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Location Report

For my A2 film studies project portfolio, following a textual analysis,

I have produced planning materials in order to help me proceed
towards creating a short film, which will be ideal particularly for my
target audience. In advance, I produced a 3000 word essay which
incorporated my inspired ideas and aims for my final production.
The topic in which I based my essay on is the ways in which the
representation of black males has altered over the years, focusing
on the 1990s to present day. Therefore, I have produced a location
report in which I aim to locate my filming sessions at as they are
most suitable for my production.
Location One: Marcus Bedroom

An important location that will be used ion my short film is a

bedroom. This is because, in the introduction of my short film, my
main male protagonist Jardel will be revealed as he awaits a phone
call from his friend Michael. As he is a teenager I thought generic
stereotypes surrounding teenagers being incorporated into the
scenery would be suitable such as game consoles, technology and
sport orientated curtains, which helps appeal to the target audience
of teenagers. I also thought it would be an ideal location as it has a
punching bag in the room which represents the violent stereotype
associated with the black community, which would also foreshadow
the content and the themes in the narrative. As well as this, the
room has great lighting, as well as curtains which is a strength as it
gives me the ability to adjust the lighting in the room, using natural
light from outside surroundings or by closing the curtains and

switching on the light in the room. The bedroom is a important

location, as Jardel will be here at the start of the short film and will
return here at the end of the short film when he decides to avoid
trouble that could come his way. I will be using a variety of shots
such as close up shots, medium close up shots, medium shots and
POV shots to illustrate Jardels emotions of nervousness and
anxiousness shown his facial expressions. A shot-reverse-shot will
also be used to show the reactions of both Jardel and Michael when
they are on the phone. Cinematography is an important micro
element to consider when filming which is why it is useful to use a
large room as it increases creativity of shots as well as control over
variables such as camera movement and angles. Non-diegetic music
will be used in the closing scene in the form of a monologue of
Jardels inner thoughts reflecting on the actions he could have made
and telling himself he has to live a good life, this will be supported
by non diegetic music which will be uplifting indicating a change in
Jardel. This is to represent the change in view of black males shown
in my textual analysis. The room features an array of colours, this is
to represent Jardel as an individual, as he is a confused young male
who is yet to find his identity.
Location Two: Oaks Lane

My second location is Oaks Lane, this is for various scenes

throughout the main body of the short film. It will be featured when
Jardel goes to meet Michael after their phonecall. On Oaks Lane a
use an establishing shot to show a block of flats which is Michaels
place of residence. This is to illustrate the representation of the
common stereotype of black males living in a low economic
environments. This is to reflect the perception shown by the media
such as film conveyed through my textual analysis. This is a open
area which is a strength as it also allows for increased creativity like
Marcus bedroom. As I didnt use the inside of the estate I did not
have to ask for permission which saved me time. In these scenes I
will be using non diegetic music from the Grime genre. This is to
reinforce stereotypes of associating crime with black males as these
song tend to glorify violence, guns and drugs. It also supports the
motives of Jardel and Michael they are going to harm another boy. In
these I will be using a variety of shots such as two shots, medium
close up shots and POV shots to convey the dynamics of Jardel and
Michaels friendship. Through sound and cinematography, I will be
able to convey the dynamics of their friendship, for example I will
include some low angled shots on Michael paired with dialogue to
represent that he is the dominant figure in the friendship. Mise-enscene in these scenes will reflect the perception of black males
explored in my textual by the use of costumes, the characters will
wear a mixture of hoodies and hats to represent the clothing that
tends to worn by people associated with gangs . This is to reinforce
the stigma placed on black males.