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Dear Candidate,

Ref: Company offer you for direct joining as per rules of Employment Guarantee
Program (2015-16).
It is our good pleasure to inform you, that you are selected for one of our given requirements.
The Company has urgent openings for new plants and Branches in various cities. The job
posting will be in your Residential Location. The Company required urgent staff for
Administration, IT/Computer and Production Department as Executives and Managers.
Experience applicants are willing to join immediate by interview and fresher applicants can
join the Company directly without interview. You are selected online by
The Company Tata Group of Industries Limited is Indias largest Automobiles,
Electronics, IT, Computer, Healthcare, Laborites, Chemical, Telecom, Banking,
Finance, Housing and Construction Network with consolidated revenues of INR 1,32,834
Crores (USD 248.9 billion) in 2014-15. TATA GROUP OF INDUSTRIES LIMITED having
580 Plants, 1850 Branches and 4700 Service Centre in all over India. The Company
having Plants/Branches in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad,
Bhubaneswar, Bhopal, Chennai, Kerala, Pune and Kolkata Your interview will be held in
one of Company HR Offices on between the interview periods of This Week.

Company Recruitment Process

[You are already selected by Company. Now you just come to Company only for face
to face meeting with senior authorities for getting the Appointment Documents. Your
Appointment Process is in Company HR offices but the joining option will be
providing to you in your Residence Location]
You will be pleased to know that the 527 candidates calling by Company and the selected by
325 candidates will be giving appointment, meaning that your Application can progress to
final stage. These Direct Recruitments offer are sending to all 862 Candidates. But the
Company Gate Pass will be providing on the basis of First Come, First Served. All First 527
candidates for sending the security deposited confirmation on last date will be getting the
Company Gate Pass. You will have to come in Company corporate office in Bangalore. Your
Company Gate Pass with tickets will be sent to you by courier before date of interview. You
have to come in Company for face to face meeting with all required documents by Company

Company Senior (HR)

Salary Offer and Benefits according to Post and Department
The Company offered best salary to the all selected candidates for various different posts 25,000 To 2,50,000 (Month) Basic + Benefits. The Company will also provide you
Accommodation, Conveyance, Laptop and Credits in Salary Account up to Rs. 1,00,000/against your advance salary.

Rules of Employment Guarantee Program (2015-16) as per Company Act.

As per (Employment Guarantee Program 2015-16), the candidate has to send all the
information with documents and required securities with documents. After that He / She can
get the Company Gate Pass for Joining. As per (Employment Guarantee Program
2015-16), the fresher candidate can also Join the Company directly without interview after
submitted the Bond to Company.

Required Documents by Company HRD at the time of Interview.

1) Photo-copies of qualification documents.
2) Photo-copies of ID Proof
3) Photo-copies of address proof
4) Two Passport size photographs.
These documents will be check by Company HRD at the time of face to face meeting in

Required Security by Company against Interview Management - (Refundable)

You have to deposit your interview security amount in favor of Company Director Manager
for Rs. 250/- (Two Hundred And Fifty Only). This is refundable interview security. Your
Company Gate Pass and Air Tickets / Train Tickets will be dispatch to your Home address
by courier after receiving the confirmation of interview security deposited in Bank. The
Company will pay you all expenditure at the time of face-to-face meeting in Company. Your
Job profile, salary offer, Company Address and interview Schedule will be enclosed with
Company Gate Pass. You interview security is the refundable amount. If you are been
selected or not, in both conditions, the amount will be refunded to you with your all
expenditures. It is just like a security that you are coming to Company on Date and Time as
per Company Schedule. We wish you the best of luck for the subsequent and remaining

Company Senior (HR)

How to deposit the Interview Security in Bank
You have to deposit the Interview Security Rs. 250/- only.
CASH DEPOSIT: - You have to deposit in cash your Interview Security in Company
Senior HR Account No. 714410110000732 Mr. TILAK RAJ through any branch of
BANK OF INDIA from your Home city in to Company Senior HR Account. Bank
Account Details will be providing you on demand.
RTGS/NEFT: - You can also make the (RTGS/NEFT) transfer through any Bank
branch in to Company Senior HR Account. 714410110000732 Mr. TILAK RAJ with
IFSC code (BKID0007144).
ONLINE TRANSFER: - You can transfer your interview security by online in to
Company Senior HR Account No. 714410110000732 Mr. TILAK RAJ with IFSC
code (BKID0007144).
SBI - ATM TRANSFER: - You can only transfer your security amount through any
ATM of STATE BANK OF INDIA in to Company Card No. 5196-1901-1287-8444.
You can use any person SBI Card in your Relationship or Friendship.
The company will reimburse you all the expenses incurred by you for this meeting. As per
our guidelines,. The Company is providing you a two way ticket Expense, accommodation
and feeding during the period of the interview and aptitude test. One extra person is allowing
with you. The new Employees Appointments schedule is continuing in Company. The
earlier security deposit is made the earlier your position will be secured by the
Company HRD. Because Company are appointing the new employees on the basis of
First Come, First Served.


Company Senior (HR)

TODAY: What documents you have to send by email
Annexure A1 - You have to send the following documents by scan copy to Company
Email: -,

Scan copy of Bank Deposit Slip.

Your Latest Postal Address and Mobile Number
Scan copy of ID Proof and Photo.
Company attending date between schedules.
Interview and Joining city, (in which City you want to join the Company)

The following documents will be delivering by Company

After deposited your interview security in bank, The Company HR will dispatch the
following documents to your home address by courier.
1) Company Gate Pass with Company Address and HR Name
2) Interview Schedule for two days

What you have to do?

After Deposited the Security Amount in Bank. You have to send the scan
copy of your Bank deposit slip with your Mobile No. to company HR
For any urgent or immediate HELP, Please send your Email Address and Postal
Address by SMS to Company HR Mobile for verification in our office system after that
our Company officer will contact you very shortly. The Company HR Mobile No. is

This is confirming that you will get reply by Company HR through EMAIL or
SMS in very shortly.


Company Senior (HR)