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15/02/2015 – Child development officer

Indian Polity

First municipal corporation was established – Chennai
Formation of states match the following
Kerala (1956), Sikkim (1975), Haryana (1966), Mizoram (1986)
Match the wrong data
a. Article – 153 Executive power of the states
b. Article – 155 Qualifications for appointment as a governor
c. Article – 161 Oath or affirmation by governor
d. Article – 167
Duties of chief minister regarding information to
the governor
5. Rajya sabha is not true – 1/3rd members are retire every year
6. Which of the statement was not true - the term “secular” was added by the 44 th
Constitutional amendment act 1976
7. Correct statement about “Mayor of Corporation” – Elected by the People
8. The Lokpal and Lokayuktas bill 1986 passed by Lok Sabha lapsed because – of early
dissolution of fourth lok sabha
9. Which house of parliament can create new all india services – Rajya Sabha
10.Panchayat Raj relates to – State Govt, Balwanth Rai Metha, Rural Development, 73 rd
11.Assertion : The seceret service expenditure is a limitation on the auditing role of CAG
The CAG of India controlled by the executives
A is True but R is False
12.Following is correctly matched ; Fundamental Rights (Ar 12 – 35)
13.The principle Law officer for Govt.of India – Attorney General
01/02/2015 - Assistant Geologist
1. Main function of CVC – To cause a enquiry of alleged offence committed by Public
2. Fedral system of india is drawn by which country – Canada
3. Right to Vote in India is – Constitutional Right
4. Who decides a dispute regarding election of the president – the Supreme Court
5. Not a Power of prime minister – Appointment of the Speaker of Lok Sabha
6. A Govt classify as the Federal or Unitary basis of – Relation Bet Center and States
7. The Power of Judicial review in India – implicit
8. Not included in the Eastern Zone Council – Sikkim
9. Not appointed by the Governor – High court Judge
10.RTI is a - Legal Right
11.Not emergency provision is Promulgated – 360
12.Universal Deceleration of Human Rights was declared – 10 th Dec 1948
22/02/2015 – Health Officer
1. The second most spoken language – Bengali
2. Creation of States order – Goa>Chattisgarh>Uttarkand>Jarkhand
3. The Supreme Court of India tends to advice to the President of India on matter or Law
Fact – if he seeks such a advise
4. The Chairman PAC appointed by – Speaker of Lok Sabha
5. The idea of emergency provision is borrowed from – Weiner Constitution of Germany
6. NHRC is a – Constitutional Body
7. Economic Justice in Indian Constitution has been provided in – Preamble and DPSP
8. Article 360 – Financial Emergency
9. DPSP borrowed from – Irish Constitution
10.Preamble is Keynote of the Constitution –Ernest Barker
11.Ruler of princely state of Kashmir 1947 – Harisingh
The top tier of the Panchayat Raj