in 2003 they reported a debt of 460. by reviewing all shadow characters in this story. county of Giurgiu. raised and educated by the latter.413. a liberal. who had also admitted to that. Before.000 old Lei. an economist and former Minister of Health between 2005 and 2008.a. 14.000 USD. Just like Sebastian Vlădescu he is an alumnus of the Academy for Economic Studies. Lazarescu started fully cooperating with the Securitate. After years of imprisonment for being a PNL member (National Liberal Party). in his unequal fight with a corrupt system. respectively. but he was not recognized as father. as they stopped all data input in this regard. THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . when he was Eugen Nicolaescu Was born in Grădiştea. In order to explain the honored reader who the owner of SC OMNIS GROUP SRL had to deal with.UM 0666 35 invested as the Prime Minister of Romania (December 2004). After 2004 there was no further information on the business of Tăriceanu and the Minister of Finances Vlădescu. Between 2000 and 2002. The same year the company secured a turnover of 9. that he strangely enough omitted to mention in his wealth statement. directly or indirectly. during and after school he works at the Hotel and Restaurant Complex “Athenee Palace” within the Tourism Company for Hotels and Restaurants as a commodities officer and an economist. Călin Popescu Tăriceanu He was the adopted son of Liberal Dan Amedeo Lazarescu.34 MICROSOFT The Network of Descendants Continuators of the Late Regime and At this point.k. Later on he becomes an analyst and economist at the IT Centre for technical-material procurement at the Industrial Headquarters for Special Equipment at the Ministry of Industries and Resources. Tăriceanu was the business partner of Sebastian Vlădescu in at least two companies. I believe it is time to return to the main subject of the “MICROSOFT – A Guardian Angel” trilogy.454. . the company owned by the tandem Tăriceanu – Vlădescu ceased to submit their accounting balance to the Ministry of Finances. “Minister of Death”. by justifying that from the money earned from the Securitate he was helping the families of his liberal colleagues. after his release (just like his senior colleague – Mircea Ionescu Quintus). He found his own circumstances for being an informer. whenever interests call for that. a.000 USD) from trade of medical supplies. with the Securitate oligarchy with a legal system that accredits and arguments without a blink that white is black and black is white. while sealing their sentence to hard labor.153. 597. graduating in 1982 long distance courses (Notice: General Nicolae PleşiŃă has headed the Securitate School in Grădiştea form 1982 to 1989).000 old Lei (approx. only like the mother’s husband. One of these two companies “Leader HighTech SRL” was established in 1999.

Nicolaescu undergoes a metamorphosis to become an active liberal. “In May 2008. Nicolaescu also was an employee of the weapon trafficker Shimon Naor (alias Simen Herskovici). who were later on sued for corruption and sentenced to 3 – 5 years of imprisonment. 3. and is appointed Deputy Secretary General at the Ministry of Public Finances (1999 – 2000) and interim president of CNVM (National Liabilities Commission – 1 – 7 July 2000). 2. Wine Club. Boss Construction and Consultancy. 7. He is employed at first as an economist for the recovery of credits at the Mill for Special Steal in Targoviste (Detail: General Nicolae PleşiŃă has run the Securitate School in Grădiştea between 1982 and 1989). Sebastian Teodor Gheorghe Vlădescu He is a graduate of the Romanian Academy for Economic Studies (ASE). 4. According to Wikipedia.UM 0666 37 execution of a sentence of 11 years of imprisonment and was recently arrested in France. and becomes an economic director (1994 – 1997) and even Director General (1997 – 1999). Shimon Naor has been set free by several Romanian judges at the Romanian Court of Appeal. initially importing pickles from Bulgaria. or even an undercover officer. prosecutors of the National Anticorruption Directorate have started a penal investigation against Eugen Nicolaescu and Deputy Cristian Boureanu. Team Delta . trinkets. At the same time he is charged with program implementation for investments and acquisitions. PVB Euroconsulting. or selling newspapers. The two were accused that in the year 2000. with a van. while they were members of the General Assembly of Stockholders of the Romanian Lottery. class of 1983. Leather High-Tech. After 1989 he joins the private sector. EOL Renewable Energy. if they were not undercover officers thereof. Ecologic Allpro.36 MICROSOFT From 1990 he works at RA RATMIL (Autonomous Regie for Military Technique) at the Ministry of Resources and industry. Boss Exim Trading Group. 6. After that. Later on we find him a stockholder. and had permanently been under the control of the Securitate. they approved an Additional Act to a Contract between the Lottery and the Greek company Intracom. all employees had been controlled by this political police service. This was a position that could have been taken only by an active cooperator of the Securitate. It is known that this company had been established during Ceausescu’s time for ensuring armament export to Africa and the Middle East. shorts and coffee makers in the University Square in Bucharest. paid by the IRVMR (Enterprise for the Recuperation and Valuing of Recycled Metals that functioned under the control of Bucharest Securitate). 5. You will find further information about the “partnership” of the two in Appendix 3. Vice-President of the PD-L (who had deserted from the PNL). 8. which prejudiced the Romanian company for more than 120 million Euros”. They were charged for abuse against public interests. associate or director with the following companies: 1. who had been in international pursuit since 2006 by Romanian authorities for the THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . And even more so.

VKT Environment. as a responsible of the Financial Compartment. Climate Change. microbiology. Altipo Construct. Lord Expert Consult. Polimed Medical Center. Tipo Trading. but that this could not go on any longer. Aqua Fin Consulting. The Special Guard and Protection Service (SPP) and STS. The moral profile of this character. The Romanian Secret Services (SRI). Polimed and ROMANIAN SOFT COMPANY. he migrated to the PD-L. Clean UP. Hemat Rom. Carmen Vlădescu was found not guilty in a car accident. 23. Sebastian Vlădescu was the marriage godfather of his liberal colleague. we can move to another country with no VAT. 15. Topanel. 11. the party of President Traian Băsescu. It is good to know that nobody could get to such offices (see the post-December ascension of Eugen Nicolaescu at the RATMIL) without being especially schooled by this instrument for oppressing the Romanian people and without exactly following orders and tasks at that level. after which he failed to pay his contribution. Dr.UM 0666 39 Ionescu” Hospital of the Secret Service and the sponsorship that was turned into a donation of the same application to the hospital of the Home Ministry (MAI). and internal medicine. In a recent TV broadcast. on 29 May 2005. 29. He offered his ex-wife his participation in Medist as a good bye present. 26.38 MICROSOFT Project. 22. Dr. 24. Over the first years of the new millennium. Meanwhile he sees for his own business. we will not find any information on the Government site on Vlădescu’s activity before 1997. BCC. Dimitrie Gerota”. Due to the fact that Medist is in close cooperation relations with at least the Home Ministry. 19. 20. when he was an associate of the Securitate as the head of the IRVMR. is subject to many pages. 17. CVS Constructii si Investitii Imobiliare. It is mainly about his image form before 1989. And if we are not pleased with the increase of the VAT to 24%. 27. Event 4 You. Cristian Boureanu. 25. as this would not look good for the already crumpled image of the Emil Boc cabinet IV. 13. Agrippa THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . We are probably right. He was a Liberal at least until the beginning of the new millennium. in which one person died and two were severely injured. Vlădescu is appointed State Secretary at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. Gas Prod Com. Rom offset Management. On this occasion he got involved with the new wife of the latter and divorced Carment Vlădescu. 9. if we should trust his confessions. 14. In a very shady manner. and became one of the toughest critics of the Liberals. while negotiating with only one source. and the evidence therefore is the free donation of software to the “Prof. Comp Banc. Rapid Credit. Maybe it is not by chance that in 2005 Medist concludes a contract for 6. To be more accurate. 18 Medist SA. which is playing today with the destinies of the Romanian people. 10. for equipping cabinets for stomatology. and starting in 1999 he becomes repeatedly an advisor of the Minister of Public Finances and even Minister (December 2004 – 2007 and December 2009 – present). As for Boureanu.. . 21. Pulbic and Industrial Works Enterprize.5 billion Lei with the STS (Service for Special Communications). to which I will refer later on. he admitted that the people had been lied to so far. 12. 28. 16. Medist SRL. “Prof.

else than tell people that we do not agree these situations. The Prime Minister should have immediately made him redundant on these grounds. just like you do. to get over the crisis. despite this fact. because this action is not credible for the Romanian citizens. * Exasperated by the unbelievable conduct of Sebastian Vlădescu. Vlădescu. if you can recall. I. The Prime Minister can only react to what Mr. we find these days the same situation within the Liberal Democrat Party. he doesn’t take any measures. not even in September. In fact. It is now that they have started thinking. either? I don’t think this will take place (Restructuring of the Government). Vlădescu or Mr. in political and economic environments in Romania it was circulated that the Prime Minister can hardly control his cabinet. am not at all surprised by the Minister of Finances. He does whatever he pleases. as well as a mysterious mentally ill person who happened to take a stroll in the proximity and jumped in front of the car of Mrs. . Very many leaders of the DemocratLiberal Party disagree with these situations. And the salary reductions have been introduced on July 1st! And it is only now that we have started considering what we will have to do inside the Government and inside the Central Administration? It is not fair and not to be understood. for the fact that he got to the point where nobody listens to him any longer. since they haven’t done it so far? They can’t. as he pleases. I am sorry for the Prime Minister. he tells whatever crosses his mid. he is not capable of doing it for fear of I don’t know who. or by the Cabinet at the Victoria Palace. I don’t understand how one Minister can set to sabotage an entire Cabinet and make the Prime Minister look ridiculous. or by the THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . Cezar Preda declared for RFI (Radio France Internationale) that the Minister of Finances “has sabotaged the Government”. every time he takes to do what the country needs right now: to get rid of the floods. and incapable of making him heard. no member of the Government would listen to Emil Boc.UM 0666 41 Minister of Finances. We are watching. one of the Vice-presidents of the governing party. by ridiculing the Prime Minster and also that the latter is afraid to destitute him. Minister of Labor. It is not good to see. What can the citizens of Romania understand. as we have seen in the past. at least. other that there is chaos? The Prime Minister is to blame for that.40 MICROSOFT the officers in charge of the investigation reached the conclusion that the deceased is to blame. an incredible situation: a Cabinet where the Prime Minister is the last to hear what one Minister or another has to say! And. but he does not have the power. that decisions have been taken that are not agreed either by the Cotroceni Palace. Şeitan (Mihai. as they all consider him hopeless. How can anyone believe that they will carry out the internal reform in central administration. If so far. This is the text: I am honestly very concerned. Family and Social Protection) say. It is only now that they have started taking decisions. What can we do.

with 50 beds. His file has been with the DNA (National Anticorruption Directorate) for many years. Once a widow she remarried Admiral Emil Dumitrescu. of the same profession. We must say that on the surgery bed of Doina IonescuDumitrescu a patient deceased. In 1958 he sets up the basis of a reparatory plastic surgery and burns clinic in Bucharest (Str. mainly after his death. a. and becomes Doina Ionescu-Dumitrescu. In the spring of 1990. Dragoş Rişcanu. and specialized for six years at the School for Practical Trauma of Korea War and at the gigantic Russian School for Plastic Surgery of Leningrad. under the name of The Clinic Emergency Hospital “Prof. Cico (a FSN hot shot and Presidential Advisor during both tenures of Ion Iliescu). as well as by her deputy. Dimitrie Gerota”. Here are some facts about her: She joined the PCR (Romanian Communist Party) in 1933. who could have referred at least to negligently killing. Dr. are certainly important. the Moldovan Ghizela Vass. at the time when this criminal party was mainly made of NKVD agents. and has been belated due to its complexity.k. The reputed Doctor was married to the young Doina. In 1945 we see her holding a membership at the CC (Central Committee) of the . tried (and almost succeeded) to steal a building from OMNIS GORUP SRL owner. Arch. who set up the premises for the financial continuity of her ancestors. The event was covered by the Doctors’ College in Romania and by the bodies for criminal investigation. Laura CodruŃa Kovesi. with 151 beds. You can find more on this incendiary case in appendix 5. Prosecutor Marius Iacob. who had been infiltrated by Moscow. but the interests that have gravitated around his name. Agrippa Ionescu”.a. who intended to set the bases of a private THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . as we have word for word been told by the General Prosecutor of Romania. in the old Emergency Hospital building). Ion Mincu. and the only one in Romania. who had called in for a facial.42 MICROSOFT Other interesting details on the “fruitful” activity of Sebastian Teodor Gheorghe Vlădescu are to be found in Appendix 4. To this end. Agrippa Ionescu This character is not very important for the present dissertation. Murea. I have to say that Doctor Death is today involved in at least two cases where he used his dying patients’ identity to illegally get hold of properties by forgery and use of forgery. The daughter of the Admiral has been for many years the concubine of surgeon Adrian Murea. under the name of Clinic and Hospital for Plastic and Reparatory Surgery.UM 0666 43 clinic for plastic surgery with his mother in law. it is not by chance that the unit is taken over by the Romanian Secret Service (SRI). at the Clinic Emergency Hospital of the MAI “Dr. In 1959 the hospital becomes independent. Ghizela Vass – Bogdan Olteanu Another very interesting case is that of former communist and Cominternist activist. who continued his tradition. also known as “Doctor Death”. He was a graduate of the School of Medicine in Timisoara (1952).

at his arrival in Romania.UM 0666 45 RATMIL (the Autonomous Regie of Military Technology). the young man had to choose between the two futures ahead. former employee of the DIA (Army Intelligence Directorate) . he banded with Călin Popescu Tăriceanu. he was appointed as advisor to the latter. deputy director of the SRI. as she had known him for a long time. who was still in her care at the age of 30. CEO of the IT firm “Intrarom”. Thanks to his friendship with Tăriceanu. who used to fall asleep during hearings in his tenure of the Presidency of the Romanian Senate. sided with the communists even after Ion Iliescu came to power. and in 1998 worked with the THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . Minister of Industry and Commerce. member of the CC Secretariat and in 1958 of Head of International Relations of the party. the son of Securitate general Aninoiu . who acted as the godfather at his marriage. then of “Siemens”. his grandparents on his mothers’ side. son of general Alexandru Grumaz. and got the office of Deputy of the International Relations Department of the party. Therefore. Lucia Urdareanu. In 1970 she was – so to speak – marginalized by Ceausescu. until recently. She went into retirement in 1982. and former Consul of Romania to Shanghai . acting as the second ranked person in official State capacity .Tiberiu Urdăreanu. former deputy of the STS. and also because he had to pass the time somehow. a positions that allowed her the contact with Carlos “The Jackal”. In the following years she will have held the office of the Head of the Organizational Department of the CC of the PCR. Zambaccian no. In a relatively short time.Ovidiu Artopolescu. Vice-Governor of the National Back of Romania and even Minister in Charge of the Relationship with Parliament. Olteanu continued his ascension right until his appointment as President of the Chamber of Deputies (2006 – 2008). and she lived most of her life in a luxurious nationalized building in the residential area of the Capital ( Str.Vladimir Aninoiu. eventually going on to take office as State Minister. Urdareanu. the son of former three-term PSD senator Oliviu Gherman. It was in that house that “Bica” raised her grandson. a neighbor of former Prime Mister Adrian Năstase).Mihai Gherman. and later on for freeing Romanians in the country from the yoke of Iuliu Maniu and Dinu Brătianu. as the PNL’s ideas sounded more convincing. at the age of 70. Afterwards. Bogdan Olteanu. Other interesting characters . owner of the “UTI” company group. the son of General Tiberiu S. mainly in charge with releasing Kishinev Moldovans “form under the Bourgeois – Landowner Yoke of Romania”. His wife. with expensive furniture and valuable paintings. former superior to reserve-general Dumitru Zamfir and. 1.44 MICROSOFT PCR. Ladislau and Ghizela. former head of Microsoft Romania.Alexandru Octavian Grumaz. reserve major. husband of Corina Artopolescu who owns a certificate of so-called freedom fighting in the 1989 . The grandparents of little Bogdan on his father’s side had fled to Germany where they repeatedly protested against the communist regime through “Radio Free Europe”. long-time general director for IBM Romania. And he chose the former.

We have mentioned her involvement with the “Prof. released in 2004. and who later became commissary in chief in the Romanian Police. Dr. for uncovering a corrupt and decrepit System that still governs Romania’s destiny. a partner of Vlădescu’s company SC RSC SRL. and has thus become the IT&C market referee in Romania. which he had defended in the software piracy scandal as deceivingly stating that the pirated programmes had been set up with the technoloy of his own company and not with that of OMNIS GROUP. CHAPTER IV A Case Study Romania has been confronted with a situation ongoing for 70 years. . as well as new employees who have become compliant with their new selection criteria. as well. and also her false statements regarding her claim that she had never been part of the presentation of the HIPOCRATE application on behalf of the MAI leader board. the „Dragoş Rişcanu – SC OMNIS GROUP SRL” case can become a case study to the attention of European autorities.46 MICROSOFT Revolution. To that we can add all permanent contracts. We cannot forget. chief of the Schengen Directorate. MICROSOFT is. Dimitrie Gerota” MAI hospital’s use of pirated software from RSC SRL. and has concluded a Governmental Strategic Partnership with the Romnaian State. which have constantly been ammended by Additional Acts amountig to many digit figures. that over this period MICROSOFT CORPORATION has been one of the great beneficiaries of the system. In this context. The continuators of former communists and Securitate are their descendants.

under the brand of HIS (Hospital Information System) HIPOCRATE. which was in fact an upgrade of the British programme Telepath. wich donates the software to the same hospital. Yet it was not delivered at the same date. allegedly belonging to SC RSC SRL. Therefore.000 Euros.48 MICROSOFT We must repeat a halucinating detail that will raise question marks for all those in good faith. the pirates release a top highly performing product on the market. amounting to 12. In reality. RSC receives 50. In 2001 they had only one employee.000 Euros without VAT. Dr. with no employees. who was illterate in computers. In December 2002. as it not yet existed. Dimitrie Gerota” with the pirated software (amounting to 150. They did not leave empty handed. * . responsible of MAI logistics and Secretary of State. Agrippa Ionescu” hospital of the SRI a free offer. after Dragoş Săracu and later on Irinel Lupoi were head-hunted from OMNIS GROUP. And. all of a sudden. all OMNIS employees had worked for a decade and were awarded by no other than MICROSOFT for the best ERP product (Enterprise Resource Planning) in Europe. Romaian version. following the same scenario. after head-hunting the two OMNIS GROUP enployees. while delivery was scheduled for a later date. with no contracts. The person in charge of apporving this shady transaction is the Police General Nicolae Berechet. without notable results. to set up computer programmes that they had already offered for free or under the guise of a sponsorship/donation. can only be explained by those involved. The gift. they had two employees on their payroll.0 application with the ORDA. they took a copy of the ISIS net application along. Chief of the Inspectorate for Defending the Constitution and Economic Security. For completing the ISIS net application. The reason why entities under the umbrella of the Romanian Information System and the Home Ministry make high range business with a no-name company in the trade(we refer here to RSC SRL). Hence it was only the promise of an offer. no references or specialists. Te RSC SRL Company was established in 2000. on the position previously held by Cico Dumitrescu. and in 2002. the application that had been so generouly offered to the two hospitals as late as in September 2003.UM 0666 49 year. RSC sets to sponsor the paravan NGO of the MAI Hospital „Prof. It was only in September. he sets up a scam diginifying a master of evil. within the SRI.000 Euros. was presented in August 2002. As an important associate and economic director of SC MEDIST he forwards to the „Prof. wihtout VAT). that RSC registered the HIPOCRATE 1. the same THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . The offer is accepted and countersigned by the controversed Ovidiu Soare. as soon as they got European finacing (from a PHARE Programme) to the amount of 50. Hocus-pocus! Despite of his connections with the business world and the relations in the corrupt system.000 Euros from the European Union. Sebastian Vlădescu realises that he cannot compete with prestigious firms to win public tenders. a company where he is as well an important associate. In November 2002.

