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Mumbai/New Delhi: In a bid to discourage non-serious

companies from entering the overcrowded Indian broadcasting
sector, the Union Cabinet on Friday tightened the eligibility
criteria for companies applying for television channel licences in
the news and non-news genres.
Jehil Thakkar, executive director, media and entertainment, at
KPMG, said such policies could force some of the existing
companies intending to start new channels to exit business.
Yet others feels the norms are still not stringent enough to weed
out weak firms. Jawahar Goel, chief executive of Dish TV India
Ltd and former president of the Indian Broadcasting Foundation,
said it was not really a restrictive policy. “The guidelines on net
worth are fairly insignificant. It’s a good move, but not enough.”
Paritosh Joshi, chief executive of STAR CJ Network India Pvt.
Ltd, said there’s been a mushrooming of channels in the Hindi
news genre. “To a large extent, the mushrooming is unsavoury.
Globally, OfCom (Federal Office of Communication) has a fit and
proper test where individual shareholders are scrutinized. Here
what the ministry is saying is far easier in terms of restrictions.”
Joshi said these norms will also affect existing channels because
their tenure is temporary and licences will need to be renewed.
According to the broadcasting ministry, 745 channels were given
permission till the end of August this year.
The size of the television industry was estimated to be Rs29,700
crore in 2010 and is expected to reach Rs34,100 crore by 2011,
according to the Ficci-KPMG Indian Media and Entertainment
Industry Report 2011 published earlier this year. That will
increase to Rs63,000 crore by 2015, the report said.

M/s ______________________ AS ON __________ FACE VALUE OF THE SHARE RS. The ministry of information and broadcasting has two sets of policy guidelines. 8. therefore. Indian individual Indian company Foreign individual Foreign company NRI FII PIO Any other Signature of Company Secretary with seal Application for downlinking TV channel in India. ii) I undertake to furnish periodic information relating to public complaints. programme contents and any other information in respect of above-mentioned TV channels as may be laid down/asked for by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting from time to time.The broadcasting companies will also pay Rs15 lakh a channel per year if they downlink a channel in India that has been uplinked from overseas. WHEREAS as a condition precedent to above approval/permission. the fees is lower at Rs5 lakh a channel per year.. Shri ………………… S/o Shri _________________in the capacity of …………. For downlinking a channel uplinked from India.. 5. 3. 2.for approval/permission for downlinking of TV channel ………………. I hereby undertake as follows: i) I undertake to abide by the Programme Code and Advertising Code laid down by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. 1995 and the Rules passed thereunder. 19 FORM1B AFFIDAVIT/UNDERTAKING [For Entertainment TV Channel/News & Current Affairs TV Channel] (on Rs 100 Stamp Paper & Notarized) WHEREAS . Signature Name Designation Seal of Company Place : Date : Application for downlinking TV channel in India. Share Holding Direct Investment Portfolio Investment No. of Shares % of total paid up shares No. WHEREAS I have read the abovementioned Programme Code and Advertising Code. __________________ S. Government of India from time to time. 6. Category of Shareholders. 7. in ………………. this is the policy for downlinking of television channels notified in November 2005. One for channels uplinked from overseas and distributed here for public viewing. WHEREAS I understand that the permission/approval so granted can be withdrawn. if I fail to abide by the said Programme & Advertising Codes. I am required to abide by the Programme Code and Advertising Code prescribed under the cable Television Network (Regulation) Act. 18 FORM-1A AFFIDAVIT/UNDERTAKING (on Rs 20 Stamp Paper & Notarized) WHEREAS I. iii) I undertake to provide the necessary equipment and facility for continuous monitoring of the broadcaster service at my own cost and preserve the recordings of broadcasting materials for a period of 3 months from the date of broadcast and produce the same to Ministry of Information & Broadcasting or to its authorized representative as and when required.No. 4. (place). Now.(designation) have applied to the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting on beha lf of M/s………………………. of Shares % of total paid up shares 1.

e..--------------------------------------------------------------have applied to the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting for approval/permission for downlinking of a TV channel -------------------------------------. should there be a change in the Programme content of the channel to include news/current affairs along with a change in the ownership pattern to include any element of foreign equity/management control and that prior information of any such proposed change shall be given to the Government. we will seek fresh permission from the Govt. in the format as prescribed by the Govt. from time to time. We also undertake to supply information. We submit that our channel is purely an Entertainment TV Channel/News & Current Affairs TV Channel and have/does not have any news or current affairs based programme.) WHEREAS we understand that the information given in the application and in Form 1A 1C and Table I and other related documents form a composite part of this permission. satellite lease agreement. Memorandum and Articles of Association.M/s. WHEREAS information have been provided in Form 1 supported by affidavit in Form 1A and declarations in Table I along with other related documents (i. We hereby undertake that in accordance with the guidelines for downlinking of TV channels. etc. project report. For and on behalf of M/s_______________________ Authorized Signatory Seal of the Company Date : Place: .