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Think Flexible. Think Wigwam® Flexible & exclusive franchise options to suit your needs 15. Think Success. Think Wigwam® Attractive financial rewards 5. a farmer/landowner looking for diversification opportunities or an entrepreneur. Think Support. Think Wigwam® Comprehensive induction. Think Wigwam® A proven track record of success . Think Brand. training and ongoing support 8. we welcome you to the first step in running your own Wigwam® Holidays Site! Whether you are an established.Why choose a Wigwam® Holidays franchise? As the market leader in the rapidly expanding UK glamping sector. profitable and flexible franchise business. 1. Think Winner. Think £££’s. Wigwam® Holidays offers an amazing opportunity to develop a fun. quality campsite looking to expand. Think Wigwam® Join a market-leading brand in a rapidly expanding market 4. Think Wigwam® Complete marketing support 9.

caravanning or ‘glamping’ holiday in the past three years. there’s no better time to consider becoming a Wigwam® Holidays franchisee and cashing in on this growing market.Think Success. Each of our independently-owned Wigwam® Sites is unique. In 2011. Strathfillan Wigwam® Village. We sell logs on site and everyone loves sitting at night with the fire burning. but they all offer visitors warm. Think Wigwam Who are Wigwam® Holidays? Established in 2000. 1 *Source Mintel 2011 . 2010 This straightforward approach combined with the recent surge in popularity for stay-at-home ‘glamping’ holidays has made Wigwam® Holidays a market leader and the fastest growing alternative holiday brand in the UK. high profile reputation for providing exciting. Wigwam® Holidays has an established. It all starts with our core purpose – which couldn’t be more simple: To provide “Great Holidays in the Great Outdoors Charles Gulland. It’s camping but with a little bit more glamour. Wigwam® Holidays is a network of over 60 alternative outdoor holiday sites across the UK. heated and eco-friendly Wigwam® Cabins – ensuring a holiday experience that they will remember forever. when only one in five had done so. A significant increase from the result of equivalent research conducted in February 2009. affordable outdoor holidays thanks to our powerful and effective marketing division which has the resources. Perthshire So with the growing demand for low cost breaks at home and the recession not likely to end any time soon. toasting marshmallows etc Rena Baillie. What is ‘glamping’ and why is it so popular? Over the past few years ‘glamping’ (that’s glamorous camping to you and me) has taken the UK by storm. It appeals to those who may be not quite ready for full on camping under canvas. Nov. one in three* people reported having been on a camping. comfortable and fun accommodation in our insulated. expertise and passion to attract many thousands of Visitors to our Wigwam® Sites every year.

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The spin offs from providing Wigwam® holidays can be very profitable. As a franchisee you buy the right to develop your business in a defined geographical area.00 per adult per night with discounts for children and longer stays. Some sites have a small shop selling basic essentials . 4 . with a guarantee from us that there will not be another Wigwam® Holidays Site competitor within a defined radius. revenues will vary but the lowest would be around £5k per Wigwam® per year and the highest could be in excess of £8k per Wigwam® annually. other site shops are more sophisticated. With our state of the art online booking system. helping to increase your profitability. each Wigwam® would generate an annual income of £7. Think Wigwam So what kind of profits can you expect from setting up a Wigwam® Site? Well. You may offer a range of outdoor activities providing additional revenue streams. letting seasons are longer meaning higher revenues for sites. Assuming an average occupancy of 3 per night at a tariff of £15 and 160 nights booked per year.£20.000 annually from selling bags of logs to guests to burn in camp fires outside the Wigwams®. We will provide you with a detailed business plan to help you take those first steps towards becoming a Wigwam® Holidays franchisee.Think £££’s. Each site determines its own tariffs from around £15. One site has reported making £22. selling gifts. the good news is that because Wigwams® are a genuine four season product. Due to the diverse nature of our sites and the different locations on offer. you will make money in your sleep.00 . official Wigwam merchandise and even exotic meats for barbecues .200.

training and ongoing support package As well as our comprehensive operations and brand manuals. we stay in touch with all of our Sites by email.Think Support. 5 8 . knowledge and support to make your Wigwam® Site a success including: Business plan Asset finance Legal / planning Site review IT development Training Importantly. Think Wigwam Comprehensive induction. telephone and Site visits allowing us to maintain strong partner relationships and ensure that we are meeting your needs and are involved with the success of your business at grass roots level. we have a team of experts with a wealth of knowledge and years of hands-on experience in helping people to start their own Wigwam® Site (some team members are even running their own Wigwam® Site!) We will work in partnership with you – supporting you every step of the way – to ensure you are equipped with the tools.

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STV and ITV’s ‘This Morning’ programme. feel good factor is key in ensuring that your business and ours goes from strength to strength. enjoying camp fires under the stars against a backdrop of mountains. rivers. Our branding which evokes that ‘great outdoors’. it’s an exciting experience. The Wigwam® team works tirelessly to keep the Wigwam® Holidays name and brand at the forefront of public consciousness. we provide you with: A comprehensive brand manual Road and Site signage A listing on our flagship website with access to over 500. It’s not just time out in a stress free environment.Think Brand. shorelines or forests. We invest heavily in all aspects of marketing including advertising campaigns in national daily newspapers.000 visitors per year Your own state of the art website with integrated online booking Access to our marketing team who are always happy to assist you with any questions or support you require to enhance and develop your own marketing activity 8 . rural locations. constant online and social media activity. Think Wigwam A brand you can trust It’s all about freedom! People love having year round access to camping in comfort in natural. During the past year we have even been promoted on Radio 4. Additionally. attending and sponsoring massive public events and distributing tens of thousands of eye-catching leaflets at our Wigwam® Sites.