This makes the profit be double. as it was offered for free.000 – 5. It is interesting that up to this day MICROSOFT has refused to withdraw their lies to the prosecutors. This amounts monthly to 3. The criminal prosecution of the defendants Dragoş Săracu. After seven weeks Scheele responds that the EU Delegation and the contracting authority will look into the situation of PHARE grants for the RSC.11. on June 28th. Vlădescu’s company gained a certain notoriousness on the IT&C market. in his capacity of an expert with the RSC SRL. 30 extremely profitable contracts. the apparent gap was quickle filled by additional maintenance contracts. Yet. By order of the Minister. that the ISIS net application were copied from Navision. advising him on the spectacular and unjustified ascension of Vlădescu’s RSC (who was at that time a member of the Administration Council of Petrom and President of the Privatizing Commission of the BCR) and mentioning the fact that the legal action was pursued. With no effort or important investments. OMNIS GROUP discovers that the ISIS application had been pirated.2004. Yet the fucntioning of all computer programmes involve maintenance. this was not enough for Vlădescu’s greed. for the criminal pursuit file stating that the ISIS net application had been copied from the Navision software. testifies. belonging to his company. 5 days later. Iriniel Lupei and Ionel Manole. and succeeded – as partner of the SRI and the MAI – to convince other beneficiaries to take their product. On May 5th 2005. and gives up his capacity as an expert with the Body of Public Experts. and on July 3rd he is withdrawn from the record. all hospitals in the country were compelled to „instal” the HIPOCRATES application. Jonathan Scheele pays a visit to RSC. and also an associate of Medist.07. This way several private companies. one of the MICROSOFT Directors. THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . i.e. Thus they have legitimated the allegations .2002 and 01. In November 2004. OMNIS GROUP notifies MICROSOFT that Lopatan’s involvement in this story is ludicrous. which was more than certainly known by the RSC SRL.000 – 10. without any tender and to realtively small amounts (under 5. money that we assume were cashed right away after handing in the pirated application. X-Raying the Disappearance of Certain European Funds The PHARE Project according to which SC RSC SRL was granted access to 50. This is where Eugen Nicolaescu. Minister of Health steps in. Ionut Lopatan. a Unit of the National Defense and several hospitasl joined this shady club. Despite this notice.50 MICROSOFT It is of lesser importance that an application like Telepath does not cost more than 5. as the Head of the European Delegation to Romania.000 USD.UM 0666 51 In the fall of 2004.000 USD throughout the world. a Bucharest City Hall. a property of SC RSC SRL. Even if the programme was sold.000 Euros from European grants was active between 21. The company enlarged its portfolio by approx. an administrator and associate at RSC SRL.00 Euros). OMNIS GROUP writes to Jonathan Scheele. begins in March 2005.

Even though there was a Law and the set of methods to it. In April 2006 the penal investigation of Dragoş Săracu is suspended. He then notices OMNIS GROUP that he awaits. are to be found as a whole or partially in MICROSOFT’s Navision. even if European funds were involved. on grounds of his statement that “modules and functions of the IT application. as well as free offers to the SRI and the MAI. And the Ministry was lead by Sebastian Vlădescu. with no investments and in the absence of IT specialists. before pronouncing himself. notifying that the Copyright Laws and connected rights had not been corrected. and coincidentally. the answer of the Romanian authorities. as the company hadn’t pirated a product. Cristian Unteanu from the daily Ziua publishes the article “The Vlădescu Piracy Goes to Brussels”. and not with blacklists of suspicious characters. with the description of the . who were corrupt as per the opinion of the OMNIS GROUP. Jonathan Scheele rushes to declare that Romania had solved all problems regarding intellectual property and the IT&C field. An explanation for this delay is that Sebastian Vlădescu had been appointed Minister of Finances in the mean time. ISIS net. OMNIS GROUP sends another letter to the OLAF. OMNIS GROUP addresses Scheele again. 123. claimed before. On February 9th. who were investigating the theft of intellectual property. for the registration of all computer programs with the ORDA. and even more so the origins of a product with no specified source (?). as per the request of OMNIS GROUP. On July 17th 2008. a new letter by Jonathan Scheele informs OMNIS GROUP representatives that the aim of the EU Delegation is to monitor the implementation of pre-accession programs. as well as an invitation to visit the company are enclosed thereto. On the same occasion he is informed on the judicial THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . On September 7th 2005. No answer is given. ORDA releases an expertise which confirms the originality of ISIS net. who were able to justify the full compliance between the product on the market and the pirated one. Therefore he takes to be contacted in these respects only. The expertise had taken a long time and it had not been possible to conclude it in due course. as Romanian authorities had promised. On May 2nd 2006. with European funding.52 MICROSOFT of the RSC SRL defendants. The tariffs had to be implemented by the Ministry of Finances. allowing thus the removal of the red flag. On February 3rd 2006. A series of documents. but had created it.UM 0666 53 scam that was being set up and about certain Public Servants. speaking about an ongoing OLAF investigation. This never takes place. tariffs had not been provided yet. OMNIS GROUP addresses the OLAF. On March 7th 2006. claiming that the allegation that Romania has sorted out matters of intellectual property was incompliant with the truth. On September 1st 2005 Prime Minister Călin Popescu Tăriceanu receives a similar letter from OMNIS GROUP. It was on the grounds of this program that donations had been carried out. the same day the Government adopts Emergency Ordinance No. OMNIS GORUP writes again to Jonathan Scheele. On August 29th 2005. as well as general political and economic evolutions etc. for support. On June 23rd 2008.

by which this European body for fight against fraud has provided not to pursue legal action. ruled that all representatives of RSC SRL were as clean as can be. as the DGPMB has already offered one. as well. On August 15th 2008. 39. OMNIS files a complaint with the European Commission. On May 26th 2010. asking to be informed on the progress of the investigation. keeping as an evidence only the expertise of Ştefan Stăncescu. not software. How can we explain that the Ziua correspondent in Brussels had got the official information that the case is being studied? Was it being studied or not? Or is it that somebody covered up the story. 2005.UM 0666 55 by the DNA. with many relevant documents as an appendix. Judge Viorica Costiniu. Presently we are awaiting a response THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . referring to infractions of organized crime by several Civil Servants. On December 23rd 2009. that our country has allegedly solved all problems of copyright. At last. Could it be that our authorities solved. OLAF remembers previous complaints by OMNIS GROUP over several years and informs the company that legal authorities in Romania (the DNA. This complaint reaches the OLAF. or did not want to get involved for whatever reasons? OMNIS GROUP has requested in June 2010. yet Lesser It is preposterous that only a few days before Scheele’s statement. a problem that was lingering for 15 years? It is . DG COMP (Competition) against MICROSOFT. a Pontius Pilates. which had been twice rejected by the Appeal Court. There is no answer. if it ever is to come. and now the rule is awaited. namely. and on March 17th 2010. the State Department of the US had just reached a contradictory conclusion. that had been set up according to the EU Delegation to Bucharest notification of May 5th. Jonathan Scheele. OMNIS sends OLAF another letter. while the Tribunal had rejected the RDA expertise (the only institution in Romania for copyright and connected rights). They said that all documents are to be found in the criminal record at the Court (it had been twice resent by the Tribunal to the Prosecutor’s Office for restoring legal action. Consequently.784. DG COMP notifies OMNIS GROUP on the registration of the case of infringement No. over several month. sent to Court for his involvement in the network of Cătălin Voicu. both the DNA and the DGPMB (General Police Directorate of Bucharest) all documents at the disposal of the OLAF. which are completely different. that Romania has a lot of problems in setting up tools needed for protecting intellectual property rights. the OLAF does not open the investigation in file OF/2005/0417. The Constitutional Court judged the cause in June 2010. so that the complainant had to address the Constitutional Court. the Police) have reached the conclusion that there was no case of intellectual theft and that no Civil Servant was involved in an embezzlement of PHARE funds for the RSC. There is no answer. wife of Florin Costiniu. an expert in computers. since June 2008 (as well as others incurred). Consequently the appeal by OMNIS GORUP has been declined by the Appeal Court.54 MICROSOFT case.

even if we were talking about European money (and high level corruption). The latter kept quiet for several years. somehow in amusement. that this institution was called to protect. and forwarded it to OLAF. I will probably address this subject. which had been summoned by OMNIS in 2005. which will probably be called “The OLAF Conspiracy”. yet in vain. but with the Romanian State itself and its Strategic Partner. MICROSOFT. we can say that he had washed his hands (just like Pontius Pilates). which makes Scheele a big liar. I am reproducing the full statement of the official. “Romania Libera”.56 MICROSOFT improbable. “Atac”. which led us to circumstantial. This is because according to European norms. An important thinker of mankind said that: “All great acts of corruption are based a high level conspiracy” and I am 100% supporting this statement. “Prezent”. CHAPTER V Who Is Handling Romanian Finances For those who could think to blaim me for being interested in this scandal for whatever reasons. “Cotidianul”. Brussels authorities haven’t heard anything on the matter. “Gandul”. I have nothing to do with it. “Academia Catavencu”. This is even more so. “Bilant”. It was repeatedly . This has so far not happened in the case “Dragoş Rişcanu – OMNIS GROUP”. in 2008. on middle May 2007: I am once again asking you. “Gardianul”. The office had been summoned before twice. common sense conclusions. “Realitatea Banateana”. corroborated with statements and clues. as well as three TV shows and several online papers. which are obvious to everyone. why you are dragging me back into this mess. just as the Community itself has to protect its citizens form the tentacles of corruption. For not being accused of taking sides. “Evenimentul Zilei”. the institution has to protect community money.The papers refering to it are: “Ziua”. To resume Scheele’s report. Another proof in this respect is my telephone conversation with the Minister of Finances. despite of their huge bureaucratic apparatus. as the owner of the company has not been confronted with any competitor or an ill intended person. I could come up with the answer that more than 30 articles have already been written on this topic. if that was the case. We should here mention that sources of our journalist investigation are up to 90% public documents. as well as the “fruitful” activity of this European body in the last volume of the trilogy “MICROSOFT _ A Guardian Angel”. Sebastian Teodor Gheorghe Vlădescu during my journalist investigation.

at a time when I had no idea how long the THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . one of which admitted to be illiterate in IT matters. I have nothing to do with any alleged intellectual theft. at a time when the company had only two employees. according to morals and legality. or that Vlădescu is involved in this story. Yet bringing back my name into the matter seems at least inappropriate.58 MICROSOFT decided that no legal action should be pursued. From a technical point of view. through the mediation of Medist. I don’t understand these things. And then. where he acted as a significant associate (and even as a Financial Director at the time of the generous “sponsorship”). from time to time. Clarifications Two years had lapsed at the time of this conversation since my first article on intellectual theft. Yet the involvement of my name is unpleasant. You will know very well that if you should type my name next to and alleged crime. The fact that I was an associate of RSC is public. Agrippa Ionescu” for free. Regarding the non-pursuit of legal action of the two employees that had deserted from OMNIS and were employed by the RSC. It is. I only once wrote a reply. I have no problem. which is completely false. Yet the program belonged in fact to the RSC SRL. I would like to know why. nevertheless. by chance or not. Truth has never bothered me. as far as I am concerned. and I will never do it again. taking facts into account as they occurred. There has to be a group of experts to decide. Maybe it is of importance that Dragoş Săracu’s father is a judge in Ploiesti. where we again find Vlădescu as a significant associate. But the most important question is how did you come up with the idea to select precisely these two hospitals.UM 0666 59 tentacles of the octopus are. It is extremely nice that Vlădescu admits being illiterate in IT. It is a long story and I hope that eventually justice will sort out this matter. and this concludes the subject. Dr. Dimitrie Gerota”. dear honest and esteemed Mr. I was just curious to know who brings up this story again and why. so that they can do their job. a colleague of Rebegea and Podea. If something is illegal it has to be deferred to justice. Dr. because. conclusions are indeed dire. to say the least. in the newspaper ZIUA. where does the software come from. for being presented with wonderful gifts. somebody tries to discredit me with something that I didn’t do. with all due respect. noticeable that he calls this a “scam”. Vlădescu? Did it fall off the sky? This is the same software that had also been donated to the MAI hospital “Prof. The proofs you have should reach the Court. because of several employees that had crumpled their image by accusing them of high level corruption and other related issues. which also got hold of the ISIS net application. these IT issues are beyond my competence. Yet this has not been an obstacle for offering an application the SRI Hospital “Prof. And that Justice in Prahova and the SRI have been repeatedly slapped over the last period. just like Santa would have done? Was this perhaps done on the grounds of the close relations from the time when you were employed with the . it probably has to be that way. You should continue your (journalist) investigation and let justice take its course. It is their job. public opinion will say: Vlădescu has committed an infraction. I would like to know how it started again.

In other words to exceedingly tax creation. “And mainly. In this case. He is a nice chap and is suited for the position as an image advisor. It was only later that MICROSOFT bought the Danish firm for 1. They are filmed. as long as he was an associate of both firms mentioned. the singer declared. Eugen Nicolaescu. Volume II is evidence thereto. I remind the reader that the ISIS net product had PREVIOUSLY won the highest ERP prize in Europe. listed. And speaking of actions. The problem is that certain people cannot be controlled. Even if so far I haven’t done it. for more than five years. including the Navision. while the Danish Navision hadn’t even participated in the competition. an undercover unit of the Securitate) and later on with the Liberal Party? When you started working with people like: Mircea Ionescu Quintus. The trilogy “MICROSOFT – the Guardian Angel”. to an extent that doesn’t occur anywhere in the world. alongside he had worked for six months. Bittman spoke highly of the professionalism of specialists with the Ministry of Finances. it is obvious that ISIS net could not have been copied from Navison. after ISIS net was registered with the Register for Programs at the ORDA. but his actions. We are talking about one of the most important statesmen. Călin Popescu Tăriceanu. that the DNA has a record that it will eventually have to take to court. Everything is common knowledge. But how could he not be. it is forbidden to control them. After the last investment to the ministerial office. On the same occasion. This is to say that not Minister Vlădescu is to blame. Vlădescu co-opted Dan Bittman to his press office.60 MICROSOFT ITVMR (I must repeat. And how much. “You must not believe that I don’t know what there is going on in this country and with its people”. We also know that MICROSOFT bought the Danish company. while claiming that ISIS net was a copy of the latter. and was inferior to the latter from a functional and technological point of view. Six month later he resigned and joined a “Realitatea TV” broadcast to protest against the Government intention to tax intellectual property rights by more than 10%.4 billion USD and brought the product to Romania. . don’t think they don’t know who steals in this country. I will also have to remind the Minister. Ovidiu Soare. I call on an explosive event that was brought to public attention at the beginning of July 2010. The latter is the soloist of the band “Holograf”. Even at the time when judge Viorica Constiniu (wife of judge Florin Costiniu. Bill Gates’ company has claimed the reverse despite of the truth. handling all our money. Bogdan Olteanu. The journalist investigation has continued over the said period. Medist and RSC and I am convinced that it was he who pulled all strings: Just as MICROSOFT corporation is also involved by launching an application of a similar invention (Navision) on the Romanian market. Dan Amedeo Lazarescu. filed. THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . Mihai Berechet and their aids? The present Minister of Public Finances has shown upset by the fact that his name comes up in this dirty business.UM 0666 61 involved with Senator Cătălin Voicu’s network) had declared the RSC innocent for the theft of intellectual property. while obstinately ignoring the evidence on record. by explaining him that I have never abandoned this case. I will try to meet Minister Vlădescu’s curiosity. Nevertheless.

for the “MEDAS – Teaching Doctors and Nurses in Hospital Management and Use of Technology” project. while being part of a Democrat-Liberal Government.000 EUR come from the clever beneficiary.UM 0666 63 More Millions of EUR. after all this. Out Dear and Beloved Justice In order to see how far lies and twisting of the truth can get. This is because simple citizens are confronted with austerity measures.000 Euros. friends. called “Invest in People”. This favored people are backed – as shown aboveby a new Securitate oligarchy. And how it is possible for a reputed judge in this country. is it? Since the Ministry of Public Finances has also been infected by it. This means that Vlădescu’s company will receive further stipendiums amounting to 4. the descendant of the communist secret service. wages of the state-employed are going down by 25% and it is not normal that the protégées of the system should not pay their debts. lead by Prime Minister Boc. former president of the Magistrates’ Association in Romania and present honorary chairman of the same organization. hoping to be protected – depriving him even of claiming the originality of the ISIS net application. in order to absolve the company in litigation. after his employees Dragoş . SC RSC SRL. of the present power. the almost 300. The statement in question extremely serious.000 USD applications had already been donated at the date of receiving EU Phare funding). to ignore conclusive evidence on record.500. 620.000 EUR from the national budget of Romania and 217. we will show how certain magistrates. we believe that the DNA should take immediate action and inform the population on these events.120. The owner of SC OMNIS GROUP SRL finds (In November 2004) that. To be more precise. THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . what are we to understand from this statement? That generalized corruption in our country is not a figure of speech. that’s the thing”. At this point I don’t know why we still ask ourselves how it is possible for a commercial company to get hold of intellectual property of another commercial company and receive for this European funding for more that 50. just because they are the clients. handled by their puppeteers. whenever we deal with a high-level conspiracy. how they turn Dragoş Rişcanu.000 EUR from the Social European Fund and from the Romanian State. sponsors. you name it. (Attention. but also be granted another financing in 2010 – for its good behavior – this time amounting to 4 (four) Million EUR? You have read well… 3. unemployment increases. Bittman added. Yet question marks of these new times do not stop here. turned white into black by snapping their fingers. into a deceiver – as soon as he turns to justice.000 EUR come from structural funds.62 MICROSOFT Some companies can be controlled and others not. SC RSC SRL should not only be cleared. So. from which he had already received two high distinctions in the IT&C field. within the Sectorial Operational Program Development of Human Resources 2007 – 2013. a Present for the RSC How is it possible that.

The logic is that the plaintiff doesn’t have to prove that the products belong to him. SC RSC SRL.000 source code lines had been pirated word for word and punctuation. a new product had reached the market. She found it interesting that ISIS net was not innovative. RSC Director. Irinel Lupei makes the same statement with a different wording: “The ideas that underlie these elements are not original. Bulgaru was taking statements by those involved. “Police Mafia Prosecutor” and involved in four investigations for several corruption deeds. Even more. This explains the fact that the pirated ISIS net program extensively resembles to the HIPOCRATE version. as well as on present day knowledge”. It a Magistrate transferred from Constanta. and not the paternity of the pirated product. They file a complaint with the Police and other places. which had approx. including the signature of the programmer . It is as if a cop would stop you in the street and ask you prove that the trousers you’re wearing are yours.a. after which they file a criminal complaint against the two. If you can’t prove that. a. according to the procedure. proving a huge lack of professional training. declares at his turn that the two identical elements of the two applications. as if this was the question. Nicoleta Bulgaru is in charge of the court trial with the Prosecutor’s Office at the Bucharest Tribunal. ISIS net. successfully marketed by RSC SRL. on other Internet examples.64 MICROSOFT Săracu and Irinel Lupei had quit the firm and got a position with Vlădescu’s company. in his professorial capacity. such as MICROSOFT’s NAVISION”. Stoicescu concludes that “OMNIS GROUP did not prove the creation of the common code. which has lead to the conclusion that creation evidence was lacking”. and are based on the official MICROSOFT documentation (MSDN). This is when the so called expertise by Prof. the policeman who had instrumented the case of Prosecutor Bulgaru. alongside police officer Grigore Pesterau. It didn’t matter to her that OMNIS had received two international awards from MICROSOFT for the relevant product. but generated from the public and free of charge MICROSOFT database on the Internet. and takes to add mind-blowing conclusions with respect . Prosecutor Bulgaru oversees the fact that the 5. bad wording and spelling mistakes and clings to a detail that appealed to her. He says that the technology used is NET. gets hold of all statements by the defendants. accusing them of the theft of the ISIS net product. In the absence of these source code lines the RSC fraudulent application could not have functioned.000 source code lines in its property. the original and the copy. did not present logic patterns or designs for development projects. you will be left without them. Stefan Stefanescu steps in. 5. They had both been cleared of all accusations. Petty officer Florin Mica.k. The defendant Dragoş Săracu declared that “the modules and functionalities of the IT application ISIS net are to be found partly or totally in other well known IT applications. And Prosecutor Bulgaru grasps this explanation. a specialist in hardware and not in software.UM 0666 65 innovative. While the case was instrumented. were not THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . It is the defendant or an interested third party who has to produce evidence that it doesn’t. Elisei Craciun. but also a lack of logic and common sense.

