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Our story starts in 1993,

when communities of migrants and

British citizens came together to
create the Migrant and Refugee
Communities Forum.
They were frustrated by how their
communities struggled to get
support and advice, and they wanted
to do something about it. They chose
to work together, with one starting

All human beings should be

treated with dignity and respect

We know this works because we have seen it work and we

have made it work. In our two decades we have seen more
than 3,500 migrants and refugees become doctors and
dentists again in hospitals and GP surgeries across the UK.
We have taught English to thousands of people who now
study and work as our fellow citizens.

People coming
to the UK as
migrants and
refugees may
need a helping
a hand to start
a new life.
They are not
victims, they
are survivors.
If given a
chance they
will make

We worked with hundreds of organisations to affect change and achieve justice for
thousands of torture survivors, refused asylum seekers, the destitute and detained.
We always speak truth to power and we need you to join us in that quest.

To this day, our membership brings together diverse, progressive people who are
committed to positive social change for equal, fair and just Britain.

If you share this commitment, we would like you to join Migrants Organise.

By becoming a
member you will By becoming a member you will change lives of individuals and
work with us to help communities and transform your neighbourhood, your city and your
ensure that migrants country by learning to work together in an organised way.
You will never stand alone.
and refugees are
treated fairly with
respect and

according to their
needs, regardless of
background or status.
By becoming a
member you will join
a movement to
change negative
perceptions and we
will stand up to
xenophobia and
racism stronger


By becoming a member you will have access to training;

mentoring; leadership development; advocacy and
By becoming a member you will have your say in the
future of Migrants Organise and how we contribute to
change in society and world at large.

Migrants Organises power comes from its membership: those

who work with us to achieve this change - from individuals to
community groups, to large institutions and organisations.
We work with members directly, and also connect different
members so they can better achieve this change.

Our vision is a
movement of
leaders and
from diverse
backgrounds who
work together to
create a world in
which migrants
and refugees, and
their communities
are seen and
accepted as a
valuable, essential
part of our society.

Migrants Organise is a platform where migrants and refugees

organise for power, dignity and justice. What do we do?
We organise: we work with communities to act for change. We

develop leaders to understand their power, their issues, and

how to build actions for change.
We mobilise: we bring people to strategic actions and
campaigns. We urge and support people to take action on the

issues affecting migrants and refugees.


We mentor: we support and advise people, and connect people

with others who can provide support and advice on the journey
to integration. We connect people with others who can share

knowledge, experience or friendship.

We train: we develop peoples skills, confidence, experience and
capacity to act. We use workshops, training sessions, action and

experience to help people to develop.

We celebrate: we find and create platforms to recognise people.

We celebrate migrants and refugees and their contributions.

Membership rules
Our core members, at the heart of our work, are

community organisations run by and

for migrants and refugees.
You can also join Migrants Organise as an

individual supporter or as an
institutional supporter: school, university,
trade union or business, faith institution

everyone is welcome.

To become a member of Migrants

Membership is open to organisations across the UK. Organise you, as an individual, or a
representative from your
If you are unsure, call us and we can talk you through all
organisation will need to sign a
the different ways you can get involved and contribute.
membership declaration form and
pay a relevant membership fee.
Initial membership of Migrants Organise will last for a year. Please get in touch for more
After that, we will review membership every two years.
details about how to join.

What you get with your membership?

You will be joining a movement for dignity and justice for all migrants and refugees. In order to
build that movement we will provide our members with:
1. Leadership or development support tailored to your needs, interests and ambitions, with
priority for migrants and refugees in greatest need and according to Migrants Organises
2. Opportunity to shape Migrants Organise work and strategic directions.
3. Priority access and tickets to Migrants Organise events and meetings.
4. Opportunity to contribute to Migrants Organises blog, publications or research.
5. Opportunity to nominate a representative to the Board of Trustees, steering groups and
6. Opportunity to participate, volunteer and mentor and directly contribute to our work.

How do we work?

What do we ask of you?

We speak out. We make our voices

heard, we tell our stories, and we
take a stand on the issues that affect

Migrants Organise sees all our members as

equal participants in this movement.

We connect people. We act

relationally, to help people belong.
People need connections to thrive.

1. make an active commitment to our values.

We grow power. We recognise and

use power to make change. We
provide a platform for people to be
powerful and develop skills,
leadership, confidence and their
We build common ground. We bring
diverse people together around
shared issues, on a shared platform.

We need you to work with us and to:

2. work with staff, volunteers and members

to achieve our vision and aims.
3. participate in planning meetings, actions
and events.
4. connect with other members, and to
support new members who join.
5. pay annual dues.
Migrants Organise could not create change
without our members. If you have any
suggestions to improve membership, please
let us know.

Migrants Organises membership is underlined by

our values and by principles of fairness, equality
transparency, accountability and empowerment
Recruiting Members
Migrants Organise is open to all members who commit to
our values, including a wider range of individuals and
groups. We will reach out to those who are particularly
disadvantaged to enable them to participate.
Members may not always agree with all the policy
positions or statements taken or made by Migrants
Organise or its members. We will aim to manage
disagreements through dialogue and compromise.
Ending Membership
Migrants Organise will review membership each year,
before our AGM. Migrants Organise or any member may
choose to end membership if the agreement is broken.
We may also end the agreement if a member harms our
reputation, works against our values and principles,
causes damage to our property or is found to have been
fraudulent. This process must be transparent, fair and
provide the chance for members or Migrants Organise
staff to present their reasons for breaking the agreement.

Want to join?

Membership fees:

Become a member today!

Migrant and Refugee Community Organisations

30 per year for constituted groups.
10 per year for unconstituted community groups.
5 per year for individual members from migrant or refugee communities
From 100 per year for for-profit organisations.
From 50 per year for NGOs and not-for-profit organisations.
From 30 per year for individual members

Fee waivers are available for those who are on low incomes or are receiving direct support from
Migrants Organise. Please ask for more information when applying for membership .

To join Migrants Organise or

for details about advantages
of membership contact:

Jessica Kennedy
Development Director
Tel. 020 8964 4815

Visit our website:
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Migrants Organise
(formerly Migrant and Refugee
Communities Forum)
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