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Bug Science: 9

Playful Printables
Get your preschooler excited about learning with these bug-tastic printables.
If your child like bumble bees, snails, caterpillars, ants, and other creepy
crawlies, then this set of printables is sure to ignite a love of learning in your

Table of Contents Cutting Lines: What's in the Grass? Insect Game: Hunt for (Fake) Insects! Preschool Math: Take Away the Bugs Diagonal Lines: Bugs Cut and Categorize #4 Measuring with a Ruler: Insects! I is for Insect! Practice Writing the Letter I Memory Matching Game: Insects! Coloring Page: Bugs in Nature! .

cut along the dotted lines. 1) First. . 2) Then.What’s in the Grass? Follow the directions to help the bugs hide in the grass. fold up along the solid line to make blades of grass. 3) Color the blades of grass green.

The one with the most bugs at the end wins! FINISH Created by : Put the rest on the Bonus Bugs area. 2 Put a bug on each leaf except for start and 1 Have Dad help you with the die and game pieces. then move your net the number of spaces rolled. 4 Pick up the bug on each space you land .FATHER’S DAY Bug GAMES S TA RT t n u ! H Bonus Bugs Copyright 2010-2011 Education. 3 Toss the die.

FATHER’S DAY Bug GAMES t n u ! H ✁ ✁ ✁ Ask Dad to help cut and tape this together. Lose a Turn Created by : Fold on the dotted lines. Go Back 2 Spaces ✁ Grab a bug from the Bonus Bug Pile! Copyright 2010-2011 .

com/worksheets .4 = 5-4= 4-1= 6-3= 5-2= 8-4= Copyright 2011-2012 Education. How many do you have left? Then color in the bugs at the bottom of the page! ct i o n a r t Su b Count the Created by : www. then cross out the number of bugs you need to subtract.

Tr a c i n g L i n e s Practice drawing diagonal lines. . Trace the dotted line from left to right.

Then paste them into the correct ✁ ✁ Insect Copyright 2010-2011 Education.gorizin g e Cat #4 Cut out the squares Animal Created by : .

com Copyright © 2010-2011 by More worksheets at More worksheets at .Copyright © 2010-2011 by

2 I Draw a line from the gray dots ( ) to the blue dots ( ).I Uppercase Letters Writing the letter I 1 INSECT Izzy the Insect! Izzy the glowworm is missing the legs on his right side! Draw his missing legs. Go in order of the numbers. 2 1 3 3 2 1 3 Now trace the letter I on the lines below. Go in order of the numbers. Then print the letter I yourself! I I 2 1 3 .

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209 .Now it ’s time to have some coloring fun! Color in the picture.