We will consequently show the range of the silliness launched by petty officer Minca and. We consequently produce further extrajudiciary evidence on the subject. based on that principle. and that up to then the IT giant wasn’t developing a product at least remotely similar to ISIS net. He claims that OMNIS GROUP had received the awards from MICROSOFT “for the best use of public technologies over the Internet. could impose his ownership on all medicines containing this substance. At the claim of OMNIS GROUP. even though he is paid from public funds to seek for justice. his professional training and even his intelligence. MICROSOFT. Shortly after. gulped Prosecutor Bulgaru In the educated opinion of the clever policeman and his company. the prosecutor provides according to her own whim – with no expertise in copyright. revised and extended”. most probably. and the one who managed to be the best with this got the highest award. the inventor of the multiplication chart would be the beholder of all mathematic theories in the world. This is all the police officer could think of. exceeds his prerogatives. as provided by Law 8/1996. as this is a notification to the public for intellectual property. It is as if MICROSOFT would have called competitors to use their programs. Protector of the Scam Ionut Lopatan. This is why. Prosecutor Bulgaru refuses to take this in consideration. The descendants of Alexander Fleming. and examples can go on. a technical director and founding member of MICROSOFT Romania steps in later on. he also gives up THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . she copies all statements by those involved from the RSC side and adds her own notes on the case in order to sound credible. and not as their own original intellectual creation”. this statement does not grant the bearer the capacity as a copyright owner. In the case of SC OMNIS SRL. at the proposal of police officer Florin Minca she provides not to pursue legal action in the case of the two defendants. In other words.UM 0666 67 his capacity of an expert with the Body of Public Experts. Bulgaru claims. As a motivation. . Lopatan declines his capacity of a partner expert alongside Stancescu. Another illogicality by Prosecutor Bulgaru was that” the registration with the ORDA in the Record for IT programs is done by presenting the deed for copyright or a statement on own responsibility of the legal representative. He claims that ISIS net was copied from MICROSOFT’s Navision. and tells who is an inventor in Romania and who is not. and he who invented hot water would be the rightful owner of steam engines. inventor of penicillin.66 MICROSOFT to intellectual property.

with the Bucharest Court of Appeal. unfortunately. as claimed. On May 21st 2008. How can justice be made in this country. as well. so that the First Prosecutor with the Prosecutor’s Office at the Bucharest Tribunal. Dragos Nestor (another controversial character within the body of magistrates) had to give freeway. Judge Viorica Costiniu. as it is written in the Roman alphabet? Yet the silly and inept statements of those in charge in this ill-fated country do not stop here.CHAPTER VI Magistrates Failing the Test of Logic and Commonsense The silly theory advanced by Nicoleta Bulgaru needed to become legitimate. The SC OMNIS GROUP SRL applications are notorious and do not represent a novelty in the field”. with such “brilliant” minds? It is as if I wrote a book that revolutionizes Europe and was not its owner. And this is where he gets: “all applications in litigation are using public MICROSOFT technologies on the Internet and are therefore not original. This makes him fail the test of logics. finds that “the content of the expertise (written by expert Stancescu) denies findings of ORDA specialists .

shepherd by Sebastian Vlădescu .UM 0666 71 administrated by the ORDA. The similarities could allegedly derive from using MICROSOFT NET public technologies”. including those of the ORDA. in the appendixes of the book. 8/1996 on copyright and connected. Florin Costiniu was more competent to do so. an individual who is presently behind bars. have been carbon copied from ISIS net. and head of the department in charge with copyright. In the previous volume. Nevertheless.2006”.e. And I would not have stopped on these words if Madam Prosecutor hadn’t insulted my intelligence. with no competence or expertise in the field. a source of millions of Euros for the RSC. as per previous statement. by a statement in personal name with regard to the author of the relevant program means going public as referred to by article 4 paragraph 1 of the Law No. with ulterior alterations and additions.the only Government institution providing on intellectual and connected rights in Romania offers another point of view. Judge Costiniu only lasted for two days in this position. And the issue concerning the originality of the program was only a scam for distracting attention from the deed of piracy committed by the company. it is as if OMNIS GROUP were the defendant and not the plaintiff. so that they wouldn’t lose well trained programmers and block the activity of a competing company. In conclusion I am bringing to the attention of the reader one single fact on the ongoing discussion as referred to by clever Nicoleta Bulgaru: . our magistrates believe that white is black. while making them known to the public”. SC RSC SRL. we have selected the conclusions of other expertise. It might be that her husband. of 16.70 MICROSOFT regarding the significant occurrence of similarities. Viorica Costiniu reaches the conclusion that “the mere registration of ISIS and ISIS net applications does not grant the plaintiff the right to intellectual property and legal protection. i. which is before his colleagues made him redundant. as they had not produced evidence that the applications in discussion are not resulted from inventive activities and from an own intellectual process.05. in his capacity as a judge at the Cassation and Justice Court. On May 18th 2006. It is yet another person who passes judgment on issues of intellectual property. SC OMNIS GROUP SRL has claimed the theft of intellectual property for the applications by previous employees. and pursued legal action against him. Better than ORDA Experts THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . the ORDA expertise confirmed that the ISIS net application was original? The decisions of courts had already been taken. which have concluded that 5. We state that the registration of a computer program at the Register for Computer Programs. which magistrates will inexplicably ignore. essential to the functioning of HIPOCRATE. In conclusion. This is if he were not involved up to his neck in the corruption scandal that haunts Cătălin Voicu’s network. Judge Costiniu. Is it of lesser importance that on July 23rd 2008.000 code lines. ORDA .

more or less involved in the intelligence theft in this book. probation experts can only say that circumstantial evidences are more compelling than material ones. Their guilt can only be proved on grounds of circumstantial evidence. Their aim is known only by those who enter this system. If you are a strong fist-fighter you can defeat your teacher. while they don’t even suspect that they are merely puppets in the hands of professional puppeteers. but mainly with the Securitate-type oligarchy instated in Post-1989 Romania. So circumstantial that they don’t poke into the eye of someone who would look into the matter with a certain attention? It is not that the OMNIS GROUP owner hadn’t filed complaints with every relevant authority as a victim of software piracy. A witness can grant mistaken interpretations for facts or can commit perjury. Quoted in the Conspirators Trial. as I am a pacifist.72 MICROSOFT Săracu and Lupei had been co-opted by the owner of OMNIS GROUP from university and had been trained by professionals. 1865 USA: A conspiracy is seldom. after only one year of training? If it had been about boxing. * Next to the numerous puppets. or overnight. even if Madam Bulgaru thinks differently. . This is why they are so closely united. at least the illegitimate ones. Bingham. I almost feel sorry for them. Attorney John A. secretly.UM 0666 73 of the corrupt system that is eating this country and their poor people from the inside. They do not act in the open. So how where they such good programmers. but under cover. They could not have judged this case on grounds of their conscience and legality. by relatives. to get higher in office and still owe them for that. Excepting the case when one of the conspirators betrays his fellowmen and offers proof against them. according to the Peter Principle. to prevent them from going down. but circumstances cannot deceive. evidence can be counterfeited. things would have been different. In such situations. But in the situation at hand it is about brains and the use of it. It may be that they have given in to compromise with certain secret services. I understand all those who have messed-up – at the urge of benevolent persons like Cătălin Voicu – and are now surprised for having got a stain. several characters stick up as puppeteers and beneficiaries THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . Connections are circumstantial. when a major crime is on the verge of being committed again by a group of individuals. and were “solved” domestically. friends or business partners of those concerned. Or maybe they have transgressed their level of competence. In both cases they have to cover up their actions. if ever. Yet these claims have had no impact. at the thought that at a certain point they will have to give explanations. and supportive of one another. This cannot be done with fists. proved by positive testimony. On the other hand. Washington. The reader might rightfully ask what these people have to do with the former Securitate and nomenclature. Special Judge. because they are not masters of their own fate.

the total losses of the Romanians troops amounted to 182. My purpose was not at all to bore you. but to simply bring into discussion facts. I consider it necessary to continue this second volume of the trilogy started with "Microsoft – The Guardian Angel" with a review of recently (or not exactly) gone realities. Our army units fought under the orders of the German general command in Crimea. I apologize to the reader who is already acquainted with what will follow and. Caucasus. Cotul Donului. Reality on the Edge On June 22. In early 1943. because scripta manent. as it is well known. Romania entered the Second World War with Germany.441 (16. in that case. namely Bessarabia and Bukovina. to recover its territories annexed by the USSR. So that was for reminders. 1941. Kalmykian steppe and Stalingrad. acts and persons that certain people do not know almost anything about.566 .CHAPTER VII For the reasons given so far. These are realities which have marked and which still deeply mark generations of Romanians while Westerners have remained indifferent to them. I kindly ask him/her to move to the next chapters.

In the same year. Iacob Teclu and political activist Col.692 missing). * Immediately after 1944. armies 3 and 4 were sent home for rehabilitation. Among the officers there was also Arkadie Nesterov. the “Tudor Vladimirescu” Division was created in the USSR and it consisted of Romanian prisoners of war who had chosen to take side of the enemy and among whom many Russian spies were infiltrated. The commander of the aforementioned division was Gen. 1945. Petru Groza (December 1. at the bridgehead in Kuban. only seven Romanian divisions remaining on the Eastern front. This . The two divisions were part of the Soviet military system. 1946 to December 29. from where they withdrew to Crimea. Note that. Victor Nesterov retired in 2006 and became one of the heads of Bucharest District 1 Community Police. thus THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . But as each state has its own peculiarities. along with a smaller scaled one called "Horia. If the "Tudor Vladimirescu" Division fought alongside the Russians up to the Tatra Mountains. 1943. Cloşca and Crişan”. later fully contributing to the introduction of communism into the Romanian Army. 1947). Mihail Lascăr. 67. On August 23. the Romanian soldiers were forbidden to continue the offensive side by side with the allies so as not to claim to sit at the winners` table. who would become high officer within the Romanian Police and investigate Dragoş Rişcanu in relation to his dispute with SC RSC SRL. Romania turned to the side of the Russian giant and the other fascist forces. First Commander of the "Tudor Vladimirescu" Division was Colonel Nicolae Cambrea. Victor Nesterov's father. The main role of the division. on May 9. First. 1944. Petre Roman's father. assisted by his political deputy Valter Roman (born Ernö Neuländer). to ally with the enemy was the equivalent of a crime of high treason and it was punishable by death after summary judgments. Russification of the Romanian Army On October 15. Mircea Haupt as his deputies.UM 0666 77 collecting both retirement pension and salary from the State budget. but after conquering the Tatra Mountains in the former Czechoslovakia. the communists introduced in Romania the Bolshevik system imported from Russia. Decimated. by order of Iosif Visarionovici Stalin. In this new position Romania fought for 260 days. mainly starting with the political system imposed by Dr. the Secret Police (Securitate) was founded as a repression body against the elements “hostile” to the new communist regime. it has been adapted over time depending on the requirements and interests of its leaders. Col. first Prime Minister of the Romanian Government after December 1989.182 wounded and 98. was propagandistic.76 MICROSOFT killed. Cloşca and Crişan" had solely a propagandistic role and did not participate in any battle. until May 12. in wartime. having Chief of the General Staff Lt. "Horia. when the Russians ordered our troops to return home. Berlin had fallen and the German army had surrendered.

the Directorate General of Prisons. while trying to organize a sabotage and espionage network. deputy of INU (Foreign Intelligence Directorate of the NKVD) residence security matters and one of the executors of the crimes ordered by the Romanian communists. he was promoted to Lieutenant General and became Director of DGSP (General Directorate of Security of the People) and MAI deputy. Pantiuşa (born in Tiraspol under the name Timofei Bodnarenko). During his first mission in Romania in 1928. for his outstanding merits.k. deportation. others out of respect for the discipline of the party.1948. After 1944.000 people. who challenged his re-election to the office of Secretary General of the Romanian Communist Party (PCR). he was arrested THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . often attending meetings of neighborhood and district organizations in Bucharest. Ana Pauker`s secretary. Pantiuşa.UM 0666 79 by the State Security and imprisoned in Doftana.a. when Ceauşescu posthumously rehabilitated the communist leader LucreŃiu Pătrăşcanu.has become the most feared state structure for which terror. Pantiuşa was expelled from the party. he stated that he had committed some of the crimes out of conviction. Văcăreşti and Caransebeş prisons for 16 years. as was the General Inspectorate of the Militia. In 1971. the opponent of Nicolae Ceauşescu in November 1979.1923). they needed reliable staff. On August 30. the Information and Documentation Centre and the State Archives Department. after which he was recruited by the NKVD (Narodnâi Komissariat Vnutrennih Del . Securitate General .78 MICROSOFT Securitate became one of the most feared political police structures in the entire Communist Bloc.People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs) and trained in espionage and sabotage against the Romanian authorities. Pantiuşa married Ana Toma (born Ana Grossman). For remembrance. During the time served in prison he became acquainted with future communist leaders such as Gheorghe Gheorgiu-Dej. To liquidate any elements "hostile" to the regime. Nicolae Ceauşescu rehabilitated Timofei Bodnarenko.Gheorghe Pintilie a. . Pârvulescu after marrying Constantin Pârvulescu. imprisonment and murder of approximately 400. the Secret Police elite thus created and part of it resisting until after the year of grace 1989 . new people to carry out political orders without any protests. Retired on demand (they say) in 1963. the Assassin Buried with Military Honors .a. between 1945 . Piotr Goncearuk and Vladimir Mazuru were his deputies. who would later become Mrs. a. torture and murder were commonplace notions on the agenda. Teohari Georgescu and Iosif Chişinevschi. According to Wikipedia encyclopedia.k. Pantiuşa was Head of the party`s Household. Alexandru Nicolschi. Consequently. Investigated by the Secret Police. At the plenum of the Communist Party in 1968. I will mention some “heavy” names of those sad times. he could not stand apart from the party.held responsible for the arrest. The State Security Council (CSS) was part of the Ministry of Interior. 1948. As a teenager he fought in the Red Army during the Civil War (1918 . which were adverse or provocative in the opinion of the new communist leaders.

Now a sergeant. and five years later he became Head of Department I of the Domestic Intelligence Department. was one of the most fierce. sadistic. two- .UM 0666 81 captain and decorated with "Steaua Republicii Populare Române" (“The Star of the Romanian People's Republic”) on account of the murders committed against the anti-communist resistance groups in the mountains. PleşiŃă remained to his death the same semi-illiterate as he was as a carpenter. 2009. Thereafter. on September 29. commander on five counties in the western part of the country and between 1964 and 1968 he attended the Faculty of History within Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj. he was promoted to THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . cynical and tough officers of this structure. being elected alternate member of the Romanian Communist Party`s CC (Central Committee). On February 19.Nicolae PleşiŃă. 1990. thus becoming president of the forestry union. After several transfers in various hot spots of the country. let alone the communist teachings that were taught there. PleşiŃă enrolled into the Romanian Communist Party in 1947. 1984 he was dismissed from the above-mentioned offices and appointed commander of the training school for reserve officers (to be read: undercover officers) of the Ministry of Interior from Grădişte. Up until his death at the age of 80. In 1967 he was appointed Head of the Directorate for Security and Guard within the Ministry of Interior.80 MICROSOFT Pantiuşa. In 1958 he was sent to the USSR for specialization at the Marxist-Leninist University where he did not learn well even Russian. the Secret Police Brute . who became known during the bloody suppression of the armed resistance in the mountains. He led the investigation of persecution against Paul Goma and those who joined his appeal on human rights in the spring of 1977. in a Romanian Intelligence Service sanatorium. for four years. On the same occasion. The General died in August 1985 and was buried with military honors performed by the Romanian Army`s fanfare.1967 he was a Securitate colonel. Between September 1978 and April 1980 he was the head of the Ministry of Interior`s military school for active officers located in Băneasa. Carpenter in a timber factory in Curtea de Arges. PleşiŃă. he was then promoted to Major General. On November 26. During 1961 . Secret Police General and Head of the Foreign Intelligence. this sinister person was First Deputy of the Minister of Interior and head of the Securitate`s CIE (Foreign Intelligence Center). this monster had been flaunting his cruel assassin past by defying his victims through numerous appearances on television and in the print media. failing to properly assimilate even the Romanian language. the communist torturer was recruited by the Regional Directorate of the Secret Police in Piteşti. Despite this "spectrum". his wife Ana Toma received the “Hero of Socialist Labor” distinction. Ilfov county. A year later he was promoted to the Union of Communist Youth (UTC) county organization. He was also deeply involved in the attacks against the Romanian department of "Europa Liberă" (Radio Free Europe) and collaborated with left-wing international terrorist organizations. by awarding him the 2nd Class “Tudor Vladimirescu” Order.



star ranked Lieutenant General Nicolae PleşiŃă
retired during the first Iliescu regime.
Glorious Past as Secret Police Agent
In 1997, General PleşiŃă was indicted for
complicity in the bomb attack of February 21, 1981,
on Radio Free Europe in Munich, when instead of
blowing up the station`s Romanian department the
Czechoslovak one exploded. The attack had been
staged with international terrorist Carlos a.k.a. "the
Jackal" (Ilich Ramirez Sánchez), who had previously
visited our country and received a few million dollars
in return for seven murder orders, including the one
targeting Securitate General Ion Mihai Pacepa, fled
to the U.S.. Carlos "the Jackal" was picked up in
Prague by Secret Police officers Ion Diaconescu and
Sergiu Nica, who also mediated his subsequent
meetings with generals Vlad, Postelnicu, PleşiŃă and
activist Ghizela Vass.
Later on, in 2009, we will find Ion Diaconescu in
the position of deputy to Dan Nica, Minister of the
Interior, who, together with PSD mayor Marian
Vanghelie, would support Senator Cătălin Voicu to
become Minister of the Interior, based on the latter's
promise to "restore the network at the level of
Justice" on the whole territory.
Under political and Securitate oligarchy
pressures, the Romanian military courts stopped the
investigation against General PleşiŃă in 2000,
allegedly for lack of evidence; it was resumed four
years later by a civil court. In March 2009, six
months before his death, the notorious communist
murderer had the satisfaction to be released from
criminal prosecution.