Think Flexible. As a minimum you will need the following: 1 Wigwam® Cabins To be a franchised Wigwam® Site you will need to commit to purchase at least 6 Wigwams – with the capacity to provide 24 bedspaces per night. but will include: The right to use the Wigwam® Holidays trademark name. Think Wigwam Your investment The initial investment required to set up a Wigwam® Holidays franchise will vary depending on your circumstances and ambition. 2 Initial Franchise Charge Your initial franchise fee will vary depending on the services that we provide you with. Full support from the Wigwam® Holidays team to plan and launch your business (see page 5 for details) 912 . Brand Manual and access to the Wigwam® Holidays branding material Operations Manual The design and launch of your own website with integrated online booking system The right to geographic exclusivity (to be negotiated depending on your location and the capacity of your site subject to development.

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You will also use our integrated online booking system which allows you to accept bookings and payment via your priority website listing with integrated online booking system Social media PR Special offers and late availability postings on website and facebook Inclusion in Leaflets If you buy into Wigwam® Holidays you get quality workmanship and a product that you can rely on. or for any questions or further training you may require for the online booking system. Penbugle Farm Wigwams. John Ridout. Our IT team will be at your disposal for any changes or developments that you wish to make to your website. IT & web As well as working with you to design your own website we will also host the site on our state of the art server and include the cost of one email address and one domain name. We feel part of a community offering comfort and support. Training & networking Training seminars and update literature An invitation to attend our annual conference Access to network of fellow franchisees / other sites Regular newsletters / updates Marketing . Wigwamholidays. we have invested in a brand that we can trust. Cornwall 11 .3 Ongoing franchise fee Each month you will also need to pay an ongoing franchise fee of 10% of your turnover to cover the cost of belonging to the Wigwam® Holidays franchise network and allowing you access to all the fantastic benefits and services listed below.

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ground preparation. visit you on site. electrical. Site Infrastructure You will need to factor in the cost of site access. recreational areas. Generally. you will need to apply for a caravan site licence but your local planner will be able to advise you on this. drainage and water supply.Other factors to consider Land You will need suitable land for development. parking (normal practice would be to allow one car parking space per wigwam). Planning Permission For planning purposes Wigwams® are classed as static or wooden caravans. Other considerations include the provision of a service building re toilets and showers. We would be happy to discuss any of these aspects in more detail and if appropriate. Ride our Wigwam Wave 1314 . reception/shop and overheads such as public liability insurance. unless permission exists such as in crofting where 3 statics are allowed.

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it's good to be part of a quality UK network Christine Whiteford. nearly half a million visitors logged on to our flagship website wigwamholidays.7 million page views. The Wigwam® team were particularly helpful and attentive to detail and delivered on price and on schedule . generating 2.. Ian Richie. Wigwam® Holidays offered valuable assistance with all sorts of practical details including help drawing up our business plan and marketing. Think Wigwam Proven track record of success Since 2000. Glentress Wigwams. What’s more. As a company they provide a great brand plus excellent marketing and customer service . Perthshire. with our 25 years of experience in the wooden buildings business we have developed the quality and craftsmanship to ensure that each Wigwam® is built to last – in fact.Think Winner. Wigwams® have the lifespan equivalent to a modern home ensuring the maximum return on your initial investment. The Wigwams® are the best cabins of their type on the market .com.5 million in booking revenue. In 2013. helping our network to achieve almost £2.and that's been confirmed by numerous customers. Many website visitors return time and time again and our loyal ‘Wigwammers’ often visit two or more of our Sites around the UK during the course of a year. Pot-A-Doodle Do Wigwam® Village Northumbria 15 . Wigwam® Holidays has attracted over 60 Sites to our UK-wide network.

Northumberland We get a lot of people coming back. Wigwam® offers a quality product. West Lothian Wigwam® Holidays offers a brilliant brand a great support network. It’s a cheap break at around £40 per night for a family. climbing trees and playing around the stream Sandy Guthrie. Olivia Hill Northside Farm Wigwams. Our clients are mostly young couples with children attracted by the idea of camping but without the tent. Perthshire. 16 . customers know what they are getting and Wigwam Holidays has really helped to drive our business forward.The proof of the pudding is in the eating and who better to recommend being a Wigwam® Holiday site owner than the people already in the business. The wigwam holiday team are accessible and easy to work with especially the simple and reliable online booking system. The kids love the camp fires. Hilly Cow Wigwams. As far as they’re concerned it’s a winner! We enjoy being part of Wigwam® Holidays for the brand and the good quality build within the Wigwam® Holidays community there is great support for business wwh is a friendly business with great network Lesley Barr. Newmill Farm Wigwams.

com Find us on: www.Contact Us Sales in UK & Ireland Strathfillan Tyndrum Perthshire FK20 8RU t: 0131 4507126 t: 01838 400331 enquiries@wigwamholidays.twitter.