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13 Universal Laws
Everything is energy. You are energy. Understanding the Universal Laws is the
first step to understanding how you create your reality.

Quantum Physics/Mechanics explained as simply as possible In the Quantum world. Reason. and Will) create the mindset where you consciously reside. . Perception. everything is connected and entangled with Infinite Possibilities. This is where you learn to live from the inside out. Intuition. Your 6 Intellectual Faculties (Imagination. Memory. This is explained at the simplest level on how you create your physical reality.Intellectual Faculties and Your Mindset of Certainty The five physical senses serve as feedback mechanisms.

Spirituality and science walk hand-in-hand and together. give us powerful insight into our own perceptions of reality. Until we learn to master our own minds. however you individually define your beliefs Spirituality is everywhere. no matter how you define your spiritual or religuous beliefs. We are connected. Spirituality. it will dictate our thoughts and therefore.Subconsciously and Unconsciously The Mind is a ridiculously powerful tool.Workings of the Mind Consciously. . our reality.

But did you know there is a science to back up why? Sound waves are energy and they shape matter just like our thoughts. and being You’ve heard the phrase “Live as if it is presently”. To truly experience elevated consciousness levels in these areas. . health. Solfeggio Frequencies.Cymatics. We also look at the Solfeggio Frequencies and their impact at different frequencies. wealth. you must immerse yourself in them and BELIEVE them as certainty. Consciousness as applied to success. and how music and sound shape matter Many of us know how it feels to be moved by beautiful music.

have the gift of verbal language. Stating “I AM” is powerful. the actions must be created by the thoughts in the mind. as humans. Because of this. It is present. The mind-body connection is a powerful tool that we all have. . It is certain. to create what we truly want in life. Self-talk manifests in the body just as unreleased emotional energy. with the ability to shift.Body image and the importance of the mind-body connection What we think is projected through our bodies. language is how we communicate and comprehend events. While the body takes action. Our choice of language is important. The Power of “I AM” We.

Happiness as a State of BEING and not a State of Mind Happiness is a decision that is created by you. You will never be “HAPPY” by looking externally. for that feeling to generate. It is all created from within. . It is all created by YOU. Gratitude and Service The more gratitude you radiate. the more things in your life you attract to be grateful for. especially in service to community or a greater cause for good.

as a certainty. creates the world without”. on the inside. “The world within.The Importance of Positive Self-Talk (Affirmations) Your words originate from your thoughts. the body follows and you create positive conditions. and you radiate positive. individually. Self-worth Your outside “conditions and circumstances” are a true reflection of your selfworthiness. If your thoughts are positive. Belief in your affirmations is crucial. so one must be mindful of the structure of those affirmations. believed by you. Charles Haanel .

The Art of Allowing Allowing is ease. Ease of life. to be expressed in your natural state of flow.Being in the Present of NOW . . Presence. and experience. Ease of yourself to just be you. Ease of others just being them. and Being.Meditation. is NOW. All we have.