By way of gratitude for his work in the service of
the Secret Police and against the Romanian people,
PleşiŃă spent his last three months of life in a
sanatorium belonging to the SRI. He has not been
forgotten by his former subordinates from ClujNapoca who sent a funeral wreath to his memorial
service. The same approach came from a SRI unit
and then personally from another member of the
Secret Police enrolled in NKVD - KGB (and
exposed), General Iulian Vlad, the last Head of the
Secret Police before the events in 1989, deeply
involved in the bloody suppression of demonstrators
in Timişoara and sentenced to 25 years in prison
from which he served in fact only 4 (four) years.
Butcher in the Ministry of Interior
- George Enoiu, Securitate colonel, specialized
in the most unimaginable torture methods such as
isolation, starvation and deprivation of rest, sole and
electrocution, etc. He was the principal investigator
of the students arrested during 1956-1957 and who
found great amusement in hitting their heads with his
fists and feet until they admitted to doing what was
held against them. During investigations, he used to
wrap a sheet around him so as not to get stained by
blood. Despite the atrocities that he had committed,
Enoiu was kept within the Secret Police until
December 1989.
Coming from the same county as Nicolae
PleşiŃă, Argeş, Enoiu was Head of the Penal
Investigation Department of MAI, within the
Securitate`s VIIIth Directorate and was called
"Butcher of the Interior” because of his cruelty. He



was involved in the investigation of LucreŃiu
Pătrăşcanu, the communist leader sentenced to
death and executed in April 1954. His investigations
also targeted, among others, Ana Pauker, Teohari
Georgescu or Vasile Luca, who had fallen from the
grace of Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej since 1952, and
later on Paul Goma, Alexandru Ivasiuc and many
Paul Goma:
Enoiu Gheorghe - captain in 1956, when
dealing with Legionnaires and students. So-called
"Butcher" – there were many butchers in the
Securitate. He also beat me (piece of cake as
compared to what Petrişor, Ivasiuc, Cocioran,
Costică Iliescu had to endure); he is guilty of student
Ştefan Negrea`s death; he hit him - his head, only
the head - until he went mad - he hanged himself in
In his duplicity and cowardice, and despite the
testimony of his victims, Gheorghe Enoiu has never
admitted to using such methods on the investigated
Petea, Champion of Political Frame-ups
- Petre Petrescu (born Piotr Goncearuk), a.k.a.
Petea, was arrested for being a Russian spy and
shared the same prison cell with Emil Bodnăraş in
Caransebeş, where he became head of the hard
labor. Close acquaintance of Gheorghiu-Dej, under
NKVD coordination, Goncearuk was one of the most



important factors in the legendary frame-ups which
compromised the traditional political parties. After
becoming colonel, he was later promoted to become
deputy to General Serghei Nicolau (born Serghei
Nokonov), also a Russian spy, Director General of
the Secret Police during its first years of existence.
On other executioners of the Romanian People
see Annex 6.

Officers of Death
As you can notice, there have been only a few
or no references at all to the party activists or to the
political leaders of the country because our goal is
not to condemn communism, but to show who made
possible this social plague. Or rather, to show who
has manipulated the party activists and for what
Former Securitate Generals, most of them
semi-illiterate and utterly uneducated, have trained
reliable people who could later step in their place.
Among those are Gabi Naghi, Florin Calapod, a.k.a.
Cristescu, Alexandru Grumaz, and the SRI Director`s
deputies, generals Ovidiu Soare or Vasile Ioan Lupu
– protectors of the Prahova mafia within this
institution, prosecuted but never convicted -, col.
Corneliu Păltânea - head of the Prahova mafia within
SRI, Admiral Emil Dumitrescu a.k.a. Cico presidential advisor during Ion Iliescu`s regime,
superintendent Nicolae Berechet, Ionel Marin -, SRI
General, Cătălin Voicu - senator and Major General
of the Romanian Army, etc.

Their greatest success was to infiltrate into the NATO Headquarters and to steal top-secret documents of the North Atlantic Alliance. After December 1989 the situation has .UM 0666 89 On January 18. In April the same year. given the distinction received from the feared Russian secret service. 1990 became SIE (Foreign Intelligence Service). where he held several positions in the intelligence structures. living under terror and in cold. not before. some of the informers recruited by Caraman were compromised and so he was summoned back to Romania. More information about this figure denigrated by some and loved by others can be found in the “French Dictionary of Espionage . Mihai Caraman was Head of SIE. up to Head of the Counterintelligence Division of DIE (Foreign Intelligence Department). The damages caused to NATO were significantly increased by the fact that those documents also came into possession of the KGB (Komitet Gosudarstvennoj Bezopasnosti Committee for State Security). NKVD. hunger and deficiencies of all kind. announced crypto-communist Ion Iliescu that he would not go through with his planned visit to Bucharest as long as Gen. however. which was incompatible with his position of Head of the Intelligence Services of a country aspiring to become member of the North Atlantic Alliance.took care of their own welfare while the population was starving.History and Techniques" published in 1998. After the so-called treason of General Ion Mihai Pacepa. Caraman was chief of the Romanian intelligence residence in Paris (1958 . promoting him to General Colonel who would benefit of an "outrageous" retirement pension. Caraman was removed from any position of responsibility. on December 13. * I insist on the fact that the most important mission of all Secret Police agents in the communist era was to annihilate any "hostile" and "opponent" elements which would have displeased the political power of the RPR (Romanian People's Republic). the members of the Secret Police organized on principles of caste . Iliescu had no choice but to get rid of this controversial character and approve his "application" for retirement. Manfred Wörner. later RSR (Socialist Republic of Romania). 1990. NATO Secretary General. the indisputable leader of the FSN (National Salvation Front). he was reactivated by Ion Iliescu. on grounds that he had spied against NATO. This was also the reason why the General was the only Romanian officer of the communist Securitate decorated by the KGB for exceptional results against NATO. Additionally. In 1968.1968) and coordinated the network which bore his name. THE GUARDIAN ANGEL .88 MICROSOFT General Caraman Decorated by the NKVD Securitate General Mihai Caraman was a special case in the Securitate oligarchy because his results in the counterintelligence cannot be compared to those of his colleagues. who appointed him Deputy Minister of National Defense and commander of the Foreign Intelligence Center and which. in 1979 he was retired and put in reserve. In 1992.

416 civilian employees and 46. For now. I present you the opinion of Tatiana Brătescu. but he covered the hut with earth and killed them by choking.028 conscripts. Timofei Bodnarenko). Alexandru Nicolschi was its Head until 1948 when.and I do not know whether he summoned them or not to come out.UM 0666 91 when he got drunk. the Securitate had 15. We were appalled. Its first director was Pantiuşa (Gheoghe Pintilie. The role of the Securitate. his deputies being generals Nicolschi and Vladimir Mazuru . but we will refer to this aspect later on.k. the personnel of the Security Forces amounted to 5.a. daughter of Ana Pauker. let us observe how the Securitate was structured.633 active officers. I would once have the occasion to find out THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . In the fall of communism. about this odious communist torturer: Pantiuşa was a sinister character. until 1956. The Secret Police officers were also the main source of information for the restraint of the "enemies of the people" in prisons and extermination camps by using forced labor. SMERSH.90 MICROSOFT changed. 4.312 employees as follows: . He then told us how. In 1951. the Ministry of Interior`s troops who were fulfilling their duties in the same establishments. by Decree no. a. the Midwife of the Securitate The Secret Police (Securitate) was established by a division of the NKVD called SMERSH. In 1958. they were actively involved in their repression. This is what he was capable of. He was told that the priests held a meeting in a hut in the steppe. the Ministry of Interior was reorganized into the Security Department and the Interior Department. He then rushed there – it was in Ukraine . To what extent." For a more detailed image on the psychological. the first director of the Securitate. while being a young Komsomol. while also supervising. but after four years the whole newly established ministry was incorporated into the Ministry of Interior. 1. A year later. 221 of the Great National Assembly of RPR the State Security Council was established.all three Soviet undercover officers of the NKVD. the Securitate officers had no prerogatives over the political prisoners held in labor camps and prisons. the first Romanian name of this communist apparatus of Stalinist terror being the Mobile Squad. The Secret Police bodies were "the only ones invested with the power to prosecute crimes that endanger the democratic regime and the security of the people. with Minister rank in the Council of Ministers.108 reemployed sergeants. was "to defend the democratic achievements and to ensure the security of the Romanian People's Republic against the maneuvers of the internal and external enemies". moral and human profile of Gheorghe Pintilie. the Securitate was separated from the Ministry of Interior and was incorporated into the Ministry of State Security. which replaced the General Directorate of the Security Police. for information purposes. he was pursuing kulaks and priests. Despite the fact that.

465 employees. .Commandment for Technical Operations and Communications . .22 employees.795 employees. .Special Training Center .Independent Service for Foreign Trade .499 employees.Security and Guard – 486 employees (306 officers) .388 employees. 136 warrant officers.UM 0666 93 . .137 employees.Telephone Monitoring and Video Surveillance) . .477 employees .Information and Documentation Centre . . .272 employees.Special Unit "R" (radio broadcasts and counterintelligence) .Counterintelligence . THE GUARDIAN ANGEL .Division VI .Independent Service Educators and Military Organization . .170 employees.29 employees.Secret Mail Transport Service .Security of Bucharest Municipality and County Inspectorates – 6.451 employees and Service "D" (disinformation) .MU 0525 within the Foreign Intelligence Center .Division V (MU 0666) .017 officers). .475 employees.Special Unit “F” (stakeout) . .Division II .Division I .Special Anti-Terrorist Combat Unit .Special Unit "T" (Tonola .77 employees.known as "Bottles and jars”.74 employees. ." Dunărea" Foreign Trade Enterprise .72 employees (36 officers).059 employees. .Military Counterintelligence – 1.92 MICROSOFT . . the famous "Two-and-aquarter”( "Doi şi-un sfert").Special Unit “P” (special production and research) .781 employees.Commandment of Security Forces – 1. 535 civilian employees and 20.Foreign Intelligence . undercover unit Division I of the Securitate (chief financial officer .IRVMR (former 3R – Recovery-ReconditionReuse) .133 employees (926 officers). 926 non-commissioned officers.known as "The Ear and the Eardrum”.Special Unit “S” (detecting hidden writings and graphics expertise) . .288 conscripts.059 employees (4. .25 employees.RATMIL (former Autonomous Administration of Military Technics) .Foreign Intelligence Center – 1. . .114 employees (98 officers).42 employees.Counterintelligence . .387 officers.Independent Service Legal Secretariat .Criminal investigations . . taken over in 1989 by the new Police and turned into secret agents of MU 0215.Political Council of DSS .Division III . "Praetorians" of Ceauşescu.Training School for Securitate officers Grădiştea .242 employees (213 officers).the most feared and hated Securitate officers. .Independent Service for Protection of State Secrets . .45 employees.167 employees (150 officers). . . .Sebastian Vlădescu). . ready to defend the beloved leader at the cost of their own lives. .Training Center for Securitate officers Bran 30 employees. .specialized in arms trade with Africa and the Middle East (Director Eugen . merged with MU 0195 – Foreign Counterintelligence . .Division IV .57 employees.13 officers.

1989 Division V had a staff of 484 people. possibly subordinated to Directorate V . Of this total. 341 members of the staff. . they also fully enjoyed all the privileges of senior officials and had in their subordination the feared USLA combat unit .MU 0666 (Security and Guard) was the most despicable of all these Securitate bodies. the employees of this structure were better paid than their other fellow colleagues. On December 22. except for the USLAs (Special AntiTerrorist Combat Unit). Under the satanic mark of the beast.MU 0666. suspected of terrorism. 666. and especially to ensure the security of the Ceauşescu couple. its mission being to ensure the security and protection of the Romanian and foreign dignitaries visiting our country and also of their families. 144 non-commissioned officers and 20 civilian employees.Division "Z" . Soon all of them were released without a single .a true symbol of terror for the Romanian population. being superior to their fellow colleagues because of their position as "Praetorians" of the Ceauşescus. Yet the officers in this structure could afford any kind of abuse. Bogdan Olteanu)."n" employees trained to kill the dissidents from the Diaspora and to eliminate the elements "hostile" to the communist regime from the inside. 14 warrant officers. CHAPTER IX The Odious MU 0666 Division V . of which 306 officers. were arrested after the establishment of the new original democracy.94 MICROSOFT Nicolăescu and member in the Board of Trustees.

career officers . Ion Gheorghe Maurer. where the interested reader will discover who were the Heads of the Secret Services from 1924 up to today. 1993. In his book published two years later. Head of the Foreign Intelligence Centre ordered Securitate officer Matei Pavel Haiducu (born Hirsch and son of a senior official in the Ministry of Interior during the '50s) to kill by poisoning dissidents Paul Goma and Virgil Tănase.96 MICROSOFT charge brought against them. On February 5. In addition to them there were many Russian spies "picked up" by the Security services and subsequently infiltrated among the Romanian communists. Gheorghe Apostol. Securitate is not Dead. Once the Securitate has been integrated into the Ministry of National Defense Ardeleanu-Bulă was appointed by Ion Iliescu vicepresident of the Higher Commission for Regulation and Structure within the Ministry of National Defense. to work himself into Nicolae Ceuşescu`s favour. "I refused to kill. who had come to realize how incompetent he was in his position. imprisoned in Doftana a few communist leaders with Russian pay-rolls and some legionary leaders who conspired against the country." he recounts the whole story with details. Emil Bodnăraş. Haiducu did not follow PleşiŃă`s orders and surrendered to the French intelligence services. Division V . from the Republic of Moldova or from the Ukraine. legionarii Horia Sima and Zelea Codreanu and anarchist Max Goldstein. I will conclude this chapter by making reference to Annex 7. the odious Nicolae PleşiŃă. who had taken refuge in France. THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . Note that. Secret Police Funds for Crime. In May 1990. Unfortunately.UM 0666 97 Nicolae Ceauşescu. He died on June 15. with all the rights deriving from Law 42/1990. The illiterate General. Most of the Russian spies . "Haiducu" Affair In 1982.MU 0666 became SPP (Protection and Guard Service).000 contributing members who were receiving sustained support from the USSR. Bihor county. Chivu Stoica. under the command of Major General Dumitru Iliescu. the Communist Party had around 1. up to August 1944.spoke Romanian and were recruited from Transnistria. Securitate Changes The political power during the interwar period and during World War II. ordered the assassinations out of excessive zeal. the colonel was retired and entitled to a retirement pension of senior officer and the beneficiary of a Revolution fighter certificate. poisoned with insecticide in the hospital of Ştei town. Tudor Carapancea. Ştefan Foriş. The last commander of Division V was General Neagoe Marin and the last commander of the Special Anti-Terrorist Combat Unit – MU 0620 – was Colonel Gheorghe Ardeleanu (born Moise Bulă). Among them most notable were: Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej. 1991. their Bolshevik experience was decisive for Romania's dark future. . who did not speak any foreign language and whose Romanian language skills were only basic. And I will explain the reason why. at that time.

Ion Badea . the dictator assigned PleşiŃă to the Securitate School in Grădiştea. at that time. but the two dissidents` bodies were still nowhere to be found. undercover Secret Police agents or the devoted collaborators of the Securitate have been recruited from all fields of activity under the promise of a rapid career development and various other privileges. at which point Ceauşescu became even more suspicious. President Francois Mitterrand seemed to suggest in an interview that Virgil Tănase`s wife would have some "connections" with the French DST. Haiducu returned home as if he would have done the job and. thus ruining the prestige of our country for many years. As a punishment.with the CIE. and that. often since their graduation.98 MICROSOFT Tănase and Goma were hidden by the French secret services while the press sparked a scandal on the matter of their murder. which would assure access to high career positions . to the great satisfaction of General PleşiŃă. he was even decorated by Ceauşescu. PleşiŃă's failure occurred a year after the unsuccessful attack against the Romanian department of Radio Free Europe. In addition to that. Training Reliable Agents In the following I will present the methods the Secret Police was using before '89 in order to train its magistrates as well as other reliable agents in the school in Bran. after December 1989. This figure is the prototype of the brute Secret Police agent who has dedicated his entire life only for his self-interest and for the defense of communism. at PleşiŃă`s suggestion. They were told that they would participate in training courses. still being there when the Revolution of December 1989 broke out. alike Bulgarian President Todor Jivkov. Three months passed. French President Mitterrand. I would like to mention that many of those graduates still hold today important positions in the State administration and that they have been and they still are involved in the training of successors who would follow their vile careers.UM 0666 99 visit to Romania. It was a scandal that also reached Bucharest. The young. Interesting to mention that.and press attaché . which he later canceled as a sign of protest against the "Haiducu" Affair and stated that our country was run by "a gang of assassins". whose campaign had been sponsored by Nicolae Ceauşescu. Everything culminated with Haiducu`s appearance on the French TV who stated that the two opponents of the Romanian communist regime were still alive and that he had cooperated with the French secret services to save their lives. had a planned THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . who were subsequently “informatively-worked” for a long period of time. he exposed the relationship of the country's ambassador in Paris . Ceauşescu appeared in the public eye as an "assassin of dissidents". The Secret Police used to draw up the psychological portrait of the candidates.Dumitru Aninoiu . all prosecutors trained in Securitate and other PCR schools have been advanced in their careers. prospective. all for the best interest of the caste. the ability to act only upon order and the possibility to control them by using blackmail. Thus. Their intellectual capacity counted for very little. The basic conditions were their obsequiousness. which roused the suspicion of the Romanian dictator.

and only vaguely suspecting what all could be about. 2008): I would add that some people`s destinies are still being crashed. after which they signed the well-known confidentiality commitments . Only that. Homes have also been searched under the pretext of checking the functionality of the telephone. In Bran. (many of them still holding their office and being even professors – Ed. even in situations where there were no proofs or when there was only framed evidence.100 MICROSOFT THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . radio or television devices. And no wonder. to counterfeit false evidence and sentence to heavy penalties or even to death the “undesirables” on Securitate orders and under the protection of the Communist Party bodies. since all It is high time I talked about the atrocities of the Securitate . in cooperation with the Army. hallucinogenic substances or torture. Alexandru Pantea ("România liberă" .true pacts with the devil. They were conducted by Militia and Secret Police officers or recidivist prisoners. reporter from "România liberă" daily. back then I did not know what was .). They were often irradiated. Our teachers were prosecutors from the General Prosecutor`s Office or Secret Police officers. the training consisted of making it a habit for the magistrates to arrest. We have been taught to use cameras. investigate. After that came some lectures on the reasons where and why they were there. We have been instructed to conduct special investigations by using blackmail. People`s homes have been searched with warrants issued by prosecutors. Given the stakes.Comunist system because no prosecutor has done that before.March 11. and we were instructed to release warrants upon request of the Securitate. where “multi-qualified” doctors schooled in Bran killed them. drugged or hospitalized in psychiatric hospitals. we did absolutely everything from firearms practice in a shooting range to simulating terrorist captures. except that the former torturer Securitate agents have been replaced by new Secret Police agents infiltrated in all secret services. it counted less that they would need to make some compromises and to carry out certain orders that they would receive. to install listening devices into telephone. Now is the time that young people knew what really happened. "the students" were astonished to find on their assigned beds training military uniforms and footwear which would perfectly fit their sizes. in politics and in the civil society. Once arrived at the School in Bran. Those were promises that could tempt any youngster decided to take on the world. and then I was too afraid to escape from the system. how destinies have been crashed on order of Communist Party activists and Secret Police agents. radio or television devices. coming. Some of my former colleagues could accuse me for being a traitor because I have broken the vow upon enrollment into that school. As revealed in 2008 by former prosecutor Alexandru Pantea to Ondine GherguŃ. Particularly interesting is the statement of President Traian Băsescu issued in 2008 and referring to the fact that one quarter of the Romanian magistrates today has been at least Securitate collaborator.UM 0666 101 while they were still young.

Maybe it is not a coincidence that characters such as Eugen Nicolăescu. Two such notorious examples are Alexandru łuculeanu and Ilie Picioruş. subordinated to DIE. the answer received from the Romanian Intelligence Service being: "SRI does not provide such information”. It is Adrian Petre Podea. Fact that could subsequently lead us to believe that the software theft. Interesting. the property theft and the two attempts on his life are not pure coincidences. prosecutors and other graduates (at least those of the School in Bran) could not be blackmailed anymore and thus they could refuse to carry out the orders of the Securitate oligarchy.. at this time arrested for 29 days for taking bribe..UM 0666 103 continuation of those initiated by the Securitate officers in the early '80s. or in their political activities of that time. along with Judge Dumitru Rebegea. who have reached leading positions within the General Prosecutor`s Office. As a conclusion. Sebastian Vlădescu or Vasile Blaga have reached such high positions. CNSAS (National Council for the Study of the former Securitate Archives) requested the Romanian Intelligence Service and MIRA (Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform) to nominate the magistrates who have been "trained" in Secret Police schools.102 MICROSOFT graduates of Bran School have been promoted to different positions after 1989. The same approach was taken by the newspaper "România liberă". the latter even reaching as far as the Superior Council of Magistracy. the OMNIS Group owner was operatively monitored by three secret services of the communist state: MU 0666. in spring 2008.. MU0625 and the F21 Service.between 1981 and 1983. eh? . . And the services couldn`t care less . This was the only way in which unscrupulous people could get access to high positions in certain economic sectors. In fact. But I am going to write about this character sometimes later on. He has been also deeply involved in the protection of the Prahova usurers. young university graduates have been recruited from all domains to become collaborators or undercover officers of the Securitate. One of the Securitate leaders is still holding office today in the magistracy by being a judge in Ploieşti. up to his departure from the country. without excelling in either their profession. As already mentioned. former Securitate officer who "operatively worked” Dragoş Rişcanu owner of OMNIS GROUP SRL . Of particular importance is the fact that. these actions being a THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . the Romanian Intelligence Service stubbornly refuses to lay the cards on the table in the service of the historical truth.. Supposing they do that.

once their mentors and tutors. Voicu was a recentlyappointed lieutenant working in the Transmission Command in the Romanian Land Forces . the armored carriers unit sided with Ion Iliescu. taking advantage of the events of December 1989. of the revealed in "România liberă" in March 2010 .or Securitate-like network – whatever you would like to call it . following Minister of Defense Vasile Milea`s "suicide". It is the notable case.created by the Social Democratic Party senator Cătălin the 3rd Mechanized Regiment. In December 1989. led by Captain Ionel Marin and Deputies Dumitru Venicius Iliescu and Gabriel Naghi.CHAPTER X Voicu Network on Justice Inside the Securitate there were "young wolves" who. The next day. just called from home to grab the reins of the new democracy. have created their own networks by having in the shadow professional puppeteers. at least at European level. this unit`s Armored Personnel Carriers (“TABs”) have actively participated in the murder of 49 innocent people and injured 599 demonstrators in downtown Bucharest. . currently behind bars and investigated for serious acts of corruption. On December 21.

fraud. on his third return to Cotroceni. It was the time when. With the direct support of Mayor Marian Vanghelie and the parental blessing of Ion Iliescu. Dumitru Iliescu later became Director of the SPP (Protection and Guard Service) and then adviser to CSAT (the Supreme Defence Service of the country). Voicu was assigned to SPP. For promoting the "communism with a human face". Thus. His arms stretched out more even more during the time when PSD Petre Ninosu was Minister of Justice. President Traian Băsescu being misinformed and led to believe that all of them are in CNSAS custody. who had lost the elections in favor of Emil Constantinescu. who was state secretary at the Ministry of Justice. According to the issue of March 22. Dumitru Iliescu and Voicu were appointed presidential advisers and Naghi – SPP Director. drew out a gun and made a clear statement to his audience: he and the Army were the new leaders of the General Prosecutor`s Office and whoever opposed them would be shot to death. notorious Communist Ion Iliescu did not forget about Cătălin Voicu. heavy names in the Romanian Justice were part of Voicu`s network. was made "exceptional" general under the oath to defend at the cost of his own life the second-echelon communists who had seized the political power. after being put in reserve. Everyone. THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . the Ministry of Defence and back. his mission being to protect the newly-appointed Attorney General. were held by the third. the network has lost the protection of President Ion Iliescu. he appointed him Head of the General Prosecutor's Office. I dared to categorize as being one of the most corrupt institutions in our country: According to transcripts. After a while during which he strengthened some relationships. as subordinate of the same Dumitru Iliescu. Civil Division chief in charge of intellectual property rights.) After 1997. a ministry which. Voicu called a meeting with the chief prosecutors. in the first volume of this trilogy. etc.UM 0666 107 (The thorough MU 0666 Archives used to blackmail. who had previously insured his protection. This means that all classified documents intended for the Head of State first passed through the filter of the first two. today judge of the High Court of Cassation and Justice. those of particular importance. Cătălin Voicu was launched in politics and ever since 2004 he has been a member in the Romanian Parliament. defame. the prosecutors who were close to Voicu were: . The day after the execution of the Ceauşescu couple. while others. Cătălin Voicu. 2010 of "România liberă". Investigators believe that during that time he met Judge Costiniu Florin. are now in SPP custody. meanwhile Naghi was also promoted SPP chief. Iliescu reactivated all three of them. In 2000. Not one file has been handed to CNSAS. including Voicu. Gheorghe Robu. Dumitru Iliescu and Gabriel Naghi set up a Protection and Security Company. murder.106 MICROSOFT The new political power emerged in its shadow was transported by the same TABs from the CC (Central Committee) of PCR to the TVR (Romanian Television).

and I developed together with them. endangering the interests of their caste. when nobody listened to anybody’s orders and it worked during '89.all the time and all my relations. As for the Police. would break his neck. Voicu was in a close relationship with Florin Costiniu. he was reactivated in the Romanian Intelligence Services. currently Head of Department at the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ÎCCJ) and Cristian Jipa. Adrian Miclescu. shaping it in their own image. the reader can easily understand from the interception . According to the transcripts. a Criminal Division Judge within ÎCCJ.) in three years I can create the entire Romanian network.) Sir. with new Securitate agents trained by them and interest groups created by them for both material and political influence reasons. What has escaped Cătălin Voicu`s sight is that absolute power was not favored by the Russian spies who created and controlled the Secret Police. you will have the Romanian Prosecutor`s Office.. Winston Churchill: Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Among judges. Napoleon: All power corrupts. former retired Generals Constantin Matei and Marcel Isac. aiming at no less than the portfolio of the Ministry of the Interior. chief of the police elite troops..of a discussion between Cătălin Voicu and Senator Alexandru Mazăre: THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . all of the Justice and the entire Court in the palm of your hands. (. we can claim that we are dealing with former Securitate agents infiltrated into the new state structures. Miclescu`s subordinates. I have already told you that in December 1989 I was appointed adjutant to the first Attorney General of democratic Romania. who had become too greedy and reckless. arrested for illegally holding people against their will and protection fee extortion.made by DNA prosecutors .beneficiary of Bancorex loans with state-subsidized interest worked for a certain time in the Criminal Investigations and. In conclusion to everything we have mentioned so far. after Ion Iliescu`s return to power.UM 0666 109 Cătălin Voicu: If I am appointed to the Ministry of the Interior. protagonists of many press scandals while they were still active. and prosecutors Vasile Drăghici şi Ioan OŃel. former Secretary of State for Justice during Ion Iliescu`s first presidential term. How far the tentacles of the Voicu network have stretched. General Matei became a “star" also due his son. Marian Capotă...) deputy and collaborator of the Securitate. (. This might have been the reason why the Secret Police agents made it so that Cătălin Voicu. appear to be actors in an influence peddling case. it all went smoothly as they could be more easily blackmailed. Head of Special Investigations Unit of the General Prosecutor`s Office.108 MICROSOFT Pantelimon Boştină from the Military Prosecutor`s Office. . former PNA (National Anticorruption Directorate – Ed. General Isac . '90 .

Before that he was senior officer within Ceauşescu`s Securitate Direction V (MU 0666) and during the events of December '89 he went hiding inside Bucharest Militia District 1 so as not to be recognized and lynched by the people in the streets. four years since committing those crimes. construction materials and recruitment of SRI undercover officers. attempt to THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . outside the legal framework”. Gheorghe Dumitrache and former presidential adviser Emil Dumitrescu a. he has often found a partner and a mentor in Adrian Petre Podea.a.a.) was charged with influence peddling". former state adviser to the Presidential Administration (during Ion Iliescu's mandate – Ed. The two were also put under preventive arrest. General Soare has been indicted by the DNA (National Anticorruption Directorate) prosecutors together with col. complicity to malicious use of SRI property with purpose contrary to the institutions regulations. charged and then released by the courts. Another one who benefited from that situation was Colonel Daniel Bucur. but soon they were released by the nine judges of the High Court of Cassation and Justice. Colonel Corneliu Păltânea. incitement without execution of criminal fraud. He was accused of "taking bribe. forgery in deeds by private signature. “Emil Cico Dumitrescu. It is important to mention that Podea (still free and making justice among other Prahova county .k. Reserve Colonel Gheorghe Dumitrache (in-law of billionaire Liviu Luca from Petromservice and godfather of prosecutor Gheorghe Muscalu from the Prosecutor's Office within the High Court of Cassation and Justice). they have not received any conviction. Up to this moment. the omission to inform the judicial authorities with regards to the Romanian national security on the normative version and providing secret or confidential information by any means. "former head of Direction A within Prahova Information Service inside SRI was prosecuted for influence peddling. Prahova Network Leader on Prahova County is the small network of judge Dumitru Rebegea.110 MICROSOFT Ovidiu Soare Network on the Romanian Intelligence Services Retired General Ovidiu Soare.k.a. Ghenosu'. The first two were retained in custody for 29 days. this time inside a secret service. It was also under General Ovidiu Soare`s coordination that the mafia network of the Head of SRI Prahova. currently in custody (really for how long?) for taking bribe from usurers. bribery. together setting free well-known criminal usurers. They have not received any conviction. association to commit crimes. has activated for years. An insignificant pawn on the chessboard of the Secret Police oligarchy. incitement to intellectual forgery. Austrianu' and Florin Pârjol a. the dust of oblivion covering their investigation files.UM 0666 111 pursue to commit perjury and association to commit crimes". Head of the Inspectorate for the Protection of the Constitution and Economic Security has created its own network. Cico.k. including Sandu Zamfir a. SRI Deputy Director. who was dealing petroleum.

which took a stand against the fact that the newly-announced power structures were all former communists (manipulated by “the old and the new” Securitate agents . Rişcanu chose to leave rather than work with these torturers. threats and psychological torture to determine a potentially "hostile" person (who is not a party member. First Mineriad. to establish the State of Law (s.). It is possible that the offenses for which I have initiated the prosecution – more specificaly art. in June 2010.. who has "informatively-worked" Dragoş Rişcanu in file no. In 2009. his income probably increased. This movement was suppressed in a bloody manner between 13 .15 June 1990 is improperly said a mineriad because it was actually a repression of the new government against the demonstrators in University Square.15 June 1990. Radu Podea. set by the state Military prosecutor Dan Voinea was assigned to investigate the events of December '89 and the mineriad of 13 . in addition of his retirement pension as Securitate officer expert in political police practices. including state officials who are involved in this criminal phenomenon. For his achievements in the administration of justice. instigator. the General has leaked information to the media from time to time thus setting public opinion on fire while the orchestrators of those events remained indifferent. Adrian Petre Podea also received all through 2008 94 million ROL per month.15 June 1990 by the same repressive forces which had also acted in December 1989. . is continuing the family tradition by being a lawyer inside Prahova County Bar Association. which refers to the illegal detention of those who fell under the power of the adversary and thus they were detained as political prisoners and underwent bad treatments .112 MICROSOFT litigants) is a former Secret Police officer of MU 0625.n. It is almost impossible to ask those from the organized crime. His an imprescriptible offense. But see. being in fact a bloody action of the state institutions. he told RFI (Radio France Internationale) that the anticommunist movement in June 1990 was suppressed in a bloody manner by THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . Thus. 217. or belonging to the caste) to become an informer. In 1983. One can assume the reason why he has not reached a decisive conclusion in these cases: some of the most serious and grave pressures have been exerted on him. a relative to a more prominent member of the Securitate or the Militia.704 of 1981.UM 0666 113 the same repressive forces which have also acted in December '89. To "informatively-work someone" means to try through blackmail. The mineriad of 13 . However. are unaware of the fact that the population has passed from Communist dictatorship to practically falling into the hands of organized crime. etc. the victims who have not found justice in this file.I would add) and then the University Square movement was born to raise the awareness against the danger that members of the former Romanian communist government could be found in the new power structure. and the same happened with the Revolution files. 358 of the Penal Code.

My interlocutor. the lieutenant-colonel started to make some revelations. and the man stood close by because he obviously liked the idea. but someone proposed staging the violent actions of the demonstrators. while I was a reporter for “România liberă" daily. was assigned this task. it all started when a bus stationed near Ion Câmpineanu Street was set on fire by unidentified persons disguised as "hooligans. as prime minister. being remarked by the FSN leaders. who had borrowed money from that owner. he summoned THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . They promised he would be the leader of the whole structure.UM 0666 115 those in the position to come with a solution. the officer becoming a poor Police commander in one of the most notorious neighborhoods of Bucharest. took on the duty to solve the situation in University Square. . Petre Roman. Thus. Nobody knows where the idea came from. Finally it appeared that it was the revenge of a police officer from the Ozana neighborhood of Bucharest. The man pondered on it for a few moments and then declined the offer. I will recall a story taking place sometimes in 1991. thus giving the Police the justification and legitimacy to act in force. with the promise that the following day he would be appointed Head of the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police." Moreover. I had actively participated in the University Square phenomenon and also assisted at the escalation of the conflict due to the instigation orchestrated by Police and. Naturally. Secret Service agents. who was there at that time. the media (including myself) have come into possession of a conversation that triggered the whole craziness. For those who do not recall that moment.114 MICROSOFT If you will allow me. they found someone else to orchestrate the frame-up. as a reporter for the newspaper "Dreptatea"(“Justice”). frequent clients of the premises. Journalistically speaking. I should mention that. how else?! Under the pressure of Ion Iliescu and his yesmen. But since he did not know how to do that. probably. I was investigating an alleged crime of gang rape committed by the owner of a pub against two "night birds" (prostitutes). I asked to see the Chief of the Police Station and had a lengthy talk with him. This was how I have learned that he actively participated in the events of December '89. and had no intend to pay it back.

culminating with confidential conversations of the Minister of Interior or of the MPs leaking into the press. If by oligarchs he means "old and new" Securitate agents or its puppets. . after the dismissal of Virgil Măgureanu and Ioan Talpeş. During Constantinescu`s term.CHAPTER XI Securitate Oligarchy Refuses to Surrender Former president Emil Constantinescu has also concluded that the former Secrete Police has taken over the Romanian economy and that our country is ruled by oligarchs controlled by the intelligence services. Lately. however. the Secret Police agents infiltrated in the state structures have gone through a period of calm. SRI and SIE Directors. brought to the front to represent the interests of their caste. then I agree with him. Belarus or Ukraine. Manipulation decreased to a certain extent and there were less press coverage on files created by "certain structures”. the "old and new" Secret Police agents have burst out. as it happened in Russia.

. good for its very cheap and quality labor force .. Nevertheless. will plead for a “locally adapted” capitalism and liberalism … It is true that the Romanian intelligentsia has for a long time developed exceptionally well a sense of servility. Also. Karnoouh has conducted several surveys of ethnography and folklore in Maramureş.. despite the nationalism-communism and the intensive development policy.UM 0666 119 Weltanschauung: the profit. although the West made it soon clear what it wanted. Their common bound: assassinations. according to the interests of the caste. which was exceptional in Europe back then. they very quickly took the serious matters into their powerful hands [. and other illicit business that would terrify Westerners if they could understand them.. with the blessing of the Western world. Perhaps this was the trigger for French sociologist and anthropologist Claude Karnoouh to declare: Romania will remain an underdeveloped country. The sins of the Romanian capitalism are the sins of capitalism in general. The economic and political power is in the hands of all important former members of the Romanian Communist Party (PCR): more precisely in those of many important Securitate agents or their children`s. and the ones who executed the coup d’etat have immediately taken the economic-political power in their hands. At the most it will transform again. but to top agents. despite the communism. without no power oversees. despite the fact that in many areas of the country people were living like they were still in the 19th century .. In the early 1990s many things seemed possible. representing a single THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . Although the “crocodiles” let the naive “innocents” play for a little while. My first meeting with your country happened in 1971. the specific trait of the Romanian capitalism is the following: citizens benefit of no legislative protection.. illegal business. Among the former Secret Police agents – or the "teachers" as they are called . into a new form of existence because the members of the Secret Police are closely tied to each other and whoever tries to separate from them is eliminated. you will see a few parrots pretending themselves to be intellectuals who. . studying our country since 1991.] that can be clearly seen today..and their young disciples there is such a perfect symbiosis that one cannot exist without the others. Born in 1940 in Paris.. graduate of Sorbonne and Paris X Nanterre universities.. Nevertheless. And I am not referring to the petty. the chunks they have stolen from the national economy. this system of Securitate oligarchy is undisruptedly functioning in this country and it will not end anytime soon. the "hostile" or "adverse" elements which would throw obstacles in their way would share the same fate.. Between 1991 and 2002 he was a visiting professor at "Babeş-Bolyai" University in Cluj.118 MICROSOFT "Romania will Remain an Underdeveloped Country" Like I said. despite the prison-Canal of the 1950s. on the command of their masters.

the German and the American) and also Brussels officials to be the most corrupt among the EU countries. the Austrian. every citizen can freely demand that his/her inalienable rights are obeyed and public institutions must work so that people no longer feel humiliated. President Traian Băsescu condemned communism before the two reunited Parliament chambers and government representatives. when European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso visited our country and talked about the fight against corruption. It was an oppressive regime that deprived the Romanian people of five decades of modern history.. who unsuccessfully tried to reform the institution. The lesson of the past proves that any regime that humiliates people cannot last and does not deserve to last. We must not forget. At present. We have the necessary data for the condemnation without right to appeal of the THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . made the following statement to the “New York Times” American daily: . Former Justice Minister Monica Macovei. And until the establishment of a state of normality. it was more for creating a good image. with clear determination to fight corruption and organized crime is primarily in the interest and the benefit of the Romanian citizens". The communist regime in Romania (1945 1989) was illegitimate and criminal. I am convinced that the Securitate agents burst out laughing. a totalitarian regime born through violence and ended through violence. Maybe too long.totaling over 600 pages . the world press (especially the French. Relevant analysis on the party apparatus and the Securitate structures and patters is a Transparency International.120 Communist Criminal" MICROSOFT regime – “Illegitimate and In September 2007. Last December. we have long to expect. Why would be interested those who manipulate the power and finances of the country in the benefits of those living in the Carpatho-Danubian-Pontic space? Nine months earlier. our country has been considered . with democratic accountability.. one that the puppeteers of the new democracy have not even taken into account.and it still is .UM 0666 121 Romanian communist regime. Although the stated purpose of incriminating the communist state and the Securitate aimed at including a national reconciliation.and which was possible due to an analysis presidential commission: Communism was a regime imposed by a political group self-appointed as keeper of truth. We quote from the synthesis that he presented . The Monica Macovei “Trouble” Immediately after Romania's accession to the European structures. as our European Union Western partners perceive it. on January 2007. in order to avoid making past errors. A democracy without memories is one in serious distress. which broke the law and forced citizens to live in lies and fear. He said at the time that: "A truly modern system.

"78% of the EU citizens consider corruption a major problem in their country".122 MICROSOFT The files of former collaborators (of the Securitate – Ed..) must be completely opened and placed under independent control. of only a few votes. it is remarkable her and four other MEPs` initiative to submit a written anticorruption Statement to the EU Parliament concerning the EU initiatives to fight against the phenomenon . Surprisingly. the statement passed. On the night of April 13. otherwise the system remains poisoned because former collaborators will never build a democracy. no problem . who has troubled many big bosses and many interests. but no fire burning. PD-L Member of the European Parliament (MEP). according to Macovei. Speaking about the former Minister of Justice (December 2004 . that Statement made in early May this year calls for the Commission and the Council to create an unyielding authority to monitor corruption within the European Union. opened all the windows and left the house. she was not member of any political party when she was appointed Minister of Justice. some of the fellow party (PSD) members had been pushing that Senator Cătălin Voicu be appointed at least State Secretary in that structure if he was not to become Minister. and then left again. Let`s not pretend that we don`t see that!". For those of you who do not recall that incident.which would represent a clear argument for applying the measures in this regard. taking a half-an-hour walk. in all missing for two hours. "The lack of action in this respect endangers taxpayers` money and the credibility of the Union. There are many networks within which people protect or blackmail each other . On her return. The hypothesis that the Minister would have left the gas burning when she passed by to get her overcoat was discarded because she had not even touched the stove. also added the Romanian MEP. Because it was too late to call him at that hour.allegedly – formulated a request in this respect. The current Defense Minister seems to have faced one of them when he initially declined the portfolio of the Ministry of Interior by refusing to grant access to organized crime into the Government. she went straight to the stove and noticed that two burners were turned on. And that is THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . Death solves all problems — no man. Head of DNA. 2006 – it was a Thursday – Monica Macovei briefly stopped by her place in order to grab an overcoat. but the difference in votes was very close.UM 0666 123 because.. let us mention another incident. she sent a text message to Daniel Morar. around midnight. she felt a strong smell of gas ever since she entered her home. More specifically.Joseph Stalin Back to Monica Macovei. Macovei had not received SPP protection because she had not .Helsinki Committee (APADOR-CH) and a founding member of Transparency International-Romania. Former President of the Association for Human Rights . She turned them off. The incident was rather a warning that added to the denigrating media campaigns . Without switching the light on.April 2007). and then returned to the apartment.

Yes. but actions intended to kill him. And that it was time for the Justice and the fight against THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . Vlădescu`s company. but without having any direct authority in those countries. Prior to our accession to the European Union. at a . A year later. what about those 50. OK. someone – I wonder who . The owner of OMNIS GROUP SRL had passed through similar circumstances only that. having an imposing headquarters in Brussels. But. The “fabulous” prejudice: the amount of 24. this time under EU auspices. In our country the AFCOS is called DLAF (Anti-Fraud Department) and is directly subordinated to the Prime Minister. Then.put kerosene instead of gasoline in the fuel tank of the boat that he owned and used to drive in the Delta. She had bothered too many people and declared herself too much against corruption and organized crime. First. For starters though. those did not seem to have been warnings. she was elected MEP.which foreshadowed – on May 4. so can be. Later on. and Dragoş Rişcanu stayed alive. calling the fight against corruption in Romania to be evaluated more specifically with OLAF (European Anti-Fraud Office). in the countries of former Yugoslavia. the members of the European Parliament have suddenly remembered that Europe is financing by 50 million euro per year an information structure (OLAF) in order to protect European money and the interests of the Union. The mechanics called on the spot found that someone had sabotaged the car brakes. anyone can tell that it is the deed itself and not the amount that truly matters. Of course. 2010 the European Parliament took a step forward on the same segment. In other words. centralizing the results of the fight against corruption and fraud. the minister was changed from office and ended up fighting against corruption. his car was sabotaged and it was sheer luck that he escaped a fatal accident. in this case. OLAF is collaborating with all those AFCOS. in his case.124 MICROSOFT against her.000 euro collected from PHARE by RSC SRL. as Romanians often have the tributary habits of monkeys who imitate everything they see. Why did they pick this name? To look more like OLAF. How nice! Note that this mysterious OLAF was established on June 1.5 euro. yellow and green. At his turn. It was also sheer luck that the engine did not explode. 1999. in collaboration with the Prosecutor`s Offices in the member countries.UM 0666 125 corruption in Romania and Bulgaria to be more seriously monitored. OLAF had reached the great performance to expose a MEP who settled a pharmacy prescription on behalf of his mistress. I will recall a great achievement of the super-investigators in Brussels. In every EU country there is one AFCOS (Anti-Fraud Coordination Service) to monitor the handling of the Structural Funds and other European stipends. Do Europeans even want to fight high level corruption? With just a few days before Monica Macovei`s statement against corruption . possibly introducing a traffic light-type of system is three colors: red. as example of an OLAF action close to the ridicule. exactly. For now I stop here discussing about the two quite strange structures having an at least questionable efficiency.

But now it is too late to give up. all of them lacking experience in IT&C? In that case. for an imaginary or framed guilt. after our accession to the EU.UM 0666 127 study. And this is what I have been doing for the last twenty years. Both of us did not stop until we came face to face. that meant more than twenty . And that would be. Fascinating! That means that I can also declare myself one of the terrorists of this country's democratic system since I uncover and fight against high level corruption – this is what I am aiming at with this THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . The editorial office was near the Ministry of Interior`s headquarters. So as to pass first. It was an incident that gave me much food for thought. This is a fact also recognized by the Romanian Intelligence Service that recently stated with some disappointment that. but we are plenty. I found myself facing a blue MI Volkswagen in which there were two persons. The tentacles of this octopus have spread to the whole territory and the whole economy. when the amount was significantly higher than 24. And this ideology has been present in Romania for almost 70 years. In addition to that. they have also penetrated the European structures. What is the reaction of the CSAT (Supreme Council of National Defense) in this situation? It concludes that some press campaigns against corruption and corrupt state institutions – in which corrupters are exposed . And we are terribly annoying.5 euro. the whole media is packed with undercover agents of the many Romanian secret services. and rarely could two cars fit while passing side by side. coming from the opposite direction. Like I said. to hide the truth and the interest of the caste. I am also extremely convinced that the European bureaucracy in Brussels has no idea of what is really facing.126 MICROSOFT time when he had one or two employees. I could be as much as arrested at some point and I am aware of it. as compared to other secret structures. The access on those streets was cumbered by the parked cars.are threatening national security. for them there is nothing else. All that truly matters is material wealth. and how dangerous the Securitate oligarchy is for all human values with which it comes into contact. I do not know how many they are. in Romania. and especially for individuals themselves towards whom it never shows the slightest sign of respect. And there are also a few like me out there. There is no doubt about it. of course. and for more than three years. I entered one of these streets. the agency has significantly less undercover agents in the media. A matter of mentality At this point I believe it is worth mentioning an incident which took place in 2007 and in which I was involved while being a specialty reporter at “ZIUA” daily. Quite the contrary. the Secret Police (or Securitate) is not dead. does the deed not count anymore? How many Securitate agents per European? So far I have tried to show that. in downtown Bucharest. justice and moral values of a civil society painfully suffering for decades. drove on about twenty meters when. the driver asked me to move backwards. To defend human rights.

And he showed me how. realizing or just sensing what might happen. you scum! I could not refrain myself. I would like to refer to yet another situation in which one can end up because of this country`s justice. they kill someone they know. you're from the press! . greed.UM 0666 meters.Shut up and move backwards! . revenge. they kill out of mistake. . madness. I am. jealousy..Oh.Yes. But then I thought to myself: where to come back from. not a situation. soon we will be back. they are committed on order Criminals have souls. drunkenness. and he was the target of two assassination attempts. Because he refused to do business with the state and to associate with the current scams. letting go of the steering wheel and hitting the edge of his right palm on his left palm. The person sitting on the passenger’s seat. frustration. . they kill "in the open".if not more -. which is corrupt to the bone. in 2005.Move so we can pass first! said the driver.You will never be back. but looked frowningly at me as if he wanted to kill me by a glance. which I will present below: Nothing but good thoughts about ASSASSINS Assassins are not criminals Criminals are afflicted people Assassins are trained people Assassinations are not spontaneous. they make mistakes and are usually caught by a society appalled that an ordinary man can resort to committing a murder by himself to solve a personal matter. he merely having a couple of meters so as to do the same. a house. after which the road would have been free. since they did not even go anywhere?! Criminals are afflicted people.Never mind.You saw that I was already driving in the street and you should have waited for me to pass this bottleneck. What are you going to do about it? At that moment he saw the ZIUA badge on the windshield. Assassins are trained people 128 129 To close. who would have guaranteed his success. they kill humanly. We will chop you to pieces . Dragoş Rişcanu was stolen a software worth hundreds of millions euro . . . With a sour smile. . did not say anything throughout the dispute. At one point. but a state of mind hard to imagine by an ordinary person. .I don`t want to.. .MICROSOFT THE GUARDIAN ANGEL .ro website.You did not move backwards because you knew that we are from the (Ministry of) Interior. who appeared to be someone of a higher rank. You don`t have more rights than I have. When our cars came side by side he said to me: . he published some of his thoughts on the www. I replied. the driver moved backwards.Exactly. letting me pass. .coruptia. Or better said.

sabotaged cars.UM 0666 131 that they could be credibly denied by the person who would benefit from the assassination. might turn against them. for maximum reliability and denial. etc. It is important to have "collateral victims". of democracy.130 MICROSOFT Assassins have skills. to respond to similar acts of aggression. they kill after they have received professional training. Major interests are: political. should the unlikely possibility occur that the victim survived. What happens when assassins define state interests and fail to distinguish them of their own interests? When they act without order or take their own initiatives? When they act against their own country`s citizens. . economic or politicaleconomic (to understand: the opportunity to exploit political office for economic advantage . Romania has been and it still is a country at the mercy of assassins. to ensure the safety of the state of law. against democracy? State of law becomes criminal state." When the "subject" is accompanied by a friend or preferably family members. bullets that make no noise. so as to avoid the speculations that there was a "target. The ideal situation is when the "subject" is not alone.). The assassinations are ordered only if the interests are so great as to justify such a solution. good scores in the graduation exams and they use poison that leaves no trace. against the state of law. If assassinations are committed to give political advantage. in-depth knowledge which has been practiced for a long time. The most successful assassinations are framed accidents. unclaimed act of assassination. of its own citizens. invisible. do not make mistakes and are not identified by a society terrorized by the mere fact that such elements exist and which. drowning by the shore. no-escape polonium. leaving the rest to steal from the state). The optimum conditions are created (sabotaging car brakes or a boat`s engine. at some point. They exist because all societies train their assassins to protect state interests. They do not know their victims. they should be committed in such a way THE GUARDIAN ANGEL .. then we have a perfect case for a total.


[.. Dvorak. I myself was on a Microsoft blacklist for some totally unknown reason and was not allowed any information about an early version of Windows. apparently because I was considered uncooperative.] threats from the company did manage to get me removed as a licensed columnist in PC Magazine Italy.” Journalist Mary Jo Foley has faced a similar situation: . one of the most competent persons in the media in the field of hightech. the company was notorious for keeping Nixonian lists regarding journalists on a whiteboard showing which were "Okay. Microsoft lawsuit in Iowa." Some believed that those in the last category would be the target of the company in an effort to get them fired. I only found out about this because of documents unearthed during the discovery process of the Comes v.." "Sketchy." or "Needs work. has made the following statement: “In the 1980s.Annex 1 Microsoft blacklists Journalist John C.

Microsoft’s Deceptive WISE Software Program . I believed. Microsoft purchased an early version of a standard disk operating system . and still believe.Microsoft’s Campaign to Destroy DR-DOS .136 MICROSOFT “I was blacklisted by Microsoft for writing a story based on an internal memo penned by Mark Lucovsky (now employee of Google. I was barred from executive interviews at the Windows 2000 launch as a result of my story. ironically) that acknowledged 63. Certain Windows execs refused to speak to me or meet with me for ages because of that story.Microsoft’s Anticompetitive per Processor License Fees . that I was just doing my job as a reporter. 2009 – ECIS Report: A History of Anticompetitive Behavior and Consumer Harm MICROSOFT’S HISTORY OF ANTICOMPETITIVE CONDUCT .000 bugs were still left in Windows 2000 when the product was shipped.Microsoft’s Attempts to Extinguish Java .Microsoft’s Retaliation and Price Discrimination against IBM .Microsoft’s Elimination of Word Perfect .Microsoft’s Organized Collective Boycott against Intel .Microsoft’s Elimination of Rival Media Players . My "punishment" lasted for a few years.Microsoft’s Elimination of Netscape .” Annex 2 March 31.Microsoft’s Campaign against Rival Server Operating Systems In the early 1980s.

the U. when Microsoft’s proprietary software or standards have achieved widespread adoption. THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . including DR-DOS.C. Microsoft then “extends” its own offering by creating features or standards that are interoperable only with Microsoft’s proprietary technologies. Microsoft “extinguishes” its competitors by dropping any remaining pretense of compatibility. a number of rival operating systems offered features.S. Circuit later explained. At the time. hire. “Microsoft’s Paul Maritz told a senior Intel executive that Intel’s [development of software that was compatible with] Sun’s Java standards was as inimical to Microsoft as Microsoft’s support for non-Intel microprocessors would be to Intel…. which meant that Windows would run on top of any DOS.UM 0666 139 Finally. which Microsoft has subsequently and successfully employed in many other product areas. operating systems were just beginning to move from a command-based interface to a graphical user interface. . Initially. At the time. Microsoft threatened Intel that if it did not stop aiding Sun on the multimedia front. and dropped its support for Java. Microsoft also used exclusive agreements to promote its “polluted” version of Java and. then Microsoft would refuse to distribute Intel technologies bundled with Windows.” Intel capitulated. This initial interoperability came to be known as part of Microsoft’s now-classic “embrace. Also in the mid-1990s. But the anticompetitive practice had already been quite effective in reducing competitors’ share. Windows embraced the DOS standard. Microsoft developed a graphical user interface known as Windows. Microsoft threatened Intel to stop Intel from supporting Sun Microsystems’ Java standards. that Microsoft’s operating systems would not offer until years later. and liquidate. resulting in a consent decree under which Microsoft agreed to stop using per processor license fees. such as the ability to run multiple programs at the same time. Early versions of Windows did not actually “run” the computer – rather. as noted above. In 1994. and extinguish” strategy. which in turn ran the computer. Microsoft’s principal rival in the DOS market. NKVD Manual. they were a shell surrounding the underlying DOS program. Microsoft took a series of steps to punish IBM for promoting a competing operating system and personal productivity application suite.138 MICROSOFT (“DOS”) that became known as MS-DOS. Here it is how it worked the interoperability: This strategy has three phases: First. Department of Justice (“DOJ”) filed an antitrust suit against Microsoft challenging this conduct. particularly when combined with Microsoft’s other actions directed against DR-DOS. As the D. Microsoft “embraces” a competing product by developing software or implementing standards that are compatible with the competing product. article 4243: Denigrate. extend.

these incidents all demonstrate Microsoft’s willingness to use its monopoly products aggressively first and make changes later only when confronted about its behavior. The only real difference between Microsoft’s more recent practices and its earlier ones is that. in fact. THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . This is particularly striking coming. Gates predicted. And in 2007. the . Despite international scrutiny of Microsoft’s anticompetitive conduct. In a 2004 decision. Microsoft has continued to take similar unlawful actions to eliminate potential competitive threats. the DOJ discovered that Microsoft had built a feature into Windows that invoked Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser.NET Framework. Microsoft used its distribution channels to flood the market with its version of the Java Technology in [what Sun characterized as] an attempt to “hijack the Java Technology and transform it into a Microsoft proprietary programming and runtime environment. States. Microsoft had done very little to address their needs. Microsoft attempted to require licensees of its middleware offering. Third. after releasing Windows Server 2003 to lukewarm reviews. Second. Similarly. within the very limited range of issues covered by the Final Judgment. In . Microsoft has now changed its document retention practices. Microsoft demanded that manufacturers of portable music players sign exclusive deals if they wanted integration with Microsoft’s Windows Media Player.UM 0666 141 and instead had essentially re-packaged a scaleddown version of an existing enterprise-level product. despite aggressive marketing to smalland midsize-business users and a special edition of the server operating system just for these users. then innovation would be severely limited. While Microsoft eventually made changes to its conduct in each of these instances. rather than the user’s chosen default browser. to obtain Microsoft’s prior consent before publishing any benchmark testing results for the software. as Mr. Microsoft “extended” the Java platform by developing strategic incompatibilities into its Java runtime and development tools products…. in 2004. As the Fourth Circuit explained in a subsequent private suit brought by Sun Microsystems: First.S. In 2003. contrary to the clear obligations of the Final Judgment. Even then. And.140 MICROSOFT Microsoft’s overall plan to neutralize Java as a middleware threat was extremely successful. Microsoft “embraced” the Java technology by licensing from Sun the right to use its Java Technology to develop and distribute compatible Products. In 2005. Microsoft made changes to allow consumers limited choice of desktop search products in Windows Vista only following an extensive government investigation and pressure from a number of U. which condemned Microsoft’s refusal to release information that would allow other server operating systems to connect to personal computers running Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Microsoft failed to release a new server version of Windows until 2008. the European Commission found that if Microsoft succeeded in eliminating other server operating systems as competitive threats. many reviewers noted that.” Microsoft’s conduct eventually drew scrutiny from the European Commission. as it does.

In an apparent escalation of its patent FUD strategy. TomTom. 2009. the district court overseeing the Final Judgment extended the decree for two more years. and the case was settled in March 2009 pursuant to a mostly confidential agreement.UM 0666 technologies. for patent infringement at the end of February 2009. it took Microsoft three years even to approach releasing the amount of interoperability information the European Court of First Instance had ordered it to release. this represents an aggressive development of Microsoft’s use of spurious or highly questionable patent claims to intimidate and eliminate competition from Linux in order to maintain or strengthen its dominant position in the OS market. when the Final Judgment in United States v. because Microsoft still has not come into compliance with its obligations regarding communications protocols. when it released Windows Vista. For fifteen years. Even then.142 MICROSOFT fact. which have been partially invalidated by an EC patent court on the grounds that Microsoft’s patent claims were “not based on inventive activity”. Microsoft sued the navigational system vendor. Three patent claims related to Linux are included in the lawsuit.” Even Microsoft recognizes that its stronghold on operating systems has harmed consumers: The Windows API is … so deeply embedded in the source code of many Windows apps that there is a huge switching cost to using a different operating system instead. including Exchange. While Microsoft has publicly claimed that its action is not directed against Linux or open source. SharePoint. CNet News. Microsoft did not release a successor to Windows XP until 2007. Microsoft’s bullying tactics therefore raise the overall cost and slow down market penetration by innovative technologies intended to compete with Microsoft’s monopoly products. a leading computer industry publication. Microsoft’s share of desktop operating systems has remained above 90%. As the Commission observed. … It is this switching cost that has given customers the patience to stick with Windows . ranked Microsoft’s Windows Vista in its “Top Ten Terrible Tech Products. Microsoft was entered. Microsoft’s history clearly demonstrates its longstanding practice of making one set of statements about interoperability in public and then implementing a wholly different approach to interoperability in practice. and Office. Windows XP was the most common desktop operating system. At least two of them are related to highly questionable patents on long file name support in Windows. The EC continues to investigate a number of other actions Microsoft has taken to tie products to Windows as well as Microsoft’s refusal to enable interoperability with certain of its monopoly THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . 143 Outlook. the “Vista” that Microsoft released lacked the most significant features that Microsoft had initially promised. and reviewers labeled it as little more than an incremental improvement.149 In 2002. to November 12.

the current Minister of Health has been committed to RATMIL. under CDR (Democratic Convention of Romania – Ed. our lack of a sexy vision at times. considered a cover-up company for the arms smuggling. By understanding Microsoft’s history of anticompetitive conduct. ECIS remains hopeful that the European Commission’s latest Statement of Objections addressing Microsoft’s misconduct will finally mark the beginning of the end of Microsoft’s two decades of anticompetitive behavior and consumer harm. developers. CDR struck a deal with PD (Democratic Party – . In short. now sought by the Interpol for violation of the embargo imposed on certain African countries. [but] it would be so much work to move over that they hope we just improve Windows rather than force them to move. Former director of RATMIL (today ROMARM) – an administration unit established by Ceauşescu to export military equipment to African countries – Nicolăescu has one gap year in his resume between '98 and '99 -. Annex 3 Minister of Health worked for arms dealer Shimon Naor (Article published in "Averea" daily . being advanced to economic director in '94 and. which he refuses to make remarks upon.July 2006) Dangerous liaisons The current Minister of Health.144 MICROSOFT through all our mistakes. we would have been dead a long time ago. Eugen Nicolăescu. The high official worked at "Corona” company. and many other difficulties… Customers constantly evaluate other desktop platforms. was former employee of the famous arms dealer Shimon Naor. This conduct has caused real harm to consumers. in '97. who continue to pay high prices and use lower quality products than would have prevailed in a competitive market. CONCLUSION Microsoft’s conduct over the last two decades has demonstrated Microsoft’s willingness and ability to engage in unlawful conduct to protect and extend its core monopolies. and government authorities will be better equipped to recognize current and future Microsoft misconduct at an early stage and intervene to prevent Microsoft from using tactics other than competition on the merits. he was appointed CEO. our high TCO. In November '98. Ever since '90. without this exclusive franchise called the Windows API.) administration. consumer groups. our buggy drivers.

among others. The Bucharest Justice found him guilty in absentia for arms smuggling to Eritrea.146 MICROSOFT Ed. Subsequently. Moreover. for which Shimon Naor was convicted by the Romanian justice and is today sought worldwide. One year passed until Nicolăescu was given the promised position within the Ministry of Finance in '99. Nicolăescu was a "gold mine". Contacted by "Averea". Nicolăescu worked for the famous smuggler at "Corona" and held. . During that period. Consequently. A document . the current Minister of Health was employed by Israeli Shimon Naor. He disappeared from the country and today he is still sought for (he was arrested in May 2010. according to sources in the arms industry. but he would like you to know that in the period '98 . as Naor had done arms business with RATMIL. where I have found the "traces" of the current Minister of Health. Nigeria and attention! – to Ethiopia. but also released in the meantime. a Democratic Party favorite. whom he knew before. "The Link" between Romania and Ethiopia For Shimon Naor`s company.presented to the press in the late `90s shows that on June 16 '98. Former RATMIL CEO. Nicolăescu`s position at RATMIL was entrusted to Gigel Bratiloveanu. offering special products on producer prices. The Israeli (with Romanian citizenship – Ed. the high official sent us his answer through a spokesman: "The minister is in session. not only to Nicolăescu. I cannot tell if he had or didn`t have connections with Shimon Naor”. RA ROMTEHNICA representative in Ethiopia.) was arrested. "Corona" is none other than the company acting as a screen behind which "Filiera Arme" (“Arms Connection”) smuggling operation was carried out.UM 0666 147 evidence that Nicolăescu was active on the arms market. our sources told us that Naor has been linked over time to all former directors of RATMIL. in competition with those supplied on RA ROMTEHNICA prices.'99 he worked elsewhere. the "Filiera Arme" scandal centered on Shimon Naor and “Corona” company controlled by him . the current Minister had strong connections with importers of arms from Africa and the Middle East and he could be a "link" to huge business opportunities.exploded in Romania. This is THE GUARDIAN ANGEL .) for a trade: Nicolăescu would resign from his CEO position at RATMIL and instead he would be appointed general secretary in the Ministry of Finance.). the position of independent external auditor. in France – Ed. engineer Eugen Nicolăescu (at that time ROMARM CEO) sent a fax to IBRAHA company. Thus.

Exported Arms to Africa (Article published in Evenimentul Zilei November 2005) In Boss Exim Trading Group SRL. as a businessman. Vlădescu exported arms to Africa and associated himself with persons involved with the former communist Securitate. ranging from computers and medicine to constructions and consultancy.Annex 4 Vlădescu. in most of the industries. Being a shareholder in a strategic company. Vlădescu wrote in his declaration of assets that he was shareholder in . What is less known about him is that businessman Vlădescu was also involved in arms business. Associated with People from the Communist Regime When he was appointed Minister of Finance in the Tăriceanu Government. Minister of Finance. Sebastian Vlădescu was involved. Until he became Minister of Finance. the high official associated himself with persons in connection to the former communist Securitate.

a businessman who controls several trade companies. The company was founded in 1998 by three shareholders: Bogdan Ceauşelu. Grigore GhiŃă served less than two years of his sentence when he was pardoned by president Ion Iliescu "on humanitarian grounds and for this act of clemency to lead to the social integration of those who have received it" – Ed. The transaction. son of retired General Grigore GhiŃă. was a trusted person of the ancient regime. said Bogdan Ceauşelu. Vlădescu is very simple: he is my wife`s former university colleague and we have known each other since before '89." said Ceauşelu. As for Adrian GhiŃă.150 MICROSOFT Boss Exim Trading Group SRL. convicted for the Otopeni massacre of 1989. "How I met THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . Thus they established Boss Exim Trading Group SRL. According to data provided by the website of the Ministry of Finance.sentenced Securitate General GhiŃă to six years imprisonment for thirddegree murder and dismissed the appeal for annulment filed by the Romanian General Prosecutor. Hence. What does not appear on the Ministry of Finance`s website is that Boss Exim Trading Group SRL is dealing with arms trade. as Deputy of the Danube-Black Sea Canal Station. he has done business on civilian products with the Romanian Army. arms factory to Sakr Factory in Egypt. GhiŃă is indeed an "expert" . the Court of Appeal . Romanian military equipment exported some years ago still exist and it needs repairing. "In many countries of North Africa. that Otto Breuer is a retired General and the man who. that is what we have focused on". and that Adrian GhiŃă is a former employee of ROMTEHNICA arms company and son of retired General Grigore GhiŃă.000 anti-tank grenades from the Bulgarian Arsenal Co. The latter was well acquainted with Adrian GhiŃă. Ever since 1992.but with criminal consequences .notified by the relatives of the victims . Ceauşelu having 34 shares and Vlădescu and Breuer 33 shares each.). Armexim Grup. Illegal Export of Anti-tank Grenades "We have all agreed that we need a specialist in arms exports and so we hired Mr. was made without Adrian GhiŃă holding all ANCEX (National Agency for Export Control) export licenses. Arms on African Connection How has the current Minister of Finance ended up in the company of these characters? He met Otto Breuer through Bogdan Ceauşelu. especially since he had worked at ROMTEHNICA". GhiŃă. therefore. he was weapons specialist.000 dollars. Africa was the first connection to be opened. stated Ceauşelu. was Adrian GhiŃă. Although initially acquitted by the High Court of Cassation and Justice. worth 650. the company`s object of activity is wholesale trade. and thus entered the circles frequented by retired General Otto Breuer. Otto Breuer and Sebastian Vlădescu and in key-position. employed by the three to handle business transactions.UM 0666 151 Mr. Adrian GhiŃă does not see where the problem is: "We overlooked the fact that we did not have the ANCEX license. Through his own company. Tănase JoiŃa. he exported 52. that business has turned into a criminal case. that General GhiŃă`s son established in 2001. But it is a mistake for which I have already .on strategic exports.

however. in which Breuer is a shareholder. Vlădescu Stepped out of the Business Vlădescu has only words of praise about his associates. with which he set up several limited liability companies in Romania. Vlădescu said that "Bogdan Ceauşelu is a friend and a business partner. a rank received in early 1990 from Ion Iliescu. he stepped out of the arms-exporting company. In a statement made to "Evenimentul zilei”.as an active serviceman and representative of Romania . . conceding his shares to the two remaining partners. Bulgaria. Once he was appointed in the government. Connections as Far as Kuwait Otto Breuer is a reserve General. These were THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . but not before making a visit to Kuwait . He is a man totally dedicated to the Danube-Black Sea Canal and a very good partner". He has not done a good job. "At my suggestion. Breuer has built connections with one of the largest companies in the world. I have heard rumors that. Mohamed Abdulmohsin Kharafi & Sons. In Kuwait. he had also been preoccupied with his own business". Mr. meanwhile working help put out the fire at the oil wells. I will show in the Prosecutor's Office" also added GhiŃă. After that. GhiŃă was dismissed from Boss Exim Trading Group. He is a gentleman that I love to talk with. added the Minister of Finance. his connections with the Kuwaities were later useful to export steel products through Braco Group. The former Deputy of the Danube-Black Sea Canal Station has brokered for Kuwait a business project involving tens of millions of dollars to build part of the civilian airport of Sofia. Breuer. Instead.152 MICROSOFT paid for as ANCEX has suspended my export license for three months. I am sorry that I don`t get to see him too often. Otto Breuer is too.UM 0666 153 unsuccessful business. he dissociated from GhiŃă. In 1991 he retired.

Also.Annex 5 Dr. they have defrauded businessman Dragoş Rişcanu. Meanwhile. together with the management of this entity. then FSN Deputy and Mayor of Târgu Jiu) a fourroom apartment in Bucharest. Victor Murea (former Minister of Petroleum at the time of the communists. Doctor Adrian Murea from "Professor Dr. . Death`s Scams (Article published in ZIUA daily . which he had legally purchased. he has abused his own child and the child`s mother and then stole his father-in-law`s Mercedes. Both patients died two weeks after the fraudulent transactions. This doctor Mengele of the Interior illegally owns a RA-APPS (Self-governing Department for Administration of the State Heritage and Protocol) apartment as he inherited from his father. Doctor Death has stolen a house from businessman Dragoş Rişcanu. surgeon at "Gerota" hospital of the Ministry of Interior.2007) Chief Commissioner Adrian Murea. Dimitrie Gerota” Emergency Hospital of the Ministry of Interior used the identities of two patients dying of cancer in real estate frauds. Public Finance Minister Sebastian Vlădescu is also part of this group of interests.

Dying Seller The surprise turns even bigger when he learns that he had supposedly sold his house through a trustee to none other than surgeon Adrian Murea from “Dr. where Mihail Sadoveanu had lived until his death. and not on that of heritage historical buildings. and with the intention to repair the building. At that time he also learns that the house is on the list THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . with the sole object of activity: software development. The transaction had been certified at the notary office of Livia Alexandru. with legal documents. A series of administrative procedures follow. he had supposedly mandated Macovei to sell his house on Delavrancea Street to doctor Murea. Therefore. located on 47 Barbu Delavrancea Street. Macovei . which no longer leaves any doubt that the destruction of the victim has been carefully orchestrated. Gerota” Hospital of the MAI. was non-transportable and under continuous administration of morphine. Colonel Victor Nesterov also played an essential part in this evil scenario at the time when he was head of the judicial investigations within the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police. in which the Minister of Finance is also an associate member. the injured party begins his own investigation. in the presence of Doctor Death and Ştefan Macovei. Rişcanu orders a technical expertise that ascertained its high degree of wear.S. winning various awards in professional competitions.156 MICROSOFT Romanian Soft Company SRL. In 1998. Just that he had not even been in the States that year. Property Sold without Knowledge of the Owner Dragoş Rişcanu is owner of OMNIS GROUP SRL. neither Rişcanu.. has stolen from the same Rişcanu software worth hundreds of thousands of euro. From this point on. nor Macovei or his family has seen any money from the amount allegedly paid by Murea for the house stolen. Towards the end of '98. Obviously.former active employee of the Ministry of Interior . Rişcanu finds out from his assistant that he can no longer pay the tax on his propery as he has done before because the property on Delavrancea Street had been sold.UM 0666 157 of memorial houses. also concluding bailment agreements valid throughout their lives. In 2003. He provides the tenants with two apartments and a studio. Moreover. By utmost coincidence. founded in 1990. He thus learns that in 2002. but eventually the final decision is given in favor of the owner.000 USD by banking instruments so that there is no doubt concerning the transaction. Furthermore. He pays for the house 250. . he pays all maintenance costs and often gives them material support. while being in the U. He was suffering of terminal stage cancer. it is impossible that he went to the notary office in order to sign those false documents. Rişcanu buys from Ruxandra-Ioana Huch a property in Bucharest. Six years later it became the first Microsoft Certified Partner in our country. at the time the scam happened.was Doctor Death`s patient. Romania`s first private company. including a few processes with the Ministry of Culture. seemingly. the software is also used “just like that” by the "Gerota" hospital of the Ministry of Administration and Interior.

I order the severance of the cause under this aspect”. using a scam. It was obvious that Murea is not willing to give explanations. Reward on Favor From the police. namely Emil-Alexandru Bălan.) we could not determine his contribution to the crime. after she married and became Mrs. counted little to nothing. Adrian Murea. the amount she should have received from Adrian Murea. "because so far (19/03/2004 – Ed. Should someone requested it. You do not even know who you are messing with". In conclusion. He fictitiously borrowed from his own mistress. She preferred to wash her hands of it. as he did not return it to her. Death tries for a third time to dispose of the property stolen from Rişcanu.000 euro out of this transaction.UM 0666 159 documents. he agreed to be executed by force of the property stolen from Rişcanu. ZIUA reporters have repeatedly contacted Doctor Death to establish a meeting with him. ruled Prosecutor Şinc. but unfortunately you do not even know what world you live in. But the gang of criminals did not stop there. Bălan would execute by force doctor "MAI" with the house on Delavrancea Street. Third Attempt Protected by the Police and Prosecutor's Office. The fact that Murea had used the identity of a dying person or that he had bought a house with false THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . put the first one behind bars and set the other two free.158 MICROSOFT "You do not even know who you are messing with" Dragoş Rişcanu contacts the alleged owner. Dr. Simona concluded with a businessman from GalaŃi. Prosecutor Alexandra Mihaela Şinc. thus becoming its bona fide owner. Further. He replies using a calm and elevated tone of voice and being very self-possessed: "Under normal circumstances it is as you say. a debt assignment agreement for the amount of approximately 215. Cristescu. Luckily. we have been given only promises and postponements. In exchange for this favor. Livia Alexandru and Adrian Murea. Concerning Doctor Death. to try to understand what it is all about. Given the situation. the case landed at the Prosecutor's Office within the High Court of Cassation and Justice. a certain amount of money and. Adrian Murea tried to get rid of the house in 47 Delavrancea Street by using a new trick. we have given up on our legitimate approach. She is Deputy Director of the Human Resources and Organization Department. the latter found out about it on time and prevented the execution at the last minute. which is very unlikely. Alexandra Mihaela Şinc. You will not get this problem solved until you pay. IoanaSimona Dumitrescu.000 euro. the notary could not have been investigated because the Ministry of Justice would have not given its approval in this respect. and Simona would have supposedly gained 140. daughter of the spokesman of the Chamber of Notaries Public. . Unfortunately. with the help of the accomplices that I have nominated. was advanced to the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) where she is still working today. who skillfully investigated the criminal activity of Joseph Stark.

nicely arranged in 19 plastic folders have been found in and confiscated from his home. on March 13. 2003. On March 19. They thus find out that the document is a fake. Among the stamps there was one identical with the one on the power of attorney that Rişcanu has supposedly given to late Macovei in the U. fake stamps and several sale and purchase agreements with the corresponding documentation . He is a character involved in suspicious property transactions and tried for two and a half years on remand custody. the surgeon has never been asked by investigators to make his own statements. Some time later on. swindler Adrian Murea registers the house on his name with the Land Register. on the other hand. Therefore. Death could have been proven false even before he registered the house on his name. However. the document used by Dr. Furthermore. the Criminal Police Directorate within IGPR demands the U. Regarding the involvement of Minister Sebastian Vlădescu in the business and the involvement of this MAI hospital unit into the destruction of Dragoş Rişcanu. persistently avoiding the real estate topic. Death. on March 17. This happened after almost four years since the real owner has been struggling to regain his property stolen by the white-coated mobster from "Gerota” hospital. thus serving Doctor "MAI"`s interests. Rişcanu was forced to submit a deposit of 5. the investigators led by Victor Nesterov coming into possession of clear evidence that the transaction had been staged based on utmost forgeries. Furthermore.000 RON to the court. allegedly concluded with Dr. during all that time.UM 0666 161 believe that such an extensive operation required months to prepare by the Police. the police did not do anything about it. It must also be noted that. if Colonel Nesterov wanted to. we are going to discuss them in the following episodes.S. This makes us THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . 2003. Before that date there had been several notable events.160 MICROSOFT Thief Appointed Guardian In the Court reunion of February 21. New York. Stark was called to the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police (IGPR) to give statements. because there is no Richmond in New York”. . Embassy in Bucharest to provide information regarding the notary act signed in New York between Rişcanu and Macovei. 2003. the Forensic Institute of the IGPR certified that the deceased Ştefan Macovei`s signature on the sale and purchase agreement. but the investigators questioned him only in connection with some car transactions. because "We have not found any public notary named Helen Nielsen in Richmond. 2003 a searched was performed in Joseph Stark`s home. Floppy disks. thief Murea was appointed administrator of the seizure so as to properly safeguard the property.S. Judicial Support from the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police On April 1. following a graphologic expertise. had been forged. Based on a warrant issued in 2002. 2007 the property on Delavrancea Street was placed under judicial sequestration.

who used their relative`s identity to steal a house. Trying to take possession of the medical file of the deceased. all this evidence proves that the IGPR team led by Col. Following the intelligence theft. in Switzerland. in a hospital of the Ministry of Interior. who came from Russia to Romania to THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . to cover their lack of interest in investigating the swindler. following which he made copies for the investigators of the documents that he had.m. "Someone Might Attack Us" At his insistence. Here is what he told us: "Col.son of Arkadie Nesterov. 50. citizenship. on May 27. Rişcanu learned that Nesterov had suddenly retired. although I have dual. even though he had talked on the phone with the Colonel. At first.. they start threatening him. This obviously is a lie.UM 0666 163 organize the Militia . the investigators try to make Rişcanu look like the crook in the business and. Rişcanu warned Nesterov that he would call the attention of the Western press trusts to write about this fascinating subject. Romanian and Swiss. because he would solve the problem." For the fact that his family had been threatened. Piracy within the Ministry of Interior and the Romanian Intelligence Service (Article published in ZIUA – 2007) Two hospitals.000 Euros from EU funds have been misappropriated. with my wife and children as in Romania many things can happen . of the Ministry of Interior and of the Intelligence Service. Perhaps the police. . the family members learned with astonishment that the documents have disappeared without trace. The Head of Criminal Police Department then loosened up and asked him not to do that.162 MICROSOFT Unquestionably. however improbable it may seem.that Adrian Murea was examined on the same day. Deceased Ştefan Macovei `s family filed a complaint against Dr. later on took a statement from him that they backdated.and other documents held in Prosecutor`s Offices . I would not be allowed to leave the country anymore. have received pirated software free of charge in exchange for the protection of the benefactors. Victor Nesterov delayed the investigations on the case so that surgeon Adrian Murea could register the stolen property on Delavrancea Street on his name. Sometime later on. He left the IGPR premises at 4:00 p. He is examined by a panel of six policemen led by Nesterov. At present.someone might simply attack us someday. he learned from the documents in the case file . The injured party showed up at the Police headquarters at 8:00 a. Death.m. Dragoş Rişcanu is admitted to the Criminal Police Department for questioning. Nesterov recommended that I had better stood there. And there is one more thing. 2003. And that Deputy Executive Director at Community Police District 1. He continued threatening that if I did not give them some kind of statement. After one week. after that. Victor Nesterov . or their complicity with him.

Dragoş Ştefan Săracu.500 USD. the Police.). ORDA and the General Inspectorate for Communication and Information Technology. Dimitrie Gerota” Foundation (which operates under the umbrella of the Ministry of Interior). The company gravely prejudiced with millions of dollars learned about this piracy in November 2004.NET and AMBULANłA. In late November 2004. by which the names of the culprits had been cleared and the deed had been declared nonexistent. European Funds Misuse In February 2003. 3rd district City Hall and several companies have purchased applications ARES.NET. after more than three years. 20 other hospitals in the area. nor does it have. a strange sponsorship contract was concluded between RSC SRL and “Professor Dr. and on December 7th they filed a complaint with the Police. which had been stolen. which prooves that. CARE. employee of OMNIS SRL.UM 0666 165 the implementation of three new software products. all created based on the same intelligence theft.. 2002. the system being registered with ORDA only two months earlier. including VAT. migrates to RSC SRL and after one month he recruits Irinel Lupei in the new company. Agrippa Ionescu” received the HIPOCRATE software free of charge from ROMANIAN SOFT COMPANY (RSC) SRL. Its value amounted to 178. Dimitrie Gerota” and “Professor Dr. In this way they have also justified a 50. Its purpose: "The informational system given as sponsorship is meant for activity and management tracking across the whole hospital (. specifically General Marian SăniuŃă. The software had been written in a blink of an eye based on a software stolen from OMNIS GROUP SRL. As was expected. Based on the ISIS.000 euroworth PHARE funding."Only that the foundation did not. in system. And there is one more thing: the program was not delivered to the .NET. the Prosecutor's Office.. urged the OMNIS representatives to purchase from RSC the applications suspected to be stolen so as to later compare them to ISIS. Despite the protection of the pirates by representatives of the Romanian Office for Copyright (ORDA). the Bucharest Court (TB) has ordered the reopening of the criminal proceedings against the perpetrators. CARE. from the Bucharest Court. the Prosecutor`s Office and the expert chosen by looks..000 source codes from a technology platform at which many OMNIS specialists had been working since system. It has also abolished prosecutor Nicoleta Bulgaru`s orders. a scam had been planned. AMBULANłA and HIPOCRATE applications have been created and sold preferably to state institutions.NET. The sponsor granted the recipient the exploitation rights on HIPOCRATE computer system free of charge. They do not leave empty.164 MICROSOFT Bucharest Emergency hospitals “Professor Dr. Rather than engage in solving this dirty business. Covered Sponsorship On November 12. any hospital. OMNIS took samples of the source code from the RSC website and addressed ORDA.handed and copy around 5. Eugen Vasiliu and Adrian Ghimpu. two directors of the institution. which RSC had received for THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . the ARES. the injured party addressed the Ministry of the Administration and Interior.

in February 2003.Viorel Roşu – answers with a lie by stating that “Gerota” Hospital does not employ any of the programs claimed by the copyright owners. but a little earlier. putting them on guard about the complaint filed against them. . In June the same year. in reality. the stolen software lands with a detour at a unit of the Ministry of Interior. the monthly payment being set at 125. including VAT (approximately 3. Following a similar scenario. ORDA representatives refuse to make an inspection at RSC to investigate the complaint filed by OMNIS. policemen Luigi Sima and Marian IoniŃă from the Fraud Investigations enter the scene and ask ORDA for a scientific and technical expertise. Dan Dogaru. OMNIS notifies “Gerota” Hospital to stop using the HIPOCRATE program which has been developed based on the stolen ISIS.a hospital which should have nothing to do with that software since RSC had sponsored the foundation baring the same name and not the hospital. the Foundation has donated to the hospital the monthly obligation to pay RSC hundreds of millions RON. things are system source codes that belong to them as recorded in the ORDA Register for Computer Programs. The approval is granted but not without the knowledge of Police General Superintendent Nicolae Berechet. the HIPOCRATE software was also delivered free of charge to “Agrippa Ionescu” SRI Hospital. Viorel Roşu (now retired). Hence. The hospital`s director. General Berechet Gives his Approval Two days later. the same Chief Commissioner . chief inspector Adrian Păunescu pays a visit to the pirates. It is as clear as day that he takes no sample which might incriminate them. Proven Theft Under all sorts of pretexts. his conclusion being that the analyzed software "contains significant parts copied from the ISIS.166 MICROSOFT foundation until a few days after Dragoş Săracu had been appointed director of RSC. “Professor Dr. Instead. Eight months later.900. Intentionally or program developed by OMNIS GROUP”. the IT & C Directorate within the Ministry of Interior informs "Gerota" Hospital that the software "meets the requirements” . addresses the General Directorate of Intelligence and Internal Protection of the Ministry of Interior. RSC sends a request to "Gerota” Hospital to conclude a maintenance contract for the system received as a gift. the expert does not mention also the conclusions regarding the flagrant breach of copyright. thus making the report incomplete and challengeable. Dimitrie Gerota” Foundation expresses its intention to donate the HIPOCRATE informational system to”Professor Dr. THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . including the necessity for a warrant issued by the prosecutor. MAI State Secretary for logistics during the PSD government.800 euro). At about the same time. requesting approval to accept the donation. After several insistence.UM 0666 167 In December 2004. Chief Commissioner Dr. Dimitrie Gerota” Hospital for free. This proves that. by this maneuver. This is carried out by the only expert on copyright.000 million ROL.

but three months pass until she communicates it to the representatives of the injured party. although expert Galani reaches diametrically opposing conclusions. concluding that there is no software piracy. from the Faculty of Electronics. OMNIS continues to urge the acceptance of the samples taken prior to the amendment of the RSC website and ultimately the prosecutor has no other option but to comply with the law. The fact that RSC pays for the expertise tells a lot about this strange choice as the appointed expert is a computer . a software specialist and accused Dragoş Ştefan Săracu does the same (by calling a representative of Microsoft – Ed. on the top of it. THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . Consequently. Following that. Under these circumstances.168 MICROSOFT The file reaches prosecutor Nicoleta Bulgaru from the Bucharest Court. OMNIS legally appoints an experthand. The two have been under criminal investigation for at least four criminal prosecutions for various acts of corruption.specialist. But what is even worse is that she rejects the samples taken by OMNIS from the RSC website and opposes their recovery from the beneficiaries who have purchased the stolen programs. which proves that her connections have been more influent than the police captain`s. which is usually urgently demanded from the prosecutor handling the case. but not a software specialist. At the same time. And.UM 0666 169 computers experts and chooses no one else but Professor Ştefan Stăncescu.). Galani realizes that he has to prepare his own technical expertise report. Police Superintendent Florin Mincă is required to find an expert. Only that now a new trick is employed: the prosecutor approves the request of OMNIS before the beginning of the expertise. He unlawfully demands a list of all Simultaneously. Thus. the same Stăncescu draws conclusions about copyright without having any expertise or any quality in this field as the . Bulgaru was appointed prosecutor at the Bucharest Court. the expertise is conducted on the newly changed data. Professor Stăncescu unlawfully refuses to place in his report Galani`s different opinions on the matter. the expertise was carried out on the samples altered by RSC following the warning received from ORDA Inspector Adrian Păunescu. a computer specialist. Instead. Nicoleta Bulgaru acquits the defendants. This being the case. Thus. casually offered by the RSC representatives. Dumitru Galani. Moreover. who comes from ConstanŃa and is famous for the abusive investigations carried out with Captain Grigore Peşterău.and not a software . it was unlikely that notable resemblance would be found after a new expertise. she also draws conclusions on copyright matters on which she is the least competent. by two orders. which he submits to the prosecution file. RSC withdraws from its website the applications created based of the intelligence theft and operates a number of substantial changes on them. Criminal Investigation Reopened Expert Chosen by Looks Following ORDA chief inspector Păunescu`s warning. the policeman being eventually thrown out of the system.

170 MICROSOFT experts of ORDA are the only ones in Romania who have such prerogatives. expert Galani reaches the following conclusions: “. On November 27. Death to sell the house located on 75 Emanoil Porumbaru Street. just like OMNIS. which is still on trial today. whom we called Dr. the legal owner of these code lines is the company. Galani Report After numerous tests. Utmost Coincidence Chief Commissioner Adrian Murea. who would not even dream of such a performance.It is impossible to identically and 100% reproduce from memory 4. works as a surgeon at the MAI "Gerota" Hospital that has been using pirated software seemingly received as a gift. the court orders the annulment of all orders unlawfully issued by Nicoleta Bulgaru. policeman Mincă and expert Stăncescu. then 45 employees.two employees.884 lines while maintaining specific elements of the OMNIS GROUP’s own footprint. Murea has stolen the property legally bought by him with bank instruments and the hospital uses software that has been stolen from him. Proof of these allegations is the fact that the intelligence pirates could never exactly name the source.belongs to Dragoş Rişcanu. RSC SRL had only one employee. in 2002 .UM 0666 171 Arguments In 2001.The only way in which the set of programs / functions of the ISIS. while.incredibly! . RCS has repeatedly tried to justify the system could be found in RSC applications. 100% identically assumed. prosecutor Bulgaru. He is the surgeon who used the identity of two of his dying patients in real estate frauds. 2006. following the complaint filed with the Bucharest Court regarding the judicial frame-up instrumented by representatives of ORDA and RSC. Death. . The second dying patient was used by Dr. claiming that. This is a big fat software since 1990. as compared to the same period. and thus dismiss any charges brought against them. As a conclusion. it had used Microsoft technology acquired from the Internet. both operations took place during the same period of 2003. many of them working on the ISIS. OMNIS had 40. One of these supposedly sold him the house on 47 Barbu Delavrancea Street which . is to physically copy them from the OMNIS server on an external support and to transfer them into the RSC applications. and no its employee – Ed. including the programming and spelling mistakes. the owner of OMNIS GROUP. based on . the reopening of the criminal investigation and an expertise on intellectual property.) . the so-called honorable achievements of RCS should make even Bill Gates jealous. Under these circumsntances.None of the RCS applications recompiled without the set of programs / functions being 100% copied does not work. cannot be accessed and is not visible on the Internet. (But even so. Utmost coincidence. RSC files an appeal. " THE GUARDIAN ANGEL .

of which he executed less than four in Jilava prison. and was released on December 31. For all these facts. Securitate General.Iulian Vlad. fled to the U. Securitate General. . Annex 6 Other executioners of the Romanian People . General. in 1978. Adrian Murea is under DNA criminal investigation.Tudor Postelnicu. 1993 by a court decision.Ion Mihai Pacepa. For all the crimes committed in the service of the communist regime. sentenced for the atrocities committed during the events in Timişoara in 1989 was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Foreign Intelligence Department Deputy. Head of the Securitate. fought for the elimination of the elements “hostile” to the communist regime. .Alexandru Nicolschi (born Boris Grunberg). he has received only seven years in prison. At the time of the events of December 1989 he was Head of the Secret Police. becoming notable by the annihilation of the group led . where he applied for political asylum.172 MICROSOFT a forged mandate. . Minister of Interior and member of the Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party become notable due to the suppression in blood of the miners` strike of 1977. but also for many others. Securitate General.S.

. Ioan ŞoltuŃiu and many others. Together with Teohari Georgescu and Iosif RangheŃ. Ion Stănescu (born Silaghi). Teohari Georgescu. Tamara Dobrin. he served in the Mobile Squad within the General Directorate of Police.UM 0666 175 . Dumitru Coliu (born Dimităr Colev). Attorney General Augustin Alexa (a Romanian version of Vîşinski) Emil Bodnăraş (Soviet spy). . THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . he sent to death hundreds of opponents of communism. With the support of NKVD.Mihail (Mişu) Dulgheru (born Mişu Dulbergher). Securitate General and Minister on several occasions.k. col. reactivated by Virgil Măgureanu after the establishment of the SRI. as a public prosecutor working in the Court of the People. infiltrated by the NKVD into the Ministry of Internal Affairs.174 MICROSOFT by Ana Pauker and the " Piteşti Experiment". . Neagu Cosma. Liuba Chişinevschi. former Colonel-General.Alexandru Drăghici. Securitate colonel. along with other personalities who served as Presidents of the Romanian Parliament. Ion Dincă. commander of the school in Băneasa. after which the structure became the Romanian Securitate. a. He was the main responsible for the tortures and crimes which occurred in the cellars of the People`s Securitate during its first four years of activity. Ana Pauker. Dumitru Popescu. by the reeducation of political dissidents through beatings and torture.a. . specializing in the deportation of Saxons and Swabians in forced labor camps in the USSR and the annihilation of the antiSoviet resistance. Gheorghe Crăciun. Securitate General.Ion VinŃe (born Janos Vincze). Nicolae Moromete. Minister of Interior and of State Security.Other not less important torturers of the totalitarian regime in those years: Ady Ladislau (later Alexandru Mureşan).Vladimir Mazuru (born Wladimir Mazurow). he led the Mobile Squad up to 1948. . Securitate General. Valter Roman (born Ernö Neuländer). his portrait is displayed as a sign of tribute on the walls of the Chamber of Deputies. Because he was president of the Grand National Assembly between 28 December 1949 and 26 January 1950. "the Emperor". became notable by the inhumane treatment of the political prisoners and the death sentences ordered with an extreme cynicism. Iosif Chişinevschi (born Roitman) Vasile Ciolpan.

1940 . . 1945 . . .September 25.April 12.General Director of SSI.January 1947 .Annex 7 Heads of the Intelligence Services from 1924 to date . .April 1951 . .Nicolae Stănescu . 1944 to September 20.August 25. 1944 to March 6.Mihail Moruzov .General Director of SSI.Lucian Stupinianu .December 25. 1944 Victor Siminel – Director of SSI (Special Intelligence Service).November 12. . 1945 . 1945 to July 12. 1944 – Eugen Cristescu – Head of the Secret Intelligence Service. 1924 to September 13. 1944 to December 25.March 12.July 12. 1944 Ioan Lissievici – General Director of SSI. . 1945 Gheorghe Săvoiu .January 1947 . 1940 to August 23.General Director of SSI. .Head of the Secret Intelligence Service.Serghei Nicolau General Director of SSI and between April 1951 March 1954 Head of Foreign Intelligence Directorate A within DGSS (General Directorate of State Security).

Head of Foreign Intelligence Directorate I within DGSS. 1984 . 1978 to April 22.Romus Dima . 1999 . MU 0666) .February 12. .December 16.George Cristian Maior.May 7. 1992 SIE Director.Vasile Vâlcu . 1990 – General Mihai Caraman .December 18. 2000 to December 7.UM 0666 179 . 2005 Gheorghe Fulga.December 28.July 30. 1978.Florin Coldea (Interim).October 4.Deputy Minister of National Defense and December 13. .Interior Minister and Head of the CIE (Centre for Foreign Intelligence) of DSS.Alexandru Radu Timofte.December 7. 1980 . 1992 to July 30. 1990 to November 21. . .1963 . .May 4. 1980 to November 26.July 20 to October 4. 2005 General-Lieutenant Gabriel Naghi. THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . 1963 .Major General Dumitru Iliescu. 1972 . 1990 to April 25. Deputy Interior Minister and Head of the General Directorate of Foreign Intelligence within CSS (State Security Council).General Brigadier (General-Commissioner) Anghel Andreescu. 1997 – General Ioan Talpeş. Directors of the SPP (Protection and Guard Service . 1955 . 1996 . .1989 . 2001 . 1999 to December 28. .1972.December 16.present .178 MICROSOFT . 1998 Colonel Nicu Anghel. 1997 . .October 15.Nicolae PleşiŃă .Virgil Măgureanu. . 2006 .Head of Directorate I of the DGSS.April 9. 1998 to January 21. . 1984 to January 6. 2006 . . 1996 to April 29.Costin Georgescu. First Deputy Interior Minister and Head of the Foreign Intelligence Department of CSS. 1997 .June . . . 2000 – General-Lieutenant Neculai Stoina.1959 . 1990 . 1959 – Mihai Gavriliuc . .December 1.April 22.April 9. Directors of the SIE (Foreign Intelligence Service) .Head of DSS. 1955 to July 15.May 30.May 26.February 7.Nicolae Doicaru . Directors of the SRI (Romanian Intelligence Service) . 2001 to July 20. 2005 .18 January to 13 December. 1990 Aristotel Stamatoiu .Iulian Vlad . .October 1978 . 2001 to July 20. 1997 to February 1. .Alexandru Dănescu – Head of the DEI within DSS.March 18.Cătălin Harnagea. . Head of the CIE within the DSS.March 1954 .December 2000 .1987 .GeneralLieutenant Lucian PahonŃu. 2006 . .First Deputy Interior Minister and Head of the CIE within the DSS.Deputy Interior Minister.former Security Division V.4 March. .present .Head of the Foreign Intelligence Directorate within DGSS.

. MICROSOFT October 4...................present ................. 17 What Kind of Stability Are We Talking About? ..180 ....... 2006 – General Silviu 2006 to March 19................. 2007 ...... 13 The Red Plague of the East................ 32 The Network of Descendants and Continuators of the Late Regime .....July 20 to Predoiu.............................................................. 18 CHAPTER II The Vlădescu Conspiracy ................................................. 43 Other interesting characters........ 21 CHAPTER III Old and New Securitate Members ..........October 4............. 55 ............................................................................ 29 The New Oligarchy .General 5..................... 37 Agrippa Ionescu........................... yet Lesser . 35 Sebastian Teodor Gheorghe Vlădescu ............. 15 A High-Tech terrorist.....Mihai Răzvan PREFACE Last Minute CHAPTER I Illegal Practices by the MICROSOFT Giant ...December Ungureanu...... .............................. ... 34 Călin Popescu Tăriceanu............ 42 Ghizela Vass – Bogdan Olteanu........................................ 47 X-Raying the Disappearance of Certain European Funds.Claudiu TABLE OF CONTENTS to December 5........................................ 34 Eugen Nicolaescu ... 50 Jonathan Scheele......... a Pontius Pilates................... 2007 ....... Elvis Săftoiu......................March 19 Silviu Predoiu.. 45 CHAPTER IV A Case Study.......................... ...... 2007 .............................

........................... 120 The Monica Macovei “Trouble” ............... 135 Annex 2 March 31............................................................................................. "Haiducu" Affair ......................................................................................................... 90 CHAPTER IX The Odious MU 0666................ 111 First Mineriad............................... 63 Out Dear and Beloved Justice ... 149 ...... 58 More Millions of EUR........ 129 ANNEXES CHAPTER VIII Officers of Death . 76 Pantiuşa........................ 105 Annex 1 Microsoft blacklists.... 110 Prahova Network ....... Securitate Changes ........................... 97 Training Reliable Agents.................................. a Present for the RSC ..... 83 Petea............... 75 Russification of the Romanian Army..................................................................... 63 MICROSOFT.182 MICROSOFT CHAPTER V Who Is Handling Romanian Finances.... 124 How many Securitate agents per European? ......................................................... 80 Glorious Past as Secret Police Agent ...................................... 95 Securitate is not Dead... the Midwife of the Securitate .... Better than ORDA Experts ................ 121 Death solves all problems — no man............. 96 Secret Police Funds for Crime........... set by the state............................. Minister of Finance.................................................... 70 CHAPTER VII Reality on the Edge ................. 87 General Caraman Decorated by the NKVD ......... 126 A matter of mentality ....................... 88 SMERSH..... the Secret Police Brute .... 112 CHAPTER XI Securitate Oligarchy Refuses to Surrender..... Exported Arms to Africa............. 122 Do Europeans even want to fight high level corruption?........... Protector of the Scam.................................... 118 Communist regime – “Illegitimate and Criminal" ................ 69 Judge Costiniu.. 84 THE GUARDIAN ANGEL ................................................. 82 Butcher in the Ministry of Interior ....................................... Assassins are trained people . Champion of Political Frame-ups.................................... 57 Clarifications .......... 99 CHAPTER X Voicu Network on Justice....................UM 0666 183 Ovidiu Soare Network on the Romanian Intelligence Services .................................. 66 CHAPTER VI Magistrates Failing the Test of Logic and Commonsense................................................................................... 145 Annex 4 Vlădescu............................. 127 Criminals are afflicted people................ 2009 – ECIS Report:................ no problem Joseph Stalin ........................ the Assassin Buried with Military Honors 78 PleşiŃă. 117 "Romania will Remain an Underdeveloped Country" ............................................................ 137 Annex 3 Minister of Health worked for arms dealer Shimon Naor ...................